Chick-fil-A just scored a major win against its LGBT opponents with this simple act


Chick-fil-A’s been the target of boycotts and harassment by radical LGBT activists.

Local governments have even tried to prevent them from opening new locations.

But the tasty fast food chicken chain scored a major victory against those radical LGBT activists with this simple act.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed the “Save Chick-fil-A” Bill into law this week.

The law protects businesses from being discriminated against by the government just because of their “membership in, affiliation with, or contribution, donation, or other support provided to a religious organization.”

Christian Headlines reports:

The legislation came about in the lone star state after San Antonio’s City Council voted in March to exclude Chick-fil-A from the airport, in part due to the company’s donations to the Salvation Army and Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

Supporters of the bill . . . see the exclusion of Chick-fil-A on the basis of religious belief, as clear and blatant religious discrimination.

“The city’s decision to ban Chick-fil-A was blatant, illegal religious discrimination. We want to know just how deep the religious animosity runs within San Antonio’s city government,” First Liberty’s general counsel Hiram Sasser said.

State Rep. Matt Schaefer (R-TX) voiced that the bill was necessary to protect people of faith. “Should any city council be able to refuse me as a vendor in their city simply because I make donations to my church, which holds a biblical view of marriage?” he questioned.

The Texas Governor didn’t hold a public signing for the bill or release a statement on its signing.

But, shortly after the Bill’s passage, Governor Abbott sent out this tweet letting folks know he supported the Bill.

What are your thoughts on the “Save Chick-fil-A” law?

Should it have been necessary in the first place?

Let us know in the comments below.


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  2. I commend and applaud Governor Abbot for supporting Chick-fil-A.It’s just another attack against the Christians that these radical LGBT are acting so outrageously . They have no clue they are just being USED by the Democrats to promote their own attack against this USA as we know it. If anyone REALLY believes the Democrats have sincere concern for the LGBT, think again…Chick-fil-A did not do anything to deserve this kind of hatred other than they are a Christian business.Plus because Trump believes in GOD so this is another excuse for the the Democrats to keep stirring the pot. Lets hope this madness will stop!!!

  3. I concur, this was necessary, because a city, decided that they somehow have a right to decide what a company can do with it’s money, and also they seem to think that Christians do not have the right to adhere to their beliefs. I think they should investigate who is paying for these people in San Antonio City, to get elected and see how they thought that they can just bully their point of view over Chick-fil-A. But the greater concern is the growing intolerance that the cities and governments have against Christians and anyone who doesn’t bend over to their wishes. They need to be taken down, and made to remember the golden rule. It might humble them, which they desperately need to be. That is Humbled to the point they can see others have rights too.

  4. I agree with the law. If those radical groups as well as the media, would think about it they have been doing that against individuals. Therefor, the Liberals and media need to be disbanded as well as some of the individuals put in prison for the Laws they have and know they have broken.

  5. I agree also and think it’s ridiculous for LGBT to even try to get them boycotted ! What if we Christians tried to boycott and close every place that allowed them to display their views. Just insane and I agree we have the freedom of religion ! If they don’t like it just don’t go! For me I’ll be eating high on the hog at chic-Fil-A

  6. If the anti trump/ anti chicka fil do not like the set ups then they can would they feel if we file against their business because we do not like what they represent? Let’s really put business of the left in the strong panty hold…because we do not like their labels…maybe they need to know what it feels like for their business to be sued? Tit for tat!

  7. What is the LBGT’s problem with Chik-fil-A? Just because the founder of this great chain doesn’t believe in homosexual marriage? Young hetero couples don’t believe that marriage is necessary anymore, so what have they gained? They are the most radical and hateful people and we applaud Gov Abbott for doing the right thing!

  8. This should not have been necessary, but the radical liberals cannot seem to reasonably restrain themselves and therefore know no bounds in pushing their agenda on others.

  9. I fell that Chic-fil-a should have a right to do anything it wants with its money . Thank you Governor for
    taking up for Christains.

  10. The LBGT community has way more to worry about than Chik-fil-A … one day they all will have to answer to GOD for their perversion !

    Chik-fil-A makes an awesome sandwich … I am going there this evening for Dinner !

  11. I feel that Chic-fil-a should be able to do anything it wants with its money. Thanks, Governor for standing up for Christains. What is coming to free speech in this Country.

