Chelsea Clinton and Planned Parenthood’s President just laid out their disturbing plans for America


Chelsea Clinton has told reporters that running for office is a “definite maybe.”

When her parents barged into the White House in the ’90s, Planned Parenthood scampered through the doors with them. Now it appears Bill and Hillary’s spawn is getting serious about taking political office.

She cozied up to the abortion industry behemoth’s new leader recently and you won’t believe their reviling secret vision for America.

Chelsea Clinton recently sat down to interview Planned Parenthood President Dr. Leana Wen for Interview Magazine.

While the Planned Parenthood leader is ostensibly the subject of the interview, it’s clear from the very beginning the real agenda behind the interview is to build support on the pro-abortion Left for a Chelsea Clinton campaign.

The magazine’s editors introduced the interview with a carefully-crafted quote from Chelsea that hints that Clinton herself just may be among those who’ve “gone to Planned Parenthood for care.”

In fact, she says “most people in our country . . . have benefited directly from what the organization provides.”

Of course, what “the organization provides” is almost exclusively the destruction of hundreds of thousands of innocent lives each year.

Introducing Clinton and Wen, the Interview piece stated:

Not long after moving into her [Wen’s] new Manhattan headquarters, she caught up with fellow women’s rights advocate and mother Chelsea Clinton, who had this to say about Wen: “One in five American women have, at some point during their lifetime, gone to Planned Parenthood for care, advice, or counseling. It is therefore not hyperbolic to say that most people in our country — either themselves, a family member, a friend, or a colleague whom they respect — have benefited directly from the breadth of what the organization provides. The discussion surrounding women’s health is not a discussion about something that happens to other people in other places. This is a part of the fabric of our country, and is why our country needs champions of equitable, safe, and accessible healthcare like Dr. Leana Wen.

Early in the interview, Chelsea asserts the Abortion industry is in “an existential moment.”

Wen responds to the pseudo question by mentioning, without naming them, “20 cases that are one step from the Supreme Court that deal directly with abortion” before declaring “we shouldn’t just be playing defense, we should be going on offense.”

Of course, while those cases could spell good news for all the innocent lives being snuffed out by Planned Parenthood, the pro-abortion radicals have been on the offensive tear.

Already this year, New York Democrats rammed the most radical abortion law in the country through the Empire State’s legislature — legalizing abortion up-to-birth.

The Left erupted in disgusting celebrations over the sickening new law.

But Vermont politicians are poised to things a step further, currently pushing legislation guaranteeing abortion anytime — no questions asked.

Clearly the abortion-on-demand agenda is on the move.

With such outrageous legislation being rammed through and Planned Parenthood’s allies, like disgraced Democrat Governor of Virginia Ralph Northam even defending infanticide, the pro-abortion Left is more emboldened than ever.

As we reported, among Wen’s first acts after taking over as head of the organization was admitting on Twitter what’s been clear all along — that Planned Parenthood’s number one priority is swelling the number of young women having abortions.

As part of that effort, earlier this year Planned Parenthood launched its so-called “chatbot” mobile phone app designed to funnel young girls into “confidential” conversations with Planned Parenthood employees.

The chatbot didn’t come up in Clinton and Wen’s discussion.

But Planned Parenthood’s dream marketing program — Government-mandated, Planned Parenthood taught sex-ed courses — was a major focus of the interview.

Ironically, Chelsea Clinton said in an interview we reported on earlier that she resented abortion being discussed with her in the Baptist Church she attended as a kid, and that she left the Church because of it.

After her fawning interview with Planned Parenthood’s President, it looks almost certain that Chelsea Clinton is about to launch her political career.

But we want to know what you think.

Is Chelsea Clinton about to launch a run for office by hitching herself to Planned Parenthood?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


  1. IF Chelsea Clinton has in the past used the “services” of PP – perhaps it had more to do with the malfunctioning family from which she came than we’d like to suppose…that said, this is the main though not sole reason I would never, ever vote for anyone running on the Democratic Party platform. There is NO excuse for the taking of innocent life, but these dumbutts just don’t seem to get it. “Existential” my amity…

      • Remember the song- “and the world, would be a better place?” Well it damn sure would if both those bitches had been aborted! And bitch skank nancy, and racist barbara, and ‘chuckie’ and ESPECIALLY the three new “disasters” elected into the senate. Those are the definition of scabs. And the one in the hat- I don’t waste MY worthwhile time trying to remember their waste of time names I could care less- anyway the one in the 🎩- the next time the senate meets I want EVERYONE to come in with a hat on. Now my guys from Arkansas of course will be wearing HOG 🐗hats—- and very proud of them, Texas needs some cowboy 🤠 hats, I don’t know about anyone else- anything, it doesn’t matter, hell wear Bozo the clown 🤡 hats, baseball hats🧢, my imagination’s not going very far with this but use yours lol. Oh! And I can’t remember what you call it but ESPECIALLY wear a Jewish hat!!!!!!! What I’m saying is if that BITCH can do so can we!!!!

