Chick-fil-A made a stunning announcement in response to backlash from loyal customers


Chick-fil-A is on shaky ground lately.

Many customers and supporters of the company felt it was straying from its Christian foundation.

But Chick-fil-A made a stunning announcement in response to backlash from loyal customers.

Chick-fil-A has become an important symbol in the culture war.

Not only does the restaurant chain offer great food and services, it represents a successful Christian institution that can stand up to the incessant bullying of various leftist lobbies.

But Christian support for the organization was shaken when the company finally bent the knee to the leftist outrage mob and said it would no longer donate money to the Salvation Army and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes because of their stance on biblical values.

It was also revealed that under the leadership of a newly hired liberal executive, the company donated money to the Southern Poverty Law Center, which is nothing more than a corrupt institution that targets all enemies of the Left.

But American Family Association (AFA) President Tim Wildmon got clarification from Chick-fil-A president Dan Cathy, and his response might be a relief for Christians.

LifeSiteNews reports:

“As you have seen, recently we announced changes to our giving strategy at the Chick-fil-A Foundation,” wrote Cathy in his December 5, 2019 response. “These changes were made to better focus on hunger, homelessness and education. We understand how some thought we were abandoning our long-standing support of faith-based organizations.”

“We inadvertently discredited several outstanding organizations that have effectively served communities for years,” continued Cathy.

“Some also questioned if our commitment to our Corporate Purpose was waning. Let me state unequivocally: It is not,” he added. 

Wildmon said that Cathy’s response “was a welcomed clarification.”

“It appears that Mr. Cathy understands how many evangelicals perceived the company’s decision, as he stated that these Christian groups were ‘inadvertently discredited,’” said Wildmon. “The fact that Dan Cathy called these two Christian groups ‘outstanding organizations’ will mean a lot to evangelicals.”

It appears Chick-fil-A learned from its mistake of caving to the Left.

There will never be enough appeasement.

They only go after targets that will cater to them, so don’t take the bait.

Can Chick-fil-A fully reverse course after their recent misstep?

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  2. Any bending of the knee to the left is wrong!! Chick-Fil-A should stick with those who have supported it and leave no doubts as to where they stand. The Salvation Army is an outstanding servant of the poor and downcast. They deserve support to the fullest.

  3. We as Christians are taught to forgive others if they ask for forgiveness. BUT, I will do further research to see who they will be donating to first. Yes, it is their choice who they donate to. But you can’t claim to be a Christian based company and then donate to the alphabet people’s organizations too. Plus, so many of us stood up for CFA when the Leftists and the alphabet people were picketing them. Then, because they wanted to open on college’s grounds, they caved in and supported the Leftists which betrayed us. ” Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me”.

  4. Some person and groups are just never satisfied. Offer the LGBT community one inch and they will not settle until they get ten thousand miles AND destroy everyone who was willing to TRY to compromise with them. They are complaining about Gay Wedding Cakes YET don’t seem to appreciate that they are in America where they can be free to be themselves, to openly be Gay or whatever, all the while Gays and Lesbians in other countries such as most of the middle east face torture and/or death just for being Gay. They SHOULD thank GOD that they are not in one of those other countries and appreciate this land and stop trying to bash Christians who never lifted a hand to them! Moslems throw Gay persons off high buildings to teach them not to be Gay and this seems to never be addressed by the official LGBT community in the Western World. Many have it far worse than those in America, Canada and the UK. Thank GOD you are in the USA and stop complaining about stupid things such as wedding cakes!

  5. NEWSFLASH: The Cathy family was in bed with the Southern Poverty Law Center back in 2012! This was years before the Patriarch of the family passed. Having a ‘newly hired liberal executive’ ain’t going to excuse it this time. The liberal executive is a convenience to use as a scapegoat, to cover for Chick Fil-A’s original transgressions. It just goes to show that CFA just doesn’t trust God to the level expected, because if they had, the blessings would have continued WITHOUT surrendering to the Dark Side, which apparently they did. I do not read their statement to AFA as an apology; just another shuffling of feet, beatin’ around the bush maneuver. I’m done with CFA; they have NOT repented, they have continued down the same road and not looked nor turned back. They are history to me.

  6. KimothyAnn; Thank you for sharing this information. I never fully did research on what all their money was being donating to. Especially what the Southern Poverty Law Center actually represented. That falls on me.
    You are correct. I am also done with CFA. As I have written before, our Popeyes has great chicken sandwiches which are bigger and better than CFA’s .And cost much less. I don’t need CFA… Thank you again….

