Chelsea Clinton sent out this Tweet about transgender people and instantly regretted it


Democrats have been trying to shoe-horn Chelsea Clinton into the role of political entity.

Her virtue-signaling on a number of liberal topics have gained her praise from the mainstream media.

But Chelsea Clinton instantly regretted sending out this Tweet about transgender people.

Leftist have used a strategy of identity politics to divide and conquer for the purposes of political power for decades.

But as legitimate civil rights claims have been recognized, the Left is now trying to make transgenderism a flashpoint for their crusade.

Chelsea Clinton recently repeated a claim that violence against transgender people is an epidemic:

But similar to the so-called “gender pay gap,” the numbers simply don’t hold up under scrutiny.

Independent journalist Andy Ngo quickly shut down Clinton with a Tweet exposing her misleading comment:

“The U.S. is one of the safest countries for trans people. The murder rate of trans victims is actually lower than that for cis population. Also, who is behind the murders? Mostly black men.”

Shockingly, Ngo was suspended from Twitter for responding to Chelsea Clinton with facts.

It’s a sad state of affairs when the truth, even when presented in a calm, rational way, can get you silenced.

According to studies, there are roughly 1.5 million transgender people in the country, which means the six-year murder rate for transgender people is roughly 1 in 60,000. The overall murder rate for the U.S. is more than double that.

But even that figure is skewed.

Daily Wire reports:

In fact, the “trans murder epidemic” is even more baseless that it already seems. Chad Felix Greene over at The Federalist has looked into nearly ever trans murder reported over the last few years. He demonstrated convincingly that only four of the 118 cases he investigated could be called anti-trans hate crimes. His search goes back to 2015, which means the real “epidemic” consists of one anti-trans murder per year.

Murdering someone for being transgender – or for any other reason – is truly an act of evil.

But it does damage to the transgender community and the country as a whole to distort the facts for political purposes.

Was Chelsea Clinton purposefully misleading in her tweet?

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  1. If gay people do get killed it’s probably not for being gay but being in the wrong place at the wrong time.
    Drug addicts look for drugs, and gay people look for………. well you know.

  2. Don’t forget who her parents are and the extremely poor role models they have proven to be time and time again.
    So to be surprised that Chelsea would distort or fabricate the truth should be surprising to no one.

    • Lying seems to be a family trait with ALL the Clinton’s! Such a vile, disgusting group, in my opinion, and Chelsea seems to be following the same unlawful paths that both her criminal parents have followed all of their lives! Who praises their daddy for having had oral sex with an aid in the White House while serving as President of the United States of America! Such low class role models, and then that filthy, lying mother of hers who does nothing but distort the truth and have people murdered if they cross her? These people deserve to be imprisoned for the remainder of their lives on earth, in my opinion!

  3. The Clinton’s aren’t concerned with people of any gender, race or culture. All that matters to the Clintons is power. Chelsea is just trying to stir up a following and what better way to start is by the most controversial. Democrats are the party of lawlessness and will do anything for power. Twitter has become an outlet for leftist extremists who want to shove their extremists beliefs down Americas throat. They have no room for facts, just fiction.

  4. Chelsea will never go anywhere in politics no matter how hard the DemocRATS try to push her on us. After Bill and Hillary, Americans want nothing more to do with any Clinton!!!!!

  5. I agree with both Debbie’s and Bella’s comments. But what gets me really upset is that Mr. Ngo’s Twitter account was suspended for speaking the truth. Well, thanks to the radical Leftists another of our freedoms have been destroyed; freedom of speech…Let’s hope all this corruptness will be corrected next year. GOD help us all, if not…..

    • Linda M, just read through all the comments and nothing from “He who shall not be named “. I hope is because he cannot defend the indefensible and no because he has been banned, as I would hope that this site would not stoop as low as Twitter

      • Hugh ONeill: I’m sorry but I do not know what your point is. “He that shall not be named” was the title I gave to Vasu. But he was not banned.
        Also, if me leaving a compliment for others, upset you, I’m sorry. But why repeat what someone has already posted?? And plus, because I am a very slow at typing, others comments show up before mine posts……

  6. You’re honestly asking if Chelsea Clinton’s statement on transgender Murder in the US is intentionally misleading, are you serious? Do you know who her parent are? Remember the President who claimed “I did not have sexual relations with that woman” and the Secretary of State who lied about her e-mail scam, private server, destroying evidence in a federal investigation and lying about the incident involving the death of US citizens at Benghazi. I just recall her saying during the questions “what difference does it make anyway?” Referring to the US Embassy employees who were murdered in cold blood and then she made up a whole story about a fake video being the cause behind it. So, when you reference a “Clinton” being dishonest, I think that’s a given, it’s public information and has been proven time and time again.

