Chick-fil-A announced some big news that is sending the Left into a total meltdown


When the radical Left isn’t spending their time infiltrating every facet of our culture, they can usually be found protesting Chick-fil-A.

Now, the fast food restaurant did something that is going make them furious.

Chick-fil-A announced big news about their company that is going to cause grief from rabid Leftist protestors.

In 2012, Leftwing activists began protesting Chick-fil-A due to their support of traditional marriage.

In an attempt to destroy the company, they created a boycott, but it backfired in the worst way possible.

Ever since the boycott, Chick-fil-A has exploded in growth and profits.

Chick-fil-A has officially announced that the company has doubled their revenue since 2012.

Breitbart reports:

The Left’s most-hated fast-food chain, Chick-fil-A, seems to just keep ramping up the sales no matter how much harassment or protest is thrown its way. Ever since the left-wing boycott crusade against the chicken empire began in 2012, sales have not only increased, they have doubled.

“Chick-fil-A’s annual sales have more than doubled since LGBT and liberal groups began calling for a boycott of the restaurant in 2012, according to a new analysis,” reports Christian Headlines. “In 2012, when controversy arose over the CEO’s comments about same-sex marriage, sales totaled $4.6 billion, up from $4.1 billion the year before. In 2018, sales totaled $10.46 billion, making it the third-largest restaurant in the United States behind McDonald’s and Starbucks.”

On top of the sales bumps, the chain has added 700 new restaurants in the span of those seven years. Journal & Courier noted that in 2018 alone, Chick-fil-A saw a sales increase more than four times that of Starbucks at 16.7%.

The numbers are so staggering that no one could have seen this coming.

The tasty chicken chain has added 700 new restaurants and more than doubled their revenue.

This is certainly not the outcome the radical Left intended.

When the protests began, conservative activists chose to fight back and support the restaurant.

In effect, the Left single-handedly introduced Chick-fil-A to millions of new customers without the restaurant having to spend a dime on marketing.

What do you think?

Did the Left accidently help fuel Chick-fil-A’s success?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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  2. God is just keeping His promises to His kids. The party of death and the alphabet people have nothing to do with it.

  3. Margaret; Please write to their headquarters. I’m sure they will tell you where they will be building another of their great restaurants .. I hope it will be near you!!

  4. John T. Mattison: I told Margaret to write to their headquarters. I’m sure they will very happy to hear from you and advise you of their future plans. I hope you will have one built near you soon!

  5. Jim Tierney; In these troubling times , it’s always wonderful to hear Chick-fil-A is thriving and growing! They truly deserve it! May GOD bless them always….

  6. I am laughing my straight, white, God-fearing male posterior off! A Just company and their respectively Just Employees deserve this as they each and all worked hard and did so with God in their hearts. They did not get nasty or vindictive at any point despite being bullied and vilified. I just wish they would expand their menu to include some beef, hamburgers, etc. Good Going and God Bless The Execs and the workers at Chick-fil-a.

  7. My wife and I visit our local Chick-fil-a every time we are on that end of town. Great flavor, good food, and excellent service in a very clean restaurant. Don’t know what else could be wanted.

  8. Thank you so much for taking a stand for what is conservative and Christian values.
    I applaud you and ask that you keep it up and continue to be blessed and prosper.

  9. The founder of the Chain lived in my hometown for a number of years. His whole goal was to create a chain that the average “person” could first afford. A Micky “D’s” franchise starts at $1 million – a Chik-Filet at
    $10K. However thousands apply and only a few get the franchise because they have to “prove” that they will work ! Chik-Filet then helps them buy a good site, helps them then establish the business with all kinds of financial assistance for 3 years including the majority of initial investment. He wanted small people to have a chance to be successful. SO ! Every time the Liberal/Left attacks a Chick Fillet they are attacking a small busness owner and both destroying his dream and that of the employees. All in the name of bigoty against a religious philosophy, this with standards, and morals – all part of the American Ideal. So, when you attack an Chik Filet you are attacking some guy with a family who is simply wanting to make a better life
    for his family. You are NOT attacking the company but rather some local businessman trying to make a
    living. Congrats to all you liberals who hate success and hard working Americans.