  7. I am still not going to eat st CFA anymore. They betrayed their string customers. They need to fire their now CEO, try to ask for forgiveness, and stop supporting liberal, atheist causes. CFA sold out for profits. I feel very bad fir the kind employees and seemingly Christian managers. A friend of mine was there before he had heard of CFA seek out to the world and the flesh. He saw five teen mails come in with Popeyes Chiken. They quietly ate, then got up and left. Now that was a good protest. Not 15 people outside with signs that gets international news coverage. I haven’t been back since they dumped Salvation Army and FCA.

  8. Yup as long as chik foul us does not renounce the evil it supports and refuses to give to wickedness anymore no honest person will buy from them ever again.

  9. You just now woke me up to trying the Popeye’s chicken sandwich. Didn’t even think to try them out, and they have a restaurant in my town – about a block from CFA, too! Now…if Popeyes could rev up some great chicken soup to compete with CFA, then we have something to help us heal from losing CFA. The kids that work for CFA are so wonderful; it is a loss to not do business with them! I will miss that!

  10. KimothyAnn; You are correct about CFA’s employees. They have always been polite , kind and an all around asset for CFA.Never had one that was rude.
    Now, I want to tell you, I have heard both bad and good about different Popeyes. But ours is great! Truthfully they are much better than CFA’s. It was so popular they had to stop selling their chicken sandwiches for awhile. But when it came back, the lines to get in was astounding ! Sometimes you had to wait for an hour to get your order…
    Hope yours won’t disappoint you !!

  11. I Corinthians 6:9-11 (KJV) says, “Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived; neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor homosexuals, nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God. And such were some of you.” Paul condemns fornication alongside homosexuality in the very same verse. Paul’s words in I Corinthians 6:9-11 indicate that coming to Christ means giving up fornication, too. I’ll take the conservative Christian opposition to LGBT rights seriously when the condemn fornication alongside homosexuality just as strongly.

  12. No more “Salvation Army” Or “Fellowship Of Christian Athletes” but support for “Southern Poverty Law Center???”

    No way!

  13. Fornication is BAD. It leads to abortion.
    People should wait to have sex until after they’re married – not before.

  14. When CFA repents for hiring a left-winger to run their company and returns to their original Christian foundation I will gladly go back to eating there.

  15. Vasu, why do you quote the Bible??? You have no concept of what it teaches. That is very obvious. You have no clue that there is only ONE kind of Chrisitian…one that has accepted Jesus as the Lord of their Life and follows Him. PERIOD. There is no such thing as a liberal Christian. The dems threw God out and follow satan

  16. People shouldn’t wait to be married in order to have sex, rather, they should get married before they have sex. Marriage is something that people choose when to do, so it’s not a matter of waiting.

  17. Liberals are the ones who made Chick Fil A a symbol of the culture war. The owners intended it to be about selling food to customers, not about their personal beliefs.

  18. I am going to have a hard time going back to CFA. Not sure what Mr. Cathy was thinking, doesn’t he watch the left and their tactics. Give them an inch and they think they deserve a “Mile”! I will stay away until this perceived wrong in my eyes is corrected!

  19. I have always supported Chick-fil-A. However with this happening your actions are going to have to speak louder than their words before they ever get another dime out of me.

  20. It is a simple thing to fix. Fire the guy. CFA either knew about his liberal desires or they were fooled. It only takes one bad apple…….

  21. I am done with them. They used my money to support (or not support) causes that I cannot condone.
    Southern Poverty Center? And the Author condones THAT?
    Chick Filet is off my list, permanently.
    And that is the name of that tune.
    They have succumbed to the dark side with a LIBERAL Executive. No hope for them. now.
    AndI openly supported them when the left was protesting them, now, they ARE the left.

  22. One does not forgive the Devil nor appeasements are worthy To Satan he will always shaft you as fake sheep…the wolves in sheep’s clothing
    Do not cast your pearls before the swine
    Remember not everyone that says “Lord,Lord, did we not do all these things in Your Name?” Will be saved

  23. I am ok about what they did with Salvation Army. It’s HARD to decide what charities are a priority.
    BUT, SPCL? UH UH. Not one dime to support that hate group.

  24. That statement by the Chick-Fil-a is a worthless apology. They have compromised and not apologized, nor repented. It was a statement of appeasement only. How spiritually blind are the hopeful Jews who believed Hitler’s promise of relocation only to take them to the Gas Ovens. When are Christians going to realize we are in a Spiritual War and those who bow to spiritual, political and social justice warriors will sell their souls for profit / gain. Wake up Christians and open your Spiritual eyes before you join those who are walking into Hell at the end of their lives.

  25. Oh, they decided to do an about face, too late. You just showed us your true colors. Just waited long enough to become successful and cave in to the left. I think, you were in bed with them all along. Just my observation.

