Christians are in big trouble after Joe Biden scored his biggest anti-Christian win ever


Despite claiming to be a practicing Catholic, Joe Biden is no friend to people of faith.

He has long worked to push far-left anti-Christian policies.

And Christians are in big trouble after Joe Biden scored his biggest anti-Christian win ever.

With Joe Biden not seeming to know where he is half the time, the people he surrounds himself with will tell what his Administration does going forward.

His top officials will be the ones calling the shots as his mental health continues to deteriorate.

And his new Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary is troubling for Christians everywhere.

As California Attorney General, Xavier Becerra has forced his pro-abortion, and anti-religious liberty agenda for years.

His agenda is so extreme that he has been described as Planned Parenthood’s “prosecutor-in-chief.”

He gained that name after launching a multi-year criminal case against undercover journalist David Daleiden, who uncovered Planned Parenthood’s illegal sale of baby body parts.

Becerra has also forced churches to subsidize abortion, forced pro-life pregnancy centers to advertise abortion, and refused to fund state employee’s travel to South Carolina in protest of a law protecting adoption agencies that insist on giving children to both a mother and a father.

Becerra was confirmed Thursday, with the Senate voting mostly along Party lines, 50-49.

The only Republican to vote for his confirmation was Senator Susan Collins of Maine.

Pro-family organizations blasted his confirmation, pointing out both his lack of medical experience, and his draconian far-left views.

“We’re disappointed to see the U.S. Senate hand the job of leading our nation out of the worst pandemic in 100 years to a man with zero training in medicine, science, pharma, or the health care world,” Family Research Council President Tony Perkins said Thursday. “The only real experience he has with the industry is suing hospitals, pregnancy care centers, and other entities that aren’t pro-abortion enough for his liking. His extreme views are bad enough, but as attorney general of California, he forced those views on others, even after he was rebuked by the U.S. Supreme Court.”

Christians are in big trouble with Becerra in power.

With President Trump, and his appointees, Christians were given some protection from far-left states trying to infringe on their religious freedom.

But those protections are now gone, and Christians in far-left states will have little recourse from attacks at the state level.