Christian mega-star Chris Pratt was just attacked by this LGBT actress for his faith


Actor Chris Pratt has come under a barrage of attacks from the Hollywood elite because he is vocal about his Christianity and conservatism.

Most recently, he was attacked for being an avid hunter and going on a 21 day Daniel Fast to focus on his devotion to God.

But now the Hollywood elite think they have the smoking gun that could destroy his career.

Outspoken Christian conservative actor Chris Pratt (from Jurassic World and Guardians of the Galaxy) just came under fire for quoting his pastor.

He appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert after his religious fast that is based on Daniel 1:12.

When he cited his pastor as a source of inspiration, Hollywood got triggered.

“I was inspired by my pastor,” Pratt said. Then he quoted the supposedly damnable sentence that caused a Hollywood meltdown:

“If the spotlight that is shining on you is brighter than the light that’s within you, it will kill you.”

But sadly, not everyone was inspired by Pratt’s message.

Ellen Page, an openly lesbian actress, shot off a tweet that the secular fake news media called a “truth bomb.”

Hollywood is incensed that one of the most successful actors in the world is a proud Christian.

So the elitists constantly lob attacks to try and bring him down.

As we previously reported, the Hollywood Elite sunk their teeth into Pratt for having the unmitigated gaul to say that God loves everyone and eating meat is ok.

Now, the mere fact he believes in the Word of God as opposed to Hollywood’s very skewered worldview was enough of an excuse to try once again to destroy the man’s career.

The moment a person stands up for Christianity, for truth, Hollywood thinks their career should go up in smoke.

But Pratt clearly won’t be shaken from his faith by Hollywood liberals.

What do you think? Should Chris Pratt be destroyed for attending church and being outspoken about his faith?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


  1. Most Christian churches don’t preach hate of any kind. True Churches leave sexual orientation outside their doors. That being said how does Ellen Page know what Chris Pratts Church preaches? Does she go there? If so, has she spoken to the pastor? The Bible teaches us that sexual deviance of any kind is sinful. So is drug abuse and eating too much. We all have fallen short. Thankfully we have an advocate in Christ. We are all sinful by nature but Jesus will take away our heavy load.

      • Wait a minute!! Sodomy is practiced by gay men – not lesbian women. Sodomy is anal sex – why would lesbians have to have sex that way? They still have vaginas. You all don’t make any sense.

        • It’s just a matter of directing attention to the applicable verse. There are several that deal with sexual deviation or sexual sin, but women are particularly singled out with this one…Romans 1:26 KJV 26 “For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature:” Lesbos can strap on a rubber phallus to perform sodomy. Don’t play simple, Karin I. was simply including all manner of sexual deviation, including the women of the city of Sodom by using “sodomy” in a general sense of the meaning.

  2. Chris Pratt is a fine young man who is confident in his faith and secure in his love of God. Fire hate bombs at him all you want. He is wrapped in the armor of Christian soldiers and shielded by Jesus enduring protection. He has a place waiting for him in heaven. The stairway to heaven is paved in gold and the highway to hell is built on hate. I know the path I want to take, thank you very much.

  3. Isn’t it strange, nowadays, that the measure of somebody’s worth is tied to their feelings toward Blacks and L..blah,blah, blahs whatever.

  4. Chris has every God spoken right to speak his mind on god or his faith.Keep it up we need more people out there to talk an get closer to God he’s awsome he loves you before birth an after death.Chris keep up with your Faith we just need to pray for all the blood sucking leechs.For all those people out there that don’t believe in God you sure call upon him when your in trouble, or a love one on their death bed

    • Lets have Chris Pratt speak out about his recent divorce from Anna Farris. And now he’s looking for his next wife?? So christian of him. And besides most christians don’t exactly think much of Hollywood – at least that is what my sis-in-law says!!

  5. God is love. He created each individual in his image. He loves everyone. Everyone has sinned and does sin. To love God back and have fellowship with him reqires repentace of sin and belief and faith in Christ. No matter what you have done God will forgive if you confess your sin and repent. The first step is to accept Christ as the man who died for our sins and was resurrected and ascended into heaven. Once you do that then the Lord will guide your path. As christians we are to present the gospel without condemnation of anyone as we all have sinned and fell short of the glory of God. It does not matter what sin you committed God is waiting with open arms.

  6. People that attack christianity are exhibiting the same behavior they so readily and loudly condemn in others that attack gays, racism and all the many other subjects that will leave a liberals blood flow cut off by the sudden tightening of his or her anus. Thankfully, most of the conservative crowd have since learned to ignore the whinings of the loud, raucous and threatening left. They have become irrelevant due to their ceaseless insanity.

  7. Ellen, its apparent that you are a atheist as the bible is very clear, a marriage is between a man & a woman, no person shall swallow the seed of the same sex!! So scream all you want to about your perverted sex life, God will take care of you & your sinner friends, there’s a good chance that you will rot in Hell!!!

  8. I am thrilled that Chris Pratt is a strong man who is not afraid of all the God hating lowlife who are trying to bully anyone who disagrees with their views.

