Christians are boycotting a huge store over how they’re targeting kindergartners


Massive corporations routinely get exposed for supporting radical anti-Christian policies.

When they do, Christians show their disapproval with their wallets through boycotts.

And the latest to face a boycott is one that most Americans shop at, and they just got caught pushing this radical agenda on kindergartners.

Target department stores have been well known for their anti-Christian policies for a long while.

They made a big splash by publicly declaring that men who think they women are allowed to use the women’s bathroom.

Following that decision, millions of Christians showed their disgust by refusing to shop at Target.

But clearly, they don’t seem to care much about getting money from Christians.

Just this week, the store announced they are selling clothes supporting the gay lifestyle to children by supporting an organization that promotes it in schools.

GLSEN is receiving $100,000 from target.

With that money, they will teach K-12 kids about radical LGBT politics and advocacy.

Among their lesson plans are trainings about “gender-neutral” pronouns, which they teach to elementary school kids.

LifeSiteNews reports:

Target department stores are not only offering clothing and accessories celebrating the gay lifestyle to adults and children, but the company has also pledged to donate to a nonprofit that trains students and teachers in LGBT politics and advocacy.

On Target’s official website, it has several pages dedicated to merchandise that features the rainbow gay pride flag as well as messages intended to instill pride in the LGBT lifestyle. In addition, Target proclaims that it is donating $100,000 to GLSEN, an organization founded in 1990 that claims to be “the leading national education organization focused on ensuring safe and affirming schools for LGBTQ students.”

According to GLSEN’s website, “Our mission is to create safe and affirming schools for all, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression.”

This organization is clearly looking to brainwash children at a young age.

At such an early point in their life, there shouldn’t be a reason they should know anything about homosexuality, or transgender people.

The only reason to inform them that early is to brainwash them at an age they are most receptive to retaining new information.

And Target is completely on board with this.

Are you going to boycott Target?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


      • They lost me when they stopped asking about felony convictions and went full tilt towards hiring them! Soon after that began, the FIRST data breach occurred. I will spread this latest assault to every body I talk to!

    • I stopped shopping at Target when they started allowing men into the women’s dressing rooms and bathrooms. Haven’t missed them one little bit. Plenty of other stores to shop at that hold better morals.

      • It is a very slippery slop allowing men who “think”they are women to be able to use the woman’s bathroom. It opens it up to allowing pedophiles and rapists laying in wait for young girls using the bathroom without their mom or female family member. I haven’t shopped in Target for years. and I hope every woman in America should stop shopping and allowing their girls in the woman’s” bathroom alone. And I dont want some man/woman in there with me, either. Disgusting. Where have all our morales disappeared to?

      • I haven’t been in a Target store since they let men in women’s bathroom and I tell everyone I know why I don’t shop their.

    • Mine either

      I bought a couple of towels there about 18 years ago.
      Staff was rude and I heard all kinds of stuff from Lady Friends about Church people have issues with Target.
      Now that’s all I need to hear.
      We have 15 stores that see towels,lost Sears,K mart,but found the internet,plus eat twice a week at Chic Fila

      • Those are all just silly reasons to avoid shopping at Target!! I will go there whenever I need something they sell. And you can just skip the false narrative about their bathrooms!! All a lot of blather about nothing.

        • Nancy is AOC your sister? Neither of you seam to have a brain that works. Your stand gets little girls sexually assaulted and adult women rapped. Wait till it happens to you or your child. I bet you will change your mind. Targets stand is against God and country. I have never been in a Target store and never will be.

          • You are the crazy one, NavVet. Transgender men have been using female bathrooms for a long time, and no one even suspected. They dress as women and attend to their own bathroom needs and no one is the wiser.
            They are not in the bathrooms to do anything other than the urinate or defecate!! It was some MALE congressman in NC that decided to raise a fuss about it so as to make a name for himself!! And you all have fallen for it, big time!! Get over it. No little girl has been sexually assaulted and no adult woman has been “rapped” , although I think the correct word would be “raped”. It’s never going to happen to me nor a child of mine either. And you can leave “god and country” out of it too!!

        • Glad to see that I will be shopping at Target with fewer narrowminded people than before.
          You can’t be taught to be gay, you either are or you aren’t.
          Before anyone gives themselves a hernia telling me that I’m a liberal, uh, no I’m not.
          Fiscal Conservative and social Libertarian here, also a staunch Trump supporter, voted for him in 2016, going to vote for him in 2020.

          • Commandeering the schools, as Bill Aheyrs of the weather underground Klan said . Is the way to indoctrinate the children into radicalism. I would be less worried about Target and more
            upset with the direction of American education today. Since Aheyrs was an adviser to OBMAMMY it is obvious the left has infested the schools and turning children into little Marxists. The ban on home schooling in Germany and other countries is one more indication of its prevalence.

          • If being gay is inborn, then how are people leaving the gay lifestyle? Yes, it is happening. Also with Trannies. But, unfortunate for them, the physical destruction to their bodies is pretty much permanent. I’ve heard of some reconstructive surgeries, but it is impossible to fully repair what has been destroyed.

          • Carol – so where is your information that purports to show that “gays are leaving the gay lifestyle”??? I’d like to see it, as I have not come across any such facts.

          • Most gay men have suffered sexual abuse when young or a traumatic experience of sorts. I don’t judge but to say women haven’t been accosted in public bathrooms as well as men is with error. Does George Michael ring a bell. Police had to start policing the bathrooms at a park in West Hollywood due to the illicit goings on in the park bathrooms. I’m not saying it’s all committed by gays. It seems most of the attacks by the LBGT community is towards Christians. What about the Muslim religion. It is said they’d rather cut off a gay persons head than accept them. Christians are tolerant and I don’t care who you are are what you do or what you believe, don’t you ever let anyone tell you Jesus doesn’t love you because He DOES!!!!!!!!

          • Your just a liberal who try’s to say I’m conservative , Nancy you keep doing what you think is best for you, we Christian Americans will see how the people who believe in God & Country some how must defend ourselves from the anti-American left that are still crying about losing in 2016… Killary the loser Clinton sucked so bad, CNN said she would win 98% chance… Now it’s all Russia’s fault…. In my honest option , every last democRat in congress that opposes Trump at the border should be hung or shot to death…. Waste of good tax prayers money you sorry a$$ liberals spend to try and make Trump look bad… Fox News tells more facts & truth in one hour than CNN, MSNBC, and the rest of the liberal fake news channels in 10 years…. You people are so stupid, it’s like you see your on fire, but still pour gas on it…

          • Why Bill – how Christian of you to support killing of the rest of us!! I would love to see how your “jesus” responds to you at the “Golden Gate”!! You will be joining the rest of us in “hell”. hahahahaaha!!!! And Fox news and entertainment network wouldn’t know the truth if it walked up and bit them in the ass!!!

