Chicago Police are about to destroy Jussie Smollett after he said something disgusting


Jussie Smollett destroyed his entire career when he was exposed pushing an anti-Trump hate crime hoax.

But his troubles are far from over.

And the Chicago Police Department is about to destroy him after he said something disgusting.

Jussie Smollett became so desperate to attack President Trump that he was willing to fake an insane hate crime against himself.

It was only after the investigative work of the Chicago Police Department that this became clear, and Smollett was charged with filing a false police report, only for corrupt city officials to let him off the hook.

But while some city officials may be willing to let him off, the Chicago Police aren’t, and are pursuing $130,000 to recoup the costs of the police investigation.

Instead of admitting fault, and paying the fee, Smollett’s attorneys argue he doesn’t have to pay the fee because the police shouldn’t have put so much effort in their investigation.

The Daily Caller reports:

Jussie Smollett’s legal team says the disgraced actor should not have to pay back the $130,000 cost of investigating his alleged hate crime because Chicago police shouldn’t have put so much effort into their investigation.

Smollett infamously claimed in January 2019 to be the victim of a racially and sexuality-motivated attack by two thugs who threatened him with a noose and an unknown chemical substance. In initial reports, the alleged assailants wore MAGA hats; later, Smollett denied identifying their headgear. When an investigation found no evidence of a real incident, police charged Smollett with filing a false police report for a staged incident.

When charges were dropped amid a storm of criticism, the city sought compensation for the cost of investigating the alleged hate crime hoax.

Now Smollett’s lawyers are arguing that it wasn’t the actor’s fault that the police investigated his complaint with such vigor and at such expense, the Chicago Sun-Times reported Wednesday. They have filed a motion to that effect.

Of course, his claim is absolutely insane.

If it weren’t for police putting in the investigative work they did, they would not be able to definitively prove Smollett was behind the hoax.

Do you think Jussie Smollett should be in jail?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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  2. WHAT??? NOW his lawyers are complaining the police put TOO much effort in their investigation? Why, because they proved what a liar and fake their client was?
    Make him pay every dime back and lock his sorry butt in jail!!

  3. I can tell you for certain that if I, being a white guy, perpetrated a hoax against Obama I would be hung up by my thumbs and set on fire! So where is lady justice?

  4. Buddy H: How true! The pendulum of “equal” rights have swung way to the left… No one that is white or Conservative has the same rights. We are truly guilty until proven innocent. And even then, just as it with President Trump, that still isn’t good enough!!!

  5. He is just an extension of the AL SHARPTON philosophy of race division for his communist / sociologist division of the USA. Black people have stopped drinking the Kool-Aide of hate.

  6. He is just an extension of the AL SHARPTON philosophy of race division for his communist / sociologist division of the USA. Black people have stopped drinking the Kool-Aide of hate. I have not said this before . you are purposely wrong to push the incorrect racist agenda on the poor, ignorant and paid trouble makers. BLACK people know this.

  7. Had they not investigated his charges to the degree that they did, they would have heard nothing but the Race card hitting the table.

  8. Now that the whole world knows who Jussie Smollett is, he succeeded in getting the EXPOSURE that he was seeking with the stunt he pulled. Problem is, he just didn’t know that it would come at such a high cost – financially and career-wise.

  9. The guy is absolutely insane and most likely was/is motivated or encouraged by outside forces or persons. It would serve JUSTICE better if any reference and reporting of this case omitted anything to do with race, sexual orientation or political standing. The CRIME is what it is and the CRIME is all that matters. All of the motivations and insinuations are better served in court, not in public debate.

  10. I saw a picture of jussie in the white house with obozo and manchelle. they tried to use their connections to get him off . they almost did. now jussie must pay for his fake hate crime. I wonder how many white people were beat up over this. he must pay.
    he may enjoy himself in jail.

