Cher said something so stupid about Trump that you’ll never want to listen her music again


Ever since Mueller’s embarrassing testimony in Congress, where he was unable to offer any evidence of Russian collusion, Hollywood elitists have gone off the rails.

But one particular celebrity has officially gone off the deep end.

Pop star Cher tweeted something so idiotic about Trump that you’ll never want to listen to her music again.

This is not the first time Cher has made a fool of herself on social media.

She is a shrill, vocal critic of President Trump.

Now, she just lost what little credibility she had.

Cher went on a wild rant on Twitter calling President Trump, “Putin’s choice for President”.

Breitbart reports:

Far-left pop icon Cher wondered whether American could survive another four years of President Donald Trump, or “Putin’s choice for president” after “Moscow Mitch” McConnell blocked a Senate vote on an election security bill.

“WHATEVER MUST B DONE, “MUST B DONE.”FK PLAYING BY RULES.”MOSCOW MITCH” DIDNT LET SENATE VOTE ON BILL 2 SAVE ELECTION FROM RUSSIAN DOMINATION, BECAUSE HE WANTS”PUTIN’S CHOICE”4 PRESIDENT.” Cher said, blasting Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) for blocking of a vote on an election security bill this week.

Cher also claimed recently that Trump only focuses on two things: making more money and becoming a dictator. “Mitch McConnell is a Russian” trended on Twitter early Saturday monring after the Senate majority leader blocked Democrat efforts to pass election security legislation.

Cher proceeded to also attack Mitch McConnell and call him, “Moscow Mitch”.

Hollywood and the Left just won’t give up the Russia conspiracy.

Nor will they accept the results of the election.

After spending tens of millions of taxpayer dollars, Democrats have come up with zero evidence of Russian collusion.

The Democrats in Congress secretly know they can’t impeach Trump.

But Hollywood elitists, donors, and a few radical members of Congress like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are demanding it.

Which is why Democrats are desperately trying to keep the conspiracy alive.

And celebrities like Cher have become unhinged.

It is frightening how much influence insane celebrities such as Cher have on Democrats in Congress.

Do you agree with Cher’s anti-Trump statements?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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  2. Please, a 73 year old hag that is so full of fillers they are pumped in on a timer!
    Yet she still struts around in a G string up her ass crack and bikini wax!
    2 kids, 1 a tranny and the other gay. I thought her old ass was moving to Canada with all the other
    elderly celebrities??

  3. She hates it that she is an old hag and cant stand the thought of being forgotten which is why she she says these asinine comments. It just makes her look mor like a dumbfk than ever. All that botox and cement in her face has gone to her brain.

  4. Sonny was obviously the brains. She has slipped farther into derangement. She needs professional help.

  5. Stopped listening to her music years ago, when she said her first stupid thing about the best President We the People have ever had…….We don’t have the Celebrity Privilege of owning OFFSHORE ACCOUNTS to hide one’s money……or the tax free ?foundations? real charity????? Nasty woman, face lift too tight????? ……HOW IS HER DAUGHTER???

  6. I SUPPORT YOU @CHER You have class and brains unlike all of the ignorant, uneducated racists Republicans

  7. It is so sad these celebrities open their mouths and make fools of themselves. The only thing they have going for themselves is their careers. Not much left of that either. They have no idea what the real world is all about. They have been protected for so long now that they are just like our congress and are out of touch.

  8. You can’t fix stupid! Cher and her Hollyweird friends are so out of touch with real Americans that they have become irrelevant.

  9. It’s Impossible to say anything DUMB about a DUMBASS like CRAZY donald, that Brain Dead Pile of CRAP!

  10. if Trump was elected cher would go to Jupiter I believe. she’s still here with her big mouth. American citizens are able to think without asking Hollywood morons.

  11. I guess if i called her a stupid liberal idiot , i would be racist because she is a redskin. UT OH! I used the wrong word ,i hope the people who are in Washington and have their favorite NFL team forgive me i just do not know what is politically correct anymore!!!!! BUT FOR SURE SHE IS AN IDIOT!!!!!!!

