Chris Pratt just turned on Hollywood with a move that will infuriate them


Chris Pratt is one of the only A-list Hollywood stars who refuses to attack President Trump and his supporters.

Instead, Pratt uses his platform to promote positive things, like his faith in God.

And he just turned on Hollywood with a move that will infuriate them.

Chris Pratt has been a thorn in the side of many far-Left Hollywood figures since the day President Trump took office.

Not only has he not attacked Trump, but he has encouraged his followers to worship Jesus Christ during award shows, and been spotted in a shirt stating “Don’t Tread on Me.”

In his latest decent act, he took to his massive social media accounts to give a heart-felt tribute written in his own words to all veterans, including his own brother, who served in the U.S. military.

Breitbart News reports:

A-list Hollywood actor Chris Pratt shared an emotional tribute to social media on Veterans Day, honoring his brother, other family members who’ve served in the U.S. military, and the “brave men and women who sacrifice a whole hell of a lot.”

“Today is their day. So celebrate a veteran today. Today I celebrate Cully, as well as my cousin Curtis, Uncle Steve, Uncle Skip, second Cousins, Joey and Alex, besties Jared and Jeffrey, all those I’ve fished for hunted with, those who’ve blessed me with their challenge coins as I’ve encountered them on press junkets and in my travels, the many in the film industry working both in front of and behind the cameras,” Chris Pratt wrote in a Facebook message. “To those currently serving and those out thanks for your service. We appreciate you!”

The Jurassic World and Disney’s Guardians of the Galaxy star dedicated much of his Veterans Day tribute to his older brother, Cully, who joined and served in the Army.

“This is my older brother Cully. #happyveteransday I always wanted to be exactly like him. We were the same size despite our three year difference in age so as a kid I would wear the same clothes he wore, literally the day after he wore them- picking them up off the floor in his room,” Pratt wrote.

Despite the fact that Chris Pratt may be risking potential future jobs, he is unwilling to join in on the insane far-Left culture that is so prevalent in Hollywood.

Do you think more Hollywood actors should behave like Chris Pratt?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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  2. Who burned crosses? Racist white folk.
    Who formed the KKK? Racist white folk.
    Who owned plantations? Racist white folk.
    Who fought to preserve slavery? Racist white folk.
    Who wears black face? Racist white folk.
    Who created affirmative action? Racist white folk.
    Who supports abortion? Racist white folk.
    Who wanted segregation? Racist white folk.
    Who says voter ID disenfranchise minorities? Racist white folk.
    Who lynched colored folks? Racist white folk.
    Who keeps colored folk dependent on uncle Sam? Racist white folk.

  3. The Lord will bless him and his family. If we suffer ridicule for Christ sake, we are more than blessed. Praying for blessings and protection for our veterans and for Chris for standing for the Lord.

  4. Deborah Hargis: Very well stated! AMEN! And may I add, GOD bless President Trump and his family. May they stay strong through their present trying time….

  5. TheRedMan: And that’s why we are trying to get rid of the Democratic party’s control in our government .Look at all the heartache and unjust treatment THEY have caused real( not you) people of color for years !! And please thank President Trump for making our country better for EVERYONE since he’s been in office.. Especially keeping the unemployment rate down. Please take advantage of his hard work and go find a job. You’ll feel so much better about yourself and take your mind off the past……

  6. re idiot…You have descried the dem party perfectly. They have done everything that you mentioned. Now go and support Pres. Trump who has done a lot for everyone.

  7. God Bless you Chris!! It’s wonderful to know that there are a few loving, kind and caring folks in Hollywood after all. We Christians had given up all hope a long time ago. Thank you for standing up for your beliefs when you are surrounded by so many anti Christians who dominate the Hollywood industry.

  8. Thanx Chris Pratt for taking a stand for Jesus and your personal beliefs in a place where it may cost you much later with the extreme Left Democrats especially those in the Hollywood machine. Keep up the good work brother! Jesus himself will knowledge you before the Father on Judgement day before you enter heaven.

  9. Always liked Chris Pratt in Guardians of the Galaxy and Jurassic World but now I truly admire his love of God and country. He is a true example to all! More Hollywood stars should be true to themselves and stand up for good not evil. Eternity is something to think about today!

  10. As always, Culture Watch gives us click-bait headlines and asks a dumb question at the end. Hollywood will not be up in arms because Chris Pratt supports veterans. They will at least give lip service to veterans because it’s the PC thing to do right now. I expected the article to tell us he had come out with some Christian statement slamming his Hollywood buddies for their support of Sodom and Gomorrah. THAT would have had them fuming.