  11. Jussie Smullet belongs in jail , if not then he should pay not only the $130 ,000 in Police investigation costs but another $130,000 for wasting the courts time . And his attorneys should also pay a like amt for presenting such a ridiculous case and arguement before the courts . Had the Chicago Police not thoroughly investigated , you can be well assured that Jussie would be suing over that !
    Sorry Jussie , JUST SMELL IT !

  12. Our black citizens are pushing the race card so vigorusly, it will come to hurt them severely. I suggest, a great blessing was given them when their ancestors were brought here as slaves. If any doubt this, go back to the original lands of their ancestors and see the poverty that exists.

  13. If Jussie were White and Straight, he would face a PLETORA of Federal, State and Local VIOLATIONS of LAWS that would put him in PRI SON, the rest of his life !!!!! CHICAGO is the most CORRUPT CITY since SODOM and GOMORRAH, a deserves the ssme TREATMENT by the ALMIGHTY !!!!

  14. In addition to incarceration, I believe he should be shackled to a wheel chair and forced to sit in the front row of every Trump rally from now until the moment Trump gets re-elected.

  15. So much racism in this country. But now it is both whites don’t like blacks and there are just as many black racist who don’t like whites. Grow up America we are all of one race HUMAN.

  16. What a disgusting “person” he is. And I use the term “person” with sarcasm. He’s a slime ball. Put him in jail. Throw away the key!

  17. It’s time to stop this waste of time, put him in jail l and pay his fine. If this was a white person he would be in jail already. Our laws are for everyone not just a few.

  18. He like so many on the left hate Trump and will do anything to harm him. They all need to pay Jesse, Clamper, Commie, Struck, They all lied and did what they could to harm Trump, Put them all in Jail.

  19. Hey, wait a minute. First of all he is a demoncrat, second he has demoncrats in very HIGH places. Third he’s black. No equal justice for the republicans. This whole mess is soooo unamerican. This is what we are coming too. Look out America, this is just the beginning of our destruction. Trump 2020, Pence 2024.

  20. Smullet a supposed actor creates a fraud gets caught by police blames others his lawyers claim police were too vigorous in investigating him. Hollywood could not make a B movie this stupid folks. The attorneys are stupid the mayor is stupid and smullet is stupid. Only in Chicago with the murder rate,graft and mis management of its finances can this crap take place. Of course the lawyers must defend him in court but still please a little less drama please.

  21. Jail time for him would be great. He likes men so he will be fine being around them 24-7. Don’t be scared Smollett take it like the woman you want to be. Dumbass.

  22. Yes…absolutely….he should be put in jail and…. pay for all the expenses the police incurred due to his stupid stunt. Let it be a lesson for those people who are planning similar hoaxes.

  23. its time these mental midgets be held accountable the Chicago PD invested many man hours investigating this assclowns charges . but like KAPERDICK his failing career prompted him to be self centered in his attempt to keep his name in the news . I ve never even heard of this ACTOR before . but hope he gets the help that he needs .I ts a shame that when and if this type of attack truly happens the truly innocent victim will b less believed . This loser needs to forfeit some SERIOUS cash to a victims advocate group

  24. They should have sued him for a million dollars so they would receive the 130k. He is part of the racial divide problem we have in our country with fake news. He was wrong and he should pay for his coverup. Love to see him spend time in jail with the general population. What message does this send to the public. You can pull a stunt like this and you will be forgiven because your black and have money? Jail

  25. his intent was delibert it seems he had the approval of Michelle Obama . Then was delibertly let off the hook without as much as a slap on the wrist . Chicago has enough problems but Republicans are not the problem . City wide corruption has run ramped in there for 75 yrs . What he did should be prosicuted to the fullest extent of the law Period we must have equal justice or we have nothing

  26. Lock up this total p.o.s. This just proves that the blacks of today do not want equality, they want total control. It is o,k, for any of them to lie and commit other crimes against whites, but if I pulled the same crap when that obama, the worst president this country has ever had to endure, I would have been charged with a hate crime and prosecuted to the max.
    Enough is enough! The democraps are using this reverse discrimination at every chance they get to gain the black vote. This is nothing but a political game.