  12. Why would anyone want to listen to her music or her ridiculously insane rants and nonsense.

  13. Jo hn. Of course, you cannot Fix STUPID! That’s Why Nobody can Fix a STUPID PILE of Walking, Talking CRAP like d. trump!

  14. Ms Plastic face moron need to dust her own doormat. Only two children and one is a transsexual while the other has a drug addled brain and yet still finds a way to bash Mommy Dearest every chance he gets!

  15. Just consider the source, she isn’t a blond so you can’t say anything unkind like that. Knowing that the only realisation is Share is STUPID along with her friends in Whorlyewood. You people need to get a hold of yourselves and realise that the United States are better for more people. The more American Whites that go back to work the more Black and Hispanic will find employment. Pay attention to all of the Give Away’s the Democrats plan to have YOU paying for.

  16. Get your facts straight sal. It is a historical fact that every piece of racist legislation that was
    ever passed and every racist terrorist attack that was inflicted on
    African Americans, was initiated by members of the Democratic Party.
    History shows that during the past 160 years the Democratic Party
    legislated Jim Crow laws, Black Codes and a multitude of other laws at
    the state and federal level to deny African Americans their rights as
    citizens. Congressional records show it was Democrats that strongly
    opposed the passage of the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments. These three
    Amendments were introduced by Republicans to abolish slavery, give
    citizenship to all African Americans born in the United States, and give
    Blacks the right to vote. Congressional records show that Democrats
    were opposed to passing the following laws that were introduced by
    Republicans to achieve civil rights for African Americans: Civil Rights
    Act of 1866 Reconstruction Act of 1867 Freedman Bureau Extension Act of
    1866 Enforcement Act of 1870 Force Act of 1871 Ku Klux Klan Act of 1871
    Civil Rights Act of 1875 Civil Rights Act of 1957 Civil Rights Act of
    1960 And during the 60’s many Democrats fought hard to defeat the 1964
    Civil Rights Act 1965 Voting Rights Act 1972 Equal employment
    Opportunity Act After reviewing all of the evidence, many believe
    America would have never experienced racism to the degree that it has,
    had not the Democrats promoted it.Source material by Wayne Perryman

    The DDD(DUMB DUMBER demonrats) Party started with slave owners of the
    south. The KKK was founded and run by DEMOCRATS.DEM President Woodrow
    Wilson proudly showed to his Cabinet at the White House the WHITE
    SUPREMACIST film “Birth of a Nation” which gloried the KKK. Wilson
    segregated the Federal government. The KKK rose to its zenith of power
    and respectability because of DEM Pres. Wilson.Margaret Sanger, the
    secular patron saint of the DEM Party, was a rabid RACIST WHITE
    SUPREMACIST Eugenicist who dreamed of eliminating Blacks from the human
    gene pool. LIBS looove her.All but 3 of the 24 Southern DEMS, including
    Sen. Al Gore Sr, who for RACIST reasons voted against the Civil Rights
    Act of 1964, remained lifelong DEMS as did most their children and
    grandchildren. They did not all become Right Wing Republicans. DEM
    Senator Robert Byrd, who Hillary called her mentor ant the Conscious of
    the Senate,, was KKK Grand Dragon who recruited over 150 new KKK
    Klansmen. Republican party was founded to END SLAVERY and it did It
    continued through the days of LBJ and his “Great Society”. The demonrats
    still own slaves, that population that sucks upthe welfare and other
    enhancements to sustain their lives(“YOU”) with absolutely no remorse
    for taking unearned welfare. demonrats are desperate to keep these
    programs alive and increasing to enhance their voting block and make
    their welfare recipients dependent on them. As LBJ(after assassinating
    JFK, yes demonrats did that to there OWN PARTY)said at the signing of
    his “Great Society” legislation, “We have now secured the N vote for the
    next hundred years.” In other words, he made the
    Black/White/Red/Yellow, and Brown Population of welfare recipients
    slaves to them with no way out. You say I am WHITE PRIVILEGED I am a
    HighSchool dropout I “GET NO HANDOUTS” and “I SUCCEEDED in this GAME
    insurance to cover demonrats NON-WORKING SORRY -SSES. I raised two
    children one w/a Phd/MedDr and another w/MBA on a low income middleclass
    salary w/NO HELP FROM NO-ONE(Govt Asst)! So you no what…YOU ALL CAN
    KMA with your racebaiting BS get up off your SORRY -SSES and make
    something of yourself. Break “THE demonrat STIGMA OF RACISM THEY HAVE
    “PUT” AMONG US!” Quit having the govt supporting you and do it yourself
    The key to success in this world is to work hard and do what is right.
    Trying to forcefully take success from people and redistribute it will
    never work, and the harm always outweighs the good.

