Chelsea Clinton revealed a disgusting family secret that will make you sick to your stomach


The Clinton family is one of the most powerful dynasties in Washington.

Their long history in politics is marred by corruption, scandal, and disgrace.

And Chelsea Clinton revealed one family secret so disgusting it will make you sick to your stomach.

As the daughter of Bill and Hillary Clinton, Chelsea has had everything handed to her since the day of her birth.

The only thing she needs to do in return is hold her parents’ liberal values.

Among those is their staunch support for legalized abortion.

Recently, she came out and outright said that being pro-life is “anti-Christian.”

And as it turns out, that position is something she has believed for a long-time, presumably due to the influence of her parents.

In a recent interview she went so far as to reveal that she left the church at the age of six because they oppose abortion.

As reported by Life News:

“In a new interview, Chelsea Clinton, the daughter of pro-abortion presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, says she left the Baptist Church at the age of 6 because it has a strongly pro-life position opposing abortions.

Clinton made the comment at a recent fundraiser for Hillary Clinton in an attempt to address evangelicals who question her mother’s faith in God. She said she was upset when teachers in a Sunday School class talked about the wrongness of abortion.

“I find it quite insulting sometimes when people say to my mom, my dad or me . . . that they question our faith,’ said Chelsea. “I was raised in a Methodist church and I left the Baptist church before my dad did, because I didn’t know why they were talking to me about abortion when I was 6 in Sunday school — that’s a true story.””

Most six-year-old children have no idea what abortion is, as reasonable parents shield such barbaric topics until they get older.

But in the case of Chelsea, it seems that her parents’ radical positions were forced on her at a young age.

This is just another example of the backwards line of thinking from a family caught up in constant scandal.

Her father Bill is facing numerous rape allegations from women he encountered during his life of public service, and Hillary is accused of intimidating those accusers into shutting up.

So it shouldn’t be surprising that a family like this would force their beliefs on abortion on their six-year-old daughter.

Do you think abortion should be illegal?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


  1. Abortion is murder, nothing less. These abortionists should be prosecuted for murder. Roe vs. Wade needs to be repealed. It should never have passed in the Supreme Court and needs to be overturned. Babies are precious gifts of God and all should be saved.

    • Heard on NPR that a woman died during the abortion of a five mo. gestation, in my opinion all women should die during murdering their babies, birth control beguines before the act of sex, and sex is NOT love……………

        • You are a complete idiot. Nowhere in the bible is anyone married because of love. Marriages are arranged. Only in the last couple hundred years did anyone marry for love. The bible was written long before that by a bunch of ignorant sheepherders. Also the bible is pro-abortion. Read Numbers, doofuss!

          • And you know this because you were there, huh? It’s the only way you could KNOW, without parroting what athie morons tell you to think.
            As if EVERYONE back then were nothing but sheepherders. Get some history, even some secular history will set you straight, IF that is possible. Moron. Get lost.

          • You truly are a fool. If (which I doubt) you have a copy of the Bible you need to take time to read it. If it’s to hard for your brain to understand then I suggest a Bible study group at one of your local churches.

          • Crazy Glenn “What’s love got to do with it?” #1 The issue is killing babies. #2 You know nothing about the Bible or it’s origins or what it contains by your obviously unintelligent remarks #3 You do not have an argument to support killing babies so you “deflect” the conversation to something else (you also know nothing about). You leftist make it SO easy to call you out anymore. The farther radical you become the less you are able to keep your arguments straight, on track or logical. As we see so many of the radicals that have come to Congress the more they speak the less sense they make. Great example is Nancy Piglosi. She is a constant train wreck albeit amusing to a rather sick degree. The woman can’t even keep holidays straight for 15 seconds.

          • I have read the Bible, parts of it hundreds of times and nowhere can an intelligent or otherwise normal human being see the Bible as pro abortion. It’s just evil and those that believe it does is pure evil as well.

          • Plain stupidity and ignorance
            I would educate you in the Bible but I am certain it would be an exercise in futility.
            Exactly why the Lord told us not to cast our priceless pearls before swine such as you.
            And yes I am qualified to judge by your very revealing words that expose your soul’s disgusting filth.
            However, I will pray for you!

          • Exodus 21: 22-25 shows that an abortion causing death of the child requires the death penalty even if it is accidentally caused by negligence.
            It is obvious how God feels about those who do it on purpose.
            There is nothing in the book of Numbers that supports abortion.

          • Face-to-Face you would fold like the napkin-spined fella you are. Science has proven so much but I live by faith, you live by ignorance via your bloodline. Pathetic and Dumb is sadly your curse.

      • Wish no harm on anyone, including those caught up in abortion. While my views embrace all babies are children of God, the guilt of those who had an abortion can only be healed with their “maker”.

    • Liberals will force everything on us if we don’t fight back. Abortion LGBT agenda take away freedom of speech take away freedom of religion take away gun ownership have open boarders anything to keep them in power. They will sell their mothers up the river!

      • Wow, words of wisdom from this clueless twit NOT! Who really gives a rats ass ‘n fart about this ‘demon seed’ Her opinions mean ZILCH and BUPKUS to America. Time for these people to be charged, prosecuted and imprisoned on ALL the charges. lying to a grand jury, the American people, theft from public coffers and ‘doing business with the enemy, eg’. iran, russia and china to name a few. Until then, no more updates o these anti American amoebas and POS!

    • 19,000 children die each day, and you want to bring more children into our world to suffer immeasurably in poverty, sickness, and starvation? are you going to give these children a good life, free of poverty, sickness, and starvation? the world is over populated, and these are the end times, and it will not be good for people with children, Saul’s God told Saul to kill every man, woman, and child, what do you think about Saul’s God?

      • You don’t know your Bible. Saul was never told that by God. Joshua was so that the land would be cleansed of the nephalim which were giants.