  27. He will become another legend in the leftists history of oppression. They erected a monument to Micheal (The gentle giant” Brown, after demonizing the officer he attacked. Maybe Jusse should get a plaque, too.

  28. Mr Smollett is playing both sides of the coin. If the police didn’t spend every effort to find the ‘assailant’ He would have played to racist discrimination card. Looking for his Hollywood for support. The police would have been blackballed and Congress would be holding hearings for years.. Now that they did they found a hoax. Men [and women} were used to run this down think of the “ordinary” man of color or financial want who ws deprived of justice/assistance because of this..
    Mr Smollett owes the community and his fellow man a great debt, This charge is more than justified.

  29. I’m sick and tired of the liberals committing crimes and getting away with them because our judicial system is corrupt and run by liberals. Its time Americans stand up and say enough is enough. We need to take our country back and restore the rule of law before all is lost!

  30. The Police don’t and can’t get a break. Smollett needs to see prison time first. It is never going to stop if the nuts keep getting off. Once released he should have to spend time in a rehab facility because there is something wrong with him. All done on his own dime.

  31. Snuck needs to go to jail…others have gone to jail for far lesser crimes…he will NEVER get another job. This is his own undoing and greed that send him there, nobody else fault but his suck it up bro!

  32. He should pay all costs.
    Plus a hefty fine for the crimes.
    In addition, a lengthy prison term of years not days.
    Additionally, the judge needs to be scrutinized thoroughly.
    Fine the attorneys for frivolous actions against police.

  33. Both he and (probably) his publicist need to go to jail. If anyone else did this they would be sent to jail. It’s bad enough the city officials let him off – they should be arrested or at least fired from their jobs too. Time to clean the Chicago swamp!

  34. So they are saying police shouldn’t have investigated?? Then they would have been sued by Jessie for not doing anything. Seriously this guy is a sick cookie.. Put his butt in jail in a cell with big bubba. The resources used on such a disgusting false allegation could have been used on a real crime. Shame on Jessie for being such a Democratic sicko that he would take protection away from others in real need of help for his own selfish reasons.

  35. Why those democraps hate President Trump so much??? Jalousie??? Because President Trump can do lot of thing for the country and for American people, us, and for the world that democraps CANNOT DO…

    Of course, TRUMP 2020 and PENCE 2024…

  36. Jail, even if a short time to show this type of nonsense won’t be tolerated. Think of all the real criminal cases pushed away due to the publicity of this fake news.

  37. I think J.Smollett should face some jail time or at the very least a record with Probation to watch that he actually learned right from wrong!!!!!More importantly i think his Lawyer and All the Officials involved in his lack of prosecution should be dis barred and Outed from service!!!!!Ps And check out how The Obumas were involved or any other Politicians.They Should also Pay the price !!!!!

  38. Why does everything revolve around skin color. Did you have a choise at birth. Did you choose your parents, I think not. All of us in the greatest country in the world are here because we want to be, and if you don’t want to be here you may leave. The last time I looked there are no chains around our legs to keep us here. In today’s society I find cash to be the key,

  39. Quilty!!! He thinks he’s above it just like James Comey, Clapper, Brennan,Hillary and all he other high and mighty liberals. They should all be in prison, the worst prison, not a vacation prison.

    If anyone else would have done this, they would be in jail!
    This took the cops away from other issues that.

  41. He is nothing but an A$$HOLE, its time to lock him up for this for at least 3 years, let him cool his heels for awhile! More power to the Chicago police, they need to force him to pay the $130,000! What a jerk!

  42. He should be in jail…along with EVERY SINGLE PERSON INVOLVED, including that lam excuse for a prosecutor that dwells in Cook County!!! Mark Twain was right……”Chicago…your city is a swamp of corruption and depravity”….