  26. Anything or anyone that does not lift up the name of Gods son (Jesus) shall be destroyed. Including,entire nations.Repentance is personal with God as it signifys a desire for change and a true relationship with the one true God. Yeshua,the Father,Son,and Holy Ghost are all one and salvation is still a free gift.

  27. Dan Cathy did not renounce the SPLC only mumbled some words about how wonderful their organization is. I’m done with them. I was one of those who supported them when the Left boycotted. Let the Left support them now.

  28. Hear, hear! Salvation Army is a fine noble organization in the best Christian tradition. God bless them!

  29. All sin is morbid and unclean and we all do it day in and day out. 2 nd chronicles 7:14 avoid it at all cost as it destroys the health of ones body and the soul as well. PROVEN !

  30. “Vasu, why do you quote the Bible??? You have no concept of what it teaches.”

    Because he is NOT who he claims to be! It’s called “CYA” and he is trying another angle, now. His other venture didn’t work out so well!

  31. Seems to me that many of the so called Christian’s on here have forgotten the fact that Christians are to forgive others. In fact in the Lord’s Prayer, they are asking for forgiveness as they forgive others. We are told to turn the other cheek.
    Every single person has sinned in one way or another and they do so daily. Seems to me if they want forgiveness, then they better start forgiving. We wouldn’t want them to be hypocritical, too, would we? Who are we to JUDGE CFA? I seem to recall being told Judge not, lest ye be judged and he who is without sin cast the first stone (in judgement…). Just sayin…

  32. Their biggest mistake is hiring a low life liberal to run things………..they are now doomed. The donation to the SPCL proves that…………….we will no longer buy Chick Fil A……..millions of people are Done with them now.

  33. Certainly not happy about the support of any such leftist group by this great place to eat, and always thought of as a Christian owned business. Very sorry they chose the support such leftist groups or establishments. My “eating” goes to other places now, until there is more clarification!

    stances of various issues. Did you not marry someone, or not go with out with someone because of one thing that you disagree on ? You logically have to look at the total picture to make a decision. Look at all the other things too. I guess if there are more things that you disagree with then – then you say you don’t “like”. If you are focused on one thing alone – then you are narrow minded ( hardly liberal then because liberal in the true sense means you accept to disagree and go on – live and let live ) Today’s bigots are liberals focused on one idea alone and they is no discussion or interchange of ideas. They are right and you are wrong – end of story. Liberals used to be people who listen, considered, and could even change their minds – not any more ! I wish all these people were as perfect as they think they are – we would have a
    perfect world and peaceful lives.

  35. Beware the liberal Christian movement.Chrislam is the new header that combines the two.Sadducee,If you practice it you will be sad u see ! Many will !

  36. That was only words. What actions did they take? There is no appeasing the left. They keep pushing for more and more. They need to cut ties to the Southern Poverty Law Center immediately. Big mistake supporting them. The new CEA should be evaluated. His character seems not to match their traditional values. Mr. Cathy should make some binding rules while he can. Not suggestions or empty words.

  37. Here you are worrying about politics. I don’t care who they give their charitable contributions to.
    They offer great food at reasonable prices. That is what I want. What they do after that is their business. If you want to promote leftist propaganda them don’t buy their product. If you want good food buy their offerings or go somewhere else.
    It is not about the alphabet, democrats, or anything else. It’s simple so don’t fall for this b.s. Let them do business in a free market where you decide what you want,. Nobody is forcing you to do anything out of the [email protected]!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. All of you supposed Christian folks who are so quick to shout your anger over something that you don’t agree with. Did any of you stop to think that just maybe this was God’s plan to accomplish something He felt was a better plan. I’m not happy that they decided to remove two good groups that they were supporting before and needed their donations but maybe, just maybe He has a bigger & better plan. We have no idea what God has planned for any part of this situation. Always remember that God works in mysterious ways & that we have no idea what His plans are. He is in control and is working on this situation even when all of you are complaining & griping and threatening to stop eating there. I don’t like what they did either but I know that my God knows what He is doing so I will continue to trust Him.

  39. We’ll see what happens . . . Let’s grant them GRACE! Jesus did. and, not only for Chick Fila, but for ALL of us as well. “Without HIM, I would be NOTHING . . .” as the old Mylon LeFevre song goes. Without HIM, I’d be in hell, deserving EVERY MINUTE of it. I’ll be in HEAVEN instead. Thank God for HIS Amazing Grace! Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  40. It sure feels like the whole country is leaning toward the devil and talking our Lord out of the picture. I’m not convienced Chick-Fil-A has changed it’s way but I have mine. Goodbye Chick-Fil-A

  41. Old saying….never give an inch or the other side will take a mile and that is especially true in politics which is also stated never compromise with a group like the left when you know you’re right. Each time you do you lose something of your values.