    • I so agree with Christine’s comments! Whenever I see or hear anything from a Clinton, I immediately think of “low life thugs!” All are a disgrace to all Americans and our great country!

  7. Manipulation of words, thoughts and facts to suit their purpose! Really! Who would have thought that the Clintons would do anything nefarious? These people have zero sense of honesty, pure truth or standing for something just because it’s right. The Clinton cabal does nothing unless it can be misused for their “benefit.”
    They are just greasy and slimy.

  8. Center for Disease Control note that domestic violence among the LGBT is much, much higher than among normal people. These peopl are their own worst enemies.

    • “Center for Disease Control note that domestic violence among the LGBT is much, much higher than among normal people”

      They spend too much time arguing about who has the right to do what to whom with what.

    • Steve: The LGBT(etc etc) violence figures are nothing new!
      When San Francisco detectives investigated a very bloody, nasty crime scene, the first questions
      they asked were about the victim’s sexual orientation. They found that ‘Hell hath no fury like a gay person
      scorned’!! I don’t know if they’re allowed to ask that question anymore, considering the ridiculous
      liberals running SF now.
      But it does go to shed some light on the figures.

  9. Dishonesty must be a dominant gene. Look at her parents. Big time crooks and liars. She doesn’t stand a chance at honesty.

    • The reason that Chelsea is so concerned about transgender people is because both Chelsea and Hillary are transgender. Look at the two of them they had to start out as something else that is really hard to identify so they could be transpecies but something is going on

  10. The incident once again demonstrates that on social media accounts, what is politically correct is true. Any contrary statement, no matter how “true” in reality, cannot be tolerated and must be shut down so as to preserve the “truth” of the politically correct statement. Banning someone, which has the erffect of preventing them from saying something is a form of prior restraint, which is particularly disfavored under the First Amendment. I know the First Amendment only applies to government, but the greater evil of a prior restraint is still the same. Shame on Twitter-again.

  11. Chelsea wasn’t lying. She’s stupid!
    No law against being stupid except Darwin’s.
    The nut doesn’t fall far from the tree.

  12. I really think she should just go away and take her mother with her. Most people are not interested in the Clintons .Most people are tired of seeing the Clintons. Just go away. It’s over.

    • jerry, Chelsea said that she would not go to a church that does not support abortion. Seems pretty wicked and vile to me. And any church that does support abortion is not a Christian church

  13. The Clintons-, what more has to be said. From the Whitewater land scandal, the Zippergate scandal, the Clinton Foundation scandal, the Benghazi scandal, the E-mail and E-mail server scandal. The Clintons are so often the models of lying, two-faced, back-stabbing, self-serving, self-glorifying and self-enriching scum bags. It seems to me that the Clintons (Bill and Hillary Clinton) should be behind prison bars in a prison jumpsuits !!!”.

  14. The author of the article states, “murdering someone for being transgender – or for any other reason – is truly an act of evil.” Promoting and enacting laws for same-sex marriage is truly an act just as evil as murdering the transgenders.

  15. With her nondescrip, slim resume, I wonder if she’s up to the only job she’s somewhat qualified to handle? That would be overseeing the Clinton Library and Masage Parlor in Little Rock, once BJ and the Hunchback of Chappaqua assume room temperature. How appropriate that Hillary gets to spend eternity next to BJ, overlooking all the sights of his extra-marital daliances! Just think of the culture shock going from the Big Apple to Dog Patch USA!!!dlmstl

  16. Little Chelsea, who looks uncannily like Webb Hubble, is being groomed by “Mumsie”, to be the next wicked witch of politics and just as attractive and alluring as Hillary. These people believe that drinking the adrenaline filled blood of terrified babies, will give them eternal life…really sick.

  17. I wouldn’t trust ANY CLINTON in that family . . . PERIOD! That would be MASSIVE STUPIDITY. Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (Keep America great again).

    • That would be both are idiots and evil. OF course, Chelsea lied. She’s not only a Demonrat who’s policy is to lie, much like using taqiyya, she’s the daughter of the biggest criminal liar.

  18. Wouldn’t it be refreshing if the offspring of corrupt, felonious, disgusting traitors were to somehow rebel against her parents and try to be a patriotic, honest and upstanding citizen? I guess I’m asking way too much.

    • Scott, yes, you are asking way too much. Unless we pray for her and God intervenes she will be no better than Hillary. I can’t even imagine being brought up the way Chelsea was. I am so thankful that my parents were loving, honest, decent and Christians

  19. Chelsea is just a typical Progressive Democrat: Read whatever the media puts out and then parrot it without any fact-checking because whatever the media says has to be “fact” simply because it was the media that said it.


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