Chick-fil-A responded to Texas’ gun violence in a way no one saw coming and it’s making the Left furious


Chick-fil-A has become one of the Left’s number one public enemies.

But there’s nothing they can do against the tasty chicken chain’s latest act of total kindness.

Chick-fil-A responded to recent gun violence in Texas in a way no one could have predicted and it is making the Left furious.

When news broke about the shooting in Odessa and Midland, Chick-fil-A decided to do something incredible.

While big companies such as Walmart decided to take anti-Second Amendment stances, Chick-fil-A reacted differently.

Instead of seizing the opportunity to curtail our gun rights, they stayed open late and prepared meals for first responders to the tragedy.

The Blaze reports:

Several Chick-fil-A workers at an Odessa, Texas, location stayed long past their shifts ended in order to prepare meals for first responders involved in the deadly August massacre that took the lives of seven people.

Twenty-two other people were injured in the attack.

A 36-year-old suspect opened fire during a traffic stop in Midland, Texas, and then went on a rampage, shooting at people in the area in what appeared to be random attacks. Local authorities announced the suspect was killed in an exchange of gunfire with police.

The restaurant, which initially closed early to allow workers to be with their loved ones, reopened to make meals for first responders after employees insisted that it was their job to serve the public in a time of need.

It is taking everything in the Left’s power not to denounce Chick-fil-A for this act of kindness.

Instead of real political activism, Left-wing activists are legitimately protesting Chick-fil-A locations because they hate the establishment so much.

Chick-fil-A’s now passed founder and CEO Truett Cathy has supported traditional marriage at the ballot box in the past, and the Left has never forgiven him for it.

The fast food chicken chain is openly Christian and wildly successful.

They should be applauded for not caving into pressure from the Left to denounce the Second Amendment.

Needless to say, everyone except the Left was grateful for Chick-fil-A’s small act of kindness in the face of the tragedy.

Do you support Chick-fil-A?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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  2. Gun violence IS a sanctity-of-life issue!

    A gun in one’s home is 22 times more likely to be used to kill or injure in a criminal assault or homicide, an attempted or completed suicide, or unintentional shooting than to kill or injure in self-defense. (Kellermann, et al, 1998 Journal of Trauma, 42:263-67)

    In the U.S., 8 children and teenagers are killed, and more than 47 are injured, by a firearm every day. (CDC, NCHS, December 2006)

    The risk of homicide in the home is three times greater in households with guns. (Kellermann, et al, New England Journal of Medicine, 1993)

    The risk of suicide is five times greater in households with guns. (Kellermann et al, New England Journal of Medicine, 1992)

    A 1990 law banning the sale of “Saturday Night Special” handguns in Maryland was associated with reduced use of these guns by criminals, and a 9% lower rate of firearm homicides in the state between 1990-1998 than would have been expected had there been no law.

    Policies that deny handgun purchases to individuals with prior misdemeanor or felony convictions are associated with a decreased risk of subsequent convictions. Misdemeanants who had allowed to purchase handguns prior to the passage of a California state law prohibiting such purchases had a rate of criminal offending 29% higher than that among misdemeanants who were denied handgun purchases after the law took effect.

    Every day in the U.S., 8 children and teenagers are killed and more than 47 are injured by a firearm.

    In 2005, 595 California children and youth under age 21 were killed with firearms and 1,554 California children and youth under 21 were hospitalized with nonfatal firerarms injuries.

    One-third of U.S. children live in homes with firearms. Almost half of homes with children and firearms keep a gun unlocked.

    68% of the attackers in school shootings obtained the gun(s) from their own home or that of a relative. 61% of the attackers used handguns.

    Many young children, including children as young as three years old, are strong enough to fire a handgun.

    In 2004, guns were used to kill:

    5 people in New Zealand
    37 in Sweden
    56 in Australia
    73 in England and Wales
    184 in Canada

    and 11,344 in the United States. God bless America.

    Gun control advocate Junling Hu writes:

    “A gun is a consumer product, sold for cash and purchased by individuals. While all other consumer products including teddy bears are subject to strict federal laws, guns are given a free pass. There are no safety regulation on guns thanks to the NRA’s lobbying efforts. Unsafe guns lead to accidents and death of adults and children at home. The ones who suffer are the gun owners.

    “A gun is also a lethal weapon. Falling into the wrong hand, it enables a criminal to kill, a gang member to fight, and a teenager to seek revenge. Guns are deadlier than tobacco, alcohol or gambling combined. While all of these are off limits to youngsters, and although a 20-year-old can be arrested for drinking a beer, he can go scot-free for buying a gun.

    “The debate over gun laws is muffled by the slogan, ‘We need less government regulation.’ It is as if government regulation is always wrong. These people ignore the fact that the government regulates every aspect of our life today. From water to air, to drugs and toys, everything touching us is regulated by law. Without the Clean Air Act, we would be breathing dirty air emissions from power plants; we would be drinking unsafe water. Without government regulation, medicines with fatal side effects would not be pulled off shelves and toys with lead poison would still be on the market. Government regulation affects our housing safety, our food quality, our driving safety (through speed limits and safety belt laws). As we live in a civilized society, the government serves as a mediator and enforcer as no individual can do.

    “The freedom of owning a gun has virtually nothing to do with abiding gun laws. Anyone can own an automobile, but they still need to register and get licenses for their cars. Everyone has the freedom of owning a house, but they still have to watch for zoning regulation and fire safety requirements.

    “Sensible gun laws govern manufacturing standard, product safety, and accessible by minors and criminals. Sensible gun laws govern the safety of our street, our school, and most importantly, the safety of our home.

    “Common sense gun laws such as closing gun show loophole, assault weapon ban, and child-lock are fundamentally needed to be sure guns do not fall into wrong hands. Yet all these basic laws are fought against by the NRA lobby. How far can we go in this extremist view of so-called ‘individual freedom’? The consequence of suffering is demonstrated by deadly shooting every day, in every corner of America. Each day, over 80 people die from gun shooting, from accidents at home, to disputes with one’s neighbor, to random shootings on the street. The deadly consequence of ‘gun freedom’ are the death of a young four-year-old–shot while playing with guns, a 15-year-old while in heat of argument, and a 19-year-old walking out of a nightclub.

    “America does not have to be a society soaked in blood, because the bloody consequences were caused by a powerful gun lobby that stripped away our basic protection from the law. Let’s work to enact sensible gun laws. We ask for sensible regulation on guns, as we ask for regulation on food and drugs. The gun issue is no longer a private matter but a public safety issue. It affects all of us. Let’s pass sensible gun laws now.”

    The logic of gun control can best be understood by considering the analogy of the automobile. A car is a potentially lethal weapon. To drive a car, one must be trained, licensed, and have that license periodically renewed. And a car is designed solely as a means of transportation. Guns, on the other hand, are deliberately designed to kill people. It is not unreasonable to demand their regulation.

    Guns are the second deadliest consumer product (after cars) on the market. By the end of the 1990s, firearms will likely supplant automobiles as the leading cause of product-related deaths throughout the United States. In 1990, American guns claimed an estimated 37,000 lives. There are no federal safety standards for the domestic manufacture of guns. There are no voluntary, industry-wide safety standards for the manufacture of guns.

    Every two minutes, somebody somewhere in the United States is shot. Every 14 minutes, somebody dies from a gunshot wound. Each gun injury involving hospitalization costs $33,159. A license to sell a gun costs 83 cents per month.

    A gun rolls off the assembly line in America every 10 seconds. America imports another gun every 11 seconds. There are 246,984 gun dealers in the United States, but only 240 inspectors to keep an eye on them.

    There is a popular myth that handgun ownership makes people safer. In reality, the New England Journal of Medicine reports that a handgun in the home is 43 times more likely to kill the owner, a family member, or a friend than it is to kill an intruder. Over 75 percent of firearm deaths in a typical year involve handguns. The FBI Uniform Crime Statistics Report says that nationally, there were 38,317 firearm deaths in 1992, but fewer than 300 justifiable homicides.

    Another myth is that gun control laws don t make a difference. In reality, strict handgun regulation saves lives. In Washington, DC, a tougher gun law actually reduced homicides by 25 percent through the mid-1980s. Again, the New England Journal of Medicine reports that 47 lives were saved in Washington, DC, in a typical year studied, because of that city’s handgun ban.