  42. We as a country have caved in to the “Lunacy” of the left for to long, Its all about control, not causes, when you cave in to them it just opens the door for more demands. It is time to tell them the Real people in this country have had enough, so they need to sit down and Shut Up

  43. Since when does the Southern Poverty Law Center work in support of the poor? They are nothing more than a more radical group than even the ACLU and exist on money collected from law suits directed at so-called Christian ‘hate groups’ who bring to light biblical abominations.

  44. I’m sorry but that is NOT enough. [I’m not really sorry, I’m more disgusted and sad].

    No matter what Chick-fil-A (CFA) writes or says about the Christian organizations, the FACT of the matter is that they donated money to the SPLC which is actually a racist hate group that wants to remove Christianity from American heritage and wants to persecute and limit Christian influence in culture by thwarting Christianity.

    It is one thing to want to focus on hunger, homelessness, and poverty, which MANY Christian organizations do. But to focus on these through leftist organizations is an OUTRAGE and CFA’s actions speak louder than their words.

    No deal with me CFA. You are wrong and you are still OUT in my book. And I also believe that the vast majority of Christians (evangelicals or otherwise) will not be fooled by these placating words and are smart enough to know that this is NOT ENOUGH.

    Bye bye.

  45. C., Chick-Fil-A CLAIMED to be a Christian organization, but they support SPLC which is very anti-Christian. It has nothing to do with forgiveness. I thought my money was going to Christian charities but they betrayed me. There is no way I want my money going to SPLC. If I eat there I am supporting a vile organization

  46. The Southern Poverty Law Center is, simply put, a leftist professional (I use the term loosely) smear organization. Equally simply put, I will NOT patronize Chick-Fil-A as long as they give so much as one dime to that discredited organization of leftist radicals.

  47. Nancy, the SPLC is extremely vile and anti-God. It is very simple. CFA is not what they claimed to be. They have turned their backs on God and support satan. There is a great battle waging between God and his people and satan and his people. satan is gaining ever more of a foothold. Did you stop to think that maybe it isn’t God who is doing this, but satan?? I don’t want any of my money going to support satan

  48. Words … what actions were taken to remedy the outage to Salvation Army and Athletes for Christ OR
    separation to SPLC ?

  49. Perhaps they should have been more careful who they chose to be their president if they want to continue their Christian commitment. Never should they have chosen the SPLC in place of fine organizations who do wonderful ministry to the poor regardless of what they believe.

  50. They haven’t asked for forgiveness, because all they are doing is trying to deceive us Christian folks, They stopped supporting the Salvation Army, and that is the best place to donate to, the people that work there don’t make a big salary, and they help people out when they are in dire need.. I won’t be fooled by Chick fil a, Hallmark, The Virginia Governor that is pretending that he isn’t going to take the Virginia residents guns or any democrats, I am through with all of them, they will try to get you when you are least expecting it..

  51. You are on to them….any compromise with a liberal is simply a matter of us LOSING. As you point out, the second you concede anything, they simply move on to the next demand.

  52. Agree, Something you might realize that Conservative Democrats eaten at Chick File A and are conservative Christians and you will loose some of them, better get a CEO, Or start opening on Sunday so you think you can attract the no believers to eat GOOD LUCK With that. Better get bigger chicken in sandwich, an cheaper they don’t like spending their money, just yours.

  53. We are not judging, the owners of CFA said what they were doing, we are all testing the fruit, that is not judging, I will never support the LGBT group, if I do then I am as guilty as they are, yes we all have sinned and come short of the glory of God, but if we ask him for forgiveness he will forgive, Chick fil a didn’t ask for forgiveness, all they are doing is trying to deceive us.

  54. See what happens when you admit a liberal to your staff, especially in a management position, they totally take over and push their liberal ways. Sorry CFA took this road. Unless they get rid of this liberal they will be done. One liberal hires others and there goes your credibility. Sorry CFA you have some choices to make it you want to prove your Christian roots. It’s a shame because you have great people working for you. Unfortunately this will also change when that liberal hires more liberals instead of the good people you have now. Liberalism is a cancer to all it touches.

  55. If Chick-Fil-A wants to fix this quit making donations lower there prices and put up signs suggesting customers donate the savings to a charity of there choice.

  56. bj; Quite correct. We have been deceived and betrayed and supported them when they didn’t deserve it. If it’s their choice to support SPLC and other anti-Christian originations then it’s my choice not to support them with my business….