  17. Might need to go back and see if Sonny actually committed suicide. If I were married to this moron I would have. Look what she did to her kid. Sonny got out easy.

  18. No, she just looks dead and wrinkled. And then there’s bloated Alyssa Milano and washed up has been Robert DeNiro. The Hollywood freaks think that because they are entertainers and whores and prostitutes they have a right to tell everyone else what to think. Hey all of you, GO FU*K YOURSELVES!!!!

  19. I am a 76 year old Liberal and his ASS isn’t long for that chair. Oh I have a nursing license, Brokers license, insurance license, was a teacher for student nurses, for fun I tended bar. I have 9 rooms which I clean myself. I will presume I have used my time wisely. Some old assess do better than the young ones that do a great job of sitting on their ass. You must be married to a hag and it upsets you Cher takes care of her looks regardless of how it is done.
    Have a good day and get out of the chair

  20. You claim you support Cher, but I would like to know what truth you have to back up what she is saying?

  21. WOW, I read this incoherent erratic drivel and thought “this sounds like Betty”. I was right!!!

  22. There is nothing I could ad to Sher’s insanity. But I can add, long live the King of Hollywood; the Great Actor and ans Superb Producer…Mr Clint Eastwood !!!

  23. I love how those that CAN”T spew their accomplishments on websites. It is true then that Share, er, Cher has her face troweled on like plaster on a wall. “The Bleat Goes On”

    The word that the desperate, little progressives use when they have no original thoughts of their own.

  25. Betty, this is what I got out of your comment: I just love the Trumpster and I want to give him a BJ!!!

  26. Cher needs to move her ASS the HELL out of our country and take all her idiot friends with her from Hollywood. They are all no dam good and they don’t know their ass from their elbow! I will never ever listen to her music ever again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!F’U Cher!

  27. The little parasites are desperate. Even giving away everything is not raising their polling numbers. Americans are working now and are leaving the plantation and all that the little welfare Bettys can do is spew out of their pathetic Obamas.

  28. Remember one important fact, Beatty, it is PRESIDENT TRUMP, not President FRUMP!
    Now unemployment is down. Go get work.

    and just sound like an Ageing Fool x Don’t let your Political Affiliations cloud your Mind and do the Right thing for yourself and your family

  30. Your vitriol is proof of the great work our president, the first male president in decades by the way, is doing. Slobber on, it only enforces the idea of MAGA!!

  31. Is that really you Cankles? Are your coughing spells any better? Staying away from Huma’s bush is helping, no?

  32. Once again Cher shows how smart she is, doesn’t she know what’s going on the Democrats are the ones in bed with Putin ( Uranium Deal ) set up by Crooked Hillary, Hillary paying for fake Dosser and Democrats trying to hide it by putting blame on Trump. Get over it Democrats and get back to work instead of sitting in Italy on our hard earned money paying your salary and doing what you want not the people.