  9. Since the character of God never changes and an abomination is still an abomination in 2019.
    Guess who needs to change and ask forgiveness? Perverts try to change God to fit his or her agenda.
    It will never be acceptable in God’s eyes to go against his plan for males and females. Yes, there are
    only two genders! Sorry libs, but that is the truth you cannot accept. Sodom and Gomorrah were
    destroyed because of their wicked perversions. Please turn from your evil ways. Repent and ask Jesus
    to forgive you and He will save you. There is not much time, so do it now, while you still can. One day
    every decent Christian who love God will be removed from this planet. Unrestrained evil will result in
    chaos and this world will be in grave danger. Plagues will engulf the earth and all inhabitants will suffer.
    Looting, murders, rapes, and lack of provisions, pandemics, and natural disasters will abound. Read the
    Bible to learn of things to come. I have accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior. I pray you will to. The
    fires, mud slides, earth quakes, draughts, and lawlessness are harbingers of the end times to come.

    • These are the same people who want you to “coexist”, but ridicule you and WON’T listen to a word you say if you are of a different position. Coexistence goes both ways….

  10. I find it ODD that a Man, or Woman, that professes a Belief in God is ridiculed by people that worship their own crotch as their IDOL.

  11. I would like to thank Mr. Pratt for taking a special stance for his conviction. When more Christian in Hollywood become more embolden and take a stand. We will see the radical left run. As we all know you shine a light in darkness and all the critters scurry to get back into darkness.

    • You mean la Cucarachas critters is slang for woodland creatures and they are far from wicked or disease carrying as the case may be with Cock Roaches.

  12. Matthew 5:11-13

    11 Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake.

    12 Rejoice, and be exceeding glad: for great is your reward in heaven: for so persecuted they the prophets which were before you.

  13. I look at it this way, if you are not attempting to push your beliefs on me through legislation or proselytize me while I am at home or out in public you have the right to believe what you want.

  14. Humans are made in the image of God. God loves all humans but all humans do not love God. God gave humans free will to make the choice to love God and follow his Word or to reject God. So all people are God’s creations BUT God does not belong to all people. That is their personal choice. He respects their personal choice. Scripture, which is the written Word of God says that there are two Gods. GOD THE FATHER, OUR CREATOR AND the created god of this world, satan, a fallen angel. Those who choose the One True God belongs to him. All others belong to their father, satan. His Word does not lie but satan is the father of all lies.

  15. Good for U MOG keep up the Great Work Remember Jesus never backed down was it easy for him, yet he kept in till it, He spoke and said IT is FINISHED

  16. Nancy, Why do you find it neceswary to cut Chris down? Divorce is acceptable to God depending on the reason. But it’s none of your business. It is between Chris and God.

  17. You go Mr. Pratt! Good for you for acknowledging your beliefs about God. They may run you down now, but the day is coming, whether they believe it or not, when they will have to stand before Him and answer for all their sins, including persecution of Gods people. There will be unimaginable fear in them. But, they have chosen their own fate. God never wants anyone to go to hell. He did everything He could to save them. They have made the decision to shun/reject the gift of eternal life and the price Gods Son paid on the cross so they didn’t have to pay the price for their own sins. God will never force Himself on anyone but offers Himself freely to all. I’m so proud of Mr. Pratt and all the other Hollywood Christians.

  18. Obviously way to many Hollywood types have not grown past the “Jr. High, High School Mean Girls” cliches. The Hollywood types are about tolerance and acceptance and diversity and inclusiveness as long as every agrees with them. They know that Chris Pratt has something they do not have and that is not of this world and they are simply jealous. May the Lord have mercy on their soul.

  19. Every bible believing Christian gets slammed for their faith….and most of us don’t change what we know is truth to appease the unbelievers of scripture. Chris Pratt is another who keeps his faith and hasn’t been moved.

  20. Ellen who, she was pretty much 1 and done, WHO CARES! We are all entitled to our OWN beliefs and values, I would always support Chris Pratt, shine on child of God! Life on earth is very short, eternity is forever, I hope things work out for everyone, guess we’ll see.

  21. Perhaps Ellen Page should just go sit back in her closet and plat with her self if it makes her happy. But don’t preach your crap to us if you won’t hear us out too, twit! The special needs actress is getting too far from her cage!

  22. So sad! These deluded people who are trying to force their twisted LGBT culture on others including children, and especially on Christians have no idea what they will face in the future! There is a God whether or not they believe it! He has created us in His image as male and female. Any attempt to change our “orientation” is an affront to God. The Bible tells of two cities, Sodom and Gomorrah that were totally destroyed because they espoused the same sexual perversion as do the LGBT people today. The Bible also says that these folks will be separated from their Creator in eternity, i.e., they will go to Hell. Intellectual dishonesty is a hallmark of these people! They would do well to think long and hard concerning their decisions regarding Christians and others!

  23. ROFLMAO……Ellen Page is just another loudmouthed liberal who’s opinions mean nothing. Just another whiny tinkerbell who thinks she’s important and wise but is really a whiny nobody. Well, done, Chris.


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