Christians are calling for this federal judge to step down after he issued this unbelievable ruling


Leftists are making a huge push for radical societal change.

They’re literally trying to tear down the distinction between man and woman.

But now Christians are calling for this federal judge to step down after he issued this unbelievable ruling.

The Left controls media, academia, and entertainment, which means they wield considerable power to cram through their agenda without passing any meaningful laws.

That’s what the Left is currently trying to do on the highly controversial issue of transgenderism.

Leftists are attempting to use the media and activist academics to institute transgender policies, which would essentially obliterate the delineation between the sexes.

A flashpoint for this radical agenda has been women’s sports.

Males who consider themselves transgender “women” have been winning a spate of athletic competitions in high and collegiate track, as well as professional cycling and even mixed martial arts.

The controversy spilled over in girls’ track in Connecticut where two biological male competitors – Andraya Yearwood and Terry Miller – dominated the field over multiple meets.

Yearwood and Miller were not competitive in the boys’ field, but instantly became nearly untouchable in the girls’ events.

Three young women – Selina Soule, Alanna Smith, and Chelsea Mitchell – got tired of seeing the transgender individuals dominate their sport and jeopardize their college scholarship opportunities, so they filed a lawsuit to bar biological males from competing in female sports.

The average male has a marked physiological advantages over the average female in size, speed, quickness, strength, bone density, and lung capacity.

It’s madness that this even has to be debated in 2020, but here we are.

But the girls’ lawsuit was hampered by an activist judge who tied their hands behind their backs.

District Judge Robert Chatigny said that the plaintiffs must refer to Yearwood and Miller as “transgender females” and not “males,” which undermines the premise of their entire case.

In a conference call, Judge Chatigny said, “[Y]ou must refer to them as ‘transgender females’ rather than as ‘males.’ Again, that’s the more accurate terminology . . . Referring to these individuals as ‘transgender females’ is consistent with science, common practice and perhaps human decency. To refer to them as ‘males,’ period, is not accurate.”

The judge’s ruling is dripping with bias.

He’s already accepted the leftist premise, which is that Yearwood and Miller are “females” despite their biology.

This is how the left has operated for decades.

Activist judges and academics have teamed up to force the leftist agenda down everyone else’s throat.

But they might have gone too far this time.

The truth is, even far-left feminists are pushing back against the pro-transgender hysteria.

Now attorneys for the Alliance Defending Freedom, a Christian nonprofit have filed a motion to remove the judge from the case, saying his order is “unjustified and inconsistent with the appearance of impartiality.”

“Plaintiffs’ counsel have the right and professional responsibility to communicate clearly and accurately about their case and to present their arguments in a manner consistent with their legal theories and the dispositive facts,” the ADF attorneys say in the motion to disqualify Judge Chatigny.

Will the young women prevail in their lawsuit and pump the brakes on this radical transgender push?

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