Chip and Joanna Gaines landed on a list that made Tim Tebow take notice


Chip and Joanna Gaines are the stars of the home makeover show “Fixer Upper.”

They’ve become American icons despite our culture attacking them for their Christian faith.

And now they just ended up on a list that made Tim Tebow sing their praise.

Chip and Joanna Gaines were named one of Time Magazine’s 100 most influential people.

In an era with popular culture pushing filth through our TV screens, the homey couple are proud of their faith and family.

And Tim Tebow wrote a tribute to them.

Tebow wrote, “Joanna and Chip Gaines are two incredible people with incredible hearts.”

“Through remarkably hard work, Jo and Chip have created a platform to be able to impact lives with extreme generosity,” the former NFL quarterback praised.

Tebow appeared on an episode of “Fixer Upper” where they designed and built a home for a family with two special needs children.

Tebow said, “On ‘Fixer Upper,’ when I helped Jo and Chip build an accessible home for a family with two children in wheelchairs, I saw firsthand the genuine passion they have for making a difference in people’s lives.”

And unlike many television stars these days, Tebow said of the Gaineses, “They are also grounded in a strong faith, which keeps them focused on what truly matters in life. People matter. Loving people matters. And Jo and Chip are amazing at loving people.”

Do you think Chip and Joanna Gaines belong on Time’s 100 most influential people?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.


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  2. I applaud Chip and Joanna Gaines, as well as Tim Tebow. For all those ‘doubters’ out there, the United States of America was founded on Christian principles and the U.S.A. is still a Christian Nation, no matter what Barrack Obama said. Real Christians have found the clue to true happiness in this world. If you don’t already know that, try it, you’ll like it! —

  3. They are the example of the american dream. They work hard and they earn their keep. Many of the folks of the political left should understand that this is how it works.

  4. Can’t think of a better couple to be on that list. They personify what a well grounded family is and their strong faith is the basis for their commitment to helping others

  5. The both examples of how people should run their lives. Those who mock, make fun of, or down play their beliefs should keep their opinions of religion to themselves. Those who don’t believe in a creator are just shallow minded individuals with no respect for others.

  6. With all the negative role players in this country, it is a beautiful, inspiring message to offer as a positive role model a married couple with a plethora of well behaved, well grounded children; a family who works hard together to achieve a successful life that has a positive impact on the people they serve. And best of all, they are blessed with a faith in God that they are not ashamed to share with the viewers who watch their highly successful show. Love Chip and Joanna!

  7. Love Chip and Joanna! What a great example of family oriented, loving people. Need a million more Chip and Joannas.

  8. They are an absolute awesome Christian couple and family. They are so positive and have such open and loving hearts besides being such good builder/designer “Fixer/Upper” program – even reruns on the airwaves. Can hardly wait for the new network TV programs. They belong on the list.

  9. I’ve just been so impressed with Jo, Chip and their kids. This beautiful family working with people to make their dreams come true whether it be homes revamped or helping a special needs family.

  10. Chip & Joanna Gaines Most definitely belong on Times 100 most influential peoples list.
    They give 110% of themselves during their wonderful tv show, and most importantly they equally give of themselves through their Loving Giving hearts. !!!!
    God has blessed them for their Christian beliefs, and they most certainly deserve all the recognition they get. !!!

  11. Their happy, they always have a smile and show they care for people and love what they do. Their a family with children , teaching the kids how to live right in this world. They love being a family.

  12. They definitely belong at the forefront of the 100 most influentials, but I am surprised they made it. They are too decent compared to most of the trashy “celebrities.” They are not ashamed of their Christian beliefs and are raising their children the same way. We need more people of their caliber on TV and the movies.

