Christian business owners could be facing jail time over this absurd city ordinance


LGBT activists are still sore after the Supreme Court’s ruling on the Colorado cake baker didn’t go their way.

So they’re fighting back.

And an ordinance in this major city could send Christian business owners to jail.

Phoenix, Arizona passed a so-called “anti-discrimination” city ordinance that forces wedding vendors to cater to homosexual weddings.

Now, two Christian business owners are pre-emptively challenging the ordinance on First Amendment grounds.

Joanna Duka and Breanna Koski of Brush & Nib Studio are working with the Alliance Defending Freedom to ensure no one is imprisoned simply for carrying out their business in accordance of their religious beliefs.

Fox News reports:

Their attorney, Kristen Waggoner, said they could be sentenced to six months in jail for every day they break the new law, plus the ensuing civil penalties and fees.

“Americans shouldn’t have to wait to be thrown in jail before they can challenge an unjust law,” said Waggoner, who noted that the women are preemptively challenging the law to avoid breaking it in the future.

Duka said that she and Koski “want to create [art] consistent with who we are, so we decided to bring this case.”

Waggoner said the two do not want to be “banished from the marketplace” because they don’t share “the government’s view.”

This isn’t the first time state governments have threatened Christians who don’t cater to homosexual weddings with jail time.

As we reported, Christian wedding vendors in Minnesota were threatened with jail time for refusing to videotape a homosexual wedding.

The Arizona Supreme Court will be hearing the Brush & Nib Studio case in January.

We will keep you up-to-date with any new developments.

Do you think state governments should force Christians to serve on homosexual weddings? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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  2. Absolutely these Christians should have the right to cater to those whose beliefs are in standing with their own. What in the world is this country coming to? It seems that the liberals and the LGBTQ crazies are trying to run the world. The DemocRAT party has become unhinged and is nothing like the old Democrat party of JFK. Since then the mentally challenged have taken over the party.

  3. These CHRISTIAN company will need to sue, for their being attacked by the courts and, LGBTQ groups to force them to condone violations of the BIBLE, humanity ( immoral ACTS ), opening the door for these queers to destroy financially christian business and, make queers rich quick, they will target them to make quick money. The COURTS will be guilty of setting up GOD fearing people for queers revenge….

  4. Do Muslim perform services for gay marriages? no one should have to do something that’s against their personal beliefs with Almighty God! Government should have no control over who you perform services for! I wouldn’t want to have someone who shares different beliefs to perform services that go against their beliefs!

  5. Maybe it’s time to have Bible study or Church Services in gay bars or gay restaurants, or gay resorts in the U.S. and see how they like having the other shoe fall on them.

  6. Kind of tired of the lgbtq trying to determine how everyone lives. To the crybaby left gonscrew yourselves. You do not get to decide how we live.

  7. When we moved to AZ, my wife suggested Phoenix, BUT I declined saying I wouldn’t want to live in a to wn run by IDIOT LEFTIES and the DEMONCRAT CULT. Glad I didn’t.

  8. No comment should be necessary. To hell with these LGBT activists. I’d like to see a cake baker bake a gooey, greasy cake for an LGBT and when he, she, or it came to pick it up just cream he,she or it’s face with it and then say,” its on the house .”

  9. It would only be wrong if say a white baker will not serve a mix race couple or blacks. That is not a religious reason, like same sex marriages. If your religion says you cannot, then you can’t. Just like congress allowed head scarves on women of Muslim religion. Same thing government get with the program.

  10. Phoenix is establishing a religion of perversion. This is in direct violation of the 1st amendment forbidding the government from establishing a religion. Everyone connected to this should go to prison for a very long time.
    America: Love it or Leave it!
    GOD Bless and GOD Please Help us,

  11. Let’s introduce an ordinance that allows for the jailing of all LGBTQ+ members who identify as such. Time to fight fire with fire. Let’s discriminate against them, the way they discriminate against us Christians.

  12. Hey, a lawyer can refuse to take your case and does not have to tell His or Her reason!! Tell the gays to read the books on law.

  13. The first thing that needs to be done is when challenging these type of things always reference them as what they are – BEHAVIOR. No one is obligated to support abnormal and deviant behaviors. People also need to reference this behavior as what it is – SODOMY. No one is born a sodomite just like no one is born a pedophile or promiscuous. Is the town going to force people to celebrate and support people who engage in pedophilia? Or other deviant and abnormal behaviors?