          • CNN is owned by Soros who wrote a book called International Government which is a One World Government. Please do your research. Soros supports the Dems who are willing to do anything for power. Let’s do less name calling and more research. One day we’ll have to stand before the Crestor of the universe and Hus Son Sweet Jesus and account for our actions. We may not agree but there’s no need to be angry about it and name call.

        • Bull, I have seen it. After they allowed men in the bathroom at target. An I will never shop there again. Their unchristian behavior is a sin. An payback is a bitch.

        • Are you a cross gender? I wouldn’t let my children inside a bathroom shared by convicted pedifiles. Take a look at second Timothy 3:5. That type of actions is what caused the destruction of Sodum & Gammora.

          • Why ever would you “let” your children in a public restroom alone anywhere? Do you care so little for your children that you would not supervise where they go in public, bathroom or otherwise?? You are crazier than I thought. Please reconsider your parenting skills!!

        • Nothing false about it sweetie. They have had “several” incidents where men have followed girls into bathrooms and even crawled under stalls with cameras. They try to keep them quiet but it doesn’t work. They eventually leak out. So shop where you want but you’re the one with false beliefs.

          • It happened in Disney soon after they said it was okay for them to use the bathrooms, and in a home where the guy was supposed to be transgender then he raped their 10 year old little girl after they gave him a place to stay. He ripped her vagina from one end to another. Read the real news people. If they get a chance they will take it to hurt your babies. They are not innocent men or women.

        • The bathroom narrative is not false. Target called a press conference to announce that policy. I watched the press conference on TV.

          • Target may have had a press conference to announce their policy. My comment was pertaining to all the blather and misinformation regarding who is using the bathrooms at Target. Transgenders have been using bathrooms everywhere for a long time. They go to the bathroom for the same reason we all go to the bathroom – to urinate or defecate. So stop the silliness about all the fake “assaults” occurring there. You are simply spreading lies and false stories. Don’t you have better things to do??

        • I’m sure, that with your exhaustive knowledge of the Word of God, you can quote me chapter and verse where “My faith” (Christianity) tells me to kill any human, no matter what their presumed infraction. For sure Islam says to kill gays but New Testament Christianity does NOT! Hate me if you choose but don’t lie about me OR MY FAITH.

          • David Gray perfect response to Sherry who most likely has never read the Bible and most likely dose not attend a ” Christian ” church. None of the Bible promotes killing, neither the old or new testaments.

          • Jesus, supposedly said that not a tittle or jot will be changed (from the old testament). That includes the condoning and promotion of slavery, stoning your unruly children to death, among other horrendous things that YOUR god commands. God commanded the death of neighboring tribes…to kill every man, woman, child, animals and bash infants heads against rocks, take infants from the womb…but yet “keep” the young (virgin) girls (yeah, wonder what that was about?), hate your mother, father, sister and brother, because if you don’t, you will not be a follower of Him. This is your bible…it’s all crap, and if you believe in all that, then you’re a moral thug just like your God, and if you aren’t then, hopefully, you’re more moral. To believe in this god, or ANY god, is irrational, illogical, delusional, and borders on insane.

          • Not brainwashed…just a brain. It’s you who has been indoctrinated. Religion, God or gods…it’s just dogma. No, I don’t believe in your god, or the many thousands out there. I happen to be a staunch conservative who just doesn’t believe your claim that there is a god or any other god. It’s got nothing to do with politics. It’s rationality. If there’s a god, or any god, then show me the evidence, and I MIGHT be compelled to change my mind. Just remember, extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, so give me your best shot.

          • Sherry, ask Jesus to show Himself to you. He will I believe. Just a suggestion. I don’t know what transpired in your life for you to doubt, but give Him a chance.
            As far as scientists go, many are finding in their research proof that the Bible speaks truth. And for those scientists who doubt, what makes them think they’re smarter than the Creator of the entire universe. Their arrogance blocks Gods way to communicate with them I believe.
            Anyway, I’m not judging you. Everyone has a right to believe what they will, it’s a God given choice whether you believe it or not. But give Him a chance.
            I lost a child to cancer years ago. I thought they’d survive because I believed Jesus is a healer. He didn’t make it. I found out the hard way that Jesus sometimes says no when we want Him to say yes and I was angry about it for awhile but after some time had passed I realized I still believe in my heart of hearts that Jesus is a HEALER. I believe my son is in this place called Heaven and I’ll see him again. Gives me hope. The best to you Sherry. Oh, Jesus may judge but He’s not judgemental.

        • NO, Sherry, it’s ISLAM that promotes killing gays. Not Christianity. Obviously, you are not that well informed.

          • Leviticus 20.13. God: If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.

          • Thank you Parduc! People cherry-pick the good stuff from the bible, but are so blind to the brutality of this god they believe in.

          • 1st Corinthians 6th Chapter 9th verse Its jesus speaking affirming Who would NOT be In heaven . Read It

          • Try putting Leviticus in the proper perspective. God is not telling us to kill gays. He is warning them of what he will do if they do not turn from that way of life. Read about Sodom and Gahmora. “God” took the lives of all who where practicing ” unnatural affection” not man. And he never asked man to do so. “Though Shall Not Kill”

          • I am an atheist. I reject any claim that there is a god…of any kind. Make no mistake; I didn’t say there is NO god, I just reject the claim that there is one, until I’m presented with substantial proof. No one has ever shown it to be true. Just as Christians don’t believe in Krishna or Allah, I simply take it a step further…I don’t believe in any of them. How can anyone prove that another’s religion is NOT true? What makes theirs so special? The whole idea is insane. I could keep an empty jar on my desk, and tell you that there’s a god in there and make every claim that a Christian or someone of another faith claims…my god does everything your god does…but my god is even better! He doesn’t condone slavery, or subjugate women, or call for the death of those we may not particularly like, kill people because they don’t believe in him, or go make you go to a “bad” place if you don’t. He talks to me all the time and I’ll write everything down…How is anyone else’s belief in their god different than mine? I could go on…People need to think more deeply and educate themselves about science, biology, astronomy..SCIENCE! But they refuse to do that because it’s been so ingrained in their upbringing that there’s some great supernatural being that they can’t even begin to demonstrate, and sadly refuse to know the truth. You’d think that people would prefer the truth. I know I do.

          • Old testament say Leviticus 20 13 states that if man lay with man as he would with a woman that they both should be put to death

        • Jesus never said ANYTHING about killing homosexuals.(Love and pray for them, yes!!!) Sinful people may say or want to do this but that is NOT God’s position.