  13. Heaven knows the world needs more people like Chip and Joanna. God bless them and their family for what they do.

  14. God Bless the Gainses and Tim Tebow.
    They are an example of putting God’s love into action.
    The Gainses are helping people have a nice home that is functional to meet
    their needs. Tim Tebow lives out his faith as well. It is refreshing to see Christians
    being honored for a change. They all bring light into a dark world.
    “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and
    Glorify your Father in Heaven”. Amen

  15. Chip and Joanna Gaines are amazing and I loved watching them including their children as part of their amazing faith and work. They so definitely deserve their life and legacy on the Time magazine Top 100!! I hope they will be back on HGTV Fixer Upper soon. I would love to see the new baby. They are a testimony of what faith in our Lord is all about. God bless you Chip and Joanna.

  16. I could only think of about 20 people I would pick for this honour and Chip and Jo-Ann were near the top of my list.
    Christians need to rise up and be counted. Time is too short to not believe in Jesus Christ our savior.

    Pray one for another
    Love on another
    Ask God for help and he will help you.

  17. Heaven is singing wonderful songs for the wonderful Gaines- Chip and Joann and Tim Tebow. They are wonderful role models for our Country. We need many more like them. Dee Tyler

  18. They are the only program that I love and I still watch the reruns faithfully. They definitely belong at the top of the 100 list on time magazine. If I ever get to Waco I will definitely go to all the business that have been shown on the show God Bless you and your family.

  19. ABSOLUTELY YES! They are a haven in the TV land of programming junk. I enjoy even their re-runs. The genuine love and caring they show to their children, work, friends, animals and to their environment is example of two special people.

  20. MillieK: Yes I agree w/you & although Hollywood (Hellywood) has become so ungodly & liberal, there are still
    people, including myself, who still pray that Revival will start & spread like ‘wild-fire across America n2 Canada, Australia, England, etc.etc. & people eyes will be opened & turn from their wicked ways & accept
    Jesus as their LORD AND SAVIOUR before it’s too late!!

  21. God has blessed us with the Gains family, their love for family, love for their faith and commitment to help others. We certainly need more people like them and also Tim Tebow. They belong on the top of the 100 most influential people. They work hard at everything they do and are raising children that will follow in their footsteps with God in their lives. Would love to have updates on their family, and the new addition. God Bless you Jo and Chip.

  22. They should be number one on the list—in today’s world it is hard to voice anything Christian. So very sad!
    Their values are what our God taught us to live by. All we have heard about their show is heartwarming among all the trash shows. Regrettably, we do not get this program on our TV. Still, we have heard enough about it to give an opinion. God Bless you Chip and Johanna.

  23. YES!! ABSOLUTELY, Chip & Joanna need to be on Time’s Most Influential People List!!
    Just PLEASE Chip….. do NOT act SO STUPID sometimes!! MANY times you’re NOT funny!!

  24. Those whoa re attacking Christians, period, are nothing but whiny, two year old children who a have nothing better to do. There’s no other reason since it’s none of their business how one believes and just because all don’t they have to play childish name games, but that’s what parents have been raising for years supported by lousy education systems.

  25. Ever since the liberal supreme court ruled that separation of church and state means that God can’t be mentioned in school, any thing pertaining to God is banned from public the USA has been going down hill. The separation of church and state means that the government can not force a religion on the US citizens, not that a person can not mention God. The court by that ruling violated the first amendment and got away with it. An example of the courts making laws instead of interpreting them. When I started school, the teacher was a Christian lady who started each school day with a Bible verse, Prayer, and an example of charity and love. She had no problems with the kids, and most of them are now church attending Christians, and none have every committed a crime. I credit that to the fact that we were taught Christian values early and with the love she preached. To this day i remember her with respect and love.

  26. How refreshing to know these two wonderful people who are sane, believe in God, and are willing to help those in need. What you see here is what should be instead of the chaos that is created by anti-religious
    haters, morons, and the ill prepared to comment on anything constructive. Thank you also to you who have written words so beautiful to appreciate the work being done by devout people who care about humanity. How glorious to know that people like you still exist. God bless.

  27. God Bless America and special blessings to the GAINES and Tim Tebow .Christians SELDOM are promoted in THE NEWS


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