  12. Bravo!!! It is plan to see that any choice made to not allow chic-fil-a not be started ANYWHERE based on the owners political or religious standings is obviously discrimination!!! It should be legally wrong to do such a thing . . . and, to any logical thinking individual, it already is!!!

  13. I hear nothing but GOOD things about Chic-fil-A. Please come to Spokane WA. We support your moral values.

  14. It’s the best st food restaurant there is. The more these protesters complain the more customers they get at chic filet. A great restaurant

  15. Bravo!!! It is plan to see that any choice made to not allow chic-fil-a to be started ANYWHERE based on the owners political or religious standings is obviously discrimination!!! It should be legally wrong to do such a thing . . . and, to any logical thinking individual, it already is!!!

  16. It’s a pity the American free enterprise system has to be protected from leftist freaks via gov’t

  17. The thing that bothers me is all of the LGBT advocates always claimed that they did not intend to infringe on religious beliefs if we recognized equal rights. Now that they have them, they reneged on that promise. These same people strongly advocate for the separation of church and state. So be it! Leave our churches alone! If you don’t like our interpretation of scripture, too bad. Do not impose your perverse interpretation on us! Do not force our pastors to marry you.

  18. The words “religious organization” should have read “Judaeo-christian organization.”

  19. So tired of the LBGTQ community trying to tell the business owners & the public how it’s going to be!!!! They need to take a back seat, set down and shut up! Way to go Governor Abbott!!

  20. Under just about every States’ legal definition a Corporate Entity it is a legal entity with the same rights and privileges of individuals. Hence the Corporation has Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Association which are elements of the 1st Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. San Antonio doing what they did was similar to what Denver and the State of Colorado did to the cake baker. The outcome of the litigation would be the same yet San Antonio would have filled the vendor vacancy by the time the case was concluded!!
    State and Federal Governmental Agencies are knowingly and deliberately taking steps to PUNISH Christians for their beliefs and are using the power of Government to inflict deliberate harm!! That IS the definition of Tyranny!! Where there is tyranny there is no freedom. When they successfully disarm us this will happen with greater frequency with larger consequences for the disfavored!! Wake up America!! Progressives are a clear and present danger to our democracy and this is a prime example of their willingness to go all in!!!

  21. I don’t care what group you belong to, you DO NOT have the right to force a Christian to go against their religious beliefs.

  22. Yay! Should not have been necessary, but Extreme LGBT are evil and God is watching. I guess I will have to go to Chick Fillet more often. Thanks for standing up for what is right!

  23. Way to go, Gov. Abbott. Awful tired of the whining from the left. Point is the LGBT children have the right not to use this establishment and need to shut up, but I know this establishment would serve them if they’d behave like adults.

  24. I agree and thank God they were able to uphold laws already in place. This should not have been allowed to happen in the first place. Freedom of religion is still a main principle and law in America. That principle is what allows those who practice the Muslim faith to worship the way they believe without persecution. I have no problems with the Muslim or islamic faith but when any religion becomes radicalized then I believe it crosses a line and can no longer be categorized as a religion. I do not care if you are Catholic or protestant or islamic, if your religion teaches that non believers or believers of different faiths must be forcibly made to follow your way or belief then it can no longer be call a religion but a cult.

  25. The drive-up window here in town is almost always backed up to the street, especially during meal times. Otherwise, just half way. So, booming business here in CR, Colo.

  26. And who is it standing up against hatred? Way to go, Gov Abbott!!! Not agreeing with someone is NOT the same thing as hate. They don’t agree with us, and that is okay? The far left is showing more hatred against those who do not agree with them than the right shows….not that the right is perfect. It is just shown from the left in a disproportionate amount. But maybe that’s because those that lean to the right a busy at work making mo em to pay the taxes for these free loaders!

  27. Just like the LGBT have a right to be what they want to be, Chik-Fil-A also has a right to do what they want with their money! After all, this is still a free country, but wait a minute, the LGBT seems to think that the USA is only free for them…. sounds like they have read the book Animal Farm, all are equal, just some are more equal than others…or something like that, (it has only been about 50 years that I read that classic).


  28. Governor Abbott should never have been forced to sign the save chick- fil-a bill but I’m so glad he did. The left are completely out of control.