    Most other industrialized nations have virtual bans on handgun sales. In 1990, handguns were used in the homicides of 13 people in Sweden, 91 in Switzerland, 87 in Japan, 22 in Great Britain, and 68 in Canada, compared to 10,567 in the United States.

    Is gun control constitutional? The Second Amendment refers to “the right of the people to keep and bear arms.” Roger Tatarian, professor emeritus of journalism at California State University, Fresno, notes, however, that “things can change over time” with regards to the original intent of the founders.

    The Third Amendment, for example, protects citizens against compulsory quartering of troops in private homes. Technology has also made obsolete the constitutional provision giving Congress the right to declare war. “No president who is warned that a hostile missile is en route…has time nowadays to ask Congress for a declaration of war before responding,” states Tartarian. “He can commit the country to an all-out war simply by pressing a button.”

    Tartarian observes: “The Constitution certainly does not ban private ownership of weapons; that would have been unthinkable for a people still living in an often hostile natural environment and where many depended on hunting for a livelihood. But a tradition of owning arms is one thing and a constitutional guarantee is quite another. They ought not be confused

    According to Tatarian: “The Second Amendment as it now exists evolved from a draft offered by James Madison on June 8, 1789. His intent very clearly was to tie the constitutional right to own arms to service in official militias regulated by state governments.” Madison’s original proposal reads:

    “The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed; a well armed and well regulated militia being the best security of a free country: but no person religiously scrupulous of bearing arms shall be compelled to render military service in person.”

    The final version of the amendment which emerged from a House-Senate conference on September 25, 1789, also tied the constitutional right to bear arms to service in a militia, and stated that such militias are to be “well regulated”:

    “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

    Handgun control is constitutional. The courts have repeatedly ruled that the Second Amendment does not apply to individuals outside the context of “a well regulated militia.” A handgun control ordinance was upheld by the U.S. Seventh Court of Appeals in 1982, which issued the following statement: “We conclude that the right to keep and bear handguns is not guaranteed by the Second Amendment.”

    The Supreme Court let the decision stand by refusing to hear the appeal of the handgun lobby. The Supreme Court ruled in United States v. Cruikshank that the Second Amendment doesn’t mean anything except “(the right to keep and bear arms) shall not be infringed by Congress.”

    This 1876 ruling established that states and localities are not prevented from enacting their own gun control laws–and they remain free to do so to this day. In 1980, the Supreme Court reconfirmed that “these legislative restrictions on the use of firearms do not trench upon any constitutionally protected liberties.”

    Guns should be regulated like other consumer products. Handguns and assault rifles should be banned, and ammunition should be taxed heavily.

    If we Democrats prove to the American people *we’re* a “big tent” too, we can easily win, even in red states.

    Fifty-nine percent of Democrats favored a ban on partial-birth abortion. (Gallup Poll, November 1, 2000)

    Eighty-nine percent of Americans favored informed consent for women seeking abortions. (Gallup Poll, 2002)

    Sixty-seven percent of Democrats would outlaw some or all abortions. (Gallup Poll, May 5-7, 2003)

    Forty-three percent of Democrats agreed with the statement that abortion “destroys a human life and is manslaughter.” (Zogby Poll, December 2004)

    Seventy percent of high school senior females say they would not consider abortion if they became pregnant while in high school. (Hamilton College/Zogby Poll, January 2008)

    Seventy-seven percent of Americans believe abortion should have stricter limitations. (CBS News Poll, January 2008)

    Twenty-nine percent of Democratic Convention delegates disagreed with the statement, “Abortion should be generally available to those who want it rather than under stricter limits or not permitted.” However, 52 percent of Democratic voters as a whole disagreed. This large discrepancy between party leadership and membership indicates a serious problem that Democrats For Life of America wants to rectify.

    During the 2008 campaign, Reverend Jim Wallis (of Sojourners) advised Barack Obama to support a plank in the Democratic Party Platform that would aim to reduce abortions by focusing on supporting low income women and making adoption easier. (This is the 95-10 Initiative, advanced by pro-life Democrats in Congress.) Reverend Tony Campolo served on the Platform Committee and has issued a strong statement in support of a pro-life position.

    A “conscience clause” which appeared in the 2000 Democratic Platform (but not in 2004) acknowledges that there are pro-life people in our Party and we respect their views. It reads as follows:

    “We respect the conscience of each American and recognize that members of our Party have deeply held and sometimes differing positions on issues of personal conscience, like abortion and the death penalty. We recognize the diversity of views as a source of strength and we welcome into our ranks all Americans who may hold differing positions on these and other issues.”

    In 2014, Kristen Day of Democrats For Life said: “Roughly a third of the Democratic Party is pro-life. And while many do not call themselves liberal, they share the values which seem to identify with liberalism, particularly a commitment to helping the vulnerable and providing a social safety net.”

    The Democratic Party platform should support: Animal Rights, Defending the Affordable Care Act, Ending Citizens United, Ending Marijuana Prohibition, Giving Greater Visibility to Pro-Life Democrats, Gun Control, Net Neutrality, Raising the Minimum Wage to $15 an Hour, Responding to the Scientific Consensus on Global Warming, and a Sustainable Energy Policy.

    Democrats for Life of America, 10521 Judicial Drive, #200, Fairfax, VA 22030, (703) 424-6663

  3. The above comments from “Democrats for Life of America” is so strewn with liberal Propaganda it should be removed. You are a bunch of liars since the actual Math shows that over 99% of ALL guns owned in the United States are not used to commit crime , They are owned by Law abiding Citizens , and where Concealed Carry has been enacted Crime has gone down and the Murder rate has gone DOWN in the USA over the past 30 years . Criminals do not Obey laws , they cannot read signs, and if you cannot understand that is what criminals do then you need to be re-educated. The Second Amendment is Not up for debate , it is the checks and Balances on our Government and a GOD given right even if you do not believe in GOD , I DO ! Guns are tools , and just like hammers can be used for good or bad depending on who’s hands they are in. I will remain an armed Citizen protecting myself and my family of Shooter against the Criminal wolves that you cannot stop with some silly written law that only affects the Law abiding and not the Criminals who apparently cannot read. You are Anti-American and Anti-Constitution and if you dont Like America you should leave and go somewhere else where there is no crime…like a deserted Island , because Crime is worldwide and it aint guns that do the majority of the killing. Look at Democrat controlled Chicago and at these statistics where guns are controlled and outlawed mostly…go visit .
    Read it and weep . Thank God we have Chick Fil A doing something positive and stand up for Morals and values , something Democrats are severely lacking . One of the wisest Men who founded our country and had the Brains said …”The remedy for evil men is not the abrogation of the rights of law abiding citizens. The remedy for evil men is the gallows.” Thomas Jefferson

  4. GOD bless Chick-fil A for showing such kindness in the face of such a tragedy. But I didn’t expect anything different from a Christian company. And of course the left wing radicals showed what they stand for. No compassion. Just spewing hate towards a business that put others needs before their own. The Demon party is truly that..Filled with Demons….. .

  5. You know so much you need to take a 45 cal pistol look down the barrel and tell me how fast the bullet goes after you pull the trigger.

  6. I have numerous long guns, shot guns and hand guns. Only one time was any of them pointed at a person. That one time helped protect my family from an armed intruder and see him sent to prison. The outcome would have been different if that firearm was locked away somewhere or I didn’t have one. I keep it loaded and where I can get at it. That is my 2nd amendment RIGHT. The left wants to take my right to defend myself and family away from me. They want to pretend evil does not exist. BTW I have 14 grandchildren and they all know Grandpa has guns. They also know if they want to handle or shoot one all they have to do is ask and Gramps will take them outside and shoot in the back yard at a range I set up. None of them has ever tried to handle any of them without supervision and know what guns are for. My experience is if you expect a child to do something, tell them they can’t, and they will do it on their own. My 11 year old granddaughter loves shooting cans in the back yard with my 22 semiauto pistol and is getting very proficient at it. To put a spin on an old saying: Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the other side. Why does a liberal cross the road? Someone told them to. Why does a child cross the road? Someone told them not to.

  7. Linda, it is clear that God IS blessing Chick-fil-A!!! They continue to thrive in spite of the extreme hatred of the dems.

  8. Why do you have to cut and paste long replies every time you post? I sometimes wonder if you ever had an original thought instead of being a parrot.