      • Good afternoon to you,
        Once you truly understand the true nature of God and how He views sin,you will then better understand His actions. God is merciful,compassionate and full of grace. Seek after Him and you will conclude that He is what and who He says He is.
        To Him be all praise and glory forever,

        • if “god” is so merciful, why do so many bad things happen to good people, those who are murdered by psycho school or concert or nightclub shooter-uppers, 3d world dictators, etc? Or another example, why did he not protect the victims of the Holocaust? When the PBS NewsHour sends Judy Woodruff to get an interview on video with zero edits with this alleged “god” entity and she airs it, THEN AND ONLY THEN WILL I BELIEVE THE EXISTENCE OF SUCH A BEING …. AND SOCIAL MEDIA WILL EXPLODE WITH DEMANDS FOR EXPLANATIONS OF THE AFOREMENTIONED LAPSES IN THE PURPORTED “MERCY” !!!

          • Bad things happen to people because they have turned their back on God. I truly believe God is waiting to see how many people will accept Him as their Savior & turn their minds & souls back to HIM. The Ten Commandments spells out the appropriate way to conduct your life. They are not that hard to follow. If you want answers read your Bible, “go with your children to Sunday School & Church”. We all could use more time in Church & less time watching television or hanging out in bars or movie theaters. Parents need to set limits & curfews for their children & enforce the rules. Children do NOT need a phone or video games. Play with them, talk to them, watch where their minds are going. Be available. Talk & read to your children about Christ. I guess what I am saying is raise good children. From birth to adulthood you are forming what they will be. As parents we need to regain control and demand respect for yourself & others. Lead by example.

          • You are here to be tested by God. If you do not believe, that is up to you. There is plenty of proof God lives. If you really think you are better than a supreme being who created us all than you really have blocked your brain from knowing the truth. God expects us all to take the time to read about Him and learn for ourselves. You WILL know when you leave this earth God is real and He is your father. He loves and cares about you. When you leave it will be too late to show Him you believe because than you will KNOW. We are here to learn how to have FAITH and that means believing without someone having to prove to you every little thing that there is a supreme being. We have all we need to find this out for ourselves. Simple, but you will not take the time to learn this. You can FEEL His love for you in time if you will take the time to search, seek out and PRAY. He will eventually let you know. Here a little and there a little. Sometimes in big ways. I promise you I have and I know for myself. I know I do not want to be turned away when I die. It is not difficult and you cannot begin to understand unless YOU seek for yourself. God gives us our free agency. He wants us to trust Him and seek Him out. This is a major important thing we have to learn and show how we will live. Those who do crazy evil things will be judged by their works, just as anyone else. In the next life, which by the way there is one, we will reap what we sow. I have not wondered for long why things happen that are so horrible because I know God is fully aware and He will take care of them in due time. We need to live so we can be given a much better after life than people like that. Those who do evil will answer for their sins. It is too bad we have to deal with this evil in the world but soon the truth of why we are here is going to be available for all to know. Faith will get us through until then. Just live the best you can. Seek God, I know it has changed my life in big ways even though many bad things have come into my life. I have had to deal with far to much for me to handle it seems sometimes. I have learned many things from them though and it has made my faith stronger not weaker. This is because I do have faith to know God has let these come into my life for a reason. We are here to be tested. I hope I can pass these tests and learn from them. I can feel peace as I know in the end all things will be taken care of fairly. It is a fact, and I know this is true. Just try to believe. Do not give up and in time you can know for yourself too.

          • Plain stupidity and ignorance
            I would educate you in the Bible but I am certain it would be an exercise in futility.
            Exactly why the Lord told us not to cast our priceless pearls before swine such as you.
            And yes I am qualified to judge by your very revealing words that expose your soul’s disgusting filth.
            However, I will pray for you!

          • Leon:
            There are two forces at play in the world we live in. The secular world refers to it as “good & evil”. Go back to the book of Job and you can answer your own question.
            As a Christian, God puts no “glass protection” around me either.

    • scientists say climate change is really something they can prove but they don’t think babies in the room are humans weird so its ok to murder them SICK

    • Chelsea Clinton is the spawn of the devil and Webb Hubell. She is lucky she wasn’t aborted by witch Hitlery. Hitlery wasn’t going to get a baby out of Bill, as he’s sterile, but one would think she could have picked a nicer looking guy than Webb. But if you consider what you’re working with in Hiltery’s department she’s lucky anyone wanted to touch her with a ten foot pole. All this being said I can understand where Chelsea got her beliefs disgusting as they are. I hope all the abortion loving folks like it really hot.

      • the democrat party are in favor of abortion, this is pre med. murder and should be treated as such, death penalty and not wait for 20 years, should be in a reasonable time like 1 year after all the appeals are lost. the clintons should be ashamed for forcing their daughter to believe that Abortion is okay. i really believe that Trump is trying his best to bring America to Greatness , and dem libs are doing every thing they can to hurt Trump. After they have voted muslims in our govt. i can’t understand any one , dem or repub voting dem again, years ago i was a dem, i voted for JFK, and he did a lot to bring this country forward, He put men on the Moon, Obama put men in the ladies room, the dem party today represents evil.

    • Let’s get this straight. Chelsea Clinton is the daughter of Hillary and Vince Foster. The black widow Hillary murdered. Chelsea’s real father just like the poisonous spider. DNA tests prove the widow man hole met the attorney Foster. While Hillary the spider was moderate compared to Stalinists OAC.

      How about aborting her?????
      I believe they threw away the baby and kept the after birth in her case!!!

    • Deliberately aborting a baby is like hiring a hit man. Shameful and pure murder. Your rights END when it affects another’s life! Abortion is not birth control. There is almost no excuse to become pregnant now a days except you are lazy and thoughtless and Godless.