  43. This is disgusting and sickening. It is an ABUSE.
    Just because he is well connected and had Michelle/Michael Obama and Kamela Harris backing him up he think he could get out of it Scott free.
    He has to pay with JAIL time and pay the fine as well.

  44. ALL liberal Democrats (ESPECIALLY politicians) are like Snidely Whiplash. Always plotting something evil, but never smart enough to pull it off without a hitch.

  45. In fact, the police should have tackled Michelle Obama’s dark affairs, closely linked to racist idiot Jussi Smollett.

  46. The police shouldn’t invest so much in their investigations of crime? $130,000 is nothing. If my PI firm was charging, it would have been much more and this jerk would have been indicted.

  47. Of course he should be in alot of trouble being the Perpatraitor. HOWEVER, I want to know why others are not involved themselves? Let’s start from the beginning of the crime: #1 Jussie Smollett, #2 Kim Fox,. #3 Rahm YES Rahm #4 Michelle Obamba, #5 Kamala Harris !
    Jussie started it all. Then he called his Auntie Kamala. Then she called Michelle, Then Michelle called RAHM, (and he faked being against what Jussie did but he was the one who finally got in touch with Kim Fox to FREE JUSSIE! How come they are not in this blame game also?

  48. He is well knowing by the Obama, and for sure he is part of the Obama conspiracy playing the raciol and discrimination Card. To bring more hate between black and white population. He should spend years in jail as like any other citizen who committed such shameful criminal act.

  49. If they hadn’t investigated they would have been called racists. Liberals would have been screaming for justice. Now that justice is finally coming they don’t want it. This was a hate crime and should be punished as such.


  51. They should throw him in jail for the maximum time allowed for this thing ! Fe lucky he didn’t start more problems.

  52. And if the Chicago P.D. hadn’t put all their efforts into the investigation then the C.P.D. would have been demonized for not! He should definitely pay the money back plus more. How about the attorneys forfeit their payment because they haven’t gone to court.

  53. After growing up in Chicago, completing my Engineering degree and getting drafted into the Army I had no contact with the Police there.
    The fact that the Smollett case was not prosecuted correctly was a shock to me. With the Politics gone crazy as usual, I am delighted that the Police are refusing to cave to Chicago as usual. Smollett was guilty of reporting a false claim is in itself is a sign of guilt. His case is a total fabrication of the truth. The Federal Government case is yet to be started. Let us now see if Justice will prevail.

  54. What an IGNORANT comment made by his lawyers!!! The Chicago police are damned if they do and damned if the dont! Pay the fine, you POS…You go off easy!!!

  55. Be very careful on Pence 2024. I’m still waiting to see if Trump keeps him for 2020. He may drop out for “health reasons” or some other? I’m from Indiana and have heard ALOT on him. I was undecided until !! Only the criminals received envelopes at the Bush funeral. Pedo deep state ?? Only time will tell

  56. Ofcourse!!! And for as much time as the law mandates. If they let him just walk off without any consequences for the laws he broke then it’ll just prove the 2 tier justice is alive and well. I’d like to see the reasoning behind not locking this criminal up.

  57. The fine should be tripled and accrued interest plus additional court and collection costs charges, then jail the little phony gay boy who really can’t sing or act, but I’m sure we know how he got the job.

  58. Ken A; Un fortunately , skin color plays a very big part in how justice is handled. Or haven’t you watched the news or grasped the hoax this black man tried to pull? He came out playing the race card from the very beginning ! Equal rights SHOULD mean just that. But it doesn’t .So please don’t tell others we are free to leave this country. I want, as do many others, EQUAL rights for all. Not SPECIAL rights because of your skin color……

  59. This guy is a freak of nature – he deserves the fine and jail time – he is the worst kind of a anti white racist!

  60. Lost his ARROGANT LIEING CURRUPT ARSE in Prison! Like NOW!


    Judge O’Brien whats taking sooo long to dump this DISGRACED! QUEEN?

