Christian parents in one state are about to pull their kids out of school because of a sick lesson plan


The anti-family Left is gunning for the children of America.

They want nothing more than to brainwash them into their regressive agenda.

And Christian parents in one state are about to pull their kids out of school because of a sick lesson plan.

When parents send their children off to school, one would think that their values would be represented.

But for decades, the Left has been working to force God out of America’s schools, and instead force their radical agenda onto everybody.

And in Washington State they are taking that to new heights.

A new bill on its way to the desk of the state’s Democrat governor mandates a sex education lesson plan that is pro-abortion and includes extremely graphic sexual content.

The plan describes graphic sex acts to five-year-olds, descriptions of sexual pleasure to seven-year-olds, and direction to a website featuring a how-to guide to anal sex to sixth graders.

Washington’s State Senate approved the measure in a 27-21 vote, which sends the bill, SB 5395 to the desk of Governor Jay Inslee for his final approval.

The bill forces schools adopt the new “comprehensive” sex education materials over the next two years.

It “does not mandate any one curriculum but rather establish[es] standards to which all curriculum must conform,” according to Katy Faust, a children’s rights advocate, speaking to Life Site News.

The curriculum, called “3R,” comes from the pro-abortion and pro-LGBT group Advocates for Youth.

According to LifeSiteNews, it “promotes gender theory, promiscuity, condoms and contraception, and abortion.”

The bill directs teachers to have 14-year-old students role-play negotiating for sex, warning that if two “cisgender, heterosexual boys” are assigned for the exercise, “it is possible they will have a homophobic response.”

In the lesson plan, 9th graders are taught about condom use, and are directed to practice putting condoms on penis models.

Students are also tasked with a homework assignment to “see what it’s actually like to try to get [condoms] yourselves.”

The state’s Democrat governor is expected to sign the bill, which will be forced onto students across the state whether or not parents approve of the content in the curriculum.

This is perhaps the most egregious example of the Left forcing their will on the children of America, and is almost certain to be emulated in other left-wing states.

Do you think the Left should let parents raise their children in ways that respect their values?

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  2. What you see with matters of this nature is the end result of federal interference in public education over the last 40 years or so. Public education is the purview of the states, not the feds.

  3. This is ridiculous. I taught “Sex Ed” for many years in NYC to coed classes of 9th graders.
    We then changed it to 11th graders. Five and six year old children do not need these lessons
    forced upon them! Gross.

  4. What sickos would even let this crap in schools any way. They should be fired on the spot for even allowing the perverts to get their foot in the door.

  5. It appears you really don’t want a response. Every time I comment. I get.
    Looks like you said that before. Duplicate statement.

  6. The people that submitted this bill should be arrested and charged with child endangerment. The Senators who voted for this should be arrested and charged with child endangerment. Any teacher who presents this material should be arrested and charged with pedophilia.

  7. This is so disgusting. Why are these so-called educators kowtowing to the LBGTQ groups and pro-abortion advocates? Public education has literally gone down the toilet the last 40-50 years. It’s time for parents everywhere to look into home schooling. Definitely a need for our children if we want to save them from such perversion. Parents everywhere, wake up.

  8. I would take my children out of this school also. Children of such a young age don’t need to hear about this stuff. That is crazy. Plenty of time for that when they get into the higher grades. What kind of people run this school? Idiots?????

  9. The Alphabet people will never give up until they gain control of everything that relates to normalcy of lifestyles, AKA male and female, without the LGQBXYZ freaks in control. Unless America starts treating them in accord to their demonic life styles we are and will be lost to the hateful left and their agenda to attack God and Country. God clearly said that He will not be mocked but they refuse to accept that God is and will always be in control. Just hate seeing our once great country lost to these relics of hate who are controlled by everything evil.

  10. This is absolutely horrifying. Glad I don’t have school age children anymore. These parents should absolutely pull their children out of these obscene schools and home school them or find a decent Charter School, if there is one. Washington State didn’t go so liberal all of a sudden. The Commies have been planning this for years to brainwash our children. Watch out who you vote for.

  11. It hurts to say this, but, the truth demands it! The majority of parents that have their children in public school, their first priority is; “Hey this is 6-8 hours of free childcare”. They don’t want to give this up, and the leftist/radical politicians know this!

  12. Indoctrination of young minds is how the immoral LOWCLASS demoncrat ck skrs and pusslickers are recruiting them as future members of their mentally sick clan. This is nothing more than approved pedophilia in the schools by the liberals ash wholes.

    Let’s see if this true comment is posted.

  13. What is this world coming to? My taxes are going to be spent on this. If I still had kids in school they would either be put into a private school or home schooled.

  14. Well the parents have abdicated there responsibility to teach their children for years which has allowed the LGBT and anti-Christian, anti-American groups to grow and push their agenda on our children. I support their action and hope that the Governor knows that his job is in jeopardy if he signs the bill, WE CHRISTIANS as old as we may be STILL VOTE and he can be voted out.

  15. We need to form a new militia of real military people and start taking these filth out! Looks like that is the only way to stop them.

  16. This whole agenda of the “cretin elite” is like a festering boil on America’s diminishing family structure. Unfortunately, it will get worse before that “boil” is lanced. Take a break & watch some past “Donna Reed & Gunsmoke”.