  29. The Satanist are trying everything possible at destroying the Christian America that was founded by our fore Fathers. Every thing banned form our school system for all Christians but Muslims can do what ever they please thanks to our X Muslim President. Killing babies to fudge Packing and Muff diving. They have succeed in getting GOD prayer Pledge of allegiance accountability and discipline

  30. Thank you Gov. Abbott for doing this. It was the right thing to do. I am sad & Mad that a City in TX. thinks that this was OK. I live in Texas & could not believe this when I read it. San Antonio you should be ashamed of your selves. The LGBQT do not have to eat there if they don’t want to, but you do not have the right to say the rest of the Country can’t eat there because they don’t believe the way you do. Grow up people and act like nice, normal human beings.

  31. It’s interesting that the Governor in New Jersey did not have the same backbone as Governor Abbot.Several colleges in that state had gays boycotting and refusing Chick-fil-A to open their businesses there..So Chick-fil_A was forced to walk away.But I’m happy to report that every where else in NJ that has a Chick-fil-A is thriving!!!But people be for warned. If ANY radical group exhibits this much power,( fueled by the Democrats for their own agenda) we are in for the battle of our lives! Especially the Christians.Or as Hillary Clinton referred to us as” Easter Worshipers”. Well there’s something else I have to look forward to when I leave this Earth to be with God and Jesus, I won’t have HC smug face to look at for all eternity….

  32. It is not necessarily support for the commercial enterprise “Chick-Fil-A”, but support for [Anti-Discrimination] against religious beliefs, and applies to the sanctity of ALL people in their religious beliefs. Chick-fil-A does NOT bar non Christians from utilizing their (Chick-fi-A’s) services or entering the premises. The entire discrimination hoax is from the (intolerant, fascist) leftist viewpoint.

  33. I am glad he did this! I am sick and tired of the LGBTQ radicals and their pure hatred of anyone who doesn’t agree with them. If they want to be mainstreamed they need to behave in a manner that makes them worthy of it. You simply don’t get there by becoming the bully that you are accusing someone else of being. You have to act in a stable way in order to garner respect. The gays and trans I know personally do not behave in this manner. This is a group of radicals much like ANTIFA, Code Pink , and some others I could name.

  34. That such a law was needed proves what a sorry state our country is in. Small percentages of obnoxious anti Americans can cause such hate for American institutions shows how far we have fallen.

  35. It’s about time, Thank you Governor Abbott and the Texas Legislature. You would think that the Constitution of the United States would have been enough, but NO they don’t read and don’t understand.

  36. The little degenerates are doing more harm to their so-called cause that good. Time to go on down for the best spicy chicken smammy EVER!

  37. Totally agreed Joseph ! If you don’t like it’s a Christian business people have “the freedom “ to go somewhere else. The lefts thinking is nothing more than communism period.

  38. I wish CA had a governor with this much courage. Instead we have one who puts illegals first and promises those here breaking our laws free health care. Meanwhile we have typhoid fever outbreaks from the homeless population in Los Angeles. Texas, look at California to see what electing Liberals does to your state. We are a dump with the highest poverty rate in the nation due to poor policies being implemented. Dems are much more worried about a chain restaurant owned by conservatives than to bother cleaning up the disaster that is now California. What a disgrace.

  39. Setting religion aside for a time.
    I am a individual and I am not under any obligation to
    recognize anyone else’s
    existence. Having said that
    I don’t care who you are or
    who you think you are.
    I don’t care what you are or
    what you want to be.
    I don’t care about your LGBT fantasy existence!
    There is the irrefutable fact of male and female.
    I am obligated to recognize
    only the fact.
    If you have the sexual reassignment surgery you still will be male or female.

  40. Boycotting is going to be more common to get rid of the liars like Fox News, Limbaugh, Levin, etc

  41. Finally a Governor to stand up for what is right ! I don’t care what the LGBT community does in its own house, but I for one am tired of having that crap forced on me on TV , Radio, schools ,etc. Just because you are Gay or whatever gives you NO special rights over anyone else. I don’t want to see it in Public and I for one believe ANY business has the right to refuse service to anyone and the Government has NO right granted to say otherwise. I hope Oklahoma does the same type law, but I plan on shopping more in Texas Now !