    • forget the bible and religion. How about respect for humanity? where are we going to end up ? abortion is legal, so who is next, people born with deformities ?, how about people to old to contribute to society when they already have most of their lives. how about little children who are pains in their parents behinds? I could go on and on but why bother. life in this country is not respected. does anyone ever wonder what the “doctors and nurses” do with their work. does the unborn child get a proper burial ….? or do they just send it to the dump? shame on us all. we will destroy ourselves and I am not a bible thumper because it was written by men who want to control us with fear , intimidation , and guilt .

  2. I have done research on how abortion clinics kill the babies. It absolutely makes my stomach sick. I had my son at 71/2 months. He was small. He is now 6ft 3 in and married. Babies in the womb feel pain. It’s murder killing a baby especially close to end of term. It’s barbaric

    • E.R., The whole subject of ABORTION makes me sick to my stomach. I was unable to carry my much wanted precious pregnancies past 6.5-mos. due to being born with a double uterus that they made into one when I was 12 and 14. I had 2-major surgeries so that I might have children. I almost died losing my 3- pregnancies with staph infections when my water broke. Of course, I do not believe in abortions, only if it jeopardizes the mother’s health. I believe that there are all sorts of birth control, so GD USE THEM if you don’t want babies. IT IS MURDER, bottom line. I remember my babies kicking inside me and what a wonderful feeling that I will NEVER forget. These people are plain MONSTERS to say the least.

      • Women & men are responsible take precautions so they don’t get into that situation. There are a lot of conterseptives out there. American tax payers should not be responsible for the irresponsibility of others behavior. There is absolutely no excuse.

        • We own our bodies. Not the Government. A woman has a constitutional rights to determine her pregnancy. How do make a woman continue a pregnancy if she don’t want too? A woman will get abortion if she wants one. No one likes abortion. We just don’t want the Government telling a woman or man what they can or cannot do with their bodies

          • The government is in the business of protecting life!! A woman CAN choose not to have a child by being responsible and not engaging in sex – period.
            Should she decide to throw caution to the wind, then she MUST take the responsibility to bring any life created into this world.
            If she does not want to raise that child, there are plenty of good, loving couples wanting to adopt.
            9 months is NOT a long time to “sacrifice” to protect LIFE!!
            If you intentionally kill someone, you have stopped a beating heart, and that is MURDER. If you abort a baby, you stop a beating heart, and that, too, is MURDER. All involved should be prosecuted.

          • If you “own ” your own body, then so does the child you are carrying. If you choose to take that child’s life just because of the inconvenience of having to carry it for 9 months, you are a murderer. Women (and men) need to grow up and act responsibly. If you don’t want to have a baby then don’t have sex. If you do choose to have sex out of marriage then at least be adult enough to take the precautions of using birth control… but even that is not 100 % safe… so you are still putting yourself at risk of pregnancy… a pregnancy that YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR DELIVERING TO TERM.. whether it is convenient or not. I do not believe there is a reason to justify any abortion.. but ESPECIALLY a late term abortion… The doctor, the mother and the father if he approves and encourages the abortion should all three bee held responsible and be charged with murder in the first degree.

          • That is pretty sick that you kill your baby because you don’t want the government to tell you what you can do with your body. HOW SICK ARE YOU? Sure am glad my mom didn’t think like you. Grandparent on dad’s side wanted her to abort me because they got a grandson the first time. SHE WAS ABOUT AS SICK AS YOU ARE. All I can say is I pray you meet Jesus and get your eyes opened and heart melted. JESUS IS THE SAME YESTERDAY, TODAY AND FOREVER. Praying for you

          • Interesting that you champion a Constitutional right that went undiscovered for over 100 years after the amendment supposedly containing it was ratified. Are you equally supportive of rights expressly written in the Constitution, such as the right to keep and bear arms? Picking and choosing only the rights you support makes you a hypocrite. Yes I know you haven’t taken a position on this right here, but the Party of Death has. Ifd you are not a member you need to say so.

          • If we want to use the scriptures it’s very precise. “The wife does not have full rights over her own body; the husband shares them. And the husband does not have full rights over his body; his wife shares them.” 1 Cor. 7v3,4 In Roe vs Wade she did not take all this into consideration. God also gave us the power of choice and He will never take that away but one must understand in the end the Ten Commandments will be the standard of judgment. The right of the women on abortion by government law gave her that right and now as we speak a man can destroy a baby straight out of the womb is he chooses to do so. What’s next?

          • If you just have to have sex without marriage GET YOUR TUBES TIED.
            Or men, get yourself sterilized. quit making babies then killing them. It is murder.

          • WELL MAYBE the bitch should just keep her legs CLOSED! Too many kids (12-16) are pregnant due to the idea ” Having a baby is cool” UNTIL they realize HOW MUCH WORK is involved and how much it will infringe on their”Party Time” We’d have no need for abortions ( for the most part ) If females would get off their BACKS and the boys learn to keep their DICKS in their pants!

          • you are a complete idiot, no one has the right to take another person’s life, why is that if a women is pregnant and she is murdered , the person who killed her is charged with two murders, can you in your pea brain figure that out? no I don’t think so. Dr. Kivorkian went to jail for helping people to take their own life, too bad you never got in touch with him, he could have helped you out.

          • Angela Cuthkelvin – If you are too lazy or too stupid to prevent pregnancy then you should not have the right to choose murder! It is very easy and simple to be careful and use preventative birth control or abstention but these lazy stupid people put their 5 minute needs before the consequences and then decide that using abortion instead or responsiblity and inexpensive birth control is OK. And then some waiting until late term–that is just sick. You people ought to stop and think instead of just satisfying yourselves in the minute. You have no heart or care for anything but your selfish selves.