  33. Sure thing Tootsie, what ever Madcow slobbers out! You tykes jump on her stupidity like a fat kid on a cupcake.


  35. Class and Brains?? You gotta be kidding me . She was once an attractive groupie whore. Sonny liked her and developed her into a kinda okay singer and continued to work with her and made her into a reasonably good singer, especially by building an act around what little bit she could do. Still no class and still no talent, but good at faking it. She was always a horrible parent as demonstrated by the results of her parenting. And now, she thinks she should run the country. Cher get with you buddy Hillary and go do whatever it is that two old over-the-hill whores do.

  36. Let’s see your a little mixed up at your age. You mean you have a nurse, your insurance is gone, you left your ass in a chair, and you were a teacher and taught all those liberal views to children to damn them!!! You are broke, You need to clean yourself 9 times a day, and you need a drink! I want you to know that i was a democrat for 48 years and now i am a Trump Independent who does not trust Republican they are mostly two faced and the dem and libs have gone totally nuts , wacos. With Trump you know what he stands for whether you like it or not! AND HE IS FOR WHAT I BELIEVE AMERICA WAS FOUNDED UPON!!! HAPPY 77TH BIRTHDAY AND KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. FROM A 72 YEAR OLD WHO DOES NOT HATE ANYONE JUST THEIR POLICIES AND BELIEFS!!

  37. Hey Betty you should shove your brain dead cranium back up your idiot rectum where it has obviously been the vast majority of your life

  38. Cher lost it a long time ago.
    she has no reason to hate Trump and needs to shut up, enjoy her money and find something productive to do. Maybe she and Midler need to visit Venezuela, Iran, Somalia,etc and listen to real news–aka Fox. Go home with the 4 and other non-Americans. What a stupid POS

  39. You were leaving when president trump got in the last tim so why dont you get all your friends whoopie goldberg z f th ed rest and get your ass out of our united states we wont miss any of you

  40. She is irrelevant, as are all of Hollywood. Just because people know who you are doesn’t mean you are an expert or know anything. Most of these people are lucky if they have a high school diploma.

  41. I knew Sonny Bono. Chet use to
    embarrass him with her being so “dense” (dumb). He & Mickey were in Acapulco as Sonny mad as hell for double-nude photo shoot of Cher with Baby girl. Duo a hit, Cher alone – Duh!

  42. I haven’t listened to “Cher” since the mid 60’s! And even then, it was because my lady liked her. Not me! Ergo, nothing lost…..

  43. Cher has once again shown her hatred for our wonderful President. That is ashame. I wish she & the other unhinged has beens would just die away with a smidgen of dignity. I remember I use to love watching the Sonny & Cher show (back when Chasita was a cute little girl) really though I dispise her venom she is spewing, I do still like her old songs. I would never buy anything else with her singing. But I do like the songs from old.

  44. This elitist Fresno Armenian plastic refaced dummy makes Milano look like Einstien! Who gives a rat’s patootie what this Hollyweird moron has to say.

  45. I totally know what you are saying here. I was a dyed-in-the-wool Democrat all my life, until 2015 (maybe a bit earlier), when Obama and Hillary began their love for “thugs,” that’s when my family and I began to question our allegiance to the Dem party. They have really gone off the rails and I don’t want any part of their dogma. They cater to whoever or whatever is blowing in the wind and we can’t abide that! I voted for Trump and I am NOT afraid to say so. First time I’d ever in my life voted for a republican, but I am not a republican; probably more like a middle-of-the-road independent. I don’t like being put into a “box” of what party to align with. I vote for the individual and when it came down to voting for Trump vs. Hillary, well…it was easy for me. We are a law enforcement family and seeing how Michelle Obama twisted Barack’s tiny little head into thinking LEOs were the big problem in this country, she made it easy for us. Trump backs ALL law enforcement and for that, I am eternally grateful! I will most likely NEVER vote for another democrat again…not unless that party makes some drastic changes…and I don’t mean further left.