  9. It makes me laugh when you post 40 year old leftist SCOTUS rulings about the 2nd amendment. The present SCOTUS has reversed those decisions and ruled that the 2nd amendment does in fact protect the Right of the people to own and carry firearms that are in common use by the people, for self defense, hunting or target shooting. Several states have already passed laws doing away with the requirement to have a CCW to carry a concealed weapon, and their crime rates are decreasing. Something the lefties can’t wrap their heads around.

  10. The libs want animals to have rights, save the trees, save the ocean, save the polar bears, save the … but it is OK to murder millions of our children. Animals need more rights than our unborn children do.

  11. Argument is without merit in that the US did not have an official branch of armed forces until 1789. Taken in context as used in the Second Amendment, the well armed militia was nothing more than a mass of armed individuals.

  12. After that long winded comment re: how many are killed by gun, etc. The writer should now post how many are killed by motor vehicles each and every day compared to a gun. He will find that thousands more are and yet he does not mention banning or doing something to control and take away vehicles, to save lives. Seems like all they can focus on is a gun and when it is misused, by a criminal, but never any other tool or item, which, by the way kills more people, around the world.

  13. Thank God there is such kindness in this country. You wouldn’t know it by the hateful hostility spewed by the liberal media and the moronic Democrats. President Trump is making America great again. Imagine how much greater it could be without all the hate spilled by the left.

  14. Admirable action on the parts of the resturant’s employees.I still don’t especially care for chicken, that being another matter entirely.

  15. Never have I read such a confused schpeal of leftist propaganda, out of context quotes and confused reasoning on the subject of firearms. It is the rantings of a liberal, secular-progressive, anti-firearms meathead… and you do know what the definition of a meathead is don’t you? Dead from the neck up.

  16. Vasu, the Great news for you is you can say this along with your pass lies in our country and you are also welcome to leave. However, the BAD News for Americans is we by our LAWS can’t make you leave. Which is truly sad for us…

  17. Agree…and don’t forget ball bats, knives, cars, trucks….all done on purpose to kill others…shall we now ban all those items too? Guns have been around for centuries without mass murders…its the wack jobs that do this regardless of where they got the guns. Some states (CA) who have strong laws against guns are always in the news with murders…same with Chicago…banning guns will NOT stop idiots from doing murders.

  18. Amen! He is in total control! We wouldn’t have such a need for weapons if it weren’t for all the cold indifferent people that believe in doing to people worse even than animals do to one another. Barbaric life is in other countries now these people have been invited into our country to have a peaceful life, but no they came each with a cold and greedy heart, and a hate for us. I do wish them well, but they need to leave our beloved county to a more common ground they love. I’m a lifer of NRA, and @ 72, and I stand firm needless to say. Our President will get things straightened out given enough time, So much corruption.

  19. With over 100,000,000 law-abiding gun owners in the US, there were only 30,000 gun deaths in the US per year. That’s .003%. Only 17% were considered violent gun deaths. That means only 5,100 violent gun deaths per year. Or, .0005%. According to, there are over 500,000,000 guns in the US. Only 1,000,000 are registered. Any wonder why government is so hell-bent on registering them??? They want to know how many and who has them. I remember the Nazis, Soviet Union, Red China, Eastern Europe Bloc under Soviet control, North Korea, North Vietnam, Cambodia, etc. registering all guns. Over 250 Million of their people were murdered by their own governments since the start of the 20th Century.

    It’s reported there are over 15,000,000 civilian AR-15s owned by law-abiding citizens. It’s also reported there are over 20,000,000 AK-47s and other SA rifles owned by law-abiding citizens. And many have more than one. According to, only 662 long guns (including civilian AR-15s, AK-47s, and other types of rifles) were used in gun homicides. Of 30,000 gun deaths, and 5,100 violent gun crime deaths (homicides), long guns were used in .085% of all gun homicides. AR-15s, AK-47s, AK-74s, and similar SA rifles were used in less than 10% of all gun homicides. That means .02% were used in gun homicides. While over 7,000 handguns were used in gun homicides.

    How about you take a gun safety course, learn to shoot, and generally have your abject fear and panic over guns treated by a psychiatrist. You’ll be less fearful and likely a happier person. If it doesn’t work you can always move to a country where they’re banned and the government tells you what to do and what to think. Great think about living in a free country.. YOU’RE free… including free to leave if you don’t like it.

  21. All else aside because I did NOT read that lengthy post, this restaurant chain can do want they want. It has no effect on me. We don’t have those here in my corner of Washington, but there is one somewhere east of Seattle, perhaps Bellevue. As a liberal Catholic who opposes people who practice discrimination under the guise of it being their “religious freedom” and a 1st Amendment right, I won’t eat at a Chik-fil-A, or whatever their name is. Keep your Bible off my dinner plate!

  22. No gun has killed anybody. Every mass shooter since columbine has been a democrat. Rationally speaking by your logic no democrat should possess a firearm. Soon there will be an assault on America by Muslims because that is what the want. The largest social welfare organization(NRA) has never had a member criminally involved in a shooting

  23. But it ok to have doctors and mothers kill their young. Not to mention the Obama policy that definitely helped kill students in the Parkland shooting. That is what’s wrong not guns. People are not held to account for their children or themselves anymore. No one gets the help for their kids that is if they even live with them anymore when it would do some good. Don’t blame guns for things mentally deranged people do. When is the last time you checked what your kids do with technology (if you have kids). Your bs about guns is so one sided. Plastic bags are a favorite of suicidal choosing also. You want to ban plastic bags because they kill? How about cars or bombs or knives. If someone wants to kill they will kill. The left thinks a new law will make things better for the way they feel. Then of course they have to continue making laws to get the agenda they really want power and control over everyone. Beto literally blamed every American with a gun for the mass shootings. Why because it’s drawing badly needed money from fund raisers. Just because he is from Texas doesn’t make him an expert on diddly squat. You can spout off your questionable opinions but don’t preach to me about the Second Amendment. Go to the psychiatric clinic and preach at them. OK!

  24. Oh my…Don’t you just love all of the scholars who pontificate as if they know more than the likes of the great Anton Scalia…

    Here is something to consider…in 2017..More than 40,000 vehicular deaths in 2017 in the USA
    10,874 of those deaths were committed by drunk drivers in 2017…
    This compared to the 18,253 deaths committed by murderers who chose a gun to commit a crime resulting in the death of another human being…these murderers used a variety of “guns” but predominantly illegally possessed hand guns committed by people who never completed a Form 4473 which must be completed by any person attempting to legally purchase a weapon…no matter where you attempt to purchase a weapon (gun stores, from a private party, at a gun show, etc…)…the majority of the vicious crimes were committed by hand guns and the predominance of the hand guns used to commit these crimes were obtained illegally…

    However, The real concern here based on the number of fatalities points to vehicles…massive steel weapons of destruction and violence…in Niece, France in the summer of 2017 a jihadist murdered 84 people and severely injured 457 in less than four minutes with a large box type moving truck…

    So, it appears the real culprits are moving vehicles in the hands of dastardly people…
    We need to find out what type of assault vehicles were driven and begin a national petition to BAN every make and model responsible for a vehicular death…





    Now,, please allow me a little peace and quiet so I can enjoy my Chick Fil A sandwich

  25. Great going Chuck-A-Flick!!! What they did would make anyone proud. That is what being a good person and human being is about. This country needs more people and companies like them.

  26. You are so full of crap. Your numbers for other countries answer the question about guns. The highest £’s for other countries death 184 how many of those were against intruders? In the USA their were over 11 thousand. How many of those were against innocent people who had no way of protecting themselves?

  27. Okay, now about those 2+ million per year that use a firearm in self-defense (from CDC, so you can guarantee there are many more not included)…….including many (hopefully most) of whom have taken classes with the NRA or other certified agency. Those that teach responsible use and safe storage of said firearms.
    It’s not that your stats are necessarily wrong, but they’re all one-sided. There is always more than one side to any issue.

  28. Nothing that is factual. I didn’t hear anything about a town
    south of Atlanta that insisted that everyone legal have a gun, and the crime rate dropped to near zero. The Dems make up crap and try to make people thing they know everything better than the citizens. Guns made this country and has kept it free. WWII Japanese general Yamamoto said the reason he wouldn’t invade American mainland is because there would be a gun behind every blade of grass. The globalists cannot control armed citizens.