          • Chapters 18 and 20 of Leviticus form part of the Holiness code and list prohibited forms of intercourse, including the following verses:

            “You shall not lie with a male as with a woman; it is an abomination.” Chapter 18 verse 22[1]
            “If a man lies with a male as with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination; they shall surely be put to death; their blood is upon them.” Chapter 20 verse 13[2]

            Your argument fails to realize that by affirming the truthfulness of the Old Testament, Jesus automatically condemned homosexuality. In Matthew 5:17, Jesus said, “Do not think that I came to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I did not come to abolish but to fulfill.”

          • Where did jesus say to “love and pray for homosexuals?” Chapter and verse please?

        • Sherry: I really feel sorry for you that you can’t believe in God. You must have listened to Oprah when she said something to the affect thae “you are your own god. If you think it’s right then do it”. Does that mean that since Muslims think it’s okay to have sex with a 13 year old girl it’s okay to do so? What if a person thinks it’s okay to rob a bank? Jesus died for YOUR sins as well as he died for mine. Look around at the beauty of the world and all the planets in the universe and then “scientifically” explain to me how they got there.

    • me neither never really cared for the store however I like it less now with their political views. Plenty of other places to shop God bless America & God bless President trump.

      • Target is publicly traded. The majority ownership is in the hands of the Christian-hater Rothschild bankers, if it makes any difference to you.

    • I stopped shopping there years back when they put in their Sicko bathrooms ! Since then I’ve continued to spread the word to get others to Join the Boycott !

    • Agreed. Stopped shopping at Target many years ago, went back a couple of times and then the bathroom confusion came out and have not been back since. Burger King is also at the top of my boycott list for similar issues.

    • Stopped shopping there 2 years ago. They or any other company have no right to impose political bias. Don’t miss them.. plenty of retailers out there. Shame on Target! These tykes should be learning tasks to promote brain growth and development.

    • It sounds to me like GLSEN is more a religion than anything. It states their “mission” is teaching the kids homosexual stuff. Can we go after them if they try to get into school systems? That’s what the left does against the Christian religion.

    • I too have not shopped at Target since they allowed “men” in ladies restrooms. I will continue to NOT shop a at Target.

    • Me too, I have started my boycott since they allowed transgenders to use women’s bathrooms, now I will continue my boycott since they have shown disrespect for us Christians and agreement with the pervert gays!

    • I started boycotting target when they first came out with their policy allowing males who claimed they were transgender to use the female restrooms. You have the genitalia of a male, you are a male. End of discussion!!!

    • Me too. And I “suggest” the same to all my friends and acquaintences as well. Many people are unaware of the agenda that Target and many other businesses take. It is our responsibility to let people know how blatantly left so many are! So many support very far left agendas like murder (pp), banning conservatives and religions and very biased towards true education by “covering up” and not teaching the truth to our youth.

      • And there are other businesses that don’t care about those of us who don’t like what they are about!! Chick-fil-A, Hobby Lobby, Papa Johns and Walmart come to mind first. I don’t shop at any of these places either!!

    • I boycotted them when they let men in Ladies dressing rooms and Bathrooms and never went back. i also sold my stock

  1. How 😥 sad this is. I guess I won’t be shopping there either! And to think, that was my favorite store years ago when I lived in Green Bay!

  2. I quit Target when they caved and allowed men in the women’s restrooms and vice versa. I haven’t shopped there since, not even online. They get no money or support from me in any form.

  3. I have always boycotting Target my whole married life. I went in there once to return something my mother-in-law gave me for Christmas because it did not work. Got my money and went to another store that had things that work and were cheeper

    • Target is a French corporation – if you look at the way they treat Christians in France you will understand why we may not see many in Heaven. When anyone messes with children He will punish them severely. All those CEO’s care about
      Like Target are dollars – Morals mean nothing . I sincerely hope they will change there ways – eternity in Hell is irrevocable once they are judged. Until then none in my family will support them

      • Amen, I think I stopped shopping there 22 years ago or when they started treating veterans like S### and then I found out like you say they a French owned. I try to buy American and when we had our computer business, hire American even before our beloved president came out with that slogan.

          • Amen, Rick. What those who do not or choose to not believe is that God loves all of His creations, even the ones who shun Him. He did indeed tell us to love the sinner but not their sin or conform to their behavior. Some on here probably think it is okay to kill babies, for men to rape little girls, for people to say it is okay to love the same sex. Those are misguided and confused people and one day they will stand in front of the one true God and they will have nothing to say about where they are going to spend eternity. Some also take the Bible out of context to show their perverted reasoning as true. Woe, to anyone who takes away or adds to the word of God judgment, will fall upon them. When Jesus came to earth to save it from its self He spoke the truth, and He tried to explain how we, His children are supposed to live. Remember we are in this evil world but we, His children are not part of this world. One day all will know the truth and many are going to cry for Mercy and they will not receive it and they have no one to blame but themselves.

  4. I, too, stopped shopping at Target when they took the bell ringers away….They don’t deserve my money…

    • They took away the garden shop, then most of the electronics I used, then the cheerful bell-ringers, then me. Has anyone seen the dog lately or did they get rid of him also?


  6. ‘ANYWHERE BUT TARGET!’ Still my feeling on the subject. I would manage without whatever I need or drive the distance to find it elsewhere before I would shop at Target. As bj said, they lost me when they took the bell ringers away, and I have never darkened their door, and they have proven their stance yet again. Of course, they don’t seem to care, because so many Christians declare boycott, but slowly return to their old ways.

    • WE Have NOT Shopped at Any Target for close to a Decade now..Don’t Miss them either..Done just Fine Giving other Stores Our Money!

  7. Why are they wanting to teach K-12 especially K when they are so small and they are to young foe this stuff. The only reason they would know about is if it is brought attention. Same Same This could be why so many think they are LGBQ brainwash them into thinking they are. Then they go home and tell their Mom And Dad they feel like a boy or girl. The would is sick!

  8. Remember few years back when they stopped allowing Salvation Army here in lafayette , indiana, from receiving money in their kettle at Christmas. That turned me against them even though as a goodwill offering said theyd donate to Salvation Army. Thats like saying to an individual ,dont come to the house because i dont want to offend anyone, but i will accomodate you away from here. Hippocrites.

  9. I have been boycotting Target for years because, as a Marine, they will not permit us to put a Toys For Tots box in their entrance and will not permit Salvation Army to have a Red Kettle donation there because it causes too much noise and is an act of Christianity. So it has been goodbye Target for about ten years now. I figure they need me more than I need them and they are saying they do not need me.