  10. The Snowflakes need to learn one thing above all, you mess with one of us in the Conservative Christian Community you mess with us all. You try to get in our local Chick-fil-As between 5 and 7 in the evening, you’ll find a line both at the drive thru and inside. Their crowds do nothing but grow. As for Starbucks, I have found a couple of on the counter instant cappuccinos that cost the price of one grande’ and taste way better, plus I can get 20 or so large mugs per container. Great chicken and outstanding salads at Chick-fil-A. They actually make some of my favorite salads.

  11. God is the reason Chick Fil A is surviving. The Left had nothing to do with it. They’re rotten to the core. God Bless Them and their Employees!!

  12. “Chick-fil-a continues to thrive in a Left- Wing hostel environment, because they offer a quality product, at a reasonable price, with excellent customer service, & high conservative moral standards & execution of individual & community standards that America embraces.”
    “We continue to support this fine example of American Entrepreneurship at its best.”
    DuWayne Anderson,
    CEO & Founder, since 2008,
    The Conservative Corner National Republican Political Forum,
    St.Simons Island, GA

  13. We got one here in our town of Kalamazoo a couple of years ago. That place is ALWAYS busy! Let the left eat out of the garbage in the back that’s thrown out. Even that’s to good for them.

  14. They should have left well enough alone. It’s a nice clean business that was doing just fine being itself. That’s what America is supposed to be about. Hard to believe the colleges don’t want them on campus. The students want them, not the professors, etc.

  15. The leftist progressives Libturds just can’t help themselves because they actually believe that everyone thinks as they do. So have fun, sit back and watch the show.

  16. There’s no Chick-fil-A in Carlsbad? WOW, I’ll bet you have one within the next year if your local Government doesn’t drag their feet issuing permits.

  17. I do believe some of the LEFT has found out that Chick-fil-A food is finger-licking good and they are now buying from Chick-fil-A all the time. This just goes to show you the LEFT has no idea what they are talking about. They don’t understand good food and certainly don’t understand politics. So what do they understand,
    Nothing! They are just a bunch of children lost and need help…

  18. Chick-fil-a, I hope you have the the best sales this year. I will support you when ever I can, your food is great. Come and build a store in our town. Ticonderoga, N.Y.

  19. I wish they would build a Chick-fil-A on Riggs in Chandler. I Love Chick-fil-A. The food at most of the Gated Community restaurants in the Sun Lakes area are not very good at all. I don’t think they even have a professional chef at Sunbird as the food is just plain awful. But that restaurant is seldom open anyway, and closes very early on a Friday night even when they have entertainment. Crazy!! Who closes a restaurant at 6:00 pm on a Friday night???????? People want to go out to dinner and dance, so what’s up with that!

  20. Wish we had one in Alexandria, VA but probably our nasty Democrat-run city council wouldn’t like it.

  21. Yes, the left-wing, liberal-progressives helped fuel Chick-fil-a’s success. Now just think what would happen if all those who helped Chick-fil-a grow would also vote against abortion in 2020. We might actually get a government in D.C. that would work.

  22. Glad to see good come out of this negative whining from the left. I am sick of seeing the good buckle into the bad.And that only happens when reasonable people decide to turn the other cheek thinking the other side will get some sense but they only push harder and the ignorant follow.

  23. Every time the left wing clowns moan and weep about the amazing Chick Filet Companies and their huge success, it seems that it actually helps CF expand their great businesses! My suggestion is that the idiots go somewhere else soon, because before long they will have actually helped CFA grow into a much larger, much better, and much more efficient company … it makes one really wonder how the clowns actually manage to get through life. They seem to be as stupid as everyday rocks!