  14. You see? There you go. You’re using logic. Don’t you know that the left and lgbtq community are anything but logical? All they care about is forcing others to accept and AGREE with their lifestyle. No one else is entitled to their own opinion, only the lefts opinion. Does that sound logical? – NO. The left has no logic, so when you use logic, it’s so far over their heads, they’d need a telescope to see it. That’s why they’d never understand, or be able to accept, your post, it’s logical.

  15. Any business reserves the right to refuse service to ANYONE PERIOD.Some think these LGBJQ whatever, are just mentally ill, being different for being a transvestite rather then called gay. It’s simple as that the Jews would have you believe that their crap science is gospel, Not! . Get over it, you lost!!

  16. That might be effective especially if one tries to get friendly and, gets its’ teeth knocked down its’ throat ???

  17. What happened to being able to refuse service to anyone you wanted to on any grounds ? It’s my business , and I can serve , or , not serve anyone I want !

  18. I despise homophobes. And I KNOW that god is FAKE. And if the law requires you to treat people equally, then do so, or don’t serve the marketplace.

  19. Eric,
    . . . . So much hate. I will pray for you. Just because you deny GOD doesn’t mean that he doesn’t exist. Homosexuality and the other perversions are wrong and no saying otherwise will change that fact.
    America: Love it or Leave it!
    GOD Bless and GOD Please Help us,

  20. If the queers in the court support these fagits and, start locking up christian taxpayers, then they are violating the entrusted power of the system to aid the wrong and, need to be removed one way or another, we are not obligated to honor a clear abuse of the law to assets the LGBTQ, next they will be promoting pedifiles !!!!

  21. Opposing the promotion of deviant and abnormal behavior is not a phobia. No one is obligated to support deviant behaviors. The proper term for this behavior is sodomy, its practitioners are sodomites, and its victims are being sodomized. Pedophilia is also a deviant behavior and even its being pushed by the same people. Many of the people who engage in sodomy are victims of pedophilia. Opposing deviant behaviors and opposing have the behavior pushed on people as if it is normal behavior is not a phobia.

  22. Any group running a city can pass ordinances for just about anything their little agenda drives them to do. Any time there is a question of civil rights; at the very least a referendum should be voted on by everyone who lives in a city. And even then, no law or ordinance should ever infringe on the rights of any person for the sake of a special group.

  23. I totally agree, they will see that the notification of the meeting will be easily missed, only the ones they want will be clearly aware of when. to assure it goes in their favor!

  24. When in public, homosexual and lesbian couples OUGHT to be willing to act the way ordinary friends and ordinary roommates would act. There is simply no need for them to publicize and flaunt their sex life. There is also such a thing as celibacy. It is possible for people with same-sex feelings to choose not to act on those feelings. Indeed, I believe that God expects those with same-sex feelings to choose to be celibate, given that the homosexual and lesbian lifestyles are SINFUL. Celibacy also minimizes the risk of catching a sexually transmitted disease. Reparative or conversion therapy would presumably not be necessary in the case of celibacy either, whatever its merits or demerits otherwise. If reparative or conversion therapy includes sexual abuse, including engaging in sexual activity with a person of the opposite sex, it is certainly evil.

    However, if homosexuals and lesbians insist on practicing their lifestyle despite its sinfulness, they can at least limit practicing the lifestyle to the privacy of their homes. Heterosexual married couples normally limit their sex life to the privacy of their homes. If homosexual and lesbian couples limited their sex life to the privacy of their homes, and did not tell anybody else about it, the rest of us would have no way of knowing about it. Therefore, we could not possibly discriminate against them for engaging in the lifestyle. One of the problems with discrimination against blacks is that black people cannot hide the color of their skin. Therefore, they cannot just “stay in the closet” in order to solve the problem.

    When it comes to adopting children, the needs of the children OUGHT to come first. Since it is clear that children fare best with both a mother AND a father, adoption agencies have every right to prefer heterosexual married couples as parents for adoptive and foster children, and laws prohibiting them from doing so are contrary to God’s commandments, and are therefore EVIL. It is one thing for consenting adults to engage in a sinful lifestyle in the privacy of their homes; it is quite another thing for them to impose that sinful lifestyle on innocent children. Of course, those engaging in the homosexual or lesbian lifestyle, even in the privacy of their homes, and even in the absence of innocent children, would still have to answer to God sooner or later.