  46. I couldn’t agree more with you. I just said the exact same thing to my husband. They’re ALL like that…keep saying and doing outrageous s**t so their name will stay in the news…just like the Muslim lawmaker from Virginia who protested at Trump’s speech today with his own kind of hate-filled rhetoric. So tired of this!!! And we have another 14-15 months before the next election. Oh, and Kamala Harris: If you disagree one iota with her, she will stop at nothing to turn you into one-flaming racist! Tired of the Dems throwing that word around, like it’s ok????

  47. I thought Cher was on her death bed oh wait the that must have been her career. I just wish the news media could get there act together.

  48. Nancy, hate won’t send you to hell, only refusing to believe in the one true God, Jesus Christ will send you to hell!!!

  49. She has had so many plastic surgeries that she isn’t real any more except for her blood and bones and organs. The rest of her is just fake plastic and silicone. And you call that taking care of her looks?!? Now that is hilarious!!! Cher Bono Alman or whatever she is calling herself this time is a washed up has been. I don’t like her and I have never liked her. She is nothing but a plastic slut!

  50. Nancy, I thought you didn’t believe in hell. Or any of that mumbo jumbo you say we Christians spew out. You’re slipping!

  51. The ManMythLegend: You are right. Her daughter Chasity had a sex change operation and now calls herself Chad.

  52. Hey Betty, That’s where you are wrong missy!! The world is becoming a better place since President Donald John Trump became the President. The economy is better, Obama tried to ruin that, The military is stronger, Obama tried to weaken it down, Japan is talking to us, Obama shunned Japan Korea and Israel, I could say more but I’ll leave it at that. This is a lot more than your smaller than a piss-ant brain can handle.

  53. if you have hate in you you cannot have the true love of Christ and God that they demand like me I hate no one love human life but I don,t have to like there lifestyle or hang around them but wish them no ill will just pray that they change

  54. Pity she’s so into stupid… She missed the fact that Hillary was Russias preferred choice. After all the deals, uranium, etc.. Obama promised Putin more … after… they set Hillary in presidency! So what is she blubbering about? How sad. she’s just making a ”bufoon” out of her self. Oh, what Pity! I liked her songs.

  55. Betty, we don’t care about your opinion of our President for it isn’t worth a plug nickel . You act like a lost ball in high weeds. Why act so mean toward our President. I think you need an encounter with Jesus. He is nice. Just be nice. Nice is best.

  56. Maybe my memory is not as sharp as it was but didn’t Cher and some other Radical Liberal Left Entertainers claim they were going to move from the United States if Trump was elected President ? What happened ? And what are they going to do when President Trump is elected President again ?

  57. I agree with you, 76-year-old liberal: Hatred will only send haters to hell. If you were writing in defense of Cher’s hateful remarks, you don’t seem to have noticed who’s doing the hating. The hatred comes mostlt from the left. The use of the term “racist” is used more by the left than anyone. Look around and take notice of the employment of Americans. There are more jobs than people to employ. Then look at the cities and states that have been managed by leftists. LA, San Francisco, Detroit, Baltimore – all the so-called sanctuary cities. Check the let’s priorities: health insurance for illegals, but VA hospitals, which should be the best of the best, and veterans wait and receive care too late.
    Check out who really hates, and check out the “workers’ paradises” where the people you seek to defend live and reign.
    A 78-year-old former liberal

  58. I never listened to Cher’s music to begin with and as far as I could tell from what little I saw of her she wasn’t very smart and by attacking the best President we have hade in decades she proved her ignorance!

    President Trump cut many job killing regulations that led to the creation of millions of new jobs, hundreds of thousands of new manufacturing jobs, millions lifted off of welfare/food stamps lowest minority unemployment in history, lowest female unemployment in more than 60 years, a robust stock market, a booming economy and one of the largest tax cuts in history! President Trump has been able to negotiate with North Korea and other world leaders in an effort to bring world peace and make better trade deals with no help from the democrats and little from his own party while being investigated for more than two years at a cost of more than 25 million dollars!

