Chris Pratt just announced something that will leave Hollywood leftists fuming


The Hollywood left can’t stand popular Christian conservatives.

They do everything they can to silence their faith and political beliefs.

And what Chris Pratt just did will leave the leftists’ heads spinning.

Chris Pratt, the beloved Christian actor known for his role in “Guardians of the Galaxy,” recently announced that he was doing a 21-day fast focusing on praying every day.

He has also been updating his followers on Instagram with how he has been faring during the fast.

The Today Show reports:

Christ Pratt is going to great spiritual heights with his new diet.

The actor took to social media to update fans in an Instagram story about a Bible-based fast he just started.

“Hi, Chris Pratt here. Day three of the Daniel Fast, check it out. It’s 21 days of prayer and fasting,” said the star, looking ruddy and sweaty.

The Daniel Fast is inspired by the diet eaten by the Old Testament prophet, Daniel, according to a website for the program. It basically restricts followers to fruits, vegetables and unleavened breads. Part of the diet’s goal is to bring fasters closer to their religious roots, the site says.

But Pratt, 39, joked that the fast may have some serious side effects.

“It’s going to coincide also, coincidentally, with the ‘Lego Movie 2’ junket, so by the time you see me I’ll probably be hallucinating,” he said. “Stay tuned.”

Pratt, who will reprise his role as Emmett in “The Lego Movie” sequel that opens next month, has been very open about his Christianity.

“I feel as though I’ve been given an opportunity and a platform,” Pratt said at a TODAY charity screening of “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom” over the summer. “I’m a person of faith; I believe there’s a reason I’ve been given this opportunity.

Chris Pratt’s devotion to his faith in the face of great persecution is inspiring.

He shares what he thinks and is unafraid of the backlash.

The most recent evidence of this is his Instagram post he made in support of our law enforcement that protects us every day.

He is surrounded by Hollywood radicals who can’t wrap their heads around why Americans respect and support Pratt’s profession of faith.

As we recently reported, TV Guide put out a hit piece on Chris Pratt attacking him for his hunting and the fact that he is a straight white male.

None of this changes his demeanor, however.

He continues to treat everyone with respect, and that’s why millions of Americans love him.

And it’s also exactly why the Hollywood left can’t stand him.

Do you have a favorable opinion of Chris Pratt? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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  2. The Lord our God has truly blessed you. I’m sure there are others in Hollywood who believe yet they lack the Faith to share this in fear of repercussion from their peers.

  3. John 15-18 – If the world hates you, you know that it hated me first before it hated you.
    2 Timothy 3:12,13 – Yes, and all that live godly in Christ Jesus, shall suffer persecution, but evil men and seducers shall grow worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived.
    Luke 6:22 – Blessed are you, when men shall hate you, and when they shall separate you from their company, and shall reproach you, and cast out your name as evil, for the Son of man’s sake.
    Being a Christian these days is not an easy life. Nor were we promised that it would be all rainbows, flowers and birds. That comes when we finally go HOME. Millions of people have been eliminated from day 1 until today and tomorrow. All the day long we are slaughtered like sheep. It is now more of an offense to offend a Muslim than it is a Christian. What does that tell you. God bless Chris for standing up for his belief, his salvation, his God. Amen.

  4. I have nothing against Chris Pratt,nor I’m I a liberal in any way,but I get tired of ever time some well known actor or singer gets a little religion they suddenly are spiritual giants and go around preaching a false religion called Christianity and a cross-ified Jesus,they are at best novis concerning the faith once delivered,does he know anything about the covenant that our Machiyach has called us into,I doubt it considering that the false church does not know anything off it them selves,question is would Chris be so enthused about everything if and when he learns the truth that if he desides to really follow Yeshua,that there will be conditions of the covenant that must be met,does he know or has he been told that the terms of the covenant is the same for him as it is for Israel,which he has been grafted into,is he willing to obey the commandments,or will he go the way of most Christians who have no desire to be burdened with the keeping of Yahweh’s Moral laws,no doubt he has already been lied to concerning these things,as that is usually the first thing taught by the false church,that he has been freed from the law and need not bother,sense Christians believe that they have grace and have been given a free pass or that only the Jews are saved by keeping the law,ignorance in christianity is truly bliss.

  5. Chris Pratt is a breath of fresh air in Hollywood!! God bless him and may he keep doing as he has for so long! Myself as well as many others are with you sir!

  6. Mr. Jim Hunt, “The Church’s One Foundation is Jesus Christ Her Lord!” It is not false. My guess is you are Jewish, which is nothing wrong with that, but in the 28th chapter of Matthew, the watchmen of Jesus’ tomb came to the chief priests to report Jesus’ tomb empty, and they were paid to spread the lie that His disciples came to steal His body, and this lie has continued to today. I’m glad Mr. Pratt is trying this fast based on Daniel 1. I did that myself in the early 1990’s, but for only 10 days, as Daniel did. Through fasting he will learn things he never expected. That is one purpose of fasting. And, Mr. Pratt didn’t “get a little religion”. He is a follower of Christ.

  7. Chris, thank you for being open and honest about your faith but please don’t become a fanatic over it! There are those who hate you for being who you are but we will have your back! BTW, we put you on the same level as Tim Tebow!