  29. I applaud and appreciate the kindness and support for our first responders. Anyone and everyone who doesn’t has no integrity or morals.

    Chic didn’t do this for glory, just as the responders didn’t.

    Well done Chic!

  30. Chick Fil A and there employees did a very nice act of kindness. They did not do it to encourage the above rants. They were helping their community. Not just the right nor just the left. Just people! I feel that their kindness is a gift, that they gave special care too- then, here on these post, the gift has been shredded by the right telling what they think the left feels about this. Who cares what either left or right thinks when such a gift has been shared. The gift and the people are a joyful subject after such a horrible act. I am always proud to hear of good news, which does not require hatred of others as a postscript.

  31. Vasu Murti, AKA Vasu P. Murti, Vasu S. Murti. I know who you are. Stick to writing your books and informational pamphlets. If anyone cares to read them they can purchase them and you can save us all the trouble of scrolling down the page to get to the next comment.
    Your welcome

  32. I’ll use the very first paragraph as an example of how slanted this post is.

    “A gun in one’s home is 22 times more likely to be used to kill or injure in a criminal assault or homicide, an attempted or completed suicide, or unintentional shooting than to kill or injure in self-defense. (Kellermann, et al, 1998 Journal of Trauma, 42:263-67)”

    According to the FBI, 500,000 to 3,000,000 Americans successfully use guns to defend themselves in their homes each year. Calculating how many deaths were avoided is always tricky, but clearly it’s a big number. There are just under 40,000 total deaths by guns in the U.S.A. (regardless of type and location) each year. So, how do we reconcile these facts with the above?

    Well for one, when people defend themselves in their homes they very rarely have to shoot, much less kill, the intruder. The vast majority of the time, the intruder flees or gives up. Sometimes the intruder commits suicide. A small single-digit percent of the time someone shoots in self-defense. Only in a small fraction of a percent of the time does this lead to the killing of the intruder. Thus, the Kellermann study is only counting a minuscule percent of the time a gun is used in the home for self-defense.

    On the other side of Kellermann’s equation, he’s counting virtually every time a gun is used in a criminal act, regardless of where the crime occurs. Where do criminals keep their guns? Almost always in their home. Including suicides on this side of the equation is also disingenuous. No one considers them in the same category as mass murder or assaults on innocent people. Suicides also account for 60% of all deaths by guns. So, including this makes a huge difference, and it’s totally unjustified to include it.

    So, we have Kellermann comparing two completely dissimilar things. What Kellermann is most closely comparing is the number of times someone kills somebody because they wanted to do so (the bad guy) vs. the number of times someone who didn’t want to hurt someone (a good guy or gal) was forced in self-defense to do so. 22 times more likely that a bad guy kills or injures someone with a gun than a good guy/gal. Duh.

    If you want to be honest you compare things that are like each other. The number of times legally obtained guns are used in self-defense vs. times legally obtained guns are used in criminal acts. The number of times illegally obtained guns are used in criminal acts vs. the number of times illegally obtained guns are used for self-defense. Compare the same for specific venues like the home.
    What Kellermann did is completely bogus, especially as the poster used it.

  33. Boy you sure like to hear yourself talk! You neglected to mention, among your “facts”, (mostly untrue) that most of the shootings etc are in Democrat strongholds/cities, where the strictest gun controls are. Criminals don’t care about rules and law. When will you ever admit it and get off your high horse and come down to the ground where reality is.

  34. You poor atheistic fool! I’m so glad I’m not in our shoes! Man I hear this rhetoric all the time from tough guys like you and I’ve seen them go to their knees asking Jesus for help because of the emptiness in their life and growing up older and not knowing where to go after death. The BIBLE says “ For to be born and once to die then the DAY OF JUDGEMENT COMES “!

  35. “Democrats for Life of America”

    If you’re so worried about life why do you support the murder of unborn babies?

  36. 4.5 million children and adults are injured or die from car crashes each year in the U.S. Easily 30-60 times the number of gun injuries & deaths. Are you going to try to take away our cars Vasu? Is that your solution here too?

  37. The Democrats keep saying they need to be put back in power so they can unite the United States instead of the way President Tump has divided it, which I will argue he hasn’t done, he has simply pulled the curtain back to reveal the truth.

    IMHO, if the Democrats regain power, the United States is REALLY going to be divided, the only difference being that they will be in control, not the Republicans 🙂

  38. The Democrats keep saying they need to be put back in power so they can unite the United States instead of the way President Tump has divided it, which I will argue he hasn’t done, he has simply pulled the curtain back to reveal the truth.

    IMHO, if the Democrats regain power, the United States is REALLY going to be divided, the only difference being that they will be in control, not the Republicans 🙂

  39. Vasubot, are you, perhaps, a follower of Goebbels, thinking that if you repeat the same lies often enough that we will accept them as truth? It’s not working.

  40. Hey you CLOWNS on the LEFT . . . I support Chick Fila AND the 2nd Amendment RIGHTS, whether you LIKE IT OR NOT! I also support TRADITIONAL marriage values and AGAINST abortion, whether you LIKE IT or NOT. And I will CONTINUE to support THESE things, whether you LIKE IT OR NOT, and there’s not a THING that YOU can do about it!!! Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  41. Your loss. The founder expressed his OPINION. He did not discriminate when it came to employees. I have an opinion, but I don’t force it on anyone else. My chik-fil-a has a married gay manager. He also loves working for the company.

  42. Around 200,000 die each year from prescription drugs and medical mistakes. How many lives could be saved by banning modern medicine?

  43. Where did you find that all mass shootings after Columbine were by Democrats. I think you just made this statement out of thin air.

  44. Richard Smith The town is not South of Atlanta, it is North. Kennessaw, Ga’s leaders passed a law that every ‘head of household’ was to have a gun in the house and be trained in how to use it or show a very good reason why not. The crime rate there dropped to almost zero. It would be very easy to check it out. Georgia has a ‘castle law’ or ‘stand your ground’ law giving people the right to use deadly force to protect themselves and their homes. Very few of them seem to want to use these laws in Atlanta but those of us in rural Georgia appreciate them very much.

  45. Joe Shaw: You should have READ the story before you made your comment. Chick-fil-A is NOT discriminating against anyone! They are being harassed by the LGBTQ radicals because they are a Christian owned company.
    I’m sorry the story was lengthy in your opinion. Most of us can read a few paragraphs without feeling put out. Especially if we want to post an intelligent comment. Now reading Vasu’s novels on these sites are not only wrong in their content, but VERY long most times. His postings I can see ANYONE complaining about.. You call yourself a liberal Catholic correct? Well you really do sound like you are more of an atheist than someone that believes in God. But whatever. Your life. Your choice . But if Chick-fil-A does open a restaurant near you, and you choose not to eat there, it’s your loss not theirs….. Oh and FYI, this story was about Chick-fil-A staying open to help the first responders after that tragic shootings in Texas. But I suppose you will not be reading my posting either. Too long for you…..

  46. Betty; Please take your meds, kiss your poster of your evil queen Hillary( that wasn’t voted in THANK GOD) good night and go to bed. You foul mouthed bigot…

  47. 2nd Amendment: It was conceived and implemented in 1620 for home security and self protection, used as designed it works well for us. In 1938 the German Army High command developed plans to bomb New York and land troops in New Jersey and other spots on the east coast down through Georgia, drive to the Application mountains then sue for peace because the “American’s were weak”. Imagine what would have happened to our immigrant and ethnic populations. A Young Lieutenant on staff informed his boss that unlike the populations of Europe were only rich people had guns and most were single shot hunting rifles-“In America there is a gun in every fifth home and they will use them”; the General staff shelved the plans. Hence, we don’t speak German as a secondary language on the shore. On the other Coast, same time frame: General Togo of the Japanese Army planed to land troops near Santa Barbara and march to the Colorado River then march south to link with troops landed near Ensenada, Mexico; after linkup lay siege on San Diego-Los Angeles as most of the fighter aircraft were produced there. The plan was to cut electrical and water from the Colorado River, destroy aircraft and other war materials and enslave the population. They were correct in the assessment that the Americans’ were week as the US army later figured that a counter attack could not have been mounted for at lease SIX Months; Read “The Rape of Nanking” and imagine what Southern California would have looked like. When he heard of this plan Admiral Yamoto(sic), of Pearl Harbor fame, told the General Staff, paraphrased, I studied at UCLA and know the Americans, the people we have concurred, so far, were poor presents, only the rich had hunting guns but in America there is a gun behind every blade of grass and they will use them”. As we know, not from the media, that invasion did not take place. The Russians in the 1950s made a similar study and chose not to occupy the USA. We must not piddle our protective rights away; we must honor and protect each other; and, we must read and learn from history, more so than what is presented in our schools, as to not repeat past failures. If you think education is expensive – try experience.