    God’s commandments take precedence over ALL man-made laws whatsoever, if there is a conflict. If civil law mandates actions unquestionably contrary to God’s commandments, one would have an ABSOLUTE DUTY to disobey the civil law in question, even at the risk of suffering the legal consequences. Of course, those who pass or attempt to enforce such morally evil laws are DOING EVIL. Laws that mandate active cooperation and participation in a same-sex wedding are unquestionably contrary to God’s commandments, and MUST as a matter of conscience be disobeyed, whatever the legal consequences. Therefore, Kim Davis in Kentucky had a DUTY to disobey the law that she broke requiring her to give marriage licenses to same-sex couples, and those who punished her for doing so were DOING EVIL. If the state is determined to violate people’s freedom of conscience, it will be necessary to try to make it as costly as possible for the state to do so. That could be one benefit of going to jail rather than obeying a civil law that is unquestionably contrary to God’s commandments.

    To conclude, the legal rights of ordinary friends and ordinary roommates, along with “Don’t ask, don’t tell,” OUGHT to be enough to deal with any unjust discrimination that homosexuals and lesbians might otherwise face. This would seem to be the proper way for a pluralistic society to both respect the legal rights of homosexuals and lesbians, and also the freedom of religion and freedom of conscience of those who believe that the homosexual and lesbian lifestyles are sinful. If homosexuals and lesbians did not publicize their sex life, they should not have any problem receiving services in any area unrelated to one’s sex life, since those providing the services would presumably then be unaware of their sex life. The Supreme Court made the correct decision in the Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission case.

  25. Better yet……………any baker who knows his chemistry, is worth his weight in GOLD. There is a common odorless, colorless, tasteless ingredient sold at most (if not all) drug stores and WM, Target, KMART, and other grocery stores. It’s called “Magnesium Citrate”, which is used in lemonade, when it’s time for a colonoscopy. Everyone has pretty much had one, and knows the “prep” is worse than the procedure. This ingredient gets the “innards” going BIG TIME. Need I say more? If I was a baker, and was approached by a gay couple, I would go ahead and bake their cake, but along with the water needed in the mix, I would substitute 8 ozs of “MC”. Odorless, colorless, tasteless. The reception WILL BE “odoriferous”.

  26. I do not agree that Christians or anyone should be forced to cater to the needs of queers, I thought it was the right of business owners to deny service to whomever they choose?, I have heard that the scrambled brainwave people from CaliMexifornia are relocating to Texas and have taken their demented and deviant mindset along with them, setting up businesses with help wanted signs saying Conservatives need not apply.

  27. I was raised Catholic but identify as either Agnostic or spiritual, I would not want to be turned down by a cake baker in baking me a cake just because I do not believe in a god.

  28. I was raised Catholic but identify as either Agnostic or spiritual, I would not want to be turned down by a cake baker in baking me a wedding cake just because I do not believe in a god.

  29. When it comes to abominable acts Moonie Muslimes are hypocrites many islamic men are just like Muhammad/allah they get their rocks off any way they can, women, men, boys, girls, sheep, camels, they could care less they are all a bunch of deviants.

  30. I am trying to remember what case it is that Donald has asked the SCOTUS to make a ruling on during their next session, he should ask them to hear this case as well, running it by some Liberal federal District court justices is a waste we all know who they will side with.

  31. I do not know what you are talking about the liquid they gave me for my 1st Colonoscopy was far from tasteless I was told to mix with Gingerale because it works best at covering up the bad after taste.

  32. Hijabs should never be allowed in Congress, as I read in a post to that Moonie Muslime woman from MN, if you give a muslim an inch they want a mile.

  33. Often it is labor law cases or people who rent apartments who have grievances with their Apt. Mgrs., unless it is a Class Action suit good luck in a law firm with attorneys with enough of a backbone to accept your case.

  34. “We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone” is a sign posted in my favorite MEXICAN local restaurant.
    Faggots, get over yourselves. You are NOT special.

  35. I agree partly with you, however, Christians should not have to support homosexuals sinful lifestyle. I would bake them a cake but they would have to buy and put the same sex figurine on the cake themselves.