  61. Lock this fool up and weld the cell door shut. And make him repay every penny that was spent investigating his crime.

  62. Jail time and let him pay damages at least as much as that woman got when she sued McD for not telling her their coffee was hot. How much did she get? Several million I think. What he did was way worst than what McD didn’t do.

  63. Hell Yes He Needs To Go To Jail. He Lied, Made Stuff Up That Wasn’t True And This Caused The Chicago Police To Put In Extra Hours Investigating A Crime That Did Not Happen. He Overplayed His Hand When he Threw In The MAGA HAT Which Shows How Stupid He Was And Is. He Needs To Pay Back The Money That Police Wasted Trying To Solve A Crime That Wasn’t Committed. All This To Increase His Role In A TV Show. Like I Said, STUPID.

  64. To his attorney any amount of investigation would have been over the top. They needed an argument to combat the lawsuit claim the police have on him. I hope the slimeball has to go to digging ditches or collecting garbage for a living now. Anybody that hires him now would not be able to trust him..If he decides to turn another hoax to get an employer into a lawsuit he probably would.

  65. He should go to jail for a long time. He was in the wrong and should have to pay for it. Anyone else would be in jail!!!!

  66. Jussie Smollett’s completely deviant minded attorney’s are in truth saying the Chicago police like the IL state AG’s office the Chicago or was it Cook County’s DA’s office should have turned a blind eye to Smollett’s crime, not only should Smollett but his entire legal defense should be charged for conspiring to incite violence towards law abiding genuinely cognizant patriots and when are the Obamas going to be investigated for them being party to this entire travesty of justice?

  67. Jail is where he belongs. I really hope these conservatives who get smeared would start filing harassment charges against these morons. That’s what President Trump should do. He is getting harassed constantly. Maybe some of it would stop if these idiots had to fork up lawyer fees.

  68. I suspected when the Obama Administration started Passing “hate-crime” Bill’s it would be weaponized, seem’s like some minorities want Revenge, not Equal Right’s. Since a ‘Hate crime’ conviction carries a harsher Sentence does that apply to those committing a hate crime hoax?? I would surely hope so but I kinda doubt it.

  69. surprised can’t anyone see that the DA Foxx was elected using Soros money and see what we get. Look at all the states DAs that took the dirty money and some really bad and sneaky folks are being set free. All part of the Clinton Obama Judicial System.

  70. Put this lying, selfish. hypocritical racist under the jail for a long long time. What he did could of caused race riots but because the police did their jobs supremely it didn’t go that far. This case isn’t done and all those that let this creep off the hook should be severely punished. KF and her friends better beware as they still may be going to the jail where they all belong.

  71. Lock him up with a noose around his neck…he deserves a long time in jail and pay the 130k to the police department, that will teach him a lesson and anybody who is thinking of pulling the same stunt.

  72. Apparently fake news isn’t confined to the media. Now the liberals who hate the President stage attacks and then when caught of course deny any guilt. Jessie Smollet should be treated like any other person in that situation and in fact should have been tried and put in jail. Making him pay should be the least of the publics concern. What we need is less corruption in Chicago and more justice.

    Its also a sad state off affairs when lying becomes the new truth. Ever try to search the internet to check something out and then see all the conflicting articles available taking one side or the other. A person has to be a first class detective to find out what is true and what isn’t. The mainstream media is totally unreliable because they have been caught lying so many times and one of the worst was all the time they spent on Russian Collusion which was started by the Democrats who were butt deep in the scheme. See Judicial Watch for the evidence.