    Of course I’d like to see more Hollywood actors behave like Chris Pratt. CW knew it would get a lot of support for that before asking the question. They know that most of their readers agree with their position on most issues. With regard to Chris’s post, it would have been better to suggest: Tell us your story in support of veterans. That would have given us a lot more meat and a lot less milk.

  11. Ummm…blacks also owned slaves….slavery (in its time) was a form of economics…slavery was in Africa as well as Ireland and all is not an American thang, so as Linda brilliantly suggested please go get a job ..President Trump has paved the way
    And Chris Pratt is one of few “stars” I will be willing to spend money on…America doesn’t force anyone to live here, so I just don’t understand why those that hate it would stay here?…And yet millions wanna get into this “racist” country…?….Liberals… They just ignore facts????????

  12. You left out the black men who put other black men into slavery selling their people. If want to talk about whites don’t forget to mention blacks are no better.

  13. Hey Red Man, I fixed this for you…
    Who burned crosses? Democrats
    Who formed the KKK? Democrats
    Who owned plantations? Democrats
    Who fought to preserve slavery? Democrats
    Who wears black face? Democrats
    Who created affirmative action? Democrats
    Who supports abortion? Democrats
    Who wanted segregation? Democrats
    Who says voter ID disenfranchise minorities? Democrats
    Who lynched colored folks? Democrats
    Who keeps colored folk dependent on uncle Sam? Democrats

    Now it’s perfect.

  14. Slavery has been prevalent since the beginning of time and WRONG !!!!! Regardless who owned slaves. Peace love and understanding is the way. More whites owned slaves and treated them horribly. Let’s not point fingers. Let’s find a way to peace. The only way to peace is to forgive and move on.

  15. Not all whites are racist. Many were lynched also for fighting for and marrying blacks. Blacks owned Blacks as slaves and sold them also.
    Imitation is the most sincerest form of flattery.

  16. Sound like the Democrat Party you described……Margaret Sanger promoted abortions in African American communities, known currently as Planned Parenthood. Democrats love murdering babies in the womb; known as population control, Lol

  17. The Word says every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that He is Lord!! ???? Think about it because eternity is real and I pray they all respond to the call of Jesus. What a difference it would make ❤️

  18. “Who wears black face? Racist white folk.”
    Not true Red Man. Every black person I know wears black face. Some of them are racist, some are not.

  19. “Who keeps colored folk dependent on uncle Sam? Racist white folk.”

    Who keeps colored folk dependent on uncle Sam? Racist white folk who are Democrats.

  20. Send this to Pelosi and all Democrats in leadership position. You have described and identified the entire Democrat party. They are the enemy, not most of us white people. Your definition fits the Democrat party so send it to the ones who you feel controls you.
    TheRedMan–listen to and watch Trump. His actions define his promises and he does his best to keep them. Who stops him? Pelosi and Democrats.

  21. Red man the are so many aborted black babies and if you would research you will find many abortion clinics in black neighborhoods. Its wrong for any child to be aborted but why are you connecting that with whites? Actually it should be outlawed completely. Its barbaric. Chris Pratt dont back down.

  22. Look very closely at the history of slavery. The Egyptians, Romans, Islam etc. It has always been the very worst of things humanity does to others. Islam though has practiced slavery for the longest…1400 years and counting! Today you can still buy slaves in Libya, on social media as well. It is not just a white person’s thing. In fact islam had more than a million caucasian slaves (mainly female). Even the Barbary Pirates were Muslims.

  23. Linda M. Brilliant !! This RedMan is a disgrace to whatever race he really is. But as you and many others have pointed out, I’m quite sure he’s really white and just pretends to be black, or Native American. He’s nothing but an uneducated, racist fool himself ! But just like you have pointed out as well, like Vasu, he distracts from the story so people spend more time commenting on them then the story. Really sad and pathetic pair..
    Now as far as Chris Pratt goes, he has and will be blessed for being a true Christian and not being ashamed of showing his faith..

  24. What about all the white folks that died so Black folks could be free? What about all the white folks who lost homes and inheritances because they crept in the wee hours of the night to teach Blacks to read. What about the white folks who were burned alive in their houses and churches by the Brittish armies for the freedom of America. You have to look at America in more than a biased opinion of white folks. What was done is not being done today. Ok. how do Blacks treat each other today, what picture do you get?