  48. Over 100 Million law-abiding gun owners in the United States, and 30,000 are killed by guns, with almost 20,000 committing suicide. That’s .003% or even less if over 100,000,000 gun owners. According to, there were 662 long gun homicides (included are AR-15s, AK-47s, and other SA Rifles).
    Or, less than .00006% of total of gun homicides since other types of long rifles are also counted. Another word for it is de minimis. Based on FBI and DOJ statistics, only 17% of firearms are used in violent gun crimes. That means of the 30,000 killed by firearms each year, ONLY 5,100 are killed in violent gun crimes.

    With 1,000,000 registered firearms in the US and almost 400,000,000 UNREGISTERED firearms in the US, is it any wonder why the gov’t wants to get them registered????? To find out where they are and who has them. I believe the Nazis, Soviet Union, Red China, North Korea, Eastern Bloc during Soviet Era, Cambodia, etc. all did this. They got the guns registered, found out who had them, and then murdered over 200 MILLION of their own citizens.

  49. Kennesaw, Georgia. Population: 35,000. Violent crime down to 2% per year since the law was enacted. Only 1 murder in 10 years.

    Eat your heart out, Chicago!!!!!

  50. And, the secondary reason that Admiral Yamamoto and the Japanese Imperial High Command wanted to take out the Pacific Fleet, is that they didn’t want their battleships to go toe-to-toe with Admiral Kinkaid’s battleships in Pearl Harbor. Our battleships were bigger, faster and more heavily armed and armored. After trying to knock the US out of the Pacific encroachment, they didn’t want the battleships around to cause havoc, chaos and mayhem. Unfortunately for them, the American aircraft carriers were out at sea. And, unfortunately for them, our industrial might had every battleship except Arizona and Utah battle ready by late 1943. They were being used in the invasions of North Africa and Italy, and in the Solomon Islands in the Pacific.

    In the 1930s US Rear Admiral Yarnell maintained that Japan “had always started operations by attacking before a declaration of war.” Accordingly, he designed an attack plan that utilized carrier aviation to launch a surprise attack on Pearl Harbor. Pearl’s defenders had anticipated that Yarnell would attack with his battleships. Instead, he left his battleships behind and advanced with the carriers Saratoga and Lexington to a point north-northeast of Hawaii. At dawn, on Sunday February 7, 1932, Yarnell launched his attack with a force of 152 planes from the two carriers. His attack force first attacked the airfields and then proceeded to attack the ships along battleship row.

    Yarnell achieved total surprise. The airfields were put out of commission, with not a single plane getting airborne during the attack. The attacking force scored multiple hits, they dropped sacks of white flour to simulate bombs, on the battleships. The umpires declared that Yarnell’s attack had been a complete success and declared him the winner. The Army and Navy brass, however, would have none of it. They complained that Yarnell had cheated. He had attacked at dawn on a Sunday morning, a time considered “inappropriate” for an attack. His attack vector from the north-northeast had mimicked planes arriving from the mainland. Most importantly, the Navy argued, low level precision bombing of battleships at anchor was unrealistic since “everyone knew that Asians lacked sufficient hand-eye coordination to engage in that kind of precision bombing.”

    Pressured by the War Department, the umpires reversed their decision and declared that the defenders had won the exercise. The Navy and its “battleship admirals” ignored Yarnell’s contention that Pearl Harbor was vulnerable to an attack by naval air power. The exercise was widely reported in the press and was observed by Japanese naval officers at the Japanese consulate on Oahu. Some 10 years later, the Japanese Navy would launch an almost carbon copy attack on Pearl Harbor, utilizing six carriers and double the air power used by Yarnell.

    The only significant innovation employed by the Japanese Navy was the use of air-launched torpedoes against the ships in Pearl lagoon. A year earlier, the Royal Navy had used slow Swordfish torpedo planes to attack the Italian fleet at its base in Taranto. The success of that attack was not lost on Tokyo. The U.S. Navy had dismissed its relevance to Pearl because Taranto’s harbor was around 75-feet deep, almost double the depth of Pearl Harbor, and it did not believe that air launched torpedoes would work in shallow waters. The Japanese Navy solved that problem by modifying their torpedoes to give them a flatter glide path.

    Hence, having firearm superiority has always been the American way. Hence, the reasons for civilians having AR-15s, AK-47s, etc. “A free people ought not only be armed and disciplined, but they should have SUFFICIENT ARMS AND AMMUNITION to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own government”. –George Washington, First President of the United States

  51. And your point is? Many of your stats are unverifiable because they do not come from official sources like the FBI or the CDC. Also, when you compare countries you have to do it per capital not just give totals of this or that. Unfortunately for you we have a Constitution with a 1st, 2nd and 4th amendments and the reason the founding fathers thought the 2nd was particularly important was so that We The People had a means with which to defend ourselves against a tyrannical Government and organizations like yours with little or no tolerance for people who disagree with you. With over 100 million firearm owner in this Country if we were any where near as irresponsible as you make us out to be there would many time more deaths than there are.

    Now for some facts: Democratic run cities are the most gun violent despite the strictest gun laws and most of their victims are from minority on minority violence. So before trying to institute your failed polices and gun control agenda how about taking the 3 worst cities and show us how to make them safe and then we will talk about gun control? There are more deaths from alcohol, drugs and automobiles than there are from guns. In Chicago they kill more people during the holiday weekends than all the mass shootings in the USA in an entire year. It doesn’t seem to bother you that illegal immigration fosters drug and human trafficking, murders, rapes, and general violence which far exceed the problems created by firearms and yet you choose to ignore that completely and support illegal immigration. Hypocrites? Well of course you are.

  52. Well you are missing the best chicken sandwich anywhere you bigot. They have the cleanest restaurant & most courteous employees ever. You are ridiculous.

  53. Oh no Betty! He is the best president since Reagan. Thank God we don’t have crooked Hillary as our leader. Why don’t you look at the facts & how our country has improved since our beloved Mr. Trump has been in power?

  54. Australian Gun Law Update

    Here’s a thought to warm some of your hearts….

    From: Ed Chenel, A police officer in Australia

    Hi Yanks, I thought you all would like to see the real
    figures from Down Under.

    It has now been 12 months since gun owners in Australia were forced by a new law to surrender 640,381 personal firearms to be destroyed by our own government, a program costing Australia taxpayers more than $500 million dollars.

    The first-year results are now in:

    Australia-wide, homicides are up 6.2 percent,
    Australia-wide, assaults are up 9.6 percent;
    Australia-wide, armed robberies are up 44 percent (yes, 44 percent)!

    In the state of Victoria alone, homicides with firearms are now up 300% percent. (Note that while the law-abiding citizens turned them in, the criminals did not
    and criminals still possess their guns!)

    While figures over the previous 25 years showed a steady decrease in armed robbery with firearms, this has changed drastically upward in the past 12 months, since the criminals now are guaranteed that their prey is unarmed.

  55. I’m no right winger and I think what Chick fil a did was a classy move that highlighted human decency! Chick Fil A deserves kudos for this classy move! I try to eat Kosher most of the time, but I guess I’ll cheat (I do cheat sometimes) and go to a local Chick Fil A!

  56. Yes it is. Criminals should be prosecuted for gun crimes. Not legally registered gun owners. Don’t come to us with sanctity of life when you are the party of aboration. 55 million dice Rue V Wade. Innocent life you moron. It’s your party and your cities controlled by your party who have gun free zones which have led to most of these mass murders. Let’s blame the shooter not the gun. Guns are not the problem. Sanctuary cities who let 8 felons in Maryland go free and commit rape within 2 weeks time are the problem. Open border dems are the problem. You sir are part of the problem. You come with a narrative then try and prove the narrative instead of coming with unbiased and truthful information . All the facts not just your facts . You are not entitled to your own facts. The truth shall set you free. But then maybe in your case not so much. Fake news. MAGA 2020.

