CBS is about to cut a big check to Stacey Abrams and you won’t believe the reason why


In 2018, the media fell in love with one of the Democrats’ top rising stars, Stacey Abrams. 

When she failed to win the Georgia Gubernatorial election, the media continued to fawn over her and unsuccessfully tried stealing the election from Governor Kemp. 

Now, CBS is about to cut a big check to Stacy Abrams and you will never guess the reason why. 

When Stacy Abrams first ran, the media artificially pumped her up as one of the Democrats’ rising stars in the Party. 

This boosted her fundraising and gave her a small chance of victory. 

Ultimately, she failed and lost by 50,000 votes. 

She refused to concede the election due to “voter suppression” and openly flirted with the idea of running for President in 2020. 

The media cheered her on encouraged her to run. 

Since she has decided not to run, the media has found a new way to reward their new favorite star. 

CBS is developing a drama around a romance novel that Stacey Abrams wrote in 2004.

Breitbart reports:

CBS is set to develop a drama series based on a romance novel written by losing Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Stacey Abrams published the book in 2004 under the name Selena Montgomery, one of eight novels she has written under the pen name.

The book, entitled, Never Tell, follows the tale of a criminal psychologist with a dark past who works with an investigative journalist who is searching for a serial killer in New Orleans.

CBS Television Studios and PatMa Productions is developing the story with writer Talicia Raggs, who is a co-executive producer of NCIS: New Orleans.

Abrams, who continues to claim she did not lose the 2018 election for governor despite losing by 50,000 votes to Republican Brian Kemp, has claimed she only lost the election because of “voter suppression.” Abrams launched a voting rights organization called Fair Fight 2020.

This is just a pathetic move on the part of CBS to continue propping up a failed and ultimately flawed candidate for office. 

The hope is that Stacey Abrams will someday run again and have the campaign funds to do so. 

But after a T.V series based around her romance novel goes on air, Abrams may be too embarrassed to run for office. 

At the end of the day, picking Stacey Abrams as the new rising star in the Democrat Party was a mistake. 

She did not win her election, she’s proven herself to be a sore loser, and drained the Democrats’ resources on an election she did not win in 2018. 

What do you think? 

Is Stacey Abrams the future of the Democrat Party?

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  2. All I can say is if she represents the Democratic party, she doesn’t a future with me!! I stand with President Trump and our countries present freedoms and beliefs…. The Democratic party is being ruled by Satan, which is not my GOD.

  3. So Fatso Abrams is still upset about losing her election! Too bad about her. She needs a session at Weight Watchers (now Wellness Workshop) and lose all her excess weight. That is probably why she lost the election, because the voters in GA don’t want a fatso as governor.

  4. No, Pauline, the voters in Georgia are much too intelligent to elect someone like her. How much someone weighs has nothing to do with their IQ

  5. Well, since I don’t watch anything on the commie broadcast service, doubtful that I’ll be watching it.
    Who knows, it may do well, but I could care less if it does or doesn’t.

  6. No. I would not vote for her at any time. She didn’t win the election. I put her on the same scale with Hillary. They will not accept that they lost. Both are poor losers.

  7. If the question is why CBS cut her a big check, the answer is simple CBS is a hate Trump network. Good old Stacy will bolster that narrative with every appearance. Fake news CBS good luck with that.

  8. This is all past history. No news here. Just comments by, for and against a sore loser or maybe just a loser in general.

  9. Stacey can’t run her own household! She is in personal debt up to eyeballs! She still has college loans for heaven sakes! Maybe being a screen writer is the way for her to go, outside of GA no one is going to vote for a angry, mean spirited, frustrated woman. Look how Kamala is doing. Same M.O. angry, entitled, mean spirited. NO WAY

  10. The Dems need more candidates like her.
    For the Democratic party that’s drowning, running her is like throwing a brick to save them. Elections have consequences.

  11. I’m glad u brought up her poor money mgmt. She’s doesn’t deserve running a state budget. Not just outside GA, but inside GA, voters won’t go for her pity party.

  12. Just another Democrat that has lost and are mad about it. The Democrats think they should win all elections and if they don’t then they make up something ,why they lost. or change the rule, make a new rule that will say they won. Fix the votes. Change the law, They have the worst ideas and can not understand why they can,t win. They are not for the people by the people, they are for themselves. The democrats only want what will be good for them. The Democrts have to go.