  25. I am afraid to say I support the President. I supported the __do nothing but brag Obama when he was President. I have switched to Independent because I am ashamed of the Democrats. Trump has been great for the country. I mean for my finances and my sister’s finances. She is a 75 year old widow and does not understand the economy. So many are trying to harm him, but he deserves respect for the office. We support him and will turn out to the polls–we are afraid of attacks from the disrespectful citizens . P.S. Obama should build library where he was born .Not everyone thinks he is their President, if they listen to hiw old preacher he hates whites .

  26. Sounds like blacks folks can be easy targets to be manipulated and controlled , also easy at becoming slaves and having the cause of racism follow them throughout history! Is that what the red man is saying?

  27. HOLLYWEED has Changed My life. Along with ABSOLUTE GARBAGE, Fake News and support for any ANTI CHRISTIAN turd group that comes along HOLLYWEED product just is not worth my time. (SPONSORS – PAY ATTENTION I AM NOT ALONE) EVIDENCE: LOOK AT TODAY’S RATINGS.

  28. Owning a plantation has no more or less to do with being racist or Caucasian than owning a garden is. A plantation is an expanse of land where cash crops, particularly plants, are grown and harvested. A crop is not to be a human being.

    In the antiquity, constitutionalists fought to preserve States’ rights: be it the power of a State to liberate chattel slaves residing within its borders or to keep chattel slaves tethered to their owners residing within its borders; be it the decision of a State to stay a part of the federation or secede from it. You cannot precisely know whether it was out of racism, greed, wrath or fear that the folks who had fought to preserve the representation of slavery-maintaining States in the federal Congress did so. There has always been a difference between those who prefer to call it even and those who seek to persecute, dominate or suppress the dissent present within their respective realms. The fourth article of the Constitution of the United States has always been a challenge to work with in certain circumstances, since States may refuse to do anything at all that helps other States enforce the laws of those other States, including “fugitive” matters, thus sometimes leaving the federal Congress to commission federal agents for those purposes. What happened to Solomon Northrop abhorred constitutionalists who learned ever of the debacle.

    The genesis of “affirmative action” directed toward any particular category of folks never occurred entirely without feedback from at least some of the folks belonging to the category. It is not necessarily a simple topic, since “affirmative action” involves at the very least the commitment of resources into looking for qualified individuals for occupations in which their classification is “underrepresented”. This is may work out fine if the process is voluntary. When private companies are required by law to do this and threatened with suspension or dissolution for failure to comply, then problems will arise. The military and many civilian agencies have been involved in such pursuits, all throughout history, under both Democratic Party administrations and Republican Party administrations. Always has it been debated whether these programs conform to the government’s duties to not deny any person the equal protection of the law or serve to exactly to punish every citizen as unevenly as possible. The programs are anything but color-blind, so racism and “anti-racism” may be involved. The programs are anything but sex-unobservant, so sexism and “anti-sexism” may be involved. Folks of Caucasian descent are not the only folks behind it.

    Supporters of abortion are racist or non-racist, and can be of any color.

    Folks of all colors wanted racial segregation, whether it was for racial supremacist reasons, personal security reasons, community security reasons or out of plain bigotry. Folks of all colors also disagreed with segregation. Some folks claim, “I don’t see color.” A small portion of them sincerely mean it. That is fine, but often they forget that everybody else has no problem at all seeing, face-to-face, what colors the race-blind folks are. If somebody wants to judge them by their colors, they cannot necessarily do anything to thwart it. Laws are limited in thwarting it.

    Sophists of all colors claim that voter identification policies affect voters on account of the respective colors of voters. However, the accusation that the policies, under some circumstances, are functionally equivalent to imposing poll taxes, which the twenty-fourth amendment prohibits, is not entirely unfounded.

    The folks who lynched Black folks were neither necessarily racist nor necessarily Caucasian. The victims were also not necessarily Black folks. Vigilantism is carried out, or star chambers convened, by people of all colors and for any one of a wide variety of possible motives. Nearly every ethnic group has had at least one notorious organized crime ring associated with it. Notice, however, that there are zero stories of homicidal lynchings carried by supporters of the Republican Party.

    Who keeps Black folks dependent upon Uncle Sam? The culprits are neither necessarily singling any particular “race” nor necessarily of Caucasian descent. Whom do you really believe to be the culprits?

  29. Da! Just about all of the articles on Culture Watch News have a quality or two akin to the properties of spam. Sensationalism! Also, the whole thing is almost like a giant straw man evisceration ceremony, trying to hurt the feelings of a scarcely-existent boogieman. Please try not to be fooled again. In the name of whataboutism, it is important to point out that the left wing blogs use the same kind of misleading or otherwise baiting language.

  30. You’ll want to find a pacifier and your mommy. You need a diaper change. Yours is full, and the responses prove that.