  57. @Vasu Murti: STFU with your anti-gun propaganda.
    If you don’t like guns, you should move to some country that has already banned them. See how well that works out for you.

  58. I’ve got an idea for Chick-fil-a’s management. Invite all law abiding customers to bring guns into your stores! That would create not only a sensation, but a safe environment against criminals and mass shooters.

  59. Hey, look at London (England, that is, not Ontario or Kentuck). Gun control worked so well they had to start banning knives. I guess machetes, hammers and pressure cooker bombs will be next

  60. how did you get off the track of quoting statistics about ‘handguns in homes’ to the totally meaningless dumbocrat platform of global warming? you need to get a real life and live in a real life instead of what ever it is fantasy life between your ears and below your collar bone. WAKE UP! Guns and cars DON’T kill/maim people. PEOPLE OPERATING them do the killing/maiming. sheesh.

  61. Chick-fil-a’s reaction does NOT surprise me. They are a Christian values based company. They did it because it was the RIGHT thing to do…not to impress anybody…or get their name out in the media for doing it…but just because it was what GOD would want them to do. I applaud you! I LOVE Chick-fil-a and will continue to patronize and support them. They are a company who does not cater or give in to the left’s threats but stand on their beliefs.

  62. You are the one practicing discrimination not Chick-fil-A. Check out the real story not what the fake media is saying Chick-fil-A doesn’t discriminate or ban anyone entering their restaurants. The owners have the right to have their beliefs and religion like you are, just because it is different than yours, is not wrong. Every person who enters a Chick-fil-A is treated the same, and their food is incredible. Too bad more companies weren’t like Chick-fil-A, we would have a lot more happy employees and customers.

  63. Les, I’m behind you 100 percent, I don’t see how anyone with half a brain would even support the left. I have a gunshop and over 16 years I have never had any trouble with customers.

  64. the problem those air heads have is it is damned difficult to get two brain cells to wrap around anything… well except their tiny genitals..

  65. hovers around 40,000. was going down with the heavy emphasis on drunk driving, but is inching back up.. just imagine how many children are killed each year by folks not paying attention to what they are doing.. when you are driving NOTHING is more important than PAYING ATTENTION..

  66. too bad that you do not consult the truth that is available from the government agencies that report things such as;
    The lowest unemployment in 50 years.. the lowest unemployment of Americans of African descent, the lowest unemployment of Americans of Latino descent and those visiting/working/going to school.. hundreds of thousands of job positions going unfulfilled due to businesses expanding and others returning after they left due to billi “the rapist traitor pervert” and kenyan boy’s failed administrations ran them off due to the fact that idiot democrapo ahole politicians can only tax and over regulate something tha they DO NOT understand… remember your buddy, the african pretender said ” you did not build that” and “your job is going away” (like there are unlimited job opportunities in places like Appalachia).. what a giant mistake that the fools that voted for that clown made.. twice!! .. the repairs to the USA will take another 6 GOP presidents to put right again and hopefully the worn out drunken old hore clintoney will be dead… would not be surprised if the morons would still want her to run as she is decaying..

  67. probably true and many are idiot children, inexperienced, immature, uneducated (well except for the communist indoctrination received daily in the USA’s pubic school system and academia of “higher indoctrination”) untrained.. in other words punks.. then other punks get on TV and talk schitt, like little hoggy punk. His mommie and daddy got that little scum bag going early..

  68. Why ar so many of you so-called “Christians” such nazi pigs? Anyone who disagrees with you is an enemy of America? Kiss off!

  69. Kent, she would need to be able to read them, which, going by the very limited vocabulary of her posts, would probably be too advanced for her. She’s just parroting what she hears from her fellow delusional haters.

  70. And how many more were murdered with knives, hammers, cricket bats, vehicles, etc.? Of course the few countries that have enacted gun bans would have less homicides by guns, likewise, even the ridiculously low number of 184 you mention shows that their laws do not prevent criminals from getting guns, and they actually do nothing to prevent homicides with the many other tools available.
    And several of those other countries,as well as states here, have lower homicide rates because of the prevalence of armed citizens. For instance, compare the numbers for California, NY, or Chicago, run by anti-gun lefties, with, say, Texas or Arizona, where especially concealed carry is legal and encouraged. More gun laws would only benefit the fascists that want all disarmed so they can seize control for their own murderous agendas.

  71. Apparently you do not even know the actual facts.

    They do not discriminate against anyone the owner was asked for their personal opinion on a specific subject and since it did not promote the lefts agenda they were falsely accused of discrimination.

    Just like another place where a REPORTER hounded the owner about what they would if a certain laws passed the owner SAFELY REPLIED “I will obey the law if it passes” somehow this instantly equaled their discrimination against someone when the law did not impose or allow discrimination it simply allowed a business to decide if they wanted to do a job or not without being sued over their religious beliefs because of that decision and had not even been voted on yet.

    Thanks to the MEDIA spin on their LAWFUL answer that they would obey a law if it passed they were getting death threats and the other usual leftist terrorist tactics to impose their political agenda and silence those who oppose that agenda.

    The issue is not if they discriminated or not it is the lefts contention that anyone who follows their own beliefs even if it has no effect on their business must be driven into poverty and bankrupted simply because they refuse to promote the lefts ideology as if it was their own.

  72. Joe Shaw; You come on a Conservative web site start acting like a real tough guy and you call others Nazi pigs? It’s YOUR party is the Nazi party and if you can’t stand to hear the truth ,then stay off these sites pal…

  73. Who said they discriminated against anyone? A reporter asked the founder if he believed in gay marriage. He said he believed in marriage between a man and woman. He’s the one who has been discriminated against because of his religious beliefs. He has never voiced any negative words against anyone. And has welcomed all into his business. The LGTB communities got all in their feelings and decided to discriminate against him. Luckily, not all the rainbow communities are so sensitive.

  74. I don’t care about the personal political position of corporate owners. But I do wish more corporations would have taken the same stance as Chick-fil-A did. Our first responders should always feel that we have their backs. They risk their lives daily for you and me. I get to treat the PTSDs that develop in first responders, and not a single one of them hesitated in the line of duty for fear they might develop a PTSD, that can change their lives forever. They just do their jobs as fast and as efficiently as possible, minimizing the risk to us, THE CITIZENS that they protect. So, it would be nice if Walmart and other companies would stand behind them with support when they are called to their area to protect the folks in that area. That is what Chick-fil-A did and it is a wonderful stance of support for our first responders. They should be given a reward for having done it. The Fake Media should do a documentary on how well this was done, and stop finding fault with every “first response” that takes place. They emphasize the negative way too often.

  75. Find your mommy and pacifier, child. You need a diaper change and the pacifier will keep your mouth shut during such until you grow up which it appears will be never.

  76. Truth. The tinkerbells are all fooled by the rhetoric from the USA communist party who’s sole intent has nothing to do with their lies which are being used to establish complete control. What the children cannot comprehend is that, as in all such countries, their “votes” will no longer be needed because said voting will be eliminated and only party members will be selected for positions.

  77. Oh, poor baby…..find your mommy and pacifier or find a set of parents who’ll raise you to adulthood. Your first failed you completely.

  78. Where did you miss it? It’s been all over the place as well as the point as soon as it’s known the media immediately drops the story. SMH…get off CNN and MSNBC.

  79. Their sole intent is absolute control…..nothing else and they’re trying the communist propaganda of any thing that promotes the party cause is not a lie. Much like the use of taqiyya by muslims which is the policy of the Quran that permits them to lie to non-believers.

  80. I believe the article was about Chick-fil-A staying open after hours to feed the first responders. I don’t understand where Vasu Murmi article on gun violence fits into the story…. it is their personal opinion and statistics. Chick-fil-A doesn’t discriminate against anyone. That is a misconception of the liberal left nuts.

  81. Joe “opposes people who practice discrimination under the guise of it being their ‘religious freedom’ and a 1st Amendment right,” and then declares, “I won’t eat at a Chik-fil-A, or whatever their name is.”

    The problem here, Joe, is that Chick-fil-A doesn’t discriminate against anyone. And they have never declared any 1st Amendment right to do so. Chick-fil-A serves anyone who walks in the door, AND they hire anyone who is qualified with no discrimination regarding gender, beliefs, education, color of skin, or any of those other factors that the left likes to say are faults of those on the right and/or Christians. If you don’t want to eat at a CFA, that’s your privilege, but your missing out on some mighty good food just because you have fallen victim to lies about a stellar company.