      • I think she was aborted , it just did not take, and this is the results, hildabeast should have been aborted, and what office is hildabeasts daughter going to run for? can you imagine voting for this , how about voting her to the idiot whoopster show the PEW, she would fit right in.

    • Will someone intelligent tell me and the American people why we’re constantly being updated on the antics of two of the worst anti Americans to grace the White House? In this case it’s their ‘demon seed’, just like a festering boil or carbuncle on America’s ass this pestilence seems to keep going on and on and doesn’t go away. Is there a cure for this?. NEWSFLASH: America doesn’t give a rats ass about this young bitch, her anti American criminal parents and her opinions!

    • perfect, she came from a family that threw her to the waist side and did not raise her, the Clinton’s have a long dead body count and they as of resent, people are still showing up dead – anyone who knows anything that could prosecute them, people turn up dead. Chelsea is a lost sole that was very damaged by her upbringing. Her parents are into sex trafficking, money laundering with Saudia Arabia where as so many have elites and leaders have been recently arrested and their planes grounded Citibank should get theirs as well for playing a part in dirty doings steeling lying cheating Planned parent hood is Planned killer hood. Take a look at the long list of companies that buy baby bodies for research. Kraft, water companies, pepsi, so many that you would never think. they all have their hand in this jar of horror. A ton of beauty companies for soother youthful skin, where do you think they get their ingredients from?????


    • May I please say, let’s call them the Democrat Party! There is nothing democratic about this Party. DEMORAT PARTY …NOT Democratic Party!

      We certainly do not need another Clinton anywhere near the White House. Certainly not running (or ruining) our country! Billy Boy would be dialing up his old girlfriends, and Hilary would finally (God forbid) get to wear her crown! Chelsea wouldn’t have any in anything. No More Clintons, please!

      I would vote for ANY Republican running if sweet Helsea decided to run. Holy Cow!

      By the way, I am in my 70s, and I or anyone I have known, has NOT used PP for advise, or HELP in any fashion. Lying seems to run in that family!

  2. I don’t know of anyone who has or ever would use this Planned Parenthood place as this disgusting Chelsea mentioned.
    There are decent places to go for proper care on any health issue. She is as cruel and unlikeable as that horrible Hillary. I can’t stand either Hill or Billy Clinton. The crazy HillBilly bunch!!

    • I have never known anybody who has ever used this Planned Parenthood org. And I’m no young person.
      This girl is a disgrace to all women in America who are decent.
      Planned Parenthood for a organized by Margaret Sanger to eliminate the black race. It needs to be dissolved.

  3. We do not need another generation of Clinton’s in the political arena. Chelsea is a “clone” of her mother and a really bad version at that. Chelsea will be Hitlery’s way of staying relevant and keeping her ugly policies and criminal acts against this country alive. Hasn’t this country lost enough, at the very least, dignity and respect, at the most, blatant treasonous acts against our country, by this vile and criminal couple? Why on earth would we want to unleash Chelsea Clinton, whose father, Webb Huebell, spent time in prison to cover for Hitlery and one of her many crimes. There is a long list of bodies and imprisoned people who have taken the rap for these people and paid, in some instances, the ultimate price. Hitlery will never remove her claws from attaining the power of the Presidential office she lusts after. She will do and go after relevancy from ANY angle to worm herself back into the top. Like Jezebel in the Bible Hitlery Clinton is going to meet a very bad end. Jezebel fell from a window and was eaten by dogs. Hitlery fell from grace by loosing a fixed election and will be eaten by her own ilk.

  4. Planned Parenthood is nothing more than a butcher shop that sells baby body parts for profit. The leader of the so-called organization, Wen, should be ashamed and possible put in jail for her activities. Chelsea Clinton, like the rest of her criminal family is nothing more than the south end of a north bound horse.

    • Can anyone tell me how aborting a baby is a way of promoting women’s health? It certainly doesn’t help the baby’s health. Why don’t these ignorant women use birth control, have a hysterectomy, or obstain?

  5. Revelation says that satan will rule for a period of time and we are getting closer and closer to that happening. He has the libs very brainwashed

  6. The girl is,a fine example of her upbringing, sad to say! With such parents want do you expect? As for her and the planned parenthood butchers, I suspect that she is more familiar with them than she admits, after all she is their kind of person!