  10. In my case, I must be boycotting lots of stores! I have never been in a TJMAX, Big 5, or even to Target in over a year now, same thing at Catherines, although I have nothing against any of them, I just don’t go there.
    I pick my battles and those seem so childish and petty.

  11. Actually, gender orientation has absolutely nothing to do with Christianity. If Jesus walked the earth today, he would welcome all people of good will, regardless of their gender or gender orientation. I myself am a straight, heterosexual individual, but I don’t hate or discriminate against people who are not like me. They didn’t choose their gender or their sexuality, none of us did, they were born that way. Jesus did not teach you all this hate and prejudice.

    • Helga,
      Jesus wouldn’t discriminate, but He sure as heck wouldn’t donate money to further their cause, either!

    • To Helga I. Fellay: It does when anyone wants to change their bodies from what GOD purposed them to be. For the Bible does tell us that it was ‘GOD WHO KNIT US IN OUR MOTHER’S WOMB.’ And when you express about ‘being born that way’, the truth and the reality is, is that all of us are ‘born with a sinful nature’ and all of us are born with a free-will, and all of us choose the path that we walk.

      So no, it’s NOT GOD Who made us to be SINFUL BEINGS…it goes back to the beginning of time where Eve took the suggestive temptation of Satan and chose to DISOBEY GOD’S COMMAND, ‘NOT TO EAT OF THE TREE OF KNOWLEDGE OF GOOD AND EVIL’. And Eve gave to Adam and they ate and their eyes were opened to what Satan only offers: SIN, DISOBEDIENCE UNTO THE LORD GOD, and THE CONSEQUENCES OF SIN…separation from CREATOR, HOLY GOD. Until JESUS CHRIST came to suffer the wrath of GOD by taking on Himself ALL the sins of the world, and paying the Great Price with His Holy Blood through which forgiveness of sins can ONLY BE RECEIVED THROUGH JESUS CHRIST, THE SAVIOR OF THE WORLD, to all who believe, repent, and receive so great a Salvation!!

      So the twisted narrative that ‘we’re born that way’, is true in ONLY ONE SENSE, we are BORN SINNERS….with fleshly sinful desires to fulfill what ‘we’ want. However the narrative IS NOT TRUE in the sense that GOD placed in man the desire to be woman, nor the desire for man to lay with man, when GOD’S HOLY WORD clearly tells us that it is an abomination unto the Most High as it goes AGAINST HIS TRUE CREATION and of HIS RIGHTEOUS AND HOLY WAYS.


      • Patsy K. Miller – You are so far out in left field that it is ridiculous!! You are only reciting those old bible stories that weren’t ever true but only told to teach. Those things never actually happened!!

        • Nancy: How do you think people learned teachings, by story telling. Only the very rich could read and write and usually in the language of those who ruled their country at the time of their lives. When living under the control of another people with a different culture, teachings were memorized through stories by children passed on by those in the Temples and their parents. And guess what those teachings of Jesus were based on the Old Testament and brought up to date by the brilliant mind of Jesus. Bible stories were based on the lives of the Jewish people, real people, and the Roll of Generations contained the names of those leading the Jewish people through the years and what happened within the lives of the Jewish people. Non Jewish historians have also backed up the stories and in Jesus’ case his existence has been verified by the Roman historian enemy of Jesus who the historian referred to Jesus as “Jesu that cult leader”. His hate for Jesus proved Jesus’ existence to future generations. Thank God! because Rome law when punishing people who gained displeasure with the Roman rule meant that no one was allowed to say the persons name ever without being punished, the person’s family and friends were wiped out meaning death not just the person the Roman gov’t declared a person an enemy and the families property becoming property of Rome usually a Roman citizen. Memorization was the safest and hidden way to preserve the Jewish culture from which the Bible came. Historians have existed from the beginning of time and as countries and people were conquered and freed and sometimes a lot of historians work was destroyed but enough survived to back up happenings recorded in the Bible. I have been lucky to have libraries within driving distance from where I have always lived that had old, very old historical materials usually in a locked room where you had to have an appointment to be in the rooms which I loved those old records that were saved by someone through the years. I thank them.

          • I still stand by my original point. There was no one around when Adam and Eve supposedly existed. No historian was there to write down that story. It was a made up attempt to explain where people came from. In reality there were many areas in the world where populations arose – as explained by science and evolution. And oral histories are full of discrepancies -that’s where stories of “miracles” creep in. And over time these added details became “facts”. So I am still correct in my original comments.

          • There’s no historical evidence that Jesus even ever existed. You really need to do some homework.

        • Nancy – Patsy isn’t in left field. That would be YOU. You obviously don’t have a good grasp (or ANY grasp) of biblical teachings. You have no room to denigrate others, given your lack of knowledge on the subject.

        • Sherry: You are the one that needs to do some homework. Is there any “historical evidence” that anyone ever existed? Where is the proof? Someone writing about someone isn’t “proof”. Look at all the books we have now about fictional people that don’t exist. What do you want? Read the history OF the Bible–how many people wrote it, over how long but how it all ties in together. NO OTHER BOOK CAN MAKE THAT CLAIM.

      • Thank you Anna. You have said the truth of it all. God Created Man & Woman each for a purpose. And we are different in many ways( check the plumbing).
        We are humans with free will, and unfortunately we have lost our moral compass and do whatever we want without thought to the consequences. And those choices affect us all. We are now living in Sodium and Gomorrah. May God have mercy on our country.

      • It’s all the truth you just can’t handle it. Free will was his gift to mankind. E have you that choice of chose you own path and your fate.

    • Sorry, you have been lied to!
      Identical twin studies prove homosexuality is not genetic
      Eight major studies of IDENTICAL twins in Australia, the U.S., and Scandinavia during the last two decades all arrive at the same conclusion: gays were not born that way.

      “At best genetics is a minor factor,” says Dr. Neil Whitehead, Ph.D. Whitehead worked for the New Zealand government as a scientific researcher for 24 years and then spent four years working for the United Nations and International Atomic Energy Agency. Most recently, he serves as a consultant to Japanese universities about the effects of radiation exposure. His Ph.D. is in biochemistry and statistics.

      Identical twins have the same genes or DNA. They are nurtured in equal prenatal conditions. If homosexuality is caused by genetics or prenatal conditions and one twin is gay, the co-twin should also be gay.

      “Because they have identical DNA, it ought to be 100%,” Dr. Whitehead notes. But the studies reveal something else. “If an identical twin has same-sex attraction the chances the co-twin has it is only about 11% of men and 14% for women.”

      Because identical twins are always genetically identical, homosexuality cannot be genetically dictated. “No-one is born gay,” he notes. “The predominant things that create homosexuality in one identical twin and not in the other have to be post-birth factors.”