          • Angela, You are very empty, running on two quarts low. Without laws, you have NO government and the left would have a field day to practice wholesale butchery. But, you may have a contributor to your sickness. Chief Justice Roberts may be the one that helps you and your kind, he is soft on abortion and is showing it by his left wing support. He is now a person of interest, about Planned Parenthood, hiding behind his robe, under the guise of judicial decisions made lately. If he can help obama pass the Health Scam debacle, he will certainly side with the Buthers of the Left.

        • One way to prevent unwanted babies is to allow men to love – have sex with- each other.


        • Correct, and that is the sole legal basis on which the government can and should interfere. The mother does however retain the right of self defense when her life is endangered. Non life threatening “health” issues do not rise to the same level, especially since those concerns could have been addressed much earlier.

      • Angela…It is obvious that you have flunked biology. A baby IS NOT part of a woman’s body!!! It is ITS OWN body with ITS OWN set of DNA. And it is a baby from the moment it is conceived.

      • I am a retired nurse of 32 years, and many of those years I worked nights; I wasn’t married and I could sleep anytime. On the night shift, woman after woman, all ages, over the years would be awake talking about their “son” or their “daughter” and their age; they still hadn’t forgiven themselves. I have even met men who cried like babies when their girlfriends had abortions and didn’t consult them; they wanted children. So, legal or not legal, doesn’t consider the pain & suffering of post abortion women. The women who are the most pro-abortion are the ones suffering. They were told a terrible lie. I wish I could hold their hands and pray with them, ask God to forgive them, and then ask God to help them forgive themselves.

      • The Governmrnt protects us from other horrid behaviors of others.
        The sin of a people does affect the nation in which we live. Even the sins of lying,fornication,adultery,idolatry,unbelief and prayerless.

      • That’s right. You can’t tell a DemonCUNT what they can, and can’t do with their bodies. How about the new born the trash want to kill, and throw on the trash heap. On a funny note, is it too late to abort this kid?

        • Gerald, you are only partially correct. The part that is incorrect is that you are encompassing a 2nd life – in other words, not the mother’s body, but a BABY’S body. A baby that can’t protect itself. Has no say in the decision. Once again; as I’ve stated in the past, what is the difference between murdering an innocent child and an adult. Just the age. Maybe the mother should be aborted and the baby given to a worthy set of parents who; for whatever reason it is, can not bear children naturally???

  3. Abortion is murder and should be abolished. If you don’t want to be pregnant, don’t have sex! Chelsea Clinton takes after her parents — corrupt to the core!

    • It is understandable that Chelsea Clinton takes after her mother at least, since her mother only loves evil. In order to be loved Chelsea must be evil.

    • With the new law allowing killing a baby after it is born, Chelsea can be killed if Hillary says so.
      Bill Clinton stated publicly that Chelsea IS NOT his! The owner of the law firm Hillary was fired from, Webb Hubbell, is the father.

  4. Kill an innocent unborn, or live if you’re the governor of VA, and you get praised by the Godless libs. Kill a snail and your labeled a killer.
    Our world is getting more heartless by the day.

  5. Democrats like things that are convenient. Oh, pregnant? just get rid of “it”. Anyone who gets pregnant that doesn’t want to be pregnant is just stupid. Didn’t they ever hear of birth control? or adoption? Why carry a baby full term just to murder it. That is infanticide. Chelsea Clinton and her corrupt parents are total hypocrites and disgusting. Please just go away.

  6. I think the issue of abortion should and must be returned to the states as it was before Roe v. Wade in 1973. There is nothing about abortion in our Constitution or Bill of Rights that delegated the issues of abortion to the Federal Government, but here is an Amendment of the Bill of Rights that does default abortion and other issues not delegated and enumerated to the Federal Government to the States and People–Amendment 10 of the Bill of Rights… Roe v. Wade was based on one of the three Reconstruction Era Bills passed by a rump U.S. Congress, but failed to address “abortion”. What it did address was individual rights, hence the right of a female to have abortions, but it omits any right of the DNA father of the fetus… That is not equal rights under U.S. law… The 1973 U.S. Supreme Court had no Constitutional power to adjudicate the issue of abortion, they should have returned the case to the state of Texas and its citizens to resolve… That was a clear case of a court “making law from the bench” or using “Judicial Activism” which is against our Constitution and Bill of Rights of individual citizens…

      • A women should not be able to kill another human being…and if she uses our tax money to commit murder…she should be sterilized.

        • Absolutely, they need to pay for their own mistakes, if we didn’t have to pay for them, maybe they would be MORE responsible for their actions.

          • Apparently Chelsie doesn’t read her Bible either. No religion gives you the right to murder your unborn child. As far as Hillary or Bill. They had an open marriage and have no morals whatsoever. I feel sorry for Chelsea.
            They never had time for her growing up. She was raised by nannies. I don’t know how she could look at her two children and say ABORTION IS A GOOD THING.

        • If you murder a pregnant woman you are arrested for homicide. That’s murder according to the law. What’s the difference between abortion and murder of a pregnant woman which also kills her baby?

      • Well, we are hearing that your party wants the gov’t. to tell us what to eat & how to cook it. Want to pass laws saying we can’t eat meat. My Lord, ‘you people’ are sick whackos.
        Killing babies @ full term is plain & simple, Murder. People need to be prosecuted.

      • stupid bitch.. they do that EVERY DAY! with all the laws they pass…. they are infringing on our rights everyday… and MOST times it’s failures in life like YOU Angela that push the issues… Don’t take my Guns-God-Glory.. just because you want to KILL an inconvenience in your “precious life”. SLUT

      • I do not know where you come from , a women is pregnant, she has no right to take it.s life, if a pregnant women is murdered, the person who killed the women is charged of two counts of murder so what is the difference in an abortion, any one who commits an abortion and kills a baby should be charged with first degree murder and pay for it with their own life, what happened to Dr kirvorkian,? he was arrested for helping some one to take their own life, they called that assisted to helping of taking a life, so all you idiots out that think abortion is okay , should wonder if they would have liked to be aborted.