  7. Well Chelsea, it’s a little too late to abort your Dad’s black son….we have all seen his pictures and noted that Slick Willey ignores him but paid his mother. Guess they had this program when your mother was having affairs and only you survived. So when you run for office remember many people really hate people that kill babies, and worse sell their body parts for money. SICK SICK SICK – All of you.

  8. It would not surprise me that Chelsea has political ambitions. About half the country would vote for her, no questions asked. Isn’t her husband’s uncle, George Soros. Or is George her Father-in-law. Whatever, it is all in the family. By the way, when I was young and first started my working career, I did use Planned Parenthood for by annual female check up and some other issues. At that time, unless you were married, you did no see an OB/GYN. Besides, there was not one on every corner like there is now. I do remember an older female colleague getting me started with a regular OB/GYN probably about seven to eight years after I had started working. Looking back, I am sure that is why she recommended a regular doctor was to get me away from PP.

  9. I hope everyone wakes up before this happens. God is coming and he will rise the dead first. He then will take the living and all will bow before him. The little babies that they are killing will see heaven but I don’t thank the women that do this will not. God said thy shill not kill. It is a sin. Planned parenthood will answer to God on that day. Don’t kill your babies there are people out there what want children and can’t have them. If you don’t want the baby let someone who wants one have your, let it live.

  10. Follow the Money has Nothing to do with Real Women’s Health ,Please if you took abortion away from these Evil Fools and that would End Planned Murder Inc

  11. Now we’re Not going to Talk about Abstinance because they don’t know what that Means but what about talking about the Choices We Make and or Responsible for there are many options to Not Get Pregnant Instead of the after the Fact of Abortion . These Evil Morons make me Sick at 63 yrs old I am Disgusted with America and the Path these Morons are taking the Children of the Future down

  12. Like mother, like daughter- THE SHE-DEVIL AND HER SPAWN. She left her church because of the word ABORTION, no other church would want her because she supports “what i say is” MURDER!!!! Be prepared because you wont see the PEARLY GATES, OH NO, all you baby killers WILL ROT IN HELL!!!!!!

  13. Women that are pro abortion today treat them as nothing more than a trip to the dentist, just another inconvenience. Now, either they are uneducated in the ways to keep from getting pregnant, just to damn lazy to use birth control or selfish sluts that sleep around so much they can’t be bothered. It’s just easier to get an abortion if they are unlucky enough to get pregnant.

  14. The spawn and minions speak! Murderers of innocents! It will not stop there. Planned parenthood is now into selling those poor murdered babies parts! Truly the work of pure evil them and the Democrats!

  15. Chelsea can hitch her backside to a donkey’s cart and it will take her farther than anywhere in politics. People are fed up with the radical left with their taking over our country and desecrating the Office of the President of USA. I would never vote for Chelsea – it was bad enough with her father desecrating the Oval office and her mother desecrating our national security — who wants more bad leaders – the one in the WH right now has done more for our country than all the Dem presidents recently in there.

  16. I used Planned Parenthood about 40 yrs ago when I was young and did not have a doctor and needed care. They were helpfu and provided a good and needed service. What I strongly object to is our tax dollars being given to them for ABORTIONS!!!! Planned Parenthood provides a vital sevice if they stick to pap tests, mammograms, exams & sexual advice……..and there are several aternatives other than abortions!

  17. We need less murderers like howdy doody one and howdy doody two. Heres a question. If a nurse sees that a baby survives an abortion and the so called doc tries to kill the baby, can the nurse kill the doc in defense of the baby. I hope so.

  18. Treason is a badge of honor for the Godless NAZI Commie liberal Racist Demoncrat Party and RINOs! The party of hate, hypocrisy, lies, deception, Fake News (Russian Collusion and Jussie M hoax) the list is endless! And the clueless minions that follow them!

  19. With their support of abortion: why didn’t Hillary or Chelsea take the lead in having babies aborted? Why is it everyone else is supposed t abort their babies, but not theirs?

  20. DS traitors are everywhere!The evil corrupted lib demoncrat Commie Nazi’s party & minions!Don’t forget RINOs(McSally,Alexander,Tills,Gardner,Lee,Grassley,Collins,Romney, Rubio, Roberts,Flake, etc)they’re just as bad!Drain the rat infested Swamp,Pres Trump!

  21. First let me say, most conservative Christians are/do/will resent the fact that Chelsea Clinton is going to run on the coat tails of her crooked parents. Of course she most likely lies just like they do. Knowing that she opening supports Planned Parenthood and murdering babies, will not go well for her have nothing against a women President, but what in God’s Green Earth does Chelsea Clinton know about running a country. NOTHING! It so funny too the democrats now have, what, 21 running for President. Can you imagine the democratic convention? It’s going to be more like a Rodeo or a Circus.


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