      The CDC Says There Are 20,000,000 New STD Cases In America Each Year!
      So promote homosexuality in school, but ban sodas because it is bad for you?

    • Response to Helga I. Fellay,
      Somehow you believe that you have the mind of Jesus, but your comments disagree with Scripture which contains the Mind of Christ.

    • Jesus did not teach that LGBTs should brainwash and corrupt our children at a young age, either. They can be what they are without trying to recruit and brainwash children as young as kindergartners into their lifestyle, or anyone for that matter.

      • If you notice “ gays “ don’t want rights, they want Extra rights . I’m sorry but the lgtbq Agenda is Very Dangerous to society . Why do they Need to force their lifestyle upon everyone else , and Targeting Children is just Sick ! I do believe we have entered the End Times ! Just my opinion

      • So Agree with Jeannette and Dee. Brainwashing and Corrupting Young children for any reason is very wrong, but for these selfish and obscene reasons is despicable! It is child indangerment. Children cannot understand and they don’t know any better. They don’t and won’t for many years. Putting these things in their way and/or encouraging this is only asking for confusion and trouble. Because these lbgt people have a different lifestyle be it by choice or not is not for us to decide or criticize. It is for us to protect our children until they are of age to understand and if they need to, make their own judgement. These people, like all of the left seem to find it necessary to PUSH their lifestyles and agendas on others which is WRONG and uncalled for. That is what we do not need or want. That is what we must stop. Everyone in our Republic has the right, under our Constitution to live free and make their own decisions when they are of age and not be influenced by others but by their own mind.

    • No. We should not hate anyone. If you are a Biblical Christian, you would know that homosexuality is a “no-no. The Bible speaks against homosexuality throughout the Bible. Read Leviticus 18:22. Also read about why Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed. Again in 1 Corinthians. We are not to mistreat anyone, I agree. We should “love the sinner, but hate the sin.”

    • You are very wrong about gender orientation – God created everyone and He would not create Gays and turn around and say it is wrong for a man to lay with a man or the same for women. Pro-creation was His purpose when he created Adam and Eve. He would not create any child as male or female then confuse them with gender identity. These are man made sins – remember Sodom and Gamorra – you are correct as we are to love the sinner and hate the sin. Remember we all have free will to chose what ever path we will travel but we will all be judged for our choices.

      • I find teaching children about LGBT lifestyles is going overboard. If questions by children are asked, truthful answers based on adequate research is in line. Children can be confused and some can be persuaded to believe they are of the wrong gender or question their identity. I have no problem with the LGBT community except I do not want their ideations pushed down my throat or that of my grandchildren either. As for Target believing that all women’s bathrooms are open to transgenders, I disagree. Walmart has family bathrooms that serve a similar purpose.

    • Helga I. Fellay – I agree with you, 100%. Thanks for posting. These folks have no idea who jesus is or was even. They want to think that they are christians, but it sure isn’t apparent from what they post here. I feel very sorry for them. They are in for a real surprise when they don’t arrive in heaven!!

        • AbortThySelf commented on Christians are boycotting a huge store over how they’re targeting kindergartners.
          in response to Nancy Alexander:
          Helga I. Fellay – I agree with you, 100%. Thanks for posting. These folks have no idea who jesus is or was even. They want to think that they are christians, but it sure isn’t apparent from what they post here. I feel very sorry for them. They are in for a real surprise when … Continue reading Christians are boycotting a huge store over how they’re targeting kindergartners

          Nancy & Helga…since you are so superior & holy, and fully gay, then why are you on this website? Trolls. Go Left, young man, go Left.

          I don’t know about Helga, but I am on here to comment about the subjects at hand. Since when do you all own this website? I thought it was for commentary and disagreements. I am not necessarily “superior” but I am at least equal to you all. I am not “holy” as I don’t believe in such. Is this site holy?? After some of the stories and responses I’ve seen here, I don’t think so. I never said nor am I gay, but I do support the LGBT community and their rights to exist. I am not a “troll”, though I have been called a “troglodyte”. And I will leave in my own good time. Does that answer your question?

        • Abortthyself. You are very narrow minded and I am sure that God would take your message as extremely self righteous and biased. It is a shame that you are not a forgiving person, nor a loving person. I feel sorry for you for not seeing more sides to an issue. You are creating as much HATE as the leftists.

    • We are born male or female and our DNA cannot be changed because we think we are other than what we are born. We are all born of a sinful nature and Jesus would out of love tell us, all of us, “Go and sin NO more”. Sin is sin is sin. Scripture does say, “a man will not lay down with a man as he would a woman.” God does say, “a man shall love his wife as Christ loved the church…” if we truly love and care about other people we would share with them what Gods Word, His Will and His Way is not allow them to continue living believing “oh it’s okay, if it makes you feel good, you can live that way” that is like telling everyone it’s okay if you want to take drugs, marry a child, you want to ….” We have become complacent in this world to allowing everyone to do what they want because it “feels right, good, etc,” just because it “feels good” does not mean it is. Don’t shove a perverse lifestyle as acceptable down our throat or especially young children’s when they are just trying to grow up. To say that children know they are a different gender at age 4, 8, 10, 12 is like saying they know they want to have sexual relations and what that will mean.
      If some are born homosexual how does the human race continue to grow? It is a choice to be homosexual. It is not the way a person was born. Again, you can try to have surgery to change your physical appearance but you will never be able to change your DNA. Genetically you will always be the gender you are born.

  12. We have a Target and right out front the parking lot is shared with a Chick-fil-A. At lunch time it looks like there are more cars there than at Target. I hope more people drive right on by Target. They let 1% of the population dictate how they run a business. I’m glad the CEO thinks like that. They’ll be out of business soon enough.

  13. I have never liked Target stores. And now I really don’t like them . This needs to stay out of our schools and Parents should step up and say something.

  14. I haven’t shopped them for several years. I shop Walmart because they have more of what I want, and I have choices for what products have the prices I prefer to spend. While I have no b eef with gays and trans, I do have a serious issue with them promoting any of those life styles with children. Children should not be indoctrinated and brainwashed . Their minds are still forming , but of course that the agenda of the LGBT is to get to them while they are young. f you want to be LGBT fine…………..BUT not everyone has to be like you. If they become gay or trans, it will be because that is their inclination not something they were trained to be.

  15. I stopped shopping at Target about two years ago. Their anti-Christian agenda was all it took for me to stop giving them my money. I will never shop there again.

  16. I stopped patronizing Target as soon as they let perverts into the ladies’ rooms. I do not intend to go back any time soon.