    I am 100% convinced that the Democrats are so intent in taking down President Trump not just because they lost the election but by keeping their rhetoric in the forefront, they are hoping with their fingers crossed that The Republicans don’t start investigating them!
    President Trump did more for America and the American people in two years than the previous four presidents did in 28 years!

    Donald Trump is my AMAZING PRESIDENT and like he promised, president for all AMERICANS! President Trump is the best president ever and the most brilliant leader in the history of the world!
    Keep America Great! Greater than ever before! AMERICA and AMERICANS FIRST!
    Actions speak louder than words and President Trump’s actions speak volumes for America and the American people!

    President Trump knows exactly what he is doing and if the people in congress both republican and democrat would support him what he could and would accomplish would be beyond amazing, sometimes you have to give a little to gain a lot!
    We are winning and winning and winning because of President Trump! Trump/Pence 2020!

    The Democrats have more reason to fear an investigation from Obama on down than any Republican! The entire world knows that Hillary Clinton is a criminal, a traitor of the American people and most of all a liar and she deserves no less than life in prison and she must repay the six billion dollars she lost or stole! It is time for republicans to grow a spine and support Attorney General Barr’s investigation into the corruption of the democrats, the FBI and Obama’s DOJ! Trump/Pence 2020! The democrats are insane!

  59. yes he will have to leave in 2024 so Pence can continue the efforts to stop the idiot moron uneducated parasites, perverts, and coffee shop commies from destroying this great country with their idiot ideas about FREE everything, transexuals in grade school, open borders, welfare to illegal aliens, abortion murder on demand with taxpayer paying for it, and more rag heads and clowns like that scum bag eliiji commyings in the legislature in DC.. or any where else for that matter..

  60. sal is another reason to get out an vote in 2020 and 2022 AND 2024… MAGA 2020… run all of the racist hate the USA democrapo scum bags out of the legislature,,, and not just in DC..

  61. Who even listens to Cher OR her music??? Never have liked her sound, and her idiocy, ignorance and HYPOCRISY knows NO BOUNDS!! Sit down and shut the hell up, or go on back to your nursing home, Cher! I think they are looking for you!!

  62. I read all these comments and can’t help wondering what happened to the people in this great country. No one wants to have an intelligent conversation about where we are going. The problem is that all the corrupt politicians in DC can’t believe someone with no political background won the most powerful position in the world and now fear that they could be the next one to get beat out of their cushy high paying positions. Our politicians are like the idiots in Hollywierd. They are use to getting paid lots of money for doing nothing. It is time to drain the swamp. Get out and vote for non political people and the country will heal itself from plain common sense.

  63. There you go again – can’t stand someone disagreeing with you, can you?? You folks seem to think that you own this site, and keep telling others they should get off. Where in the name of this site, does it say that no one but privileged christians are to comment here??? You folks are such fools!!

  64. You seem to forget that rush Limbaugh also was going to move out of the USA if the Affordable Care Act was passed. Is your memory a little faulty too???

  65. Those jobs that are going unfilled, are for picking fruits and vegetables in the fields, in case you haven’t noticed. There are NO Americans that want that kind of work. We need to make the employers of field laborers stop enticing the undocumented immigrants to come here. Those employers need to be fined as they are breaking the law. If there were no work then the flow of immigrants would be slowed or even stopped. You folks need to wake up!!

  66. I feel sure that your “jesus” is so proud of you and all your hateful name-calling. Headed straight to hell for sure, buddy!!

  67. an idiot, old old somebody I never knew, her time has long gone. I felt disgusting. a pile of meat without brain.

  68. Hate: “If you are not a liberal at 20, you have no heart, if you are still a liberal at 40, you have no brain.” Still a liberal at 76?? ROFL Jump off a bridge.