  24. You know, I hope you share this. I’m a liberal. I have never had it in for Chick-fil-A. Most on the left don’t give a damn what your opinions are. But when your opinions turn into discrimination….well now, that’s different. Ain’t it!?
    I’m glad an American company is doing well. Religion or politics be damned! I speak for 99% of leftists it there. We don’t care what your opinions are! Your welcome to them. But….again…..if your opinions turn into hateful discrimination we will protest. Is that clear? If your still confused try to stay away from the kool aid. Oh and BTW…don’t trust a damn thing that comes from the right! For folks who claim the Lord, they sure as hell have perfected the art of the lie!

  25. I don’t know where you all get your info from. But those on the left have no problem with your opinions. The only thing we HATE is fascists and discrimination. If you’re a good Christian than none of these apply to you. Congrats. But if you endear and uphold any of those ill begotten qualities, than your not really a Christian. So stuff off.

  26. Mr. Bob Hillenbrand, is there some way for your comment to reach a wider range of people? If you have no problem with it I would be glad to pass it to as many people as I can. I would be honored to give full credit to you. More people need to know this bit of history of this company. Thank you for your time.

  27. Those LGBT protesters who began hounding Chick-fil-A since 2012, did not realize that they were HELPING Chick-fil-A by giving them FREE ADVERTISING!! Ha ha! I would bet that there may have been some people who had either never heard of Chick-fil-A or didn’t have one in their state (like me), but figured out that all this hoop-la must be worth looking into, and lo! and behold!, they discovered how good the food AND the service was at Chick-fil-A! No wonder their sales quadrupled from 2012 to 2018! And I would also bet that God had His hand in their success…God will lift up and bless those who honor Him and put Him FIRST in their lives! AMEN!

  28. I wish Chic-Fil-A would get their carrot salad back! I used to go to get chicken and carrot salad as a side as it was the only fast food restaurant that had it! I would love to go there as here in San Antonio, TX, we have a leftist Mayor, Ron Nirenberg who joined in in denying Chic-Fit-A an airport concession BECAUSE OF THEIR PRO-FAMILY POLITICAL ACTION DONATIONS I.E. SUPPORT OF REPUBLICANS!
    Elections matter as we almost beat Mayor Ron Nirenberg in 2019 but lost 51-49%! The election was held in the summer when a lot of Republicans take off for vacation and the left GOT THEIR FOLKS OUT WHILE THE BEXAR COUNTY REPUBLICAN PARTY DID LITTLE TO NOTHING SUBSTANTIVE TO HELP THE POLICE AND FIREMEN UNIONS WHO DID THE BEST THEY COULD! This was despite the fact that Mayor Nirenberg did everything he could to stop Republicans from having a convention here too! The Republican Party here has a problem as it has been my observation they don’t like main street activists but take money from donors who also give money to Democrats so their financial interests are never upset!

  29. James the left seems to be winning the “Lies Race” in the media stories that I read. The leftist are far ahead in the Lying Game’ against the Republicans

  30. Maybe Chick-fil-A should open a restaurant in Chandler…it would give that Sunbird restaurant BIG competition because people know the taste of good food when they eat it! As they say, the proof is in the pudding! Or, in this case, in the sandwich!

  31. It takes four elements to make a successful restaurant. Provide good food and good friendly service at a fair price, and keep the place clean. That’s it! I’ve eaten in many Chick-fil-A restaurants, and have never seen one that doesn’t have all four elements. Their quality control program must be top notch. Maybe some of these lesser places could learn something here. God Bless America and Chick-fil-A.

  32. Isn’t it strange that God’fearing people are vilified and the “anything goes” crowd (read lefties/Dems) and what they have wrought on our culture is admired, at least by the non-journalism media and unfortunately most of the U.S. Senate who passed these reprehensible laws that undermine what the Founders wanted this country to be. Washington, D.C> is no longer “that shining city n a hill” reflecting the beliefs of the majority of Americans whose behavior was the result of religious belief, whereas today there is NO moral rectitude.

  33. The problem with Chick-fil-A is that it’s hard to find a parking space in their lot, and the drive-in window is backed up into the street.