  57. We’ll see. When you hire a leftist, you get their point of view and politics. I’m glad that CFA has been holding to its stated values. I’m not a huge fan of their chicken as their breading is too sweet for my taste, but otherwise, I’m rooting for them wholeheartedly.

  58. There appears to be obviously more to this debate than simply who makes the best chicken sandwich. Chick-Fil-A at one time came out publicly in support of Christian principles, and now, in a variety of ways, has signaled something else is more important–or threatening. The statement that the company ‘is an important symbol in the culture war’, in the introductory material, is at the essence of the debate. It appears it has now, after standing up to a great deal of criticism for taking its position, thrown up a white flag in the face of either new sources of, or increased intensity from, its opposition; aligning itself with an organization which is renown for its targeting of ‘hate groups’, among which are some who back Christianity. It is the apparent defection of yet another ‘culture warrior’ which should concern Christians.

  59. Nope. SPLC IS NOT ACCEPTABLE. I LIVE IN THE SOUTH AND I KNOW WHAT THIS LEFTIST GROUP IS! I have NOT been back to Chick and probably will not. They are not the only chickens in town!

  60. When 2% of the population controls the narrative for the rest of the population then we no longer have our freedom, we have fascism. The SPLC is a leftist organization while the Salvation Army has help helped people of all races and colors for their entire existence. I was extremely disappointed in Chicks-Fil-A’s decision.

  61. I have not eaten at chick fillet since they cut off funding for Christian causes, and started funding the evil left. I will not support them any longer. They would not be where they are if not for their Christian support. They abandoned their values. They abandon their customers.

  62. Not everyone can accept this word, but only those to whom it has been given. For there are eunuchs who were born that way, and there are eunuchs who have been made eunuchs by others—and there are those who choose to live like eunuchs for the sake of the kingdom of heaven. The one who can accept this should accept it. (Matthew 19:11-12)

  63. I truly don’t think they can until they give the money back to The Salvation Army and other christian groups they don’t give money to anymore. Get rid of that liberal executive and make an announcement that you will undo what was done and explain why money was given to SPLC and other liberal anti christian groups.

  64. I will no longer patronize the chain until they divest themselves from the SPLC which is an evil extreme leftist hate group against Christians and all those with traditional American family values. The new liberal leadership must go.

  65. Chic Fil A is wrong on so many levels. My husband and I were very loyal customers until they changed and catered to the left. Not to be taken in with their meally mouth explanations. I see their wish washiness as instability at the helm

  66. Amen to that. I’m with you Betty. Chick Fil A has lost me as a customer. They have bent under pressure from the radical Left. They are no longer who they once were so I will no longer spend my money with Chick-Fil-A.

  67. I dont appreciate buissnes and people like the ones running chic.fil. a playing me for a fool every one should be aware of false preachers,teachers and false prophets and I believe chic fil a is a example they are after our money just like any other business but most of them don’t lie and to my understanding chic fil a has told us a lie don’t be fooled by their actions and remarks backing out like a worm in hot ashes I my self I will no longer dine at any chic fil a well for what it’s worth
    No body’s fool

  68. I will not go back to Chik-FilA until they start giving money to God! I am voting for President Trump! President Trump is God! Liberals can Suck It! Trump/Putin 2020 !

  69. I mainly supported them because of their christian values…what they have done is very disturbing…I feel this is just the beginning with new managemant that does not reflect the traditional values that the elder Mr. Cathy had.I will no longer go out of my way to buy their product..they have good product,but so do some others..I think this is the tip of the iceberg and other liberal managemant changes will occur. I’m opening sunday will be in the future…..good luck & God speed!

  70. POTUS Trump, as good as he and his Cabinet is, isn’t God. But he is doing God’s WILL by The POTUS and his staff being submitted to HIM. I thank GOD everyday for this WONDERFUL leader he has given us. They are ALL GREAT people. – One Grateful Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  71. Kenneth, the Bible says that satan will rule for a time and the dem party threw God out and are on board with satan. Guess no one told them that God wins and satan loses

  72. There are other places that serve good chicken. I found a couple other good chicken places and our local pizza restaurant has awesome chicken

  73. Kayley, so it is okay with you that they are giving money to the vile SPLC??? I sure don’t want any of my money going to that evil organization. I am done with CFA

  74. The salvation army is a Christian organization Southern Poverty is a anti Christian organization . Acts and deeds count more than words Chikfil can do what they want to and so can I

  75. The salvation army is a Christian organization Southern Poverty is a anti Christian organization . Acts and deeds count more than words Chikfil can do what they want to and so can I So anti Christian southern poverty gets their blessing rather than the salvation Army .If the Chik-fila board approves this management decision of their new CEO it is their choice . Forgetting about this is my choice .