  7. I find it quite insulting sometimes when people say to my mom, my dad or me . . . that they question our faith,’ said Chelsea. Sorry dear, but people who are 100% evil as your mother has proven herself to be, either have no faith, or if they do it is not in God

  8. Wait a minute……this is a Clinton making this claim. Has a Clinton EVER told the truth? I don’t believe this story for one minute.

    • I would remind you that the choice was Clinton or Trump, not Trump or Mother Teresa. Even assuming all all allegations are true (Not likely) would you rather be sexually harassed or raped? That’s not to defend either, but to totally invalidate your comment. The PURPOSE of the article was to talk about Clinton, not Trump. You can find plenty of articles about Trump, and I could make the same comment you made here about THEM.

      • trump gets the blame for what ever bad happens, i am surprised the demwit libs are not blaming him for the bad weather we are having , or an Earth Quake when it happens. Go Trump 2020

    • was Trump a sitting president , Clinton was in office president of the US, married with Child and he was playing hide the weenie in oval office with a young intern, then lied under oath on national
      TV Quote: I did not have sex with women, any punishment, nope, you go to court and lie and see what happens to you, how much money did willybilly pay for actions with women? did mueller investigate the clintons, ? he is wasting our tax money on his witch hunt over two years, and you keep hearing he is coming out soon with his a report, and dems are shouting Trump will go to jail, If mueller had an ounce of any thing negative, it would be all over the lib networks, next he will probably go after Trump’s young son, see if he can catch him hooking at school,

  9. If you have an abortion, you are nithing but a Nazi. Nazi’s have killed 6 million jews and we have killed 7.6 million babies. Kill a babie, you deserve to be aborted. Just like the babie

  10. Chelsea was born to a marriage of raving mad bitch and a horny bastard. No wonder she is so messed up! Big question…why didn’t Hillary abort her?

  11. Any body ever do a DNA test on young Chelsea? Truth be known, it would be the ultimate irony to old sick willie if she really was a product of Web Hubble. The Lord works in mysterious ways, perhaps this is His way to stop the bad blood line flowing from the Clinton line.

    • MJF….something to think about….but….look at a photo of Chelsea next to her claimed Pop….I think he did it! Ugly begets ugly, no question!

  12. It is not believable that this ugly Clinton left the Church at age six. Churches did not and don’t now talk about abortion in Sunday School. She is trying unsuccessfully to make her mother look better! Hillary is still pandering to the Libs and the Hollywood crowd and if they want to abort their babies it is fine with us but know that you will be held accountable for the sad lives you lead. We are talking about the pro-abortion and abortion celebrating inhumans!

    • I grew up in the Baptist church and they never mentioned abortion in church. We talked about love and innocent children and God. Never abortion. I was baptized at 7 and had not ever heard of killing babies in the womb. A pregnant woman was considered beautiful and so special. Carrying life is an honor and the most wonderful act I ever experienced. I wish I had borne more children. It was amazing.

      • I also grew in a Church, Presbyterian and never once was Abortion mentioned. Hiliary is an evil person, her daughter a spoiled brat, they deserve each other, and this women as the nerve to half of us American voters, Deplorable’s , she should be investigated for all the crimes she has done and pay for them.

  13. Why is she having so many babies and not aborting. Since hillary and mr hubbard had unprotected sex and hillary got pregnant why didn’t she abort Chelsea. Makes me question if any of the clintons believe in abortion.and then there’s bill’s son , he wasn’t aborted..

  14. Bill Clinton allegations are all true- he is a known rapist.
    A close relative who is a Campaign manager for high level Dems to us this is true, including allegation he is a pedophile who went to orgy island 22 times with his friend Jeffrey Epstein.
    So there is no ALLEGED about it.
    Abortions are a Profitable business with Planned Parenthood making tons of money, selling body parts and turning out the votes for Dems.
    This is murder for profit and it’s sickening.

    • Hillary is a pedophile, as well.
      I know most people have heard of John Podesta’s ‘spirit cooking,’ but has anybody seen Tony Podesta’s art collection? These people are sick people.

  15. Sex itself is just an act and is to be enjoyed anytime in today’s society. Many then see no reason for martial love as its just an extention of the same and children become an inconvenient part to be thrown away for far too many. God save their souls !

  16. Fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree.
    Every POS child is born to and raised by a POS mother.
    Chelsea is the POS child of POS Herpes Clinton.

  17. Remember 10 commandments? “Thou shall not KILL” if this horrible abortion law came around long time ago, you and I would not be alive. This Abortion law is very WRONG! I had a abortion at one month along. My husband talked me into it. It corrupted my life and my marriage. I am bitter about it since then. Every governor, mayor who passes this law should step down. THIS SO VERY WRONG.

  18. Women are the most dangerous species on the planet. They have killed over 53 million people since Roe. There are 53 million killers in the country today. Only women kill at this level. Deny that.

  19. Abortion is murder! What is sad is that we have individuals all over this nation standing up for no killing of puppies and kitties because the shelters are over run but Look How many are standing up for the killing of children.

  20. Chelsea is a stupid wicked bitch like her mommy and vomits out nothing but lies and vile words, if indeed she left the Baptist church at the age of 6 it was because her parents wanted her to and not on her own accord.

  21. After the deadly infection known as islam/shariaism has spread far and wide enough and the ultimate jihad begins by the time it has ran its course 90% of the world’s population will have been exterminated and 99% of those will be complete slaves if there is any type of population control after that it will not be through abortions, because just as the Catholics, Baptists and any and all zealous Christians, the Moonie Muslimes detest the thought of abortion.