  34. Let’s see quality food for decent prices. Happy attentive service. That is horrible! Of course the micro brain liberals would be against it.

  35. 2WarAbnVet: I know it’s annoying to wait. But at the same time it’s also a WONDERFUL thing to hear! It means people know and honor this restaurant’s values and their great food ,and Chick-fil-A will not be stopped, no matter how the Leftists try to stop them from succeeding!

  36. Sue: You are absolutely correct! Especially about the part about God having a hand in their success! HE will never fail the faithful. Have a blessed day Sue!

  37. Bring them to Henrietta,Avon,Honeoye New York.By the way folks:a lower population is a better QUALITY of life-and less parasitic school and welfare taxes.You want the healthy -or unhealthy- brats,then you pay for them.NOT me.

  38. Joe Shaw; And please keep your vile name calling and hostile attitude out of our faces! No one is interested if you won’t frequent Chick-filA. And I sure they will succeed without your business. Oh and FYI, if you hate Christians so much, why do you keep coming to one of their sites? Just to spew your hate., no doubt….



  40. The leftists are so clueless it’s ridiculous. They have never figured out that we Conservatives bond really well.
    You go after one of ours you’re asking for trouble and not VIOLENCE. Se speak with our support and our dollars. Every time I go to Chix I’m thrilled to rub it in these fools noses! Go Chix, Go Chix, Go Chix!!!

  41. We have two Chick-fil-A stores in Fort Wayne, Indiana and both are ALWAYS busy. Today was my daughter’s 18th birthday, and we picked up Chick-fil-A food for supper.

  42. No need to be violent or destructive if one is a true American with traditional values. Just unify with at least a few friends and make sure you all vote when election day comes. I worked the phone banks for Trump in the spring of 2016 in Indiana and sure enough, Trump’s winning of the Indiana primary is what propelled him to the nomination. It just takes a steady effort.

  43. God Bless You Chick fil A and I wish you continued success. Please come to The North End of Cathedral City, CA…….we have an abundance of fast food coices but no Chick fil A! Please!

  44. When they first opened Chick-Fil-A’s here several years ago they’d have BOGO chicken sandwiches coupons in every Sunday paper for a long time. Then when they got heavy business established they stopped the coupons, and I never went there to eat again. Was so burned out on the free chicken sandwiches with two pickles stuck to the inside of the bottom bun. I’d always smear their mayo packets on them and they were delicious. Now their food is so expensive here, when there are tons more places to eat cheaper, I haven’t been back for maybe 10 years. Their other menu foods didn’t taste good at all. All the eateries only have a few things I’ll eat like Wendy’s has their Chili, Frosty’s, Triple Cheeseburgers, the only good items. Then Booger Kings Whoppers. KFC Chicken I never get burned out on. Church’s Chicken is good too. Sonic has Chili Cheese Hot Dogs. McDonald’s fries are great if they’re fresh cooked, but they can shove the rest of their menu that’s always dried up and burned up from baking under the heat lamps for hours, don’t want to break my teeth off.

  45. I love your company not only for your good food but that you are a Christian Company but also a believer in our President and you are not afraid to express that. God Bless.

  46. Thank GOD for the Leftist! . . . They’re stupid (And REPROBATES as well) but just BETO on GUNS, they’re great for sales. Team Trump and his allies 2020 KAGA (KEEP America Great Again).

  47. I live in Maryland just across the bridge from Alexandria. I would love it if they opened one on Route 1 or even in National Harbor MD.

    I usually drive to Waldorf or Brandywine MD just because I love the food so much and it is good value.

    Frankly, I am quite surprised that you don’t have a restaurant in Alexandria but I have been to one in the Springfield area.

    I guess politics TRUMPS common sense for some folks!!

  48. Yes MIchael there is a Chick-fil-A in Carlsbad. It is on Camino Real–a block or so from the car wash on the other side of the street.