  17. I walked away around a decade ago now, when they decided that my policeman father didn’t have the right to shop there with his service gun on him, but could protect them with it. The bathroom BS, the additional anti-gun and anti free speech platform they’ve adopted, the antiChristian stancethey espouse, and the anti-American agenda they operate under excludes them from even existing in my personal world. I dream of the day that their choices finally come back to bite them, because not ONE policy decision they’ve made has been a good one in at least 10 years so there is a whole lot of pain they’ve created for others that will belong to them tjen

  18. I have boycotted Target for years, and will continue to do so, not out of hatred, but out of conviction that they are against what the Bible clearly says about gender and homosexuality. I have no hatred towards the LGBTQ community, and will treat them with the same courtesy as I treat everyone else. But they are trying to push their twisted lifestyle agenda down our throats, and that is clearly against God’s Word and His original intent for us. I pray that the leadership of Target will repent and see what harm they ultimately are doing. God is a forgiving God, when we come in repentance with a contrite heart.

  19. I don’t support anyone (person, organization or store) who supports the LGBT hate groups. Yes LGBT is a hate group. They hate and try to destroy anyone who does not agree with their lifestyle. I Refuse to enter a Target as their policies offend me. Will gladly pay more at another store. Have not been in a Target in years and have no intentions of ever entering one. Yes Helga I. Fellas, it is not Christians who hate it is the LGBT groups. Have you seen a Christian organization boycotting a proposed Target in their town trying to stop it on religious principles.. Most Christian welcome the LGBT people into their church service where they can hear the gospel.

  20. For a while now, my husband and I go to Thrift stores to find what Target sells for a cheaper price. The items are operable too.
    Many finds are brand new without the retail price.

    Good thing I’ve never found a man inside a women’s restroom.
    I’d most likely kick his family jewels then scream.

    I wasn’t aware that Target allowed Men in the Women’s restroom.
    Now with more reason that I wasn’t aware of such atrocities.
    Simply Disgusting.

    As for their Gay agenda, Protest Target, we Heterosexuals don’t agree or want to see our children being corrupted.

  21. I quit going there before it was a thing – saw it was going downhill a long time ago – surprised they are still around

  22. I think that this BS should not be taught in schools, it is going to far, a lot of SICK individuals. Maybe there should be a test to let parents know if they are going to have a child that is missing a gene and then they have the right to abort such a child. It would stop all this bs.

    • Joann if you’re supporting abortion then you’ve got some problems to address …. as much as I Don’t agree with lgbt , I would Never advocate for killing a baby .

  23. I stopped going not only to target but Starbuks Coffee, too. Those 2 business are the most anti-christian businesses I know.

  24. Most people shopping in Target have no clue of Target’s anti-Christian, pro LGBT position. Personally, I avoid Target stores and encourage others to do the same.

  25. As a grandmother of 7 young grand children I had done a lot of shopping for them & myself at Target. I won’t be back….I’m sure there are several other businesses that would gladly take my business.

  26. I stopped shopping Target years ago. Only their overpriced Ju3k was the reason. Since their anti christian policies started,I have passed on to many others these policies of theirs,and advised them NOT to shop at Target !

    The same applies to motion pictures and television with actors and producers who are a part of the LEFT WING SCUMBAGS.They don’t need our money !!!

  27. How about giving out the “Black kettle award” to those businesses who display antichristian bias. Any nominations? So far i’ve heard Scarbucks and stupor Target.

    • Enjoy your choice if you can sincerely agree with their choices – then you have that right as an American – never forget Christ has choices also and one is sentencing individuals to eternity in Hates. You will be judged by your personal beliefs. Any smart person should weigh their words very carefully.

  28. I quit Target when I peeled a sale ticket off the regular ticket and the the regular ticket was cheaper than the sale ticket. I asked the sales person about it and was informed this was corporate. I ne er we t back and it’s been 10 years

  29. I’ve not been in a Target since the restroom issue. Their loss of my personal purchases and my not investing in their stock may not have hurt them, but I feel what I have done and will continue to do might be what Jesus would do.

    He pointed out to the scribes, Sadducees, and Pharisees that their actions were not according to Scripture.

    That is the reason I boycott Target and let others know why I am doing it!

  30. I started boycotting Target also with the transgender bathroom nonsense. I have always accepted their right to live their life that way but now it is more than wanting acceptance and equality. They want to force their way of life onto to others, most disturbingly to young children.

  31. we haven’t shopped at target in many years & don’t plan to start! we don’t support any business that allows men in women’s restrooms! Lord help us JESUS! I don’t understand why we’re letting a small part of our country tell rest of us what to do! it’s time we stand up & take our country back!

  32. Target Lost me when they declared their bathrooms and changing rooms open to both sexes. This just further reinforces my boycotting Target for their IMMORAL BEHAVIOR!!

  33. The Godless Deep State traitors are everywhere!The evil corrupted liberal Muslim demoncrat Commie Nazi’s party and minions! Don’t forget the RINOs they’re just as bad! Drain the rat infested Swamp,Pres Trump!

  34. I never did like TARGET. Very creepy store . . . especially NOW. And, I will continually make it point to NOT shop there (except as a very last resort).

  35. In Matthew 18:6 Jesus declares that anyone who corrupts a small child would be better off being thrown into the sea with a millstone around his neck. Hope that the people at Target are good swimmers!

  36. I have boycotted Target several years ago when I learned that they promoted gay activities and were anti-Christian . They also do not allow the Salvation Army Santa’s on their property and you will never hear the word Christmas in their television commercials or ads.


  38. Just like many of the other posters, we haven’t shopped target since the bathroom policy, before that they could count on a average of $700-$1000 a year from us in purchases. We should have started our boycott of them when they banned the bell ringers.

  39. I think target should not get involved with politics. I don’t want my grandchildren being taught thus stuff. I will no longer shop at Target

  40. I used to support Target back when they were sponsoring cars in IndyCar and Nascar. But they dropped those programs when a new CEO took over. I believe it’;s the same CEO who is now “Targeting” people of faith and heterosexuals. To hell with them.

  41. Letting men in women’s bathroom. Now little kids being disrespected by the gays. Own by France who disrespect their own people. No thanks target.

  42. schools should ban such clothing attending school and K? are you kidding this is going toooo far surely the clothing factory can make good money making decent clothes for children without this crap.

  43. Didn’t know but now that I do …. I will be telling all my family and friends to BOYCOTT TARGET TOO. This is the only way to stop the insanity.

  44. I haven’t shopped a Target store since I found that their My Little Pony dolls were WELL overpriced. It REALLY ticked me off when I found some that I had bought for my neices (at that time they were BIG into them) were anywhere from $2 to $4 cheaper (about 1/2 price) But this anti-American PRO GAY agenda is dispicable and I won’t go into one EVER again!