  31. Chris is one of the very few in Follywood who have any integrity….and red man, dufus, the first slave owners were black also and it was and IS the Dem party who held them down.

  32. You moron ! It’s Trump and the GOP ( gross old perverts) who are the real racists ! How can you be so blind to their vicious racism ? The party of Lincoln has become the party of Jefferson Davis ! Trump said “there are some very fine people among the vicious racists and white supremacists who marched at Charlottesville and killed an innocent yang woman whip was protesting against them .
    Trump’s unspeakably cruel and inhumane policies are having a devastating effect on poor black people in America – they and poor Hispanics are the worst hit . Trump has authorized ICE to tear toddlers from their parents at our isotherm border and to keep them in cages . Trump’s drastic cuts in ESSENTIAL government help to the poor, the unemployed , the sick, the disabled, the elderly and children are catastrophic .
    His vile policies are threaten to allow the US government and individual bigots to discriminate against and even PERSECUTE innocent people who have never harmed anyone merely because they happen to be LGBT .
    Trump’s advisor Steven Miller is a monstrously evil man who working to harm blacks, Hispanics and the poor in general and he is a supporter of white supremacists .
    Anyone who actually believes Trump is a Christian is pathetically naive and deluded . The only god he worships is himself .
    Trump’s policies are casing the abortion rate to increase because of his unspeakably cruel treatment of poor pregnant women, denying them the help they need to prevent unwanted pregnancies and provide for the children they do have . Let’s fact it ; Donald Trump is by far the worst, most evil most corrupt and incompetent president in US history . He belongs n prison for life along with his criminal cronies Mike Pence, Rudy Giuliani, Steven Miller et al , not the White House !

  33. Bless your heart. You poor thing. Did you copy those radical talking points from a word document? Maybe we can name a part of the wall after you.

  34. Robert Berger: I am not going to comment on all of your VERY incorrect , unjust description of President Trump,or anyone that supports him. But it seems to me that you have described what your demonic party supports and the damage they have done to this country.. Not us Republicans. Or our agendas. The only point you left out what your demon party supports is abortions. That point alone would justify me to call you a moron and evil, for supporting that! And you have the nerve to say the poor innocent alphabet people have been UNFAIRLY persecuted and discriminated against? These abominations in GOD’s eyes have done a lot of harm to our young people by poisoning their minds their lifestyle is normal. Not to mention attacking people that were peacefully protesting their actions and lifestyles at libraries and churches .
    You called Trump the worst, most evil, corrupt and incompetent president of all times? Perhaps you were in a coma when Bill Clinton and Obama were in office. Talk about evil and corrupt. These two should be prosecuted for their treasonous actions against this great nation and its people!! But you keep supporting the Demon party and when they totally destroy our great nation, you can pat yourself on the back and say to yourself, I helped make the USA part of the NWO. Your are truly pathetic…..Oh and P.S., Obama was the one that kept children in cages, not Trump , you fool..

  35. Excuse me, but I believe you got it wrong. A free black man in the united states owned a black who went to court to have him returned. Look it up. Better yet here:

    Transcription from Original

    The deposition of Captain Samuel Goldsmith taken (in open court) 8th of March Sayth, That beinge at the howse of Anthony Johnson Negro (about the beginninge of November last to receive a hogshead of tobacco) a Negro called John Casar came to this Deponent, and told him that hee came into Virginia for seaven or Eight yeares (per Indenture) And that hee had demanded his freedome of his master Anthony Johnson; And further said that Johnson had kept him his servant seaven yeares longer than hee ought, And desired that this deponent would see that hee might have noe wronge, whereupon your Deponent demanded of Anthony Johnson his Indenture, hee answered, hee never sawe any; The said Negro (John Casor) replyed, hee came for a certayne tyme and had an Indenture Anthony Johnson said hee never did see any But that hee had him for his life; Further this deponent saith That mr. Robert Parker and George Parker they knew that the said Negro had an Indenture (in on Mr. Carye hundred on the other side of the Baye) And the said Anthony Johnson did not tell the negro goe free The said John Casor would recover most of his Cowes of him; Then Anthony Johnson (as this deponent did suppose) was in a feare. Upon this his Sonne in lawe, his wife and his 2 sonnes perswaded the said Anthony Johnson to sett the said John Casor free. more saith not

    Samuel Goldsmith

    This daye Anthony Johnson Negro made his complaint to the Court against mr. Robert Parker and declared that hee deteyneth his servant John Casor negro (under pretence that the said Negro is a free man.) The Court seriously consideringe and maturely weighinge the premisses, doe fynde that the said Mr. Robert Parker most unjustly keepeth the said Negro from Anthony Johnson his master as appeareth by the deposition of Captain Samuel Goldsmith and many probably circumstances. It is therefore the Judgment of the Court and ordered That the said John Casor Negro forthwith returne unto the service of his said master Anthony Johnson, And that mr. Robert Parker make payment of all charge in the suit. also Execution.