  49. Joe, take your sick hate somewhere else. You are not wanted here. You are a very sad creature. Christians follow Jesus, who teaches love, compassion, tolerance, forgiveness and helping others. He forbids your sick hatred, but He loves you so much that He came and died for you so you can go to Heaven. But you have chosen satan and Hell.

  50. jj…It is dems who are fascists and discriminators. And do you even know what a Christian is? Since the left has thrown God out, I am doubting it

  51. I think you should get behind and contribute to his relection he needs everyone’s help. Something for you to think about because you know how much they dislike you ,if they win you know you will have more trouble than you can handle it would be a worthy investment on your part because if theydefete a sitting President you can only imangen what they will do to you. Im just saying! If you do if you would mention my name I myself or trying to get things done four country. Will also tell you have the best chicken strips adcfries I eat there often even when you firststarted in malls my Mom bless her soul ,wellnshe would make a special to the when you were at Jamestown in s
    St. Louis County in Missouri which was one of the first in our area.

  52. I drive 60 miles to eat at Chick-Fil-A, as a way to tell the LGBT and their lib thugs to go fly a KITE…! This is America Jack, not the Sodom and Gomorrah you pretend to live in.
    TRUMP 2020

  53. All the Leftist ideology comes out of Demonic delusion and rebellion. Chick Fil A represents God and Truth with love and sanity. The Leftist Represents satan, lies and crazy psychosis full of hatred.

  54. Great restaurant. Wish it was closer to where I live but it’s definitely worth the trip. Ate there a few weeks ago. The line was very long. It was in a mall. The hell with the leftists. They should just mind their own business and keep their freaking mouths shut.

  55. Keep focusing like a laser on making sure that babies are kept warm and comfortable, while mommy and her clinician deliberate the most efficacious way to “abate the inconvenience.” At the same time, do not forget the urgency in protecting baby seals, and the homes of kangaroo rats, the waters of the Delta smelt, and those lovely forests of giant white slice-and-dice propellers that ornament our open spaces (well, except the waters off Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket, and Hyannis Port, where War Hero Heinz-Kerry, Our Historic Organizer, and the Kennedy Klan sail their yachts).

  56. Thanks be to God for your continued SUCCESS!
    God will bless those who STAND for the right principles and standards!
    I LOVE Chick-fil-A!
    They have the most courteous employees that work at Fast Food Restaurants.
    The place is ALWAYS busy.
    Their food is the BEST!
    May you TRIPLE in size in the next decade!

  57. LMAO, dims are so hateful. if you disagree with the libturds you’re a racists. btw, after TRUMP finishes his last 5 yrs as president, congress wont be needed. all they have done for 3 yrs. is investigate TRUMP, therefore they can all be fired.

  58. Ate at a Chick-fil-A this week and I said you can see the blessings and favor of God on this business!! Always packed!

  59. God and good does prevail like the bible promises- praise God!
    The Left is miserable and need prayer and God.
    Ill eat at every one of their restaurants to show support and so will my huge group of fam and friends. God bless you Chickie!!

  60. Congratulations to Chick-fil-A for standing up for your convictions. Honoring God always is the best way of living and doing business. On top of it all, Chick-fil-A is not open on Sundays!

  61. Please open a Chick fil A in fishkill NYand Wrappinginger falls NY. I love your food and the chicken soup. God bless Rosemary Magill

  62. Hey gay freaks! Just keep on cryin’ and bawling. The more you do that, the more free advertisement CFA gets, AND more profits for their coffers. It’s a shame that you can’t realize that. JUST SHUT UP!

  63. Joe you don’t have to be a nasty person just because you have no God in your sorry excuse of a life. To each his own, just like if your gay and that makes you hate Chick’fila only because you sin against God… Hell is making a spot for you as we speak!

