Chick-fil-A just got banned from this sports arena because the team wants fans to “feel welcome”


Chick-fil-A consistently ranks in the top fast food joints in America.

Its yummy chicken sandwiches, friendly atmosphere, and insanely efficient staff is something Americans have come to enjoy.

But Chick-fil-A just got banned from this sports arena because the team wants fans to “feel welcome.”

Chick-fil-A’s roots are based on the solid work ethic and Christian faith of its founder Cathy Truett.

There is a reason every Chick-fil-A runs like a well-oiled machine.

But according to many on the Left, it needs to be done away with because of its Christian values.

Once again, the intolerant Left is demanding anything with Christian undertones be canceled.

Earlier this month, state reps in New York tried to stop a Chick-fil-A from being built in a rest area because they find the company’s philosophy racist and unloving towards the LGBT community.

Now it’s a sports team saying “get out” to Chick-fil-A.

A Pittsburgh pro soccer team has ended a promotion with Chick-fil-A after some of the team’s fans complained about the company.

Professional soccer team, the Pittsburgh Riverhounds, was supposed to sell Chick-fil-A sandwiches during its game against Loudon United at Pittsburgh’s Highmark Stadium.

After receiving criticism from a small handful of groups that support the soccer team, the plan was nixed.

One of the groups took to Twitter to air its grievances, tweeting it was “disappointed” in the soccer team’s partnership with Chick-fil-A because the famous chicken company has “donated millions of dollars to organizations that have fought against” same-sex marriage.

Another group that supports the Riverhounds tweeted that they “strongly opposed” the partnership because of Chick-fil-A’s past donations.

Not long after the Tweets, the Riverhounds announced after “considering feedback” they would “discontinue” their planned promotion with Chick-fil-A.

“Riverhounds SC wishes to thank the local and independently operated McKnight Road Chick-fil-A for their collaboration,” a statement said. “. . . But after consulting with our supporters’ groups and gauging feedback from our fans, the decision was made not to continue the promotion beyond this week’s match. The Hounds and Highmark Stadium strongly believe in making all of our fans feel welcome, and we look forward to doing so once again at tomorrow’s match. As an organization, we will continue to look for ways to partner with local and national brands to improve the game-day experience for everyone.”

Of course, as many on the Left do, the Riverhounds conveniently forgot that the team’s entire fanbase isn’t made up of people that hate Chick-fil-A and what the company stands for.

Many fans were incensed by the move.

One fan tweeted, “This is ridiculous!!! Did you take into consideration other fans and season ticket holder[s] such as myself?! I love Chick-fil-a.”

Another person sarcastically tweeted, “Thanks for reminding me to get lunch at Chick-fil-A today.”

Chick-fil-A has been named America’s favorite restaurant in the American Consumer Satisfaction Index for seven years running.

The liberal agenda is to cancel any company or person who does not support its radical ideas.

The anti-family, anti-America, anti-God stance of the Left is not one most Americans share, but this minority of radical liberals is so loud and so caustic that most cave to them in hopes of salvaging their image or company.

It’s time Americans stand up to these bullies.

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