  45. Have never spent a penny in one of there stores cannot ever rember going in one because right after they opened they said they were supporting the queers and I said that a good enough reason for me not to shop there

  46. It makes no sense to support a company or anyone else who is trying to denigrate/eradicate you and your families way of life. Critical thinking is important in life.

  47. not been in Target for three years and will not return. Can not understand their stock owners. Dumb bells

  48. I never shop Target. The most Anti American store on the planet. No Vets allowed to hand out poppies, no Girl Scouts allowed near their stores, mentally ill men allowed in women’s bathrooms and dressing rooms, embrace the homosexual lifestyle (totally mentally ill). I really don’t understand people who actually go there. Are they mentally ill too?

  49. I haven’t shopped at a Target for at least 10-15 years. even before the bathroom changes. I think I stopped when they were talking about who owned them and where their money went. They are not my kind of store. Politically correct and the gay agenda have turned me off to many stores and places that have changed our country and NOT for the best. Sad.

  50. The idea that people “choose a gay lifestyle” perpetuates ignorance about one’s fellow human beings. People are born gay, or transgender, or bisexual, they do not choose it. You all purport to be Christians and have Christian morals…your morals have no value, since you do not behave like Christians: you judge others and you give only conditional love and understanding to your fellow people. If they do not meet your conditions, they are not worthy of you. If you were true Christians, you would accept all people without reservations or conditions. You are hypocrites, and your God sees you as such. Your afterlife will be Sad.

    • Jesus did love everyone, but he did not condone the sinful actions of anyone. Remember him telling the adultress to “Go and sin no more.” Remember what happened to Sodom and Gomorrah?

    • Dolores, I agree with you, 100%. All people need to be accepted and treated the same, no matter their appearance or how they live their lives. People are born gay, it is never a choice, else when did you all “choose” to be straight?? Oh, you didn’t choose, you were born that way?? I thought so!!

      • The “ born “ gay thing is such a load of crap .. that’s like saying being an alcoholic you’re born that way . It Is all about choice ..

  51. Target fell off my list of favorite stores when they dumped the bell ringers. Then the sorry bathroom fiasco cemented my decision. I can buy everything I need and want at stores that support Christians. Also favor stores that stock made in USA products. Even search out groceries and fresh produce from USA. Sometimes a little more costly but well worth it.

  52. I think that we should all boycott companies that do business with Fox News, Hannity, Limbaugh, Levin, Ingraham and all the other right wings shills on the radio. The spew lies, hatred, and division almost every minute of every day.

    • I agree with you, Joe. Fox News and Entertainment is just an arm of the Republican party and constantly proves it every day. Since they are licensed as news and entertainment, they don’t have to tell the truth. After all, they are there for entertainment – true or made-up!!

  53. Today my daughter, who has three young daughters of her own, saw in the children’s dept a display that is promoting the gay life. That was the last straw! It was bad enough that men can now use the women’s bathroom if they “think” they are women, but now Target is trying to indoctrinate our little ones by coming in the backdoor and influencing the children to accept the gay way as “normal”! She and I will no longer shop at Target.

  54. I consider homosexuality a mental
    illness. I don’t believe in what they want. To teach this lifestyle to a young mind, should be a criminal act.
    This is nothing more than a attempt to spread this dysfunctional lunacy.
    It can lead to self destruction, that’s been proven.

  55. Have not been there since the bathroom fiasco. Have not missed them and I shop only at businesses that mnd their own business and stay out of politics and political correct nonsense.

  56. My husband used to call Target the “White Wedding Store” where you could buy a diamond ring and a shotgun/ammo all in one trip. We stopped shopping there years ago though. They just seemed to have a bad customer service attitude … kinda like a white wedding bridegroom. hehe

  57. I quit shopping there after hearing they would allow men in the women’s restrooms. If the “plumbing” fits – wear it! Don’t try to convince me a man is a woman just because they say so. And vice-versa. “God made male and female”, the Bible says it and I believe it.

  58. I have not been to Target but ONCE when I went home to MD and a friend was going in. I walked in and didn’t purchase anything. It’s been over 12 years since I’ve shopped in a Target store and don’t even plan in even walking into one again!!

  59. I’ve been boycotting Target for years. My problem with all this is that my grandkids are in elementary school. None of our family can afford to send them to private school or homeschool them. So far so good in our Texas school district, but how do we stop this before the LGBT agenda takes over everywhere. Boycotting stores that subscribe to their agenda such as Target is like a flea on the back of an elephant. Hardly noticeable, especially when the news media is on their side.

  60. Small children need to be allowed to be children. Why must people push their beliefs in the faces of others. It’s awful. There are males & females. Children have no clue what they are, let alone understand what the differences are…..leave children alone.

  61. I stopped shopping at Target when I found out that they didn’t support our troops. There was one store where an employee who was a soldier, got called to duty (Operation Iraqi Freedom). When he went he was told that his job would be waiting for him when he got back, but when he returned his job was gone as was all his benefits. And they refuse to let Toys for Tots set up outside their doors and neither can the Salvation Army have any bell ringers there. They also don’t allow the temporary Memorial Wall to be set up on their property either. That was the last straw for me. And now them letting these perverts into the lady’s bathroom? Naw man!! I will never ever ever step foot in that store again!

  62. There are a lot more Christians in America. You can bet there will be a lot of boycotting going on for Target. Since the bathroom issue began a while ago I have not stepped in a Target store. I never will again. They have a permanent stain on their store. To try and brainwash our small children in kindergarten is disgusting and deplorable. Target is going too far. They better be careful. I SAY TO ALL OF AMERICA PLEASE BOYCOTT TARGET NOW BEFORE THEY DESTROY OUR ELEMENTARY CHILDREN. They have no right to destroy tiny brains with what target wants to do to them. BOYCOTT BOYCOTT BOYCOTT BOYCOTT BOYCOTT BOYCOTT

  63. Target must have LGBT folks in the top management or board level who have railroaded these policies. They have made the company into a political entity, which they have a political right to do, but are demonstrating how good financial management can be counteracted by personal causes.

  64. Like so many others and as a Navy man…when they removed the Marines “Toys for Tots” program from their buildings and took an anti-christian posture in other areas, it was m-m-m-bye-bye jerks…don’t need ya!

  65. Have been boycotting since they allowed trans females into women’s restrooms and will continue to do so!

  66. Publicly traded companies that get embroiled in this type of controversy are IDIOTS. If you own this stock you need to SELL, SELL IT IMMEDIATELY.

