Celebrities are pressing Congress to pass an absolutely insane bill


Hollywood leftists are arguably the most insufferable people in America.

They flaunt their wealth and hypocrisy while lecturing to the rest of the country.

Now celebrities are pressing Congress to pass an absolutely insane bill.

The globalist agenda is moving at breakneck speed.

Paramount to the globalist agenda of centralizing control in the hands of the Davos crowd is maximal propaganda about cataclysmic climate change.

Many leftist shills within Hollywood are perfectly happy pushing this agenda while flying around the world in private jets and maintaining gigantic carbon footprints.

Nevertheless, the Hollywood hypocrites signed onto a letter imploring liberal CEOs like Apple’s Tim Cook and Netflix’s Reed Hastings to pressure Congress into passing Joe Biden’s Build Back Better agenda.

If the phrase “build back better” sounds familiar, that’s because The World Economic Forum – run by Klaus Schwab – coined the mantra and it’s been parroted by world leaders across the globe.

The letter begins:

Dear Entertainment Industry Executives:

Climate change has arrived on our doorstep: California is on fire, record-breaking and deadly storms are flooding New York City, hurricanes are devastating the Gulf. This summer alone, nearly one in every three people in the United States experienced an extreme weather event.

Scientists warn that if we fail to act now, every single one of us will feel the impacts, a billion people will be displaced, and low-income people and communities of color will continue to be hit first and worst. Right now, we have a critical window of opportunity to do something about it. And we need all hands on deck to demand that our leaders protect the people we love and the places they live before it’s too late.

Climate alarmists ironically argue that weather events are separate from climate unless those weather events further the radical environmentalist agenda.
The damage done by extreme weather events has decreased due to improvements in technology and infrastructure.

William Norhaus, who won a Nobel Prize in 2018 for his work on climate economics, argued that the best way to mitigate the consequences of a gradually warming climate is by growing the economy.

The letter also mentions forest fires in California, but those have largely been caused by meddlesome conservation policies that allow underbrush to grow and serve as kindling during hot summers.

The letter continues:

Congress has a once-in-a-generation opportunity to invest in a clean, just, and equitable future for all by passing the robust climate action that President Biden called for in his Build Back Better agenda. This legislation will create healthier communities, put millions to work in clean energy jobs, and free us from the fossil fuels that are driving climate change.

These green jobs that the Left talk about are big government boondoggles.

They raise the cost of energy, which puts people at the margins in danger.

These globalist energy plans would end up killing more poor people, but the climate hysterics do not care.

Signatories to the letter include Leonardo DiCaprio, Ellen DeGeneres, Barbra Streisand, and many more leftists.

America is eagerly waiting for them to give up their mansions and private planes in order to fight climate change.