  42. I love to eat at Chick-fil-A! we have to drive almost 100 miles to closest one out here in western Oklahoma! founder of Chick-fil-A did nothing wrong & all Chick-fil-A restaurants are always clean, employees are CLEAN, HELPFUL, CHEERFUL & THEY ALL SEEM TO KNOW WHAT’S ON THEIR MENU!
    I’m 64 & walk with a cane & they’re always willing to help me to a table & they’re friendly & courteous!
    I wish someone would build one on 1-40 west of Clinton, OK to Sayre, OK! lots of us “OLDER” folks would definitely love to support a business that’s not afraid to uphold “Godly” values!

  43. The law should not have been necessary because we still have the First Amendment but liberals don’t care about that. Same goes for all the special laws to protect the dozens of new “victims” liberal have created during the Obama disaster. So someone offended you? There are no laws against offending someone. At least there weren’t until these liberal jackasses started using the courts, loaded with liberal judges” to write and rewrite the laws. The separation of powers has been totally blurred since liberals are allowed to use the courts to basically legislate which is not their right or authority.

  44. A secular progressive on the liberal website Care2 points out that in Texas they pass legislation to allow a corporation like Chick-Fil-A to discriminate against LGBTs rather than pass legislation to protect LGBTs from discrimination.

    Unless Chick Fil-A has an extensive vegetarian and vegan menu, I’d have no reason to dine there. However…

    Attacking others for being gay is wrong, period!

    My friend John Antypas, a moderate Republican, said when we were roommates in college in the spring of 1985 that his father was worried he might be gay because he was 21 and there weren’t any women in his life.

    (John got his first girlfriend at 22.)

    A few years later, John, half-Jewish, took a class in Modern Jewish Thought at UC Riverside, where John related that the professor insinuated Jesus might have been gay, because he wasn’t married at age 13, as was the custom in first century Judaism.

    I’ve wondered if John’s lack of opportunity with the opposite sex contributed to his cynicism. As my friend Greg commented about John in the spring of 1985, “That guy seems to have a chip against the whole world.”

    Taking it out on Jesus really isn’t a solution, but it should cause conservative Christians to think: if it’s hurtful and wrong to insinuate that Jesus might have been gay, then perhaps it’s hurtful and wrong to attack anyone for being gay.

    The Bible condemns fornication as well as homosexuality. Will conservative Christians attack fornicators, too?

    “I say this by way of concession, not as a regulation. I wish all men were as I [Paul] am [celibate]… but if they cannot restrain their passions, let them marry, for it is better to marry than to burn [with desire]…” (I Corinthians 7:6-9)

    “This is God’s will — your sanctification, that you keep yourselves from sexual immorality, that each of you learn how to take his own wife in purity and honor, not in lustful passion like the gentiles who have no knowledge of God.” (I Thessalonians 4:3-5)

    “Make no mistake, no fornicator or idolater, none who are guilty either of adultery or of homosexual perversion, no thieves or grabbers or drunkards or slanderers or swindlers, will possess the kingdom of God.” (I Corinthians 6:9-10 [NEB])

    Paul told the gentiles to train themselves for godliness, to practice self-control and lead upright, godly lives (Galatians 5:23; I Timothy 4:7; II Timothy 1:7; Titus 2:11-12). He instructed them to ALWAYS pray constantly. (I Thessalonians 5:17)

    According to Paul, women should cover their heads while worshiping, and long hair on males is dishonorable. (I Corinthians 11:5-14)

    Christian women are to dress modestly and prudently, and are not to be adorned with braided hair, gold or pearls or expensive clothes. (I Timothy 2:9)

    The Democratic Party platform should support: Animal Rights, Defending the Affordable Care Act, Ending Citizens United, Ending Marijuana Prohibition, Giving Greater Visibility to Pro-Life Democrats, Gun Control, Net Neutrality, Raising the Minimum Wage to $15 an Hour, Responding to the Scientific Consensus on Global Warming, and a Sustainable Energy Policy.

    Democrats for Life of America, 10521 Judicial Drive, #200, Fairfax, VA 22030, (703) 424-6663

  45. Have you tried the Smokehouse BBQ chicken sandwich? It’s perfectly delicious. When I was there, the staff was super friendly, efficient and knew their menu. The drive thru was busy and employees were out there taking orders to keep things moving smoothly. Now, about this ridiculous hatred of Chick-fil-A. Oh my, they donate to the Salvation Army and Fellowship of Christian Athletes? So? Both are great organizations, but it’s not your business, LGBT people anyway. Grow up and read your constitution.