  82. I completely oppose Chick-fil-A’s stance on marriage equality, appreciate their Sunday closures, though for family-time, not church attendance—whether I do or do not is nobody’s business but my own, perhaps my family’s, certainly not my employer’s, and as strong a progressive and atheist as I am, I honor Chick-fil-A’s support of first responders in this tragedy. We are all a mixed bag; nobody is purely good or purely evil, completely right or wrong, and it is important, I think, to be able to find the best in everyone, to find the common ground and respect the differences. (I don’t eat much fast food, and I don’t think that there is a Chick-fil-A near me, so no question of patronizing or boycotting on any of these issues.)

  83. And how are the owners of Chik-Fil-A’s beliefs about marriage anyone’s business but their own, when they are not discriminating against anyone because of it?
    Intolerant Regressives just fear and hate anyone that doesn’t think and believe just like they do. They virtue signal claiming diversity, yet can not stand true diversity, which is not different skin colors with a single mind, but in diverse ideas and beliefs.

  84. This is why:
    They donated millions to oppose same-sex marriage.
    The fast-food chain is controversial among LGBT+ rights advocates for its anti-same-sex marriage stance. The company has donated millions of dollars to anti-LGBT+ organizations.
    In 2012, Chick-fil-A CEO Dan Cathy ignited a backlash after he said the company was “guilty as charged” for backing “the biblical definition of the family unit.”

  85. So? I dislike a lot of what the left is doing, but I’m not trying to ruin lives over it. That’s just not something rational people do. They have just as much of a right to their beliefs as I do to mine, same as Cathy has has a right to his. Anything less is fascism.

  86. Anyone can have any viewpoint they want; when a CEO uses corporate money, or personal money derived from corporate-based income (at least on a large scale), to promote views that I strongly oppose, I refuse to do business with that corporation. In this case, I am conflicted because Chick-fil-A has done some things that I like, whether for reasons with which I agree or not, and some that I dislike. I don’t see a boycott as ruining anyone’s life.

  87. What the heck? I gave up reading this after the first two paragraphs. Looks like a lot of BS in order to confuse.

  88. Vasu is apparently from an organization that wants to get rid Ameria’s 2nd Amendment and strip the legal ownership of firearms from the peace-loving people who need guns only for hunting or self-defense. WHY? Because people like Vasu want a defenseless populace so the leftists like him can take over. H wants to be like Hitler and all other tyrants so they can wipe out those that oppose them.

  89. I commend Chick-fil-A for being generous and humble SERVANTS and for their BOLDNESS AND COURAGE to stand up for what is right for this country and for what the company stands for!!!

  90. Looks to me like more emphasis should be put on capable adults who are trasined and experienced in handling and use of firearms allowed in positions of responsibility in schools, churches, any where the public comgregates in large numbers ! Do this instead of endangering the American people by making it easy for any government group, foreign or domestic, or even any large group by curbing the ownership of civilian fire arms and the main source of protection for our way of life and government. If we do lose our way on the path set for us by our ancestors and far sighted leaders, and some way our guns are threatened by government confiscation then my firearms and ammunition goes to a militia group. I am 82 years old and definitely will try to prevent the gun grbbers from doing anything against private firearm ownership now or later !

  91. Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot and Hitler confiscated guns from the population. People are still finding the bodies. No army has ever successfully invaded the US, they’re scared to death of citizens with guns. The fact that sociopaths use guns to solve their problems cannot be blamed on the guns. I have a cabinet full of them and none have ever fired themselves.

  92. Chick-fil- A has shown what it truly means to be an American business. Their selfless act is to be applauded, and should be emulated by all of us.

  93. Well, I could have said that with three words, “I’m against guns.” So this is your personal opinion. My opinion is the same as the late great, Charlton Heston. “You’ll have to pry my gun out of my cold dead hands.” I am not trying to force you that hate guns to buy, steal, or carry one. So leave me alone, I will keep my gun, and you can keep your empty gun cabinet. I am not telling you, you’re wrong not to own a gun. So STFU when it comes to me owning one. You have a choice, and I have a choice.

  94. Mental,illness is the main thing that needs to be looked into. Most of the mass murders use guns.knives, trucks, or cars. We can not restrict all of these.



  96. Vasu…….What liberal paper you copied/pasted that from? How much are they paying per word?? This article was about Chick fil aa staying open to help first responders!!
    GOD I despise Trolls!

  97. Their action in this particular matter is or at least seems admirable. I still do not especially care for chicken, that being another matter entirely. Additionally, I do not especially care for business that intertwine or mix legitimate operations and religion, any religion

  98. A 1990 law banning the sale of “Saturday Night Special” handguns in Maryland was associated with reduced use of these guns by criminals, and a 9% lower rate of firearm homicides in the state between 1990-1998 than would have been expected had there been no law. this is one of the articles 1st examples. BANNING the sale of
    saturday nite specials REDUCED by 9%. they were banned how did the 9% appear. just the first of all the mis statements and out right lies written by this anti American, anti Constitution, anti Bill of Rights brain dead lemming. please find the nearest cliff and jump off.

  99. Chick-fil-a is not trying to put its bible on your dinner plate, lol. How silly, that’s a liberal for you, saying something like that. Your showing your true colors. Your not fooling anyone but yourself. Yes Chick-fil-a has a right to freedom of speech believing in all of our Ten Commandments etc. You have a typical “but” in your statement. If you truly believe in Jesus as your savior, you wouldn’t have said that ???? Prayers for you ???? God our father, Lord Jesus Christ will protect Chick-fil-a one way or another from people who twist and turn peoples freedom of speech, to try and hurt businesses like Chick-fil-a. The goodness in people will support Chick-fil-a (Christians and other level headed people of whatever faith) I feel for Chick-fil-a so much. I’m proud of them and all the employees. ???? They just opened up a Chick-fil-a near my home. I’m going there each month to that location to buy and give away Chick-fil-a gift cards to the kind hearted customers who do not judge others like this wonderful business ♥️ I’ll be doing this once a month to support them in as many locations as possible. When you hurt others, you are hurting our Lord. We all have a right to believe or not to believe, with freedom of speech, without someone doing ill will against them.
    People. . .when the shoe is on the other foot, well then it seems to be ok with a liberal. It’s your choice to feel like you do, don’t eat there, that’s your freedom. But why do you feel the need to tell the world that? Some people try to change beliefs in religion. Their are Catholic’s and other Christians who join churches and try to change the religion to how they see fit.
    But in the end of our life on this planet, I believe God our Father will tell me what his will is, I will follow him and not people. In Jesus name, Amen ????????????

  100. The other thing to think about is, we didn’t have as many mass shootings before the libs became so vocal about their agenda to take our guns. They must be behind the nutcases, they must be triggering these guys to further their communist,controlling endgame. Seems obvious to me..

  101. Sophia, you are correct about your statement. I am a gay man who believed that people have the right to the religious belief at all cost why should my rights as a gay man override a religious men’s rights, they shouldn’t, I would fight for his rights is I was supportive of the baker who refused to bake the cake. I saw that article and when the guy started protesting Chick-fil-A my guy friends loaded up in cars and went and bought sandwiches there and continue to. And the other thing these dumb left-wing idiots don’t understand is that the man doesn’t discriminate against gays he just believes in marriage between a man and a woman. That’s his right. And I support that right. And I never was offended.

  102. This whole article is crap. Why the Hell would the ‘left’ be furious at this? They stayed open; big deal. I worked retail and we stayed open when the rare emergency need us to stay open. Highway wreck, fire, etc. It’s the decent thing to do. Let me tell you people something; when we were sandbagging our levees the Red Cross came down with coffee and doughnuts and were SELLING them! Few had carried their wallets with them as getting soaked was likely but that soured me on the Red Cross.

  103. The Catholic Church is the First Church, established by no other than Jesus Christ, Himself. You’re actually the same as the extremist Muslims you claim to hate but too dense to see it. I’ve been to Chic-fil-et and I appreciate they’re being closed on Sunday. Only ONE other Store is closed Sunday around here–Fareway. Best meat with real butchers and they treat their employees well. No religious BS either.