  76. If working with poor people is one of their goals, they certainly didn’t do very good research in regard to the SPLC. Someone must have seen the word “Poverty” in the title and thought it sounded good. I suspect, however, that the lefty in charge of their philanthropy program knew exactly what he was doing and hid it from Cathy. Chick-fil-A may need to shake up it’s executive ranks.

  77. I don’t know how authoritative your information is, but it would be interesting to know if they had a sudden drop in patronage. Is there anyone out there with actual facts and figures?

  78. KimothyAnn and Linda M., The tragedy is that if their business falls off, a lot of those wonderful young people will lose their jobs. But consider that Chick-fil-A is a business run by people who want to make money. If business gets bad enough, they now have the customer feedback they need to mend their ways. It will take some effort and promotion on their part to get some of us who used to be regular customers back in their stores, but it can happen. It’s up to them which charities they support, but they would be better off if they avoided the SPLC and similar groups.

  79. I haven’t eaten there since they caved! SPLC??? what’s up with that? They need to get rid of liberal CEO! Still won’t eat there! Disappointed in Cathey’s explanation. The fact has not changed that they caved to this minority, liberal group.

  80. If Chick-fil-A stands on its Christian values and beliefs, and once again recognizes the Salvation Army and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes as worthy causes, then they should be forgiven, and at the same time, their newly hired liberal executive understands this and accepts it.

  81. He also didn’t confirm or deny the allegations of any and such assistance to the Southern Poverty Law Center.
    That is an egregious offense to Christians and Conservatives for their abominable representation of the law and moral values.

  82. I never would have tried Popeyes but I did and it wasn’t as goof a chiks but it wasn’t bad. I’ve never been big on change and my wife of 54 years is always telling me I should venture out and try new things. I hope Chik goes back to where they were on this thing because I’m craving a chicken sandwich and Popeyes is just across the street from the CF I go to.

  83. Sir’s, in response to this mess,I will not support your business as long as you support the Gay community.This business was founded on Godly principles & donating to Christian organizations.If this continues God will take his hand off your business & you will be found wanting .Till you change your ideas I will not eat @ your restaurants & let my friends know not to eat there also,and I will be letting my friends on FB know about your scheme A little to late my friend.
    In his name
    Tom & Chery Brown

  84. They hired a liberal in a high ranking position. That’s where they went wrong. It’s over for them in my book. This is just throwing us a bone, and a slap in the face. We are not stupid.

  85. Chick has had outstanding support from the Christian community. When a boycott was attempted recently by the extreme progressive left, the traffic jams to support Chick were incredible. It took hours to get an order.
    I strongly suggest that the Board of Directors fire the liberal who chose to support the SPLC, a most anti -american organization. God Bless the USA.

  86. It’s not what the Company says that courts; it’s what it does. As long as it gives money to enemies of democracy and religious liberty such as SPLC, I’m done with it. I also don’t pay as much attention to what politicians say as I do to what they do.

  87. Time to recognize that hiring the liberal executive and supporting the SPLC was a big mistake! Doesn’t sound as if the Cathy family have cleaned this up yet.

  88. I agree. Basically talk is cheap. Actions speak volumes & actions show your true intentions.
    Their actions show they have caved to the pressures of the Left. My actions will be not to spend another penny for any Of their products until they prove by their actions that they aren’t supporting Left/liberal organizations.

  89. Jim I agree. Basically talk is cheap. Actions speak volumes & actions show your true intentions.
    Their actions show they have caved to the pressures of the Left. My actions will be not to spend another penny for any Of their products until they prove by their actions that they aren’t supporting Left/liberal organizations.



  92. Forgiveness is only possible if you are willing to admit that you are wrong. Until that happens, forgiveness is not even on the table.

  93. If Chick-fil-A is giving money to the SPLC, then it has become a disgusting tool of the anti-Christian Left. This knowledge will make me vomit at the taste of a chicken sandwich.

  94. No where in Dan Cathy’s comments does he say they will still support Salvation Army. His “clarification” read like a political statement to me: Bunch of words with no substance. I am still not sure about Chick-fil-A.

  95. Nancy, if the Chick supports SPLC, the wheels are coming off their wagon. It’s a free country for them to do so, and it’s my right to tell them to go pound sand. With that sick action they have taken, they are now in the soros/kaeperscum class of America haters, and I will shun them henceforth until they expunge the rot from their ranks, though probably not then as I have been a loyal customer as long as they have been cooking chicken, and feel deeply betrayed. They can now shuck coins from the loonie left as they are lost in my contrails.