  46. Thank you Gov. Abbott. It’s about time we speak up. There is a special atmosphere at
    Chik-fil-A. I like the music and reading my book as I eat breakfast.

  47. Again you miss the point, Chick-A-Flick has a right to believe what it wants to, and if it wants to exercise it’s political funds for this or that side it has the right to do so. And if it believes in Christianity it has the constitutional right to do so. And any state, or city that violates that law or passes laws to deter that right should be considered to be violating the constitution and therefore should not be followed.

    As far as I know Chick-A-flx has not condone violating the rights of others but your side seems to have no problem to violating theirs

  48. What lies has Fox News and Limbaugh, Levin done? You have to enumerate them, if you are to be considered a serious thinker. Any idiot can say what you are saying, and we know that you are not an idiot so what are you talking about? As compared to the other news networks that have been proven wrong about the Russian Trump collision? What are you talking about? Again tells us what lies? Or we must assume you are just il-informed, which is not a crime, but just makes you less than a serious thinker.

  49. So Grateful Gov Abbott and the people of Texas took a stand on this issue that never have even been an issue.God bless the people of Texas,Chick filet Gov.Abbott and the USA .

  50. Wish Gov. Abbot was in California, and could stop their weird and extreme left views. Though I should say I am in favor of balance, but at the moment the right is so overwhelmed, that I am concern about the lack of concern for balance. Glad that Gov. Abbot is there to balance against the left in Texas. Go Gov. Abbot, may God bless you, and never leave your side.

  51. John Kendall; You are quite correct in pointing out that once again Vasu Murti has missed the point.Something Democrats are famous for.

  52. I thank you for your support. But the question is will he learn anything from the exchange, and at least revisit his view, and see where he is wrong, where he is right, and then learn from his mistakes, and where he was right feel better that my point of view was wrong, and then point that out to me, in some civil manner? Hopefully so. I hope I am more right than he is. But in the end we are in search of the dynamic truth, that leads us to be more correct than the other side. And do less harm to others as we search for it.

  53. Vasu Murti: Let me start off by saying, I will call Chick-fil-A’s headquarters and immediately notify them that the great and all knowing Vasu Murti must have a vegetarian menu.Even though it may be hard for them seeing their name clearly states chick. Meaning that is their main ingredient.But I am sure they will go out of their way to accommodate you.Having said that, I have never been rude to anyone for posting their personal opinions.Even when I have found them condescending, rude or just plain stupid. But for you, I will make an exception.You spout how everyone should feel and act according to your long and boring opinions.Passing judgement on Christians especially, in your very subtle way. What gives you that right?? Do you not see NO ONE CARES??? And your remark: ” The Democratic platform should support”…What is the operative word here? Should. But they don’t…Keep drinking the kool-aid.
    Get a life man. Go outside and get some fresh air….

  54. John Kendall; Sorry John but I’ve done something I have never done on these websites before. I just told Vasu off.It was very unchristian of me I know.But this person really gets under my skin. And to answer your question , will he learn anything from the exchanges?Honestly I feel no.He is too wrapped up in his own self worth and him believing all the Democratic propaganda . Please believe me when I say, I am not a hateful, name calling individual.Not that I called him any vile names, mind you.But still I have always believed every one is entitled to their own opinions and should feel free to state them. It’s just in the manner he does it that bothers me.Please understand. Thank you.

  55. The LGBTQ movement has become a sickness within our culture. In numbers, the movement is tiny (.03% of our population); yet it portrays itself as much larger and louder, and its influence no longer corresponds to its size. Our children are being exposed in public schools at increasingly young age to queer and transgender ideas which will inevitably result in lasting emotional damage.

  56. I agree, and I thank you for your correspondence with me, on your concern. Haven’t heard back from him, so I guess he just likes to attack and then runs away. But i appreciate you words and wisdom.

  57. I am still trying to figure out how those organizations turn Chick-fil-A into an intolerant christian group against anyone. Not following the logic of the Democratic line of reasoning? How is giving to the Salvation Army or Fellowship of Christian Athletes proof of intolerance to Gay’s or anyone else? Where is the proof of this? The left is down the Rabbit hole, and they are breathing too much of those mushrooms. That is the only rational way you can understand their arguments.