  36. Sadly the states and the SCOTUS have override God’s laws. Satan and the SCOTUS have just about overwritten all of the GOD’s Ten Commandments. But what is sadder is the so-called Christian churches are silent about the LGBTQ movement. Where is the Christian support to the Christian businesses being sued but Satan’s followers?

  37. The Muslins flip-flop back and forth about Islam being a religion to their advantage. The will do everything they can to inject their Satan religion/cult over the USA laws.

  38. Time to order pulled pork from one of the 3 Halal markets around Lakeland or from one of the Kosher markets , lets see if their ordinances only discriminate against Christians.

  39. We have become an over sensitive society. I am offended by your belief.. Thus should stop all existence! I do not like history and all statues must come down… I do not like this book, thus should never be read… We have become the pathetic childish society in history! Time to own up to what America Stood for and should stand for! Tired of whimps who can not handle facing the bully face to face like I did as a kid! Now it is facing a gun? Pathetic and cowardly. These idiots need to get away from the video games and face reality! I do blame government and video games the most… Government and over taxation caused my parents to both work. I got tv and video games to occupy my time. Hello to lack of creativity… Soon the video games became all violent and sex. Television is all violence and sex… Thus, a culture of violence and sex. AKA Chicago!!!!

  40. Different docs use different methods. Like 1 gallon of lemonade with “CM” mixed in. Or 1 gallon of lemonade with a whole bottle of MiraLax mixed in. The point is to go ahead and bake the cake, but with added ingredients that no one will realize is working till it’s too late. I know of someone who dumped 2 cups of salt in the mix. Baked the cake and decorated it. Everyone at the reception had a strange reaction to that one.

  41. Next time, ask the doc if you can do 1 gallon of lemonade with a bottle of clear Magnesium Citrate. No bad aftertaste. Or 1 gallon of lemonade with a whole bottle of MIRALAX dumped in. No bad aftertaste.

  42. Eric, you BELIEVE God is a fake. Not one person on this earth can KNOW. Not until one dies. Reasonable people can disagree. But you and the left don’t believe that. It’s YOUR opinion, or no opinion. Just because someone believes the gay lifestyle is aberrant, which in reality, the medical and psychological professions define it that way, does NOT make them a homophobe. You are the closed minded one. There are allowed to be multiple opinions on any subject. Just because you don’t like the opinion, does NOT make it wrong, and you “despising” all who you define as homophobes, is YOU discriminating against the rest of society, being guilty of what you are against X10. Which makes you worse than the rest of society. The left is typical of an old email joke. If a republican doesn’t eat meat, they don’t eat meat. If a democrat doesn’t eat meat, they want legislation forbidding everyone from eating meat. It’s their way, or the highway. BTW, I lost my religious beliefs due to science. I can’t reconcile the bible with history. BUT, I will never mock or discriminate against a religious person. They are as entitled to their opinion as you say you’re entitled to yours. IS a gay owned business, let’s say a small printing company permitted to refuse to print business cards from a religious person, who wants the card printed with religious sayings against homosexuality? If Christian bakers can’t refuse a gay wedding cake, then the printer can’t refuse to print those cards. Can’t have it both ways. it’s neither can refuse, or both can refuse. No middle ground.

  43. Nobody should be forced to hire, sell to, rent to or do business with anyone else involuntarily. Any violation of this principle tends to abolition of private property, which is communism.

  44. That’s because politically correct crap from the previous, Kenyan born Muslim POTUS has elevated Muslims to a special status whereby they don’t have to follow the rules and laws that the rest of us do. Sharia is good for them, and the hell with the Americans who suffer because of it. There were video’s online from MN showing Muslim refugees in groups, or gangs, 20-40 of them, in multiple cars driving the streets of the suburbs, shouting, throwing rocks and firing guns into the air, screaming about how they are taking over Americans will bow to them, and Sharia law will be the new law of the land. People recorded this from their homes. The police were called, multiple times, but never showed. We will soon have to be ready to fight to keep our country. God help us all.

  45. Did anyone else notice that “Eric” posted that hateful post about despising all “homophobes”, with many replies to that post, but he hasn’t posted anything else? Like he posted hate, and ran away before anyone could respond. Is this typical of the cowardly left or what.