  17. The fagots and lezbos of Washington State must be thrilled with this . Thru the education system they get to indoctrinate children into a world of sodomy ! How any government body could pass such sexual education mandate just shows how low a bunch of elected perverts can go ! The sane people will leave the State of Washington and the sooner the better for the sake of the children .

  18. Federal funding to school districts with this garbage curriculum to young children should be cut to zero.
    Very much age inappropriate for young, impressionable children. Districts depend on federal funding. That will get their attention. Parents should bring this to the attention of the Federal level Education Secretary who can relay it to The President and Congress. If local parents haven’t already done that do it and quickly. It’s at least worth the effort.

  19. Quite a bit different than the Article……………From King5, the local new channel.

    Senate Bill 5395 would require all public school districts to provide comprehensive sexual health education that is evidence-informed, medically and scientifically accurate, age-appropriate and inclusive for all students.

    The bill would require teachers to work this into their curriculum for students in grades sixth through twelfth by September 2020, and for kindergarten through fifth-grade students in September 2021.

    Democrats say universal standards will empower and protect students.

    “It really helps teach our children how to have those tough conversations in relationships, how to have conversations about consent and how to understand our bodies,” Democratic Senator Manka Dhingra said. “Our bodies are not taboo.”

    Republicans, however, say they are not against sexual education but want each district to make its own decision for communities.

    The curriculum is designed to be tailored to children’s developmental needs. For instance, classes starting in kindergarten would cover topics such as inappropriate touching and safety.

    Parents could also opt-out of the program, a concession that Democrats made to Republicans last year.

  20. This is the result of the “progressive’ movement. Parents have no say, children are supposedly choosing what sex they want to be with hollywood endorsing it, and the radical left pushing their agenda on voters without being allowed to vote on something this vile. Washington voters need to rise up and oust those who voted for it including the governor. My children would no longer attend public schools if they were school age!

  21. It’s about time for the people of this country to take back the country from these anti-morality persons in this country. If they tried to force this crap on my son when he was that young id be shooting a few people 😠

  22. SHUT his LGBTQ garbage down but GOOD! . . . and, any POLITICIAN who allows this agenda should be REMOVED from Office ASAP in HANDCUFFS. One ANGRY and ALARMED Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  23. This is what should be called pure…child abuse…….

    Shame on the evil people who have such a disgusting plan…..

  24. California Schools have been teaching/brain washing children with these terrible ideas for at least 30 years. When my children were in school I would remove them from any of the “sex ed” classes. Now the sexual teachings within the California schools are beginning in the lower grades– Kindergarten. People in Washington State need to figure out a way to Home School their children or send them to a “Private Christian” school. Home Schooling has a LOT of support now and is much easier than it used to be. Note: when you home school you can receive funding for your “home schooling” from the Federal Government. These funds go to the parents and Not to the Public School.

  25. Time to home school you children Washington state what they are doing to your kids is against the bible time to vote the governor of office it is so morally corrupt.

  26. Sounds like a lot of to do about nothing. No facts just fear. When it comes to “sex” most children know far more than adults give them credit for. It is ADULTS who freak out over words like sex, homosexual and transgender. Adults need to calm down rather than over-reacting. Start educating yourselves to reality. YOU are probably scaring your children half to death with your ignorance. Knowing how school boards function I seriously doubt all this ‘hew and cry’! We can’t even get a law passed that children learn their 3 R’s for fear it would damage their fragile self esteem!

  27. Sounds like the majority of the people here want the U. S. Of A. children to be taught at home about the good and lose any evil speak till they are old enough to decide for themselves.

  28. This is what happens when we allow (ELECT) our government into our homes telling us (parents) how to raise our kids. I hope the neanderthals of the State of Washington are proud and happy. WAKE UP AMERICA

  29. All they need is a Mao Tsung to implement their new rules… or maybe the Chinese are paying these people to implement the program. Money well spent on their part. In the next generation, young adults will have no discipline or fight in them and they will be easy for the Chinese (or any of our adversaries) to outwit. They will use their virus program to weed out the weak ones again.

  30. Here is what the parents should do. Pull a student strike, by pulling all students out of school and not allowing them back in until this bill is voted down. Students can study using the internet.

  31. This is perversion. They need to be arrested.Sex education should be taught but not to children. Teach it in 9th. I was taught in 5th & 6st grades. I homeschooled my oldest for a few yrs. She had to go to public school because she wasn’t getting a grasp on math. I told her I said you are going to meet gays & lesbians & possibly cross dressers. Plus I talked about sex. Because I didn’t want public school to teach her. Christians should teach their adolescents & teens about sex & tell them about gays & lesbians & about transgender people. It won’t be a shock to them. Tell them it is wrong to live in that kind of sinfulness. They choose to live their lives that way. She told them she was straight & she didn’t believe in it. They respected her. They didn’t shove it down her throat & she didn’t shove religion down theirs. She told them once & that is all. I told her not to make fun of them. They can still be saved. They do have a soul. Now for dems making these laws. They can be saved if they undo the laws they passed & repent of their wickedness.

  32. The voters must vote for prolife candidates and that is the make or break issue. All of these anti family politicians must be voted out.

  33. Satan says:
    I created all of you!
    Send me your children I’ll take them in.
    My people will teach them there is no sin.
    That’s how we win!

  34. Here’s a suggestion. File a lawsuit claiming that sex education is a religious topic and, therefore, cannot be taught in public schools.


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