  58. Joseph: Very, very well put. I have not forgotten that homosexuals used to declare long and loud, they only wanted the privacy of their bedrooms, nothing more. That has been well and thoroughly proven to be a lie.

  59. Stephanie: Thank you for mentioning your technique. There have been a couple of times when I have been “offended” and I also simply took my money elsewhere. Easy on the blood pressure and the vocal cords. I love being an evil capitalist. I spend my money where I want to.

  60. LGBQ: Just don’t eat at places you disprove of. No one cares but let the rest of us enjoy whatever places we choose; we don’t intrude on your places; allow us the same latitude.

  61. Our constitution provides “freedom of religion.” This attempt wasn’t to make Chick-fil-A quit selling chicken, it was directed toward their faith! Any dissenters should check out the Constitution as well as Local and Federal laws before trying something like this again. Educate yourselves or end up in jail, or prison.

  62. There is a Constitutional right called Freedom of Religion! If the LGBT doesn’t like that they are welcome to move to Russia!

  63. I only wish we could, but our Constitution allows them the right to exist….wish it wasn’t that way. At one time it was illegal to be homosexual. I can’t help if those laws were repealed or if they still exist.

  64. President Ronald Reagan said it best many years ago when he said that if America did not exist , There would be nowhere else to go ! Businesses have the same Constitutional rights as People do ! That Constitution just keeps getting in the Liberal lefts way ! How sweet it is !

  65. Texas,stay Red: Oh my gosh, I am so sorry to hear this horror is happening in CA. Especially in LA.!!Typhoid fever as well?? It sounds as if you were describing a third world country and not a state in the USA!I truly believe everyone is entitled to a better life. BUT, the US CAN NOT handle such a HUGE influx of immigrants. Especially illegals.. You are absolutely correct by pointing out how the DEMS have their priorities so mixed up. But you must understand WHY.They have their” own agenda” and it is aimed at destroying the US as we know it . Which includes taking Christianity out all together.They have totally disrespected our president and refuses to work with him at every turn.It has been total mayhem since Trump has taken office.PLEASE remember all these facts come 2020. We can not allow the DEMs to take office… I wish you well.

  66. Chilidog1947:In a perfect world, or should I say in a perfect USA, how we handle these problems(as you stated) should be correct and implemented swiftly.But the radical LGBT’s are not interested in that.If ANYONE opposes them, they will start screaming discrimination and claim a hate crime committed against them . So most( in government) just roll over and appease them.But THANK GOODNESS Governor Abbot stood up for whats RIGHT and honored Chick-fil-A, by not punishing them for their Christian beliefs.Being a Christian or being of the Jewish faith for that matter , is under attack in many areas.Just look at Omar, Tlaib and Cortez , at their conduct and opinions. I am very fearful how this going to all play out…

  67. Wonder why military does not declare San Antonio off limits. Should cause apoplexy leading to death of idiots who wanted to negate chick-falet

  68. All this BS was unfounded ,the democratic party created all this hatred from day one . They are anti-semitic ,anti-Christian, and anything that goes against the will of the people . I want too congratulate the governor for standing up for Christian’s, and let others know this crap will not stop anybody from doing what they want.

  69. I agree Gun nut!! Fox news is licensed as Fox news and Entertainment – that means they don’t have to tell the truth – they are for entertainment only!! so they can lie and make up stuff as much as they want.

  70. Great to see Texas stand up for religious freedom. After all, isn’t that the most basic of American values? And if someone doesn’t care for the religious beliefs of the owners of a particular business, it’s a ‘free country’, don’t shop there.
    Can someone tell me why the new Chick-Gil-A in Brockton, Massachusetts, has been packed with customers for 3 days?…… The food’s tasty! That’s why!

  71. Once again I have to ask, how is giving money to the Salvation Army and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes who are following the view of the bible, and Christianity view, doesn’t necessary mean they are against the gay community, both concentrate on other things, and unless you actually know why they did this or that who are you to judge?

  72. Again I ask, I beg where is your evidence? Site the times and sources. Otherwise it is just your opinion and it is an un-informed one at that.