  22. Given the trail of “dead bodies” the Clintons have connected to them, I’m not surprised that killing babies is right there on their list too.

  23. The statement about Muslims not killing babies is incorrect. I lived in Libya and Saudi Arabia for 13 years and there were many cases of girl babies being buried alive. I have personally witnessed the ‘graves’ if that is what one would call a mound of sand and rocks.

  24. So upsetting that this is even an issue. Read your Bibles, people!! Murder of anything with a beating heart is still murder no matter how that you try to sugar-coat it!! Floridians can spend time in jail or receive a fine for killing a vulture… but some are praised for having an abortion or for performing them. May God help us!!

  25. She’s correct. If Hillary’s ‘mamamia’ had used the abortion path, the US would have been spared all the stupidity that she belched out over the years; not to mention there would be no Chelsea to blat continuously.

  26. The Clitons are butchers and it matters not large or small in stature. They take what they want when they want it.
    The great news, when they stand before GOD, not for a 4 year term or eight year term, but for eternity they have to tell the truth…


  28. The Bible permits abortion: pro-lifers must become secular!

    Genesis 38:24. Tamar’s pregnancy was discovered three months after conception, presumably because it was visible at the time.

    This was proof that she was sexually active. Because she was a widow, without a husband, she was assumed to be a prostitute. Her father-in-law, Judah, ordered that she be burned alive for her crime.

    If Tamar’s fetuses had been considered to have any value whatsoever, her execution would have been delayed until after their birth.

    There was no condemnation on Judah for deciding to take this action.

    Exodus 21:22-24. If two men are fighting and one injures a pregnant woman and the fetus is killed, he shall repay her according to the degree of injury inflicted upon her, and not the fetus.

    Author Brian McKinley, a born-again Christian, sums up the passage as:

    “Thus we can see that if the baby is lost, it does not require a death sentence-it is not considered murder. But if the woman is lost, it is considered murder and is punished by death.”

    Halacha (Jewish Law) does define when a fetus becomes a nephesh (person), a full-fledged human being, when the head emerges from the womb. Before then, the fetus is considered a “partial-life”; it gains full human status after birth only.

    The Babylonian Talmud (Yevamot 69b) states that: “the embryo is considered to be mere water until the fortieth day.” Afterward, it is considered subhuman until it is born.

    Rashi, the great 12th century commentator on the Bible and the Talmud, states clearly of the fetus ‘lav nephesh hu — it is not a person.’

    The Talmud contains the expression, “the thigh of its mother,” i.e., the fetus is deemed to be part and parcel of the pregnant woman’s body.

    This is grounded in Exodus 21:22. That biblical passage outlines the Mosaic Law in a case where a man is responsible for causing a woman’s miscarriage, which kills the fetus.

    If the woman survives, then the perpetrator has to pay a fine to the woman’s husband. If the woman is killed, the perpetrator is also killed. This indicates that the fetus has value, but does not have the status of a person.

    There are two additional passages in the Talmud which shed some light on abortion. They imply that the fetus is considered part of its mother:

    One section states that if a man purchases a cow that is found to be pregnant, then he is owner of both the cow and the fetus.

    Another section states that if a pregnant woman converts to Judaism, that her conversion also applies to her fetus.

    Some Jewish authorities have ruled in specific cases. one case involved a woman who becomes pregnant while nursing a child. Her milk supply would dry up. If the child is allergic to all other forms of nutrition except mother’s milk, then it would starve.

    An abortion would be permitted in this case, a potential person, would be justified to save the life of the child, an actual person.

    Polls have found up to 90% of American Jews supporting abortion rights.

    The New Testament is more permissive than the Old!

    Jesus repeatedly upheld Mosaic Law (Matthew 5:17-19; Mark 10:17-22; Luke 16:17) as did his apostles (see chapters 10, 15, and 21 of Acts). Paul, however, not only claims Mosaic Law has been abolished, referring to his previous adherence to the Law as “so much garbage…” but claims the risen Jesus told him three times, “my grace is sufficient for thee” (II Corinthians 12:8-9).

    Some Christians misinterpret this verse to mean they’re free to do as they please–ignoring the rest of the New Testament altogether!

    The late Reverend Janet Regina Hyland (1933-2007), raised Catholic but went on to become an evangelical minister, a vegan, and author of God’s Covenant with Animals (it’s available through PETA), told me they’re quoting Paul out of context.

    Paul, she observed, was very strict with himself:

    “But I keep under my body, and bring it into subjection; lest that by any means, when I have preached to others, I myself should be a castaway.” (I Corinthians 9:27)

    Regina Hyland said this verse indicates it’s possible for one to lose one’s salvation (a serious point of contention among born agains!).

    Christians focusing solely on II Corinthians 12:8-9 MUST be quoting Paul out of context, because otherwise it doesn’t make any sense:


    Paul repeatedly attacked sexual immorality.

    “This is God’s will—your sanctification, that you keep yourselves from sexual immorality, that each of you learn how to take his own wife in purity and honor, not in lustful passion like the gentiles who have no knowledge of God.” (I Thessalonians 4:3-5)

    “Make no mistake,” warned Paul, “no fornicator or idolater, none who are guilty either of adultery or of homosexual perversion, no thieves or grabbers or drunkards or slanderers or swindlers, will possess the kingdom of God.” (I Corinthians 6:9-10 [NEB])

    Paul told the gentiles to train themselves for godliness, to practice self-control and lead upright, godly lives (Galatians 5:23; I Timothy 4:7; II Timothy 1:7; Titus 2:11-12).

    He instructed them to ALWAYS pray constantly. (I Thessalonians 5:17)

    Paul wrote further that women should cover their heads while worshiping, and that long hair on males is dishonorable. (I Corinthians 11:5-14)

    According to Paul, Christian women are to dress modestly and prudently, and are not to be adorned with braided hair, gold or pearls or expensive clothes. (I Timothy 2:9)


    On the one hand, Paul gives moral instructions throughout his epistles, often warning that those who fail to observe them will not receive the kingdom of God.