  46. The progressive liberal perverted lunacy continues!! The sad thing is, it’s probably going to get a lot worse before it gets better!!

  47. Any merchant that refuses to serve all customers should be put out of business. Just as merchants cannot legally refuse service to someone based on their race or religion, They should not be allowed to refuse service to anyone because of their sexual identity. It is time all these self righteous hypocrites should removed from the marketplace.

  48. Good question but don’t look for a answer, you might not like it. You see today their afraid to speak against others it could cause them to lose members in their congregation, they don’t want that !

  49. The next thing will be people suing you because you won’t sell them your car/house under their terms, they won’t have to pay for it, the court will give it to them in the settlement. Where’s the difference, if you refuse to go against you rightful religious beliefs and GODS laws, the court sides with them and, make you pay them money for offending them PLUS will be locking you up. How dare you refuse evil ……

  50. So DICK, I repeat my question. If a religious group takes bible passages, forbidding homosexuality and condemning those who participate in that chosen lifestyle, would a gay owned printing company, (small main street business. Gay owned printers), be able to refuse to print business cards, or flyers, or anything else, that the religious group brings in to be printed, especially if it’s direct quotes from the bible. If you say yes, they can refuse, for ANY reason, then you can’t force religious people from following their religion, protected by the first amendment, and force them to “bake a gay wedding cake”. There are always multiple bakers in one town, or more in the adjoining towns. Let them fins one that will bake the cake. The public has the right to shop multiple bakeries to find one that will do what they want, for the best price they can find, let the bakers follow their religion, and just say NO.

  51. Exactly. And Christian businesses should plainly state in their purchase policy that the customer will be responsible for adding all supplemental figurines and messages on their cakes.

  52. They are being refused because of the behavior the sodomites are engaging in. No one is obligated to support or do something that endorsed deviant behaviors. If instead of referencing sodomy one was referencing a pedophilia celebration would people be attacked for not supporting it?


  54. When the Apostle Paul was handling an issue about eating meat purchased in the market places that was once offered to a pagan idol the people believed that they would be promoting that idols worship. He convinced them otherwise.
    He also said that his buying meat that was once offered to a pagan idol, he would stop purchasing even thought he knew that he was not promoting idol worship of the said purchase as not to offend a believer.
    Now the tables are turned. Can a cake be Christian being sold to a non believer by eating it they might promote Christianity? That would be cool if it did but greater than this is our own personal witnessing, our Christian love.
    There are many Christians that have given up a life’s work that does not agree with their scriptural beliefs so that they don’t offend.

  55. Why isn’t it OK to force LGBT bakeries etc. to bake cakes decrying the filth
    of such LGBT marital miscarriages????

  56. What ever happen of FREEDOM of religion.
    is it a free country?
    this is a private wish
    You work for who you want to?

  57. Remember, the “Left” or “Progressives” are all about promoting total obedience to what every those in control say is. Freedom and thinking is not something the “Left” wants people to do. And part of destroying a society is to destroy things like Christianity which require a person to think. People often miss that part of Christianity that requires a person to think and call that which is bad bad.

  58. Gods Law says one Man and one women not F & D or D& d or C D & whatever Man & women Only For Merage man is not to lay with man and women is not to lay with women for it is an abomination to God. Or if’s or Buts abought it. only Dorks Believe other then that.

  59. Craig, Do you believe you should be forced to support a deviant behavior that you disagree with? The baker refused to participate in the promotion of sodomy by making a special cake. This whole issue is about promoting sodomy and other deviant behaviors.

  60. Did you say that about the Red Hen when they kicked Sarah Huckabee out of the restaurant and refused to serve her? You Liberals are so hypocritical. I guess you won’t be responding to that question

  61. But it is okay for a restaurant to kick a person out because they work for the President or the restaurant in California refusing to serve anyone wearing a MAGA hat.The Gym that kicked a member out for wearing a Trump T-shirt.

  62. This is what happens when the DEMS move out of CAL to AZ and bring there left believes with them even those it rune CAL so bad that they moved to AZ this is happing here in IN we are getting people from IL and they are still voting DEM this makes it hard to keep a Rep in office we need to try to tell them that is why they moved here to get out of a bad government that has been DEM for years and put them in high TAX,S and a broke state


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