  73. To all Texans: Be sure you re-elect this governor! He stands up for the people, and that is what our elected officials are put in office to do! God bless Gov. Abbott!

  74. Does the left not understand the meaning of the word TOLERANCE? Muslims pull out a rug and start to worship their god in the middle of a classroom and that’s ok because we must be tolerant but Chick-fil-A wants to identify themselves as Christians and they get attacked by the left. The hypocrisy of the left is unreal and they need to be checked. Thanks you Governor Abbott for recognizing what they are doing and not allowing them to do it.

  75. Dora McTeer: Well stated.But don’t you also see the hypocrisy in the fact that no other religion, other than Muslims, are not allowed to pray in the classroom?And to answer your question: no, the left do not understand the word tolerance. They don’t care.The Democrats have their own agenda which includes destroying everything our country stands for. And I do mean EVERYTHING….Political Correctness has really gotten out of hand.
    God bless Governor Abbott ! Only wish there were more like him in all sections of our government.

  76. The fact is the US constitution already does this IF the government would actually follow it.

    Instead they “DECLARE” a class system where the rights of ONE GROUP (even if that right is a fiction created by activist judges. “the right not to be offended” sound familiar?) are more important than the rights of those with TRADITIONAL beliefs.

    Ever since that one sued over the pledge of allegiance (despite it not establishing a religion much less a specific one by law) simply because it had the word God contained in it and as they stated their intent was to have a world were THERE WOULD BE NO CHOICE for the children about religion because they did not want them to even know religion existed their intent was to remove any reference about any religion that worships God from the school.

    A certain “civil rights” organization has been on a rampage threatening to sue or actually suing in an effort to even abolish NATIONAL MONUMENTS created by the FOUNDERS in an effort to hide any possible chance someone would see a cross or other indication of a religion that worships God from public view ever since.

    Now that certain POLITICIANS have jumped in they are ABUSING their authority even using “color of law” to deny people who refuse to be POLITICALLY CORRECT their constitutional rights.

  77. GOD IS BLESSING CHICK-FIL-A for standing up for fairness and freedom of speech and religion! Hallelujah!!

  78. The left-wing, dems, rinos, et al. goal is the destruction of our
    Bill Of Rights Constitutional REPUBLIC. Not a democracy.
    Bless Gov. Abbot and Texas’ Constitutionalists.

  79. God Bless CFA- we are getting a new location a few miles from us within a year and everyone I know cannot wait!! We Support them 100% Looks like some folks have to be more tolerant- they expect tolerance from everyone else!! It is a 2-way street my friend!!

  80. GOD bless all of the folks w/Chick-Fil-A. They are patriots, Americans & Christians. “Honor the Sabbath to keep it Holy.”

  81. Good job Governor. We must stand uo for God first, and His Word and our christian beliefs and our God-given constitutional rights. As a veteran, my heart breaks for what this great nation has become. As a Pastor/Evangelist, we must pray for them all. We Must become a Godly nation once again!

  82. The LGBT community is the most hateful, intolerant, bigoted group of people ranking high on the list of human rights violators like radical Muslim terrorists. They want tolerance but won’t give it. They want freedom of expression but fight against others rights to do the same. They are bullies. If you don’t prescribe to their beliefs and lifestyle they’ll make you pay for it by taking you to court and or boycotting you. They have mafia style tactics. They are the enemies of free speech and freedom of religion. They remind me of the communist Nazi party. They are truly despicable.

  83. John, the right isn’t overwhelmed. We’re just laying low and waiting for Nov 2020 elections. Hope you will join us.

  84. IF the LGBT demands to be respected, then they have to show respect to others as well. A dime has to sides, right? One side can be very shiny and the other pretty dark. Yet they both represent one and the same dime.
    It is absolute not necessary to push your view on someone else. It is all about equal rights and it is not about over powering another believe or opinion. Respect your own boundaries and you will respect someone else boundaries also. KM said it right the Lettuce, Greens, Bacon and Tomato sandwich is not worth its own weight. Yet we all have to be forgiving and praying for the enemy and leave the harvesting to God. God for sure knows how to get the weeds out of His harvest.

  85. So sad we have to pass bills when we have the Ist amendment which clearly defends chick filet. What is this country coming to. It’s getting pretty dam tiring when deviant and perverse behavior trumps good Christian morals. We surely are destroying our country from within.


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