  8. bj True it is all who come to Yeshua and accept him and his blood sacrifice will be saved,but if you will correctly study the scriptures you will see that we are saved by grace through faith,it is a free gift,but James makes it very clear that we are not saved by faith alone,anyone who thinks he will be saved and not obey Yahweh’s everlasting covenant,not only is wrong but is also deceived,eternal life is definitely connected to commandments keeping,Matthew 19:17,and Revelations 22:14 among others,Yeshua will not except as his bride any that refuse to obey him and has not been refined in the fires of tribulation,nor does anyone enter in to heaven unless they die,it is appointed unto man once to die,then the judgment,there will be no pretribulation rapture,there is a resurrection of the dead,Yeshua spoke of it four times in John 6:39,40,44,54,John13:3 tells us that no one has ever ascented up to heaven except the son of man who came down from heaven,if everyone who died went to heaven,there would be no reason for a resurrection of the dead,you may have forgotten Yeshua is coming back to earth to set up his Government right here on earth,the penalty for sin is in fact set aside for only those who repent and turn from Sin which is the transgression of the law(commandments) 1 John 3:4,but Yahweh’s word that requires punishment for sin has never been removed from the books,take heed folks,you may not like it,but you owe it to your self to research the word of God for your selves and stop buying into false religion and their false theology.—–Jim Hunt

  9. Frank629 But you are more than willing to soak up everything that some preacher or pastor tells you,and then your are unwilling to check out his teachings to see if it is true or not,I’ve been around for almost forty six years and went to several different churches and denominations over those forty six years,so I know a little of what is taught,it is easy to set back and do nothing to attain to the truth,it takes work and the lazy will not attain to anything,you maybe tired of those like me,but at least we loved enough to tell you the truth,your not required to believe me,but you are required to seek Yahweh for yourselves,he is our teacher and instructor, not man,John 14:24-26.——Jim Hunt

  10. You are in serious confusion. You may “have been around” as you put it for 46 years but you seem to have missed the point of the cross. It’s clear there are several things you seem to have no understanding of. God will greatly bless Mr. Pratt. You don’t need to respond, there is nothing you can say that will change the truth.

  11. 20 years ago this would not have been out of the mainstream! This is still a free country! Can’t believe Hollywood is devoid of faith. Or are they cowards to come out? Just like they hide behind their walls!

  12. I really hope that he doesn’t fast for too long. a friend’s brother died of too of being too long without any nourishment. It would help him to check vital signs and to weigh himself..

  13. katyg I haven’t missed anything concerning the cross,the cross or better yet the Stake that Yeshua died on doesn’t save anyone,it was an instrument of torcher and death,you attempt to make a point,but you miss the point completely,you are unwilling to debate me on this so called truth you speak of,Yahweh blesses those who obey him,those who don’t, not so much,what I see Christians doing is amening a person that they know nothing about,and they have only his testimony on his conversion to Christianity,which I might add is not found any where in the bible,false religion has so tained most versions of the bible,they are just about useless today,christian theologian have added and taken away and changed words over the last 17 plus centuries to the point it is nothing like what it was intended to be,so tell me old wise one,you say I have no understand of several thing,so tell me what in your opinion what that might be,if you have the guts to say what you mean,or maybe you don’t want me to respond because you are to chicken to face me,if you think that the belief system of today is anything like the first century,you have another think coming,christians of today would be rejected in a heart beat with the slop they preach and teach in the false church.

  14. Vicki Small Your best guess would be wrong,I’m not Jewish,I am simply a believer and follower of Yeshua and believe that we should walk as he walked 1 John 2:6,you and Chris Pratt can fast until the world looks level,but until you learn to obey the commandments you still will have no deep understand of Yahweh’s word,he simply will not give understanding to those who refuse to obey him,you must become a doer of his word including his laws,you folks don’t even know or understand that his name is not Jesus,he was not called that until the early sixteenth century,Yeshua does not need to be translated from Hebrew into greek or English,its pronounced the same in Hebrew or English,Yeshua means Yahweh is salvation,a meaning that Jesus does not carry or mean,the name of the father is not god or lord,it is YHVH most usually pronounced Yahweh,you also will not find the word church in the Hebrew/Aramaic scriptures,you do know that Yeshua was Hebrew,he also was not Greek,he was a Jewish rabbi when he ascended to the right hand of Yahweh and when he returns he will be as he was then,he is not a trinity,Yeshua is Yahweh in human form and is the arm of Yahweh revealed in Isaiah 9:6-7 he is described and called wonderful,Counsellor,The Mighty God,the ever lasting father,the prince of peace, why you bring up the things about the tomb is beyond me,I have said nothing concerning these thing,I said all of this to say one thing stop looking up to people and most especially movie stars and singers,if they don’t obey the commandments then they don’t know Yeshua and are liars if they say they do 1 John2:4, plus they are a false witness no matter how sincere they may seem to be.

  15. At least I know we have few adults in Follywood. Be proud to know you, Chris. I’ve heard another is Kathy Bates. Same goes for her.

  16. Another clown who thinks he knows all. How do you know Chris doesn’t follow the commandments child? Because you say so??? Another failure is that no one on earth is perfect which includes you, so grow up and acknowledge that instead of opining on something you know nothing about.

  17. He is living his life according to his beliefs. Can’t fault a man for that. All the actors should join up with him with prayer and fasting and then Hollywood would become a moral industry.

  18. I am just happy to see that someone believes in God whether he or she is a movie star or just the man or woman next door. I believe in his Faith too and glad to see someone that isn’t afraid to say they are a Christian ! We need more people like Chris Pratt who are not afraid saying they are Christians–more power to him.

  19. Way to go Chris!!! 2 little known facts about fasting.
    1. Every believer is supposed to pray and fast. It’s not “if” you fast it is “when” you fast. One word makes a world of difference. If you fast for an extended period of time more than 3 days get proper instruction on it. Otherwise you could kill yourself coming off it.
    2. If you believe in the casting out of demons. And the demons know this, they get VERY ANGRY!!! Because your ability is stronger and certain kinds will not come out without Prayer and Fasting Mat. 17:21


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