Christians are calling for this federal judge to step down after he issued this unbelievable ruling


Leftists are making a huge push for radical societal change.

They’re literally trying to tear down the distinction between man and woman.

But now Christians are calling for this federal judge to step down after he issued this unbelievable ruling.

The Left controls media, academia, and entertainment, which means they wield considerable power to cram through their agenda without passing any meaningful laws.

That’s what the Left is currently trying to do on the highly controversial issue of transgenderism.

Leftists are attempting to use the media and activist academics to institute transgender policies, which would essentially obliterate the delineation between the sexes.

A flashpoint for this radical agenda has been women’s sports.

Males who consider themselves transgender “women” have been winning a spate of athletic competitions in high and collegiate track, as well as professional cycling and even mixed martial arts.

The controversy spilled over in girls’ track in Connecticut where two biological male competitors – Andraya Yearwood and Terry Miller – dominated the field over multiple meets.

Yearwood and Miller were not competitive in the boys’ field, but instantly became nearly untouchable in the girls’ events.

Three young women – Selina Soule, Alanna Smith, and Chelsea Mitchell – got tired of seeing the transgender individuals dominate their sport and jeopardize their college scholarship opportunities, so they filed a lawsuit to bar biological males from competing in female sports.

The average male has a marked physiological advantages over the average female in size, speed, quickness, strength, bone density, and lung capacity.

It’s madness that this even has to be debated in 2020, but here we are.

But the girls’ lawsuit was hampered by an activist judge who tied their hands behind their backs.

District Judge Robert Chatigny said that the plaintiffs must refer to Yearwood and Miller as “transgender females” and not “males,” which undermines the premise of their entire case.

In a conference call, Judge Chatigny said, “[Y]ou must refer to them as ‘transgender females’ rather than as ‘males.’ Again, that’s the more accurate terminology . . . Referring to these individuals as ‘transgender females’ is consistent with science, common practice and perhaps human decency. To refer to them as ‘males,’ period, is not accurate.”

The judge’s ruling is dripping with bias.

He’s already accepted the leftist premise, which is that Yearwood and Miller are “females” despite their biology.

This is how the left has operated for decades.

Activist judges and academics have teamed up to force the leftist agenda down everyone else’s throat.

But they might have gone too far this time.

The truth is, even far-left feminists are pushing back against the pro-transgender hysteria.

Now attorneys for the Alliance Defending Freedom, a Christian nonprofit have filed a motion to remove the judge from the case, saying his order is “unjustified and inconsistent with the appearance of impartiality.”

“Plaintiffs’ counsel have the right and professional responsibility to communicate clearly and accurately about their case and to present their arguments in a manner consistent with their legal theories and the dispositive facts,” the ADF attorneys say in the motion to disqualify Judge Chatigny.

Will the young women prevail in their lawsuit and pump the brakes on this radical transgender push?

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  2. Even the judge should have asked for a DNA test to determine the true gender. If this is allowed, the girls teams should refuse to do the sports. Guess the judge should have his/her gender checked. But once again what is-isn’t in todays wacko world.

  3. The judge needs to be dismissed from the case, if he does not recuse himself. By his order to the plaintiffs, He has shown his hand, that he is predisposed to rule to allow CT Commission to retain it’s practice, discriminating against female athletes at the HS and college levels.
    Judge Chatigny has disqualified himself for prejudging the outcome.

  4. Forever giving common sense the flavor of sheer cacophony. Words are losing all significance. Immigration compounds this with expectations of poligloty if not bilingualism and multiculturalism. These are suprahuman expectations that literally no one is competent beyond making note. They show their avoidance and escapist short comings by inventing terminology to address unscientific “creative”, imaginary, and delusional phenomena.

  5. A judges has no constitutional authority to tell anybody how to refer to anybody else.
    In America we can call anybody whatever we want, and refer to anybody by whatever name we want.
    Nobody is going to tell me I must refer to some individual a certain way.
    Activist judges only do these things because nobody fights back. We let these judges walk all over us like they are lords.

  6. if they want to compete then they can do it off campus and don’t have to allow the males to compete.pretty simple!find a field they can use and do your own competition

  7. The leftists are controlled by satan and are truly depraved. You are what you are born as. DNA does not change. Anyone who defies God and science is a fool

  8. This JUDGE is SOO Wrong!! There Are, and Always be TWO Sexes!! That’s what it has been for LITERALLY Thousands of years and some mini-brain judge CAN’T Change That!!

  9. The most powerful liberals in our country now believe things that were exclusively the domain of the far left a mere decade ago. If there are any moderate Democrats left, they had better grab the reins, right now….it’ll soon be too late.

  10. Obviously, the motion to recuse is proper and should be granted, but assuming that it isn’t, they should ask an appellate court for a writ of prohibition forbidding the judge from enforcing his order depriving counsel of their speech.

  11. I think CT Athletics Commission should end this non-sence by having 3 categories, to comply with the Judge Order: Male, Female, and biological male masquerading as transgender female.

    THis should keep every one happy

  12. It used to be females competing with females. And males competing with males. That was it. They need to have transgenders compete against of transgenders to make it fair. Ether that or they can’t compete at all.

  13. Love Marvin’s comment – I say tie the judges hands behind his back and slap the horse!- only but him on a donkey or Jack Ass!! More fitting.