  67. Target hasn’t received any of my hard earned money since the bathroom policy began. What a bunch of lost people. Cannot believe they would let men damage women and girls by sneaking into the female restroom. Lost my interest in shopping there when that happened. Won’t ever shop there as long as I live.

  68. In the late 70’s or early 80’s, a Target cashier stole my credit card and in a few hours charged $1000. Target never took any kind of responsibility and played deaf to my requests to cover the $50 I was responsible for. That left a bad taste and never shopped Target again. Years later I went to look for an item I couldn’t find anywhere else, but I’ve only been at a Target store about 10 times. Then came the distasteful gender bathroom issue giving the store another negative in my book. To their favor, stores are well organized and very clean, but they are also always very empty, not too many customers, prices are high compared to other store, so perhaps that’s why stores are clean. Maybe Oprah has something to do with keeping them in business. But I always had a bad feeling about Target, with what i’ve experienced in the past and now this, I KNOW I WILL NEVER SHOP TARGET AGAIN!!

  69. Create a petition, gather as many names as you can, and have all people who are boycotting Target Stores, sign it, and send it to the Chairman of the Board, and Chief Executive Officer of Target, Brian C. Cornell. Demand he stop this perverted and depraved policy.

  70. I agreed to the Target boycott from AFA when they publicized they would allow men in women’s restrooms. But, honestly, I rarely shopped in Target even before that because I rarely found products I liked and thought their prices were too high.

  71. I had no idea how corrupt and sleazy TARGET was until I read these articles. F TARGET. They don’t need my money.

  72. Does anyone remember a few short years ago . . . when the gay rights movement really started kicking into gear . . . and they would float the line “why are you against gay rights… it’s not going to change YOUR lifestyle, just bring equality to a group” . . . well, everyone will agree that tolerance has given way to acceptance and the acceptance threshold has been exceeded by forced advocacy ! Now you can be brought up on charges if you do not learn and cheerfully use “acceptable” terms of address. What ever happened to the choice of free thought and association. I think you can answer that that one, yourself . . . if not, the princes and princesses of TOLERANCE will answer it for you !

  73. Target is driven by the French moral structure which seem mostly focused on money and still trying to hide from there mostly failure during WWII. I do not include the french resistance in my statement but they were really a loosely organized civilian group, not the Parisian government elite. Times have not improved from them. With the France backbone now being provided by the Yellow Vests.

  74. I will not shop there, but they will not miss me…I stopped years ago because I disagree with their ideas, policies and politics. What ever they sell I can buy elsewhere. Same with STARBUCKS and OREO Cookies.DISNEY & NETFLIX ALSO !!

  75. This information about Target stores is new for me. From now on I will never go to visit it or buying there again. Hope they fall in bankruptcy.

  76. I have been boycotting TARGET for years – ever since they had children’s t-shirts with “I have two mommies” and “i have two daddies”. They are owned by the French. I am 1/4th French and I can say they have an immoral attitude about sex and they are cowards. We should have left them to goose step.

  77. More comments and viewpoints than 101 Dalmatians…… yes , a company influencing school children is disgusting!
    But…… come on you women, re: the bathroom situation, “ you know dang well some of you got your thrill in there and didn’t cry and report it when it happened, OMG another Kavanaugh situation.”
    Do you hear men griping when the bathroom situation is reversed and we let it all hang out, not hidden behind stall doors!


  79. I quit shopping at Target many years ago. They don’t care if they offend my Christian beliefs so my money is spent elsewhere.

    • I bet you think you are “offending” Target by not shopping there!! I shop wherever I find a product I like and need. And Target has a few things I was going to purchase anyway.

  80. I haven’t shopped at Target or placed an order with Target since the corporation announced its “inclusive” restroom and dressing room policies. There is a deliberate effort in the United States by progressives, liberals and globalists to blur actual and traditional distinctions. I object in any way I can.

  81. I feel bad for people who think homosexuality is ok. It is NOT and one day God the Father will talk to them about it. And they WILL bow before him.

  82. ‪Expose, Boycott, Sue, prosecute and bring to justice all these deep state treasonous Godless NAZI commie liberal Muslim pedophilia demoncrats and RINOs post-haste,Patriots! Drain the rat infested swamp President Trump!‬

  83. If Joe the plumber and Nancy Alexander can somehow prove to me how they came to existence without a heterosexual parents I would incline to become an atheist for the only one a sexual species that I know of is an earthworm if you can’t then get off this forum thank you

    • Alright dumb-bunny – of course I had parents. But you seem to forget that gay people are born of cisgender parents. Gays cannot bear children in case you forgot. If straight folks would only stop having gay kids, then YOUR problems would all be solved!! Right??? However LGBTQ folks still need to be respected and allowed to live their lives without all your hateful rhetoric!!

  84. And by the way, Enrique, just when did you become the moderator or owner of this forum. Did someone die and leave you in charge?? Otherwise how about you “get off this forum”?? Thanks.

  85. Why is anyone still shopping at the likes of Target, do you know what a BOYCOTT IS ? Quit pandering to them and let the faggots try to keep them in business because they will be closing stores by the 100’s after a few months without money. Straighten up and BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT

    • Nonsense!! There is no valid reason to boycott Target stores. You seem to have forgotten that the issue is over “transgenders” using the bathroom, not gay men at all. Where is your head – and your understanding of the issue at hand??

  86. Gee, i’d really like to, but, i’m still boycotting them for their last stupid stunt. but if I ever stop the first boycott, I’ll definitely jump on this one immediately !!

    • Well truckman, you sure need help with your spelling too. “do” should be “due; “there” should be “their” and “there” again should also be “their.” All better now. I have just returned from a Target store which was very busy. I found the items I was searching for, and also bought 2 grocery items.

      • And guess what – there was no bathroom “drama” anywhere to be seen!! It was just a very busy store for a Tues afternoon. I will remember to shop there again soon!!

  87. Its been 10 years or more since I shopped at Target. They are from Minnesota most of the board members are Muslims. Look at that State people, look who is in office. Danger Will Robinson, Danger

  88. This is Robert not Nancy. What amazes me is that you call yourselves Christians and do not follow Christ’s words or example of forgiveness, love and compassion for all. He clearly said that what you do to the least of these you do to me. He also clearly told the rich young ruler to go sell all that he had and give to the poor. He said, It was harder for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven than for a camel to go through the eye of a needle. He also said that you cannot worship both God and Mammon, Mammon being the love of money and wealth. He called the rich man who built bigger barns to contain his wealth a fool. Clearly Jesus was a man of humble origin and his call to his people required service to the downcast, poor and downtrodden of this world. It seems to me those who are supporting the prosperity gospel and those who support the current person in the White House are supporting Mammon and not God.


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