  69. Hey Nuncy! Only 1.6% of illegals pick fruits. Anyway, we are working on robots which will (some already are) picking fruits and vegetables.


  71. There is no such thing as a “faggot” and you know it. Stop with your filthy dirty mouth. What sort of a dirty old man are you Will??

  72. Your family is surely aware of your low IQ, but don’t drag down children in family by your personal ignorance of FACTS!

  73. Hang in there, Betty. These folks on here just want everyone to leave that doesn’t agree absolutely with them. Don’t give up commenting yet. I haven’t though they call me terrible names and tell me to “shut the f**k up”. They are such wonderful holy christians!! I don’t know how they live with themselves, or even sleep at night.

  74. I was a fan of hers back in the old days, but after she said she hates Republicans a couple years ago , I turn the radio to another station as soon as she comes on. I also refuse to watch any movie she’s in. She doesn’t care because she’s’ a rich hollyweird communist, but I do. That’s all that matters to me.

  75. If that was true about President Trump which it is not at lest he has a focus, that’s more than you can say about the Democratic party.

  76. Sal, you are the ignorant uneducated one. That is very obvious. You know NOTHNIG at all about republicans. I know HUNDREDS and NOT ONE of them is racist and MOST of them are much more educated than you are. You have only hate. sad

  77. Betty, you need to have your sick mouth washed out with soap. You show your ignorance every time you post. Get help with your sick hate.

  78. Nancy, why the hell do YOU come on here??????? ALL you do is attack us and you know NOTHING at all about God or Christians. YOU are the FOOL!!!!!!!!! You are way out of your league. If you don’t like what we say, DON’T COME HERE!!!!! FOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  79. YES, you are and there is NOTHING you can do about it, since you have rejected the great love that Jesus has for you. YOU choose whether you join Jesus in Heaven or satan in hell. Jesus loves you so much that He came here and died for your sins so you don’t have to go to hell. But He is never going to force Himself on you.

  80. Then why hasn’t Mr Limbaugh left ? My memory is not faulty . If somebody say’s they are going to leave this Country if this or that does not happen then they should leave ! I do not care who they are !

  81. Carol, you are correct. But Nancy has rejected the truth. She hates Jesus, so does not want to go to Heaven. She refuses to spend eternity in a place of total love, peace and freedom from all evil. She has only hate and bitterness. satan has her very brainwashed.

  82. Betty, you are the one going to hell with your sick hate. satan loves your hatred. And Pres. Trump has done a lot of good for this country. Obama is s muslim traitor who follows islam, which is our enemy. But Pres. Trump loves this country. Too bad you don’t.

  83. Roy, the dems have no morals, just hate and lies. They are very dangerous to our freedom, which they hate.

  84. The dem party DOES have a focus. They are focused on getting total control of our government any way they can. They are deranged and evil. They want to make it so no republican ever gets into office. No freedom, just total dependence on government for everything.

  85. Well Putin made me vote for Trump too! And since I live in middle America he dropped in by helicopter in the middle of the night, walked 18 miles up hill both ways and held a gun to my head and told me I had to vote for Hillary because she was the real person colluding with the Russians. That ticked me off so I voted for Trump just before he put a bullet in my brain. But, I’m going to vote for Trump again in 2020 anyway. I wanted to vote for Cher but, hell no one is that stupid. How’s that for a conspiracy theory Cher?

  86. Cher is a washed up has been trying to be relevant with her commie friends in Cesspoolland, AKA, Hollywood, Snowflake capital of the world.

    Grow old gracefully and with wisdom Cher; not like an old fool seeking youth and acceptance.


  87. I think it’s time for CHER to visit the better part of the team which is SONNY IF YOU GET MY DRIFT. ????????????????like all the other POS IN HOLLYWOOD BUY BUY TO TRASH. INSTEAD OF BASHING TRUMP WHY DONT YOU USE YOUR SO CALLED POPULARTY ( ???????????????? ). And do something with the homeless in your so called fantasy world And our

  88. Dumbass go find yourself a drag queen in rat infested LA or a border jumping MUSLIM FAGGOT in San Francisco your choice better yet try gun control on yourself and hit your target yourself

  89. Cher is and always was an idiot! That’s why Sonny had to manage everything and she never even appreciated it! Dumb, dumb, dumb!