    And on the other hand, “three times…’my grace is sufficient for thee’…” means you can do whatever you want?!

    Why then did Paul give the moral instructions in the first place?

    Secular pro-life arguments are religion-neutral and thus applicable to everyone, including atheists and agnostics.

    The pro-life movement ALREADY HAS the support of organized religion.

    Instead of preaching to the choir, i.e., wasting time with religion, pro-lifers should focus on embryology and prenatal development, DNA, RNA, etc. to make their case to our mainstream secular society.

    Conservative Christians are quick to condemn anyone preaching a false gospel.

  29. At age 6 she didn’t have a clue what they were talking about on abortion and I doubt at that age even her nitwit parents talked to her about that subject. But like all demo-nuts she blindly follows stupid!!!!!

  30. Being pro-life is anti-Christian?????? Chelsea is extremely mixed up. God FORBIDS all murder, in or out of the womb. Jesus said woe unto anyone who harms a child.

  31. So 6 is too young to talk about abortion but the schools are now teaching how sex in the LGB community is done & also to be proud if you have an abortion.
    But we are not allowed to mention god or Christmas is school

  32. It makes me sick just seeing that ugly face! Her opinion does not matter to me whatsoever. If she is a chip of the old block, i might even feel sorry for her because all the corruption may yet be exposed!

  33. Chelsea is as much a Christian as Stalin or Hitler. There have been well over 56,000,000 potential citizens butchered, murdered in this country since Roe v Wade. mostly because of irresponsibility of supposed adults. Then there is Planned Parenthood the ultimate butcher shop and profiteer selling baby body parts for profit.

  34. There are lots of methods of prevention; so there is no excuse for abortions except for rape. The minute of conception there is life, abortion is murder.

  35. Disgusting doesn’t begin to describe this the child of two of the most corrupt people in politics (and that is saying a lot in itself) she might well defend them, but how she equates “Thou shalt not kill” (MURDER, and nothing else) with her so-called Christianity, only G-d can tell. Certainly beyond me. IF this chick ever does become active in politics, will urge anyone with sense to vote against her in public office. These are the politicians we need to get rid of-not add to their numbers.

  36. Treason is a badge of honor for the NAZI Commie liberal Racist Demoncrat Party and RINOs! The party of hate, hypocrisy, lies, deception, Fake News the list is endless! And the clueless minions that follow them!

  37. In reading through all the comments here it is plan to see there are differenet opinions and ideas some being very mislead. As for Chelsa, she is a victim of her up bringing. It is easier for her to believe what her parents tell her because no child wants to acknowledge that their parents are evil. But, being a mother herself I do not see how she can keep on believeing the lies. She ia an adult now and she will be held responsible for her choices as we all will. As far as what shee was being taught at 6 in Synday School she should have stayed there and listened it would have saved her from eternal damnation.
    Bryce, please do not pretend to understand the scriptures when it shows you truly do not know what you are talking about and you are not alone here, there are others also who have no clue.
    And Angela, first Trump was not accused of sexual harrasment, he is accused of having affairs, that is not the same thing so please get your facts straight. The affair was mutual and one of them got paid. Prostitutio, now here is a greeat way to prove a women has the right to do whatever she wishes with here body, true if she thinks that little of herself. Abortion is wrong, you are taking a life and maybe those of you who support this should think of the fact you would not be here if your mother’s had choosen to abort you. This would not even be a problem if women like you would act like adults and protect yourselves in the first place. But, when you don’t you are so selfish that you are willing to take another life because you are embarrased, or just plain heartless. Do Not Murder! You can play now while you still have life in your body but one day you will meet the Lord and you WILL answer to Him and He will not accept your lame excuses as why you murdered His gift to you. You will live eternity in hell and it is not going to be a vacation and it will never end. Of course if you do not believe in God then keep thinking you sinful lies and living your sin filled life and leading other women to do the same. But it still will not change the hard truth that you will meet the Creator of all things one day and your etrenity will be pure horror.

  38. You all who claim to be so religious are the most evil, unforgiving, and hurtful group that I could possibly imagine. Many people who have abortions don’t want to but, they may have no other choice. You should be ashamed to call yourself religious, judging others is not the way to show others kindness. “Judge not lest ye be judged.”

    • Billie…You can quote the Bible, but you have no clue what it teaches. Neither do you have any concept of who Jesus is or His teachings. Jesus forbids all murder, including babies in the womb. And it is YOU who is judging. Read your own posting.

      • telling someone is Not passing judgement. It is YOU bj passing judegement on billie Harbison… for simply pointing out what scripture says

      • very true, but adoption will never be pushed like abortion as an option unless they can figure out a way to make VERY BIG BUCKS off of it

        • PEG
          I am so glad that two would-have=been mothers – one very young, one not so young, did not decide to abort their babies. Those wonderful babies became mine and my husband’s (due to a childhood accident I was unable to have babies) have given me four wonderful grandchildren and I wouldn’t trade any of them for anything.

    • Get lost.
      1 Corinthians 6:3
      Know ye not that we shall judge angels? how much more things that pertain to this life?
      Gotta love athies who think they know ANYTHING.