  64. Joe Shaw, do you be leave in HELL??
    Well from the sound of what you are saying you had better, because you will be there

  65. Really James Johnson, in the perfect world we all should respect each other’s view on life, how to make tomorrow better, but the sad truth is if you even have only 1 reason against a liberal Democrat, your a racist, Islamophobic, gays are a problem because they shoved their habits down our throats but they can’t give us Christians the same respect with our beliefs… You have to give to get…. the left always has a problem with that… it’s 100% our way all the time… Nope, soon when Civil war breaks out, you snowflakes ( james Johnson) you will be the first to see bullets are way harder to stop than your twisted views on chicken!

  66. I’m a 72 year old man who swore off eating chicken 55 years ago. But, with the plain stupid antics of the left with their boycott of Chick fil A, I am considering ending my boycott of chicken eating. Anything the Left hates, can’t be all bad. Since Chick fil A, is closed on Sunday, my chicken strike will end next Monday.

  67. R.Lee if that offends you look the other way no one is shoveing down your throat. God bless the USA & God bless President Trump. Trump 2020.

  68. I was once employed at a resort where many gay people worked and guess what, they all ate chick Fil A. It can’t be an isolated case. It’s only the “rabid” letter people protesting.

  69. I don’t get it. When did Chick Fil A ever say they are against gays. The fact that the owner is a Christian???? Is that now a crime? Glad to see they are growing so fast.

  70. Every time I have ever eaten at a Chick-Fil-A the restaurant was SUPER-CLEAN, like I’ve never seen any other restaurant as clean. It makes you comfortable eating there its so clean. Friendly, family-oriented atmosphere, where everyone is welcome to eat in quiet peace. It’s just that some persons like to make trouble and they don’t feel good unless they are complaining and starting conflict over shear nonsense. The only thing I would like is IF Chick-Fil-A would start offering some burger options. I love the place but only chicken can get a bit boring after a while. That stated, they have THE BEST CHICKEN that nobody else can match.

  71. The owner stated that he supported traditional marriage a few years back and he just felt a marriage should be one man and one woman and that gays getting together legally should be referred to as a ‘union’ but not a “marriage”. His thinking is this, Marriage has been considered as a ‘legal contract’ by The State as an arrangement to raise children and even iF gays get together and adopt, it is not a union that can naturally produce children without going outside of that union and using science or tech to have a child like with invitro-fertilization or a surrogate, which the owner is also against. Many people that the use of technology to produce a child is against GOD’S natural order. I am against invasive tech also as its just scientists playing GOD to me and I am not alone in this feeling. He never said he was against gays, just against gay marriage, which he felt is not a legitimate marriage, according to tradition and no matter how many people fuss, it is just true facts he cited. I have a gay uncle and he is also against calling such a union a marriage as he says the whole point of being gay is rallying against the traditional system and he also felt gays should not be able to adopt children. He was together with his partner for over 25 years and they both felt children should be had and raised by straight traditional couples as it is less confusing for children.

  72. We all need to figure out the dollar amount of future taxes that we’ve already paid because of the Left’s wasteful spending on non-ending fake attempts to crush the “RIGHT” illegally. Then we can demand that THEY reimburse the Republican Party for all the wasted dollars over their totally FAKE attacks & INQUISITIONS. And as a penalty, we can FIRE those many useless, lying, SOBs & begin to form our New America!

  73. Jac, great comment! We must get rid at least of the Squad in 2020 but we must keep Congress because they are the Legislative Branch. We should be more careful who we vote into Congress though!!

  74. “BTW…don’t trust a damn thing that comes from the right! For folks who claim the Lord, they sure as hell have perfected the art of the lie!”

    but But But we are trying so hard to emulate the left on their lies!!!!!!!!!!!!!We just aren’t very good at it . I guess it just deoends on the definition of “IS IS” LOL No one has ever lied through their eye teeth as good as a Democrat the award always has and always will be their trophy. OF sorts

  75. Now all they need to do is support Trump, ha ha. the lines in this place were so long I had to wait 35 minutes, but it was worthy. I support them 100%

  76. Wish we had one in Navarre Florida, I love there food and I think it’s great that they give there employees of Sunday.

  77. Wish we had one in Navarre Florida, I love there food and I think it’s great that they give there employees off Sunday.


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