  13. Hey Emily, I agree, maybe one of the nutty MSM networks will create a new show called, Cry Me a River starring Hillary & Stacy with guest Stars Rosey and Michael Moore to round (????) the show. Happy Holidays to all sane people in America.

  14. She lost because she’s dumb. She said we don’t need farmers, we can get our food from the store. Any one that dumb don’t need to be in office!

  15. Stacy Abrams is an excellent example of stupidity in the party of pure trash and filth. Just as deranged as Hillary, she still thinks she won the election for governor of Geogia even though she lost by 100,000 or more votes. She counted on the democrat fraud, which was very widespread, to get her to win. There were hundreds of thousands of illegals that voted, dead people that voted, people that voted numerous times and fictional characters and still lost an election she thought she won even until this day. Talk about a deranged lunatic, but of course all democrats are.

  16. Well thats just another program that I will not be watching. I barely watch “any” ABC, CBS, on NBC channels anymore! I watch History Channel, FOX, GOLD RUSH, and 90 DAY FIANCEE and College and Professional Football and thats all!

  17. I certainly hope so. If she is the future of the wicked Party then they are fried. The win see the House nor the Senate in years. Trump 2020

  18. I don’t care if Stacey Abrahams is skinny,fat,white,black or whatever.I care about the fact that she Will lie with the help of the Media to promote untruths to the people of the USA.We don’t need Politicians like her in Our Gov’t.

  19. If they are going to be making a show based on her novels, they are paying her just like they pay Dr. Phil for his role in Bull. He is listed as a show creator. He was a trial consultant when he met Oprah. I don’t care for her politics, but if she is capable of being a novelist, something I can not do, she is entitled to sell her product. Looks like a non-story unless they put her on the news beat.

  20. I’m with you ! she is more than a sore loser, she is a die-hard racist. trump is the man ! yahoo is blocking my comment ! another commie media !!!!!!!!!!

  21. Stackhouse Stacey is another angry, entitled, unskilled, uneducated, loud-mouth, Bolshevik, hypocrite, brown clown, co-co head, Aunt Jemima wench ho of the DemonRat Party circus.
    How can she run Georgia when she cannot balance her own finances – PAY your college loans, you trashy fat Ho.

  22. You need to open your eyes and realize what happened to America under his leadership!!! Wake up and smell the coffee. Concerned

  23. You need to open your eyes and realize what happened to America under his leadership!!! Wake up and smell the coffee. Concerned standing with the crook????????????????

  24. how about a picture of her on a pancake box! If the Dems want to pin their hopes and dreams on Abrams as the future of their party. They should dismantle it now and go the way of the whigs. I think President Trump is doing a great job of dismantling the Demonrat party!! Perhaps, they can get Pierre Delecto to run in Black Face as an alternative to Stacy?

  25. There is one to counteract a Stacy Abrams, and that is with good, decent, solid conservatives, that represent traditional and morally upright values.

  26. Eula: I don’t know if your very incorrect comment was directed towards me. But if it was, President Trump has done nothing but try to keep our country safe and prosper. But if you want to call anyone crooks, please look to your evil party. It’s LOADED with them. Concerned about your view on reality…..

  27. A black lesbian lost by Less then 10,000 votes to the current governor of Georgia we all know what that means she will be the next governor of Georgia

  28. To even consider electing a buffoon like this one is lunacy. To have people with a mindset and agenda like her represents the end of time is near.

  29. Stacy Adams run a good race but she lost. Hillary ran a good race and she lost. God does know how to scrabble eggs!

  30. Stacy Adams run a good race but she lost. Hillary ran a good race and she lost. God does know how to scramble eggs!

  31. Abrams would fit in well with the new dems. I could not believe she came as close as she did to winning that election. Losing by I think 50.000 votes was very close to her winning. All she needed was 50001

  32. Why would CBS TV NEWS STATION want to give Stacey Abrams a fat check to cut, she is already a fat baffoon.

  33. “Her financial disclosures show she owed more than $54,000 to the IRS, and she owed another $56,265 in credit card debt.” Campaign (that she LOST) funds misappropriated. Yea, she is perfectly qualified to run the country……. NOT. I wonder why Oprah hasn’t giver her $1mil like she gave Gale just so she could feel like a millionaire too.


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