  73. Absolutely he should be indicted and hopefully charged with a hate crime as there is zero doubt about his guilt. He even paid for his crime with a check and if that isn’t enough the ‘purps’ are on video buying the ‘equipment’ needed to pull it off. Talk about stupid, man this bunch sets a whole new definition for the word.
    What’s worse than what he did though and by quite a margin is his getting off because he is a rich and somewhat famous actor and a minority. Given what is going on with the ‘deep state’ and their partners in crime the democrat/media collusion company in Washington, the American people have had just about enough of this favoritism, division, jealousy and the manufacture and sale of hate by those on the left.
    If the system doesn’t start treating these leftists in the same fashion is does us we’ll do it for them and I sure would hate to see that, I really would.
    As a veteran and someone who worked in Los Alamos for over thirty years in support of our efforts in the Cold War I think it is safe to assume I am rather fond of my Constitution, my freedoms and personal liberties and America with its’ culture and people, all of them, and just plain way of life. I see everything these leftists are doing as a threat to that and a threat that is designed and executed with the destruction of all I hold dear as it sole aim. In this I am not alone, in fact we represent the vast majority of people in this country who are now wondering just why the great push to disarm us at this point. We wonder what it is you are up to that you feel we must be disarmed before we find out what it is and that again is a rather unsettling feeling.
    Bottom line is this to all of you leftists and anti-American types out there, if you don’t straighten up and fly right by the constitution we all will help you out with that if necessary and regardless of what it takes.
    Nobody really wants that and this little Smollett case is a large part of that so it would behoove you to get it right this time. Rarely does one get a second bite at the apple.

  74. The Obama Fix is in, No fine, no jail time, no reimbursement of the $ 130,000 spent investigating get’s of scott free along with the douchbag that dropped the charges on him. Just a Dog and Pony show going on folks,
    No? prove me wrong !

  75. Hey Smollett, can ya smell it? It’s your lack luster career goin’ up in smoke. 10 years in the joint oughta’ fix your attitude.

  76. There is NO such word as “alot”. “A” and “lot” are two (2) separate words. You are confusing this non word with “allot” which does not mean “a great number” but is the term for a portion to sustain or a payment.

  77. Defense attorneys do not have to believe the charges or innocence of their clients. They are only to get the most lenient prosecution of their client(s).

  78. President Trump needs to sign an executive order legalizing the MOONING of Jussie Smollett! Once the order is signed, it will be illegal to arrest, detain, cite or constrain someone for the MOONING of Jussie Smollett! Those who want to MOON him in the USA will be able to do so! Smollett will also be required to go on MOON tours so those who want to MOON him will be able to do so! Vendors will be able to sell MOON Jussie Smollett t-shirts at these venues! This order will expire on Jan. 20, 2021 at noon and the president who will be inaugurated that day (whoever it is) will have the power to renew this executive order for four more years if he or she chooses to do so!


  80. Exactly what I was about to post. Not only should Smollet serve prison time but so should everyone involved in the obstruction of justice – including the person who called from Obama’s to pressure Foxx into dropping the charges. Hear that Michelle?

  81. He caused his own problems. The investigation needed to be done. Only 130,000 is a bargain for this investigation. My real complaint here is the responses to this information. He CANNOT be locked up for his little hoax. The charges have been dropped, whether legally or not. The lawsuit is by the Chicago police department to recover the cost of his hoax. This is a civil suit, and money damages are the only possibility.

  82. I used to be a big fan, he was my favorite character on the show. But the evidence was overwhelming. I think if he had fessed up early on, a slap on the hand would have been okay. But the fact he has continued to lie, he should do some time, at least 14 days.

  83. yes He knowingly did wrong, it backfired. He needs to face the consequences of his actions. Unfortunately, he has money and he can get the most scandulous attornies in his court. Not owing up to yourcactions and facing the punishment, feelingventitled is a problem this generation is used to.

  84. This was a hate crime plain and simple if it was you or me we would be in jail but no he is a celebrity with political connections so we do nothing he should go to jail and pay back city.

  85. He is just one more “Brick In The Wall” trying to bring our Great Republic down. Remember the “Fifth Column”.


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