  96. Do not donate or support SPLC. SPLC is Anti-America and crooked as Hell and supports LGBTQ all the time

  97. There is still the donation to a left wing group – SPLC . WHY ? Please Cathy explain that ! Why was a liberal hired to make decisions for Chick fil a ??

  98. Not really. I’m taking a wait-and-see attitude. Until I hear “we are resuming our charity giving to Christian Athletes and the Salvation Army NOW,” I will not return for meals.

  99. I used to go to Chick-fil-A quite often, but no more. I feel they have caved. I’m not judging them, that’s for God alone to do, but as it says in the Bible “Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.”

  100. I WAS a STRONG fan of Chic-Fil-A until thy pulled that crap! I haven’t visited one since! Their clarification/apology hasn’t done much to fix that screw-up! SPLC! Ya gotta be kiddin’ me!

  101. I haven’t been to a chick-fil-a, since they caved. I use to at least 2 times a week. now maybe once a month if that. Sad. sold out.


  103. We are Liberal Democrats who also happen to be prolife for some fifty years. We practice our views not only by marching and picketing and writing letters but also by helping prolife groups especially prolife pregnancy centers which try to help pregnant mothers and their unborn babies.

    We have always been happy to frequent Chick-fil places because here was a prolife business which was not afraid to take pro human being stances. Then what happened?

    As for Salvation Army, this is a good organization with whom we have some conflicts. But they deserve our support.

    As for Southern Poverty Law Center, at one time this was a great defender of civil rights. But then something happened, especially in dealing with moneys and people. There have been several expose media articles about this group, If I was advising Chick-fil, I would tell them be very careful about providing funds to the Center until they clean up their problems.

    Take care. God bless you all.
    Joseph Patrick Meissner, Prolife attorney for the poor
    [email protected] Please comment.

  104. Yes, Chick-fil-A made a mistake and most of the franchise owners are dismayed over the corporate headquarters lack of judgement in this case. Hopefully, the CFA leaders learned a crucial lesson to not bend to the left However most of you say you are now eating at other Fast Foods like Popeyes and Bojangles. Do you know who they donate to? Where are they sending their profits? What are their christian values? You are hypocritical to say you will no longer eat at Chick-fil-A and go somewhere else without bothering to find out what your new chicken place believes, supports or donates to. Chick-fil-A is still the most supportive business of christian values and causes in our city. We should give them a second chance and still support the local CFA franchise owners who probably have the same christian values we value and probably do not support their corporation’s detour of poor judgement.

  105. Hmmm, Not enough. What they need to do is think about this, “the proof is in the pudding!”
    Make a substantial donation to the two organizations you turned your back on and make that public and I’ll return to your eating establishment. Until then, I’m done…I ate there 2-4 times per week. I haven’t returned since.

  106. Hmmm, Not enough. What they need to do is think about this, “the proof is in the pudding!”
    Make a substantial donation to the two organizations you turned your back on and make that public and I’ll return to your eating establishment. Until then, I’m done.

  107. CFA did good at one time but, when they got in cahoots with the crooked low life Libs, all we can say is that we wish you to go flat broke on your *ss and take puky-putrid KFC with you.

  108. Chick Fil A is an important business and cultural icon for our Christian Constitutional Republic. They must salt and light to this rebellious generation because of their great service I received the other day. This business can succeed under persecution IF it stays its original values and fight their good fight of faith and values.

  109. The well worded clarification must be followed with action before it can fulfill their promise to continue supporting faith based charities!

  110. CFA needs to repent and change without being in fear especially if they really put their trust in the Bible, What Christ was, is and will be
    Not everyone who says, “Lord, Lord…” will enter the kingdom….look at the mirror and within your soul …look at those canker worms….

  111. Remember the people who serve there . . . They have treated me well. I will wait and see what Chick FilA does. I will still grant Grace. God did it to me and I wasn’t really a saint (I’ve still got faults) until I got BORN AGAIN. It’s only through God’s grace that I’m included in his righteousness (Thank God for his Amazing Grace). Pray for them. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  112. The Chick-fil-A comment here sounds like disingenuous garbage. SPLC has nothing to do with hunger or homelessness. If Chick-fil-A is donating to this corrupt group, they have truly lost their way.

  113. “The fact that Dan Cathy called these two Christian groups ‘outstanding organizations’ will mean a lot to evangelicals.”

    SO WHAT ???
    They haven’tchanged their policy.
    So I’m not changing mine — I’ve stopped frequenting Chick-Fil-A.

  114. I liked them as a Christian organization but being from the south, as it were, I like Popeye’s more and even tried to many years ago to get them to establish a business here in the home of KFC, and it’s going gangbusters.

