Catholic Bishops are defying Pope Fancis as they consider denying Biden Holy Communion


Pope Francis has made it clear that he is cozying up to the Left’s radical agenda.

But Bishops in America are getting fed up with the Vatican and are finally taking a stand.

And now Catholic Bishops are defying Pope Fancis as they consider denying Biden Holy Communion.

Pope Francis is a champion for a whole host of leftist policies.

At times it seems he would rather talk about global warming than the word of God.

And his hatred for capitalism would even make Karl Marx blush.

But for most of the time that he has kissed the Left’s butt, most leaders of the Catholic Church in the United States have remained quiet.

Well it looks like they have finally reached their breaking point.

Over the past decade we have seen more and more political elites who are Catholic that have made clear their desire to kill babies in the womb through abortion.

Most noticeably, Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden are staunch Catholics who happen to love the idea of aborting a baby at any stage of pregnancy.

For most Bishops in the United States, these politicians’ championing for abortion goes against the Catholic Church’s teachings and they are starting to take action against abortionists within the Church.

During the recent U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, Bishops across the nation voted 165 to 88 to draft a “formal statement on the meaning of the Eucharist in the life of the Church.”

And this is after the Vatican warned against such an action.

The draft is predicted to go as far as to lay the foundation to deny public officials who support abortion from recieving Communion.

The issue is more than likely the measure would have to get past Pope Francis first before it would be implemented.

But just the threat of the possibility of being denied Communion is starting to put pressure on abortion loving Catholics like Nancy Pelosi.

During a press conference, Nancy Pelosi was asked if she supports abortion in week fifteen of pregnancy.

Nancy barked back “[l]et me just say that I am a big supporter of Roe v. Wade.”

Only time will tell if the draft becomes a reality within the Catholic Church.

But one would hope that the Catholic Church would finally grow a backbone and stand up for the unborn.