Chris Pratt just turned on Hollywood with a move that will infuriate them


Chris Pratt is one of the only A-list Hollywood stars who refuses to attack President Trump and his supporters.

Instead, Pratt uses his platform to promote positive things, like his faith in God.

And he just turned on Hollywood with a move that will infuriate them.

Chris Pratt has been a thorn in the side of many far-Left Hollywood figures since the day President Trump took office.

Not only has he not attacked Trump, but he has encouraged his followers to worship Jesus Christ during award shows, and been spotted in a shirt stating “Don’t Tread on Me.”

In his latest decent act, he took to his massive social media accounts to give a heart-felt tribute written in his own words to all veterans, including his own brother, who served in the U.S. military.

Breitbart News reports:

A-list Hollywood actor Chris Pratt shared an emotional tribute to social media on Veterans Day, honoring his brother, other family members who’ve served in the U.S. military, and the “brave men and women who sacrifice a whole hell of a lot.”

“Today is their day. So celebrate a veteran today. Today I celebrate Cully, as well as my cousin Curtis, Uncle Steve, Uncle Skip, second Cousins, Joey and Alex, besties Jared and Jeffrey, all those I’ve fished for hunted with, those who’ve blessed me with their challenge coins as I’ve encountered them on press junkets and in my travels, the many in the film industry working both in front of and behind the cameras,” Chris Pratt wrote in a Facebook message. “To those currently serving and those out thanks for your service. We appreciate you!”

The Jurassic World and Disney’s Guardians of the Galaxy star dedicated much of his Veterans Day tribute to his older brother, Cully, who joined and served in the Army.

“This is my older brother Cully. #happyveteransday I always wanted to be exactly like him. We were the same size despite our three year difference in age so as a kid I would wear the same clothes he wore, literally the day after he wore them- picking them up off the floor in his room,” Pratt wrote.

Despite the fact that Chris Pratt may be risking potential future jobs, he is unwilling to join in on the insane far-Left culture that is so prevalent in Hollywood.

Do you think more Hollywood actors should behave like Chris Pratt?

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