    Also, if you think it is white folk that keeps you down, that is because you have been brainwashed to think that. Ask yourself, who has helped your race better in the last 20 years? Not Obama, a mixed race of white and black, or Trump, who has helped black communities as long as he has had money, much longer than you have probably been alive. Please educate your self before being so prejudice. it will always be the uneducated who complains the most while doing nothing.

  36. Taking a stance against the breaches of our borders is not equivalent with racism in and of itself. Most of the time, it has absolutely nothing to do with racism. Things like morality, ethics, economics and survival necessarily factor into the picture.

    The United States government has had a small number of cruel and inhumane policies for longer than Donald Trump has been President of the United States. Why would you blame him for these policies? Close inspection reveals that he is trying to dampen or eliminate the cruelty and inhumanity. You could argue that he did not begin to do so until the Democratic Party got on him about it, but then we all still have to wonder why the same party turned a blind eye to the failures of the previous administration.

  37. First: Racist democrats. Second: Who ate white people? Black people. Third: Who sold black people into slavery? Black people. Fourth: Every race on this planet owned slaves of other races including themselves. Fifth: If it wasn’t for Republicans and organizations like the NRA where would blacks and other so called minorities be today?

  38. But there is no evidence that the policy stipulating, that the offspring of every female chattel slave shall also be a chattel slave, is of explicitly Black origin. Most of the known slavery systems of the world were personal punishments that did not work the corruption of blood.

    Regarding the National Rifle Association, it did in fact endorse control statutes in cowardice reaction to how the well-armed original Black Panther Party visited the State capitol building of California, long before the gun club became less compromising. Honestly, even to this day, the leadership of the gun club has exhibited behavior that would sacrifice the first, fourth, fifth and sixth amendments in regards to the right of the people to keep and bear arms.

  39. Blacks also owned slaves ? How about own slaves. Yes it was all about power and forced development but that practice for the first time ended here in the west. Primarily because of Christianity. Conviction over time of it’s wickedness. But it still exist today in the middle east and parts of Africa. Sex trade and human trafficking is huge financially and is coming back here thanks to liberal open borders policies and sanctuary cities. Pratt. Need a lot more like him.


  41. RedMan, Slavery in America started as Indentured Servitude to pay for passage to America. It was a Black man that went to the Supreme Court to demand Lifetime Servitude for his White Indentured Servant thus starting slavery in America. You read that right, the first legal slave in America was a White man owned by a Black man. My suggestion to you is to pick up a book, open it and read it. I am a proud Southerner but I am ashamed of the Democratic led rebellion to destroy America and enslave millions that were captured and sold by Black People. All groups of people have done bad things and hopefully learned from it. We need to preserve the past and teach what was done both right and wrong so we won’t do the wrong stuff again. Chris is one person that actually creates teaching moments. It’s easy to follow the pack but difficult to blaze a trail of your own. The USA has freed more people around the world than any country ever has and didn’t get anything for all the fortune and blood spent. Chris shines a spotlight on how and why that is. God Bless Chris Pratt!

  42. No RedMan- that would be RACIST DEMOCRAT FOLK. Dimocrats started the KKK, you imbecile! Odummy-a.k.a THE WORST “president” ever- divided this country. We were doing pretty good until that worthless POS came along.

  43. Chris Pratt can be the Guardian of my universe ANY day!! His fellow believers in Hollywood should fall in line right behind him. They MUST overcome their fear and cowardice and stand up for their beliefs. This is no time to hide in the darkness.

  44. @RedMan: You’re ignorant and full of crap. You’re probably on Welfare, and you run down old White women with your car and then rob them.

  45. Slavery, but only to certain degrees and contexts, is outlawed in every sovereign nation whose sovereignty is recognized by all of the leading sovereign nations and most of the sovereign nations altogether. The persons engaged in human trafficking are criminals, regardless of what descent they are, and rest assured they come in all descents. Furthermore, any bank that knowingly functions as a creditor to these criminals and their syndicates, cartels or gangs is itself a human trafficking enterprise. If we are a moral people, we must not continue to import products harvested, assembled or transported by victims, of human trafficking or political incarceration.


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