  90. Your Halfbred MUSLIM OBAMA the pedophile did this Betty I bet you have EPSTEIN on your WALL and Bill CLINTON in Monica Lewinsky’s blue dress in your bathroom. Enjoy your freedom of Speech I am

  91. I’m not going anywhere – dead or alive, but you however are sure to go straight to hell. Have a nice trip!!

  92. So because she says it we are supposed to listen to her opinions ? This from a “F**king Idiot” ! maybe Cher would be better off paying attention to her own business and life and less to trying to be miss social activist and political commentator . 73 yrs old and still strutting about in her ‘G String’ and thong .

  93. Roger, you are 100% correct of your summary of the accomplishment of our President Trump and I feel the same way. Starting today, let’s do whatever it takes for our President to win a landslide in 2020. He is the only President not to receive his salary, but, instead he donates it to the different charities. He is a good man and a kind heart. As far as Cher is concern, I don’t really pay attention of this idiot, moron and no manners.

  94. Of course there is a “fagot”, actually a bundle of sticks, but your brain is so far gone, what with your HIGHLY NEGATIVE IQ that you cannot even think, eh ?

  95. I already don’t, never have and never will listen to that garbage music of Cher’s. If I wanted to hear something that ridiculous, I would go into a pasture and listen at cows mooing.

  96. Betty, you want to find a bigger pile of crap? Look in the mirror and visit any democrat. But isn’t it so nice to now have a president that has balls and a first lady that doesn’t?

  97. Betty, we had the absolute most demonic person ever that was president for 8 terrifying years before Trump. The entire democrat party is totally demonic. Why you think they love the killing of precious innocent babies? And you wackos call Trump evil and a demon? Talk about throwed off. But isn’t it so nice now that we have a president that has balls and a first lady that doesn’t?

  98. Wow Betty, you described Obama to a tee, especially the orangutan part. I mean have you actually ever looked at him and Moochelle real good? You look at them two and you definitely have to look around for the bananas. But isn’t it so nice now that we have a president that has balls and a first lady that doesn’t?

  99. No unfortunately concerned American, she hasn’t passed away yet, other than the brain. Of course that part of her was actually never alive.

  100. There you go ho Nancy, drag your lunatic buddy Betty to hell with you. You too lunatics call other people evil and demons when the two of you loons agree, support and vote for democrats that love the killing of precious innocent babies. Talk about evil, demonic and sick.

  101. Nobody Living In The World Today is More Of A BRAIN DEAD IDIOT THAN CRAZY donald & D for DUMB trump! That Oval Office CONCEITED SICKO!

  102. Hey Hurley – you misspelled “too”. It should be “two”. Please get a little more education before posting here.

  103. d trump has a focus, all right. It’s proving what a INSANE SICKO He Is Every Time He Opens His STUPID MOUTH!

  104. Betty and Nancy I sleep fine and I support TRUMP. He is the best we have had so what is it that you Hate so much. What do you have to support your views or are your views just the result of your stupidity and lack of honest information.

  105. Without Sonny, Sher became a has been in my book. A very minimal talent at best. Too bad, so sad.

  106. Hay Cher why don’t you go on a skiing vacation and crash your
    Wrinkled up face an shriveled up ass INTO A TREE

  107. I Love Cher , always liked her music Cher is a TRUE DIVA, Don’t agree with her not liking TRUMP I Love TRUMP , she is entitled to her opinion, Doesn’t really matter anyway , TRUMP is her president whether she likes it or NOT . Trump should Send 30 illegal immigrants to her house along with some Gypsy’s Tramps & Theft’s


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