    • Informing people of God’s word is not judging. It is giving a lost person a chance to be forgiven by God and not spend eternity in hell. If we Christians fail to tell others, and they don’t get saved, God will also judge us on that

  39. The bible is a Christian guide to truly having peace in our hearts with the creator, God almighty. There are guidelines to live by. When we choose to do things that are wrong, there has always been consequences wether you are a Christian or not. The Bible teaches if you do this or that, this will happen. A Christian is not perfect but we are forgiven of our sins, but sometimes we still suffer the consequences of our choices. It is not judging saying something is wrong according to Gods word. God calls sin for what it is. It dosnt matter if one dosnt believe in God, all will stand before him one day. His word says after death the judgement for those who do not believe. True Christians are to be a shining light on a hill, but also salt. We are to call sin, for what it is, sin. To kill a child is the sin of murder. God is a God of love, but He also is a God of morals, and laws. It makes me sad when the unchristian people think we are judging. When I hear that, I know that a nerve was touched in a persons heart, a spark of May be I’m wrong. The devil dosnt want the seed to take root in their heart so the come back is, “your judging”. Remember in the end of time only what says will matter. Where will you spend eternity, there is only 2 choices, Heaven, or He’ll.

  40. For some reason in my last sentence a word was left out. It should say, Remember in the end of time only what God says will matter. Where will you spend eternity, there is only 2 choices, Heaven or Hell???

  41. Chelsea, have you ever taught that if your mother had aborted you, you would not be around to tell people it is okay to kill unborn babies who do no harm to anyone. I think you know we where ALL unborn babies at one time. I pray you take off your blinders so you can see the truth.

  42. Chelsea’s own mother could abort this thing from cheating on Bill – So Slick Willie has been raising someones else’s daughter – Another lie they live with.

  43. It is nothing more than murder!!LOOK AT A BABIES SONIGRAM IN THE MOTHERS WOMB and tell me that’sd not life there..Sorry anyone who condones aborition is guilty of murder!!!Taking of a un born child is murder!!Officials can call it what they want but it is still MURDER!!They will all have blood on their hands when called up to the perly gates.See how Far it gets you towards heven,hell would be closer for them.too hell they shall all be thrown!!!

  44. The really sad note in all of this is that Chelsea is an only child. Just makes you wonder how she would have loved to have brothers and sisters. Makes you wonder……. poor kid

  45. God said He knew you before you were conceived in your mother’s womb. The commandment is not to commit murder. Abortion clearly is murder. She should have stayed in Church a little longer to get a better understanding.

  46. In the UNITED STATES DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE, we are given certain inalienable (unable to be taken or given away) rights. God given rights. We are all guaranteed LIFE, LIBERTY, and the PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS. Am I wrong in saying that a baby has all of these rights ripped from him/her as they are being aborted? If we allow the murder of the most innocent among us, what other vile acts will we act on? Killing the old, those born not perfect in our eyes, older children, when we tire of them? When will it stop? ALL life is precious! ALL is God given!

  47. I’m Pro Choice. I choose retroactive abortion of abortion advocates. It’s for the children, and will advance the globalist desire for population reduction.

  48. Abortion is murder. That baby is a living, breathing human being. If you kill a baby you have committed murder. The baby can feel, it can get hiccups, the baby changes it’s position, the baby has a brain. You are killing a human being. Babies should have the right to live. If after the baby is born & you don’t want it adoption is the answer. There are plenty of couples that can’t have children who would give the baby a good home. Abortion is murder.

  49. Well, they are the Clintons and we all know how very evil they all are. Lets put it this way, I am so sick of hearing about these Clintons. They can all drop off the face of the earth for all I care and that goes for all of the Democratic Congress and Senate.

  50. I don’t know whether to believe her or not. I went to Sunday School and we didn’t talk about abortion until last year of high school and than it was from what Jesus said about bringing the children to him not stopping the children, not as in abortion means killing babies if the word even comes up. Sunday School was Jesus loved babies and big kids too. As an adult teaching in a Christian school in my later years abortion isn’t brought up until teenagers, ages up to teenagers just again Jesus loves the little children. The class for teenagers is the Bible’s and Jesus’ and God’s no view of murdering babies as opposed to the gov’t and abortion yes view of politicians. Six year olds I have known would tell their parents about teacher talking about abortion and what is it because six year olds unless some adult at public school or elsewhere like TV is explaining in details, 6 year olds would bug their parents about something unknown to them. Kids would probably find out about abortion from their friends and other kids first before it was brought up in a church class if ever being brought up in a church class. Just me questioning something that doesn’t fit the churches I have been involved with through the years. Sounds like just another excuse for not attending church and a poor excuse at that.

  51. I have a hard time believing Chelsea had an opinion of her own at the age of six. Give me a break! She had no idea at that time what abortion entailed, and if she did her parents must have spent quite some time schooling her!
    How this country has stooped so low, that they will even allow an infantcide after the baby has been born is absolutely disgusting, and while they’re on their way to stooping so low, they should fall on their knees and ask for forgiveness from the God who gave us that precious child in the first place.
    In the Bible there is a god, Molech, that baby’s were burned alive as a sacrifice. It looks like we have gone so far away from our God that we will go back centuries instead of forward.

  52. Knowing the Clintons and “Billy Boy”, I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that Bill was doing Chelsea. I also wouldn’t be surprised to learn that Chelsea got pregnant with Bill’s baby and had it aborted! To that I say, God help all of them!

  53. Poor Chelsea. Remember, she is an ONLY child. If Jennifer Flowers is to be believed, Chelsea’s brothers and sisters were all discarded. Right? So, feel sadness for Chelsea. Someday that will dawn on her,.

  54. I don’t know which is more absurd: To think any 6-year old can grasp such complex ideas, think them through and formed an adult opinion; or for an Adult to boast that she still holds the opinions of a 6-year old.

  55. Silly little chelsy (spelling deliberate), always yapping about this & that, trying to “stay” relevant just like her witchy female (?) parent. That’s one thing she learned well.
    MAGA/KAG †
    TRUMP 2020


  57. Any woman who chooses to abort a child and
    then does it, should be charged with first degree
    murder. She should then be found guilty and then
    shot by a firing squad. Simple.


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