  14. As far as I’m concern, I male is a male and a woman is a woman. Just because you take the male junk off. That doesn’t make him a woman. That goes for the women. If one of these freaks were to approach me and hit on me. That person will hit the floor fast. No one will force me to except their theology. In the end. These freaks and judges will have to answer to GOD when they stand before him come judgement day. All this is is the DEVILS work.

  15. God created man in his image and then created woman to be a companion for man. He did not create a mixture. God doesn’t make mistakes. But this judge would like us to think so.

  16. It’s time these self appointed little tin gods are held accountable for legislating from the bench.

  17. This illustrates well why it is so important to re-elect Donald Trump in November and the Senate remain in Republican control. He has already nominated well over 150 conservative judges to the federal bench. Another 4 years will offer additional opportunities including likely at least one Supreme Court justice.

  18. Then you have three groups men, women, and transgender you don’t compete one group against the other

  19. President Trump is not perfect but he’s our only hope for saving America, at least for four more years. My opinion, God put him in office to give America time to get things right before it’s all finished.

  20. I have no problem with a person becoming transgender if that’s what they want to do. In Japan they allowed a women to marry her construction machinery because she “loved” it. People can do whatever they want. The place where I draw the line is when it affects other people. The formerly male physiology is still inherently advantaged over born females. They should be competing with genders of similar physiology. Since strength, lung capacity, etc are generally better in born males, females should not be put at an unfair disadvantage in competition for scholarships and recognition. You may as well make it just one competition instead of segregating born females and born males if you are going to allow born males to compete with born women. I wonder, though, if transgender females are allowed to compete in male competitions since they are now considered female. Maybe there should be another category like we have for special olympics and the elderly. There’s nothing stopping us from creating a transgender category.

  21. Barbara: Well said. They can go home and do whatever they like. But they have no right to compel anyone else to go along. And they certainly have no right to compel us to LIE.

  22. This idiot judge has no business putting on a robe. Like most liberals and Democrats, he is controlled by Satan

  23. There should be a third league created for transgenders of either transformation male to female and female to male. Let them compete with their own kind. Nothing wrong with that.

  24. The girls that decided to speak up against these unfair practices have more brains and courage than the grownups. They are the real heroes yet in CT, the female athlete of the year, female courage awards went to the transgender athletes. Like taking 15 state titles and records previously held by 10 ten wasn’t enough for the trans, they needed more.
    And no surprise to hear garbage like that from a CLINTON appointee. All bark and no brains. What science can he point to that shows that a man can become a woman overnight? A dress and lipstick? It’s insulting to all of us women, that are being defined by stereotypes!
    And to the person that asked where are the feminist groups: on transgenders’ side. Only two feminist groups have supported these young ladies. The rest are all against them or remained silent, the power of money at work.

  25. I have no problem with transgenders competing with other transgenders. I am incensed by this loony judge who would disadvantage these young women from the opportunities that would be available to them if they were to compete against their PEERS. It is unconscionable that this idiot judge should impose his own twisted ideology on these young women who are very talented athletically, yet are unfairly forced to play against transgendered persons (who transitioned from male to female, yet still retain physiological advantage over these girls). The girls are robbed of their chance to compete fairly and win a scholarship. It is an OUTRAGE!! Besides the fact that it is a sin that cries out to God as in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah, it is also something that should enrage so-called “feminists” who seem only only to take offence when it benefits them personally or politically.

  26. The hysterical part about all of this is that it is liberals who always say that men and women are the same….that women are merely socialized to believe that men are stronger. Now, the foolishness of that is on full display….but they have chosen to grovel for the transgender crowd, as well, so they don’t know which way to turn. Their fallacies are getting all mixed up, and they don’t know which one to stand behind.

  27. I agree that transgenders should have their own competitions! They only show how insecure they really are when they insist on pushing themselves into a woman’s world they know nothing about!

  28. This “So Called” madness of inclusion is not so. The natural distinction of difference between male and female by the courts and our higher institution of learning and government is become an illegal thing to believe in. These authorities say that this gender difference is obsolete and a family with a mother and father is not part of our human society and should become an illegal criminal dinosaur of the past. With ALL this madness, will there be marriage and families with children in the next generation if this “transgender psychosis mental case madness’ continues? This leftist policy is perverse and regressive for the ending of human civilization existence.

  29. The only “iffy” gender designation is someone who is XXY. They cannot reproduce. Unless these “transgender females” can have babies, they are still male. DNA doesn’t lie. And for a “judge” to say that the “science” supports them being females, he’s an idiot….

  30. I call a spade a spade. This judge can take his political correctness and shove it. This rebel born won’t listen to liberal judges.

  31. In a conference call, Judge Chatigny said, “[Y]ou must refer to them as ‘transgender females’ rather than as ‘males.’ Again, that’s the more accurate terminology . . . Referring to these individuals as ‘transgender females’ is consistent with science, common practice and perhaps human decency. To refer to them as ‘males,’ period, is not accurate.”
    Clarification of description is not leftist bias, but rather a correction of terminology. It’s amazing that the religionists attempt to put their bias on something that is secular, with statements bible based. Lack of critical thinking skills permeates these posts

  32. They may have altered their genitalia and taken female hormones, but they still have male bodies, muscular, more lung power etc. I agree with those who say we need a new category. Men, women, transgender. Actually two new catagories….Trans men and trans women.

  33. LGBTQ will be another reason for the decline of this great country. LGBTQ people deserve not to be mistreated, but they don’t have the right to force their beliefs on the rest of us, and demand special treatment.


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