  115. Only recently has CFA opened a store here in North Ohio that is close enough to visit. We first visited a CFA while on a vacation down South. While i am admittedly not 24/7 connected CFA still does the right thing because it is the right thing to do. Have tried Popeyes but prefer CFA. Will continue to support CFA with my dollars until it is proven that they no longer truly support their often stated Christian position.

  116. Vasu & Christopher:
    – Leviticus 20.13. God: If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.
    – Shlomo Amar Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem 2016: “Homosexuals are a cult of abomination. The Torah punishes it with death.”
    – There is NO gay problem in Iran and other Muslim countries where they are punished by execution. So why do WE in the US have to put up with the LGBT Gaystapo?

  117. The Sothern Poverty Law Center is a blantly obvious and well documented Progressive Liberal organization that has the goal of atacking and tearing down Christian Groups and Institutions and their followers at every opportunity. As long as CFA gives a penny to them, CFA will not get a penny from me. On the other hand, The Salvation Army, a Christian organization, is at the forefront of the “war” on homelessness. CFA’s explanation of why they switched who they support as hollow as it gets.

  118. Simple question: When are they going back to supporting the groups they used to support, such as the Salvation Army, and break their relationship with SPLC and other far left groups? Cathy’s statement said nothing about these questions. They are going to lay low and hope this passes. It won’t.

  119. Southern Poverty Law Center is an enemy of the left. Any monies targeted for them should be immediately withdrawn and not another dime given to them. The organizations that were INADVERTENTLY removed, Fellowship of Christian Athletes and Salvation Army and any others not named should be restored to their former status. Anything less will be an admission that Chick-Fil-A is moving to the left. Mr. Cathy would be turning over in his grave if he could be aware of this action by his company. This is what it would take to regain my support as well as many of my Christian Friends.

  120. Seems to me that if we stop buying what they sell will not have money to donate to anyone, Christian or other.

  121. My question is why in the first place would a Christian based business even hire a strong liberal
    Any dummy would know being liberal there would be changes made towards that direction

  122. John M….They have been proven to support SPLC which is very anti-Christian. Do you really want to support the SPLC???

  123. Southern Poverty Law Center is a shill leftist litigious group that stifles corporate support for conservative causes! Shame on Chick Fil A for supporting them! Unfortunately, SPL specializes in shaking down orgs for money threatening bad press based on made-up allegations and friviolous lawsuits! Glad they will give money again to the good orgs they used to so are holding the line against the radical leftist, Dem-Rat lesbian driven lobby of morally degenerate Dem-Wits who was largely against the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, etc!
    Sad reality is that since the passing of S. Truett Cathy in 2014, Chick-Fil-A’s founder and rightist stalwart, Chick-Fil-A ceased to listen to cutomers nor keep faith with their menu options like carrot salad that made their fried chicken restaurant unique so I no longer go there! There are many good fried chicken fastfood restaurants in the U.S. South! They had a real niche in their original menu options that they won’t allow local franchise owners to keep and I tried complaining with no response! The fact that they even give money to SPL tells me I made the right decision and their food isn’t as wholesome as it used to be with their salads greatly overpriced for what you can get elsewhere for good, comparable chicken salads!

  124. Giving to the Southern Poverty Law Center by CFA is to support a radical tool of the left. I will NEVER eat their food as long as they donate to that Christian hating organization and I don’t give a hoot what made up excuse Cathy feeds the gullible.

  125. Mr. Cathy remarks are smoke and mirrors. The Salvation Army houses the homeless everyday. Shouldn’t they continue to receive support?How better to focus on the homeless nationwide than giving to the Salvation Army.

  126. Greatly reduced my weekly visits drastically, like once every two months or less. And the only reason I go is because this is a favorite of my Grandson.

    I love their food but will not tolerate bowing down to a group like this. Goes again my principles.

    Heard they saw the light, well we’ll see.

    Will have to win me back.

  127. Wonderful and delicious business. It is their money and they can give it to whomever whenever. People have over stepped their bounds and should mind their own business. Stop trying to run their business, they are doing a great job!!!! If you do not llke, simply go somewhere else!

  128. I am VERY DISAPPOINTED WITH CFA & AGREE WITH the comments above, thanking Kimothy Ann & others that state that I wasn’t going to try Popeyes new chicken sandwich but learning all that I have here, NO MORE CFA & I WILL Spread the news on ALL SOCIAL MEDIA!! THANK YOU!!

  129. I firmly believe that Chick Fil-A can reverse their decisions and go back to supporting and helping the Christian organizations they were helping and be much the stronger for it. God bless you and keep Christ in your reasons for actions.


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