  104. Sorry Jim. The real Nazi’s are Conservatives. Remember when Trump said very good people on both sides in Charlottesville? He was telling the truth for once. I’m way past 70 years old and I’ve seen a lot of things in my Life that aren’t as black and white as some would have them. Vietnam comes to mind, but that’s another story for another time.

  105. I am not entirely disagreeing, but the mentally ill are statistically more likely to be victims than perpetrators. I am not sure why we seem to have so many mass shootings in this country compared to others, where there are factors often cited to be part of the equation: violent media/games, gun ownership, etc. There seems to be something in our USAmerican culture, maybe going back to the Wild West era—we seem to reach for guns and violence to solve any problem. To me, that indicates that we may want to consider changing the culture—helping folks feel more empowered on their own, without the need to reach for a weapon to destroy. IDK. Too big a topic for a blog reply, certainly.

  106. Thank you Chick Fila for the kindness given . . . Such a refreshing CHANGE OF PACE! We need more Companies like yourselves for the SELFLESS way that you serve your communities, especially in Jesus, especially for those in need . . . One Grateful Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  107. Taken from your opening line: A gun in one’s home is 22 times more likely to be used to kill or injure in a criminal assault or homicide than to kill or injure in self-defense.
    Believe me, Lad, if a gun in my home is used to kill or injure in a criminal assault or homicide, said assault/homicide will have been directed at me or a family member and then sure as Democrap it WILL be used to kill or injure in self defense.
    Now go back to watching HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER. That’s easier to understand than your logic

  108. Agreed about the Red Cross (ARC)—those stories of selling coffee go back to my grandfather in WWI. I was part of Occupy Sandy; we set up an Amazon wedding registry to allow folks from anywhere donate something that they knew the volunteers could use. At one point, we tried to set up an independent registry for local businesses, but Amazon’s logistics were in place and it was really hard to recreate anything similar with multiple small businesses.
    I also was part of a countywide Long-Term Recovery Committee—the director of United Way, tired of the various groups dithering about which database to use, gathered the Case Management committee in his office and said to the ARC rep: You and I are the only ones with money; this person needs a new furnace, if we kick in half, can you do the same? It was pitiful to watch the well-meaning but powerless ARC person squirming, needing to get approval, not sure, etc., etc. I never knew much about United Way, but from my experience with Bergen County’s United Way Compassion Fund, I am a supporter now.

  109. Willie, the Catholic church is called the church of Rome because it was founded by Romans that came to believe in Christ. Jesus established his church through his Jewish apostles, who honored God’s appointed holy days and the Saturday Sabbath. Sad that most of mainstream Christianity has been led away from the true church.

  110. Again, all you do is cut and paste a bunch of crap, you have no life bro, your a blowhard and waste of time…….. YOUR HEAD IS GOING TO EXPLODE WHEN TRUMP WINS AGAIN IN 2020 LMAO HAHAHAHAHA

  111. Responsible gun owners (which there is thousands) own safes that cannot be opened by children, etc. A number of responsible gun owners are typically military and/or retired military. The statement that there are hundreds of individuals killed by guns and/or rifles are greater within cities than home towns. Individuals who carelessly drive vehicles without a license or who exceed the speed limits and kill individuals should have their vehicles taken away from them? But, they are allowed to “still” drive vehicles.
    Individuals in schools that are bullies should be removed from schools. These bullies should be evaluated by a psychiatrist to ensure that they do not harm any students, individuals etc. The parents of bullies should be investigated by law enforcement individuals to ensure that guns and rifles are placed in safes and the “bully” is NOT GIVEN the code to open the safe(s).
    To end some of my opinions to this article, I would recommend the following book to read:
    “Why Meadow Died: The People and Policies that Created the Parkland Shooter and Endanger America’s Students”.

  112. Someone asked why the left would be upset at chick fi A for helping….The left is always angry at Anyone doing good..They are a Hate filled party and don’t like Anything they can’t control or perhaps kill to get what they want… WELL DONE CHICK-FIL-A!!!!!!! God Bless You and this GREAT Country……… Keep America Great>

  113. Is that right that over eleven thousand people were murdered last year in the US through the use of a firearm, well it only goes to show you that more innocent people need to be armed. You morons that think by disarming law-abiding citizens will stop all the murders, you are dumber than dirt. Arming every single citizen will drop the murder rate by guns way down by putting fear into the criminals who would attempt to go out and kill. And also because we have so many guns across America we have staved off ideas from other countries about attacking our shorelines, disarming America will bring nothing but death to most of us from foreign powers.
    And to this Joe Shaw fella, you are a small-minded moron as it is with quite a few others who think the way you do. It’s the left who are out to destroy this country, the liberals and the left want to take most of the freedoms you enjoy every day away from you. You and people who think as you would better serve this country if you would dare yourselves to purchase a gun, buy some ammunition, load the gun, then put the barrel to your heads and pull the trigger.

  114. Yep. the real problem is poor parenting for the most part caused by many years of liberal influence on it and education. Too many are raised to old spoiled brats instead of adults.

  115. My bad, I guess it was way back in 2004 that that many people were killed by handguns. Why quote a statistic from fifteen years ago, makes no sense.

  116. Funny I believe most everything reported in this article . no doubt guns are dangerous and the more guns the more deaths even accidently deaths of innocent children . Yet I don’t support taking away the second amendment . You must understand I think governments are even more dangerous than guns .Most of the people that want to take away the guns are the same people that want to give the government more power . The reason I want to keep the guns is to prevent the government from getting to powerful . World history has shown us many fantastic murder rates by powerful governments . That is my reason for keeping the second amendment . Not to make our schools or homes safer . But to keep our country safer from a powerful government .

  117. The Kellerman statistic was debunked decades ago, yet people like you are still using it. That fact alone makes any other statistics you quote questionable.

    Thanks to CFA for stepping up to take care of the first responders. They are a top notch business.D

  118. That is absolutely not true; I am as left-wing as they come, and this makes me respect Chick-fil-A. This is what being a good neighbor is, regardless of philosophy or political party. This is similar to what we Occupy lefties did when Sandy hit the N.Y. metro area*, to what CrowdRescue did for Hurricanes Harvey and María.
    *In fact, some Staten Island police were surprised when we helped them just as we did any other residents experiencing the disaster—but politics does not matter at a time like that, we—both “sides”—can go back to those arguments later, maybe even with a little more acceptance of the other.

  119. What do You need a gun for? A civil war. Why are we the only nation that does not control who gets guns? Because the gun undustry needs your money, not to save lives. Not one nation comes clos to our gun deaths. If there were no guns, The death might be 500. The better Idea? put tyhe Bible back in the schools. Back then, we only worried about Nukes. It is funny, but we will end up being nuked, likely this Year The Bible Predicts it in Revelation 18, What will you AR- 15 stand up to that? Likely melted to nothing

  120. Actually the “author” of this novella is only a “cut-and-paste” something (definitely not an artist), with an IQ very close to MINUS 1023, eh ?

  121. Vasu Murti, get your facts straight.
    Guns don’t kill people, PEOPLE kill people.

    Crime statistics from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) show that more people were killed with hammers and clubs than with rifles of every kind in 2017.According to the Uniform Crime Report, 467 people were killed with “blunt objects (hammers, clubs, etc.),” while 403 were killed were rifles.The FBI report also reveals that 692 people were killed with “personal weapons” like “hands, fists, feet, etc..” and that is higher than thenumber of people killed with rifles and shotguns combined.On May 21, 2014, Breitbart News reported FBI numbers showing that more people were killed with hammers and clubs than rifles in 2011.More people were killed with fists and feet than with rifles and shotguns combined in 2012.On June 16, 2016, Breitbart News reported FBI numbers showing more than twice as many people were beaten to death with fists and feet in2014 than were shot to death with rifles of every kind.

    If Democrats are for LIFE in America, then WHY do Democrats support MURDERING UNBORN BABIES?


  122. The food is good, the place is clean, the people are super friendly. The owner spoke out about his religious beliefs one day, and all hell broke loose. The man believes that a man should not lay with a man etc. But he hires gays. Does that make him Homophobic? He, like myself, believes that God will judge each of us by what we do in this life. What the gay man does is between himself and God. What the owner does is between himself and God. So why do you attack him? He is not attacking you! You have your beliefs and he has his. No harm is being done, except by you.


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