California has never looked more like a hell hole. And these disgusting caught-on-camera reactions prove it


Under Governor Gavin Newsom, the so-called “Golden State” cemented itself as one of the worst dens of cultural rot in history.

Just when no one thought it could get any worse, California politicians are saying hold my beer spritzer.

Because these disgusting caught-on-camera reactions prove California has never been more of a hell hole.

Saying “safe, legal and rare” used to be the Democrat Party line for excusing their love for killing innocent babies through abortion.

More recently, it’s been “on-demand, at any time, at taxpayer expense.”

Now this shocking video showing Democrat voters’ real thoughts from California will make you sick.

The California legislature is considering a bill that would effectively legalize infanticide.

Golden State Democrats are saying the bill doesn’t do that, and that it just protects “reproductive justice” instead.

However, here is the key provision of AB 2223:

123467. (a) Notwithstanding any other law, a person shall not be subject to civil or criminal liability or penalty, or otherwise deprived of their rights, based on their actions or omissions with respect to their pregnancy or actual, potential, or alleged pregnancy outcome, including miscarriage, stillbirth, or abortion, or perinatal death.
Perinatal death is the loss of life up to seven days after birth.

So the legislation’s language clearly seems to permit terminating a life during the postpartum period. According to Independent journalist Savanah Hernandez, a woman could “have their baby and they can neglect them for seven days and if the baby dies, they can’t be held criminally liable.”

As part of her recurring Sav Says videos, Hernandez recently took to the streets of California to get their reaction to this sick and horrifying bill.

Unfortunately, the results she found aren’t all that surprising considering the radical leftists that completely infest California.

As the video shows, these frightening potential – if not actual – voters are more than cavalier in their attitudes about abortion, and even infanticide.

After Hernandez explains that under the bill, a mom could neglect a baby for seven days until it dies and not be held responsible, the first woman she spoke to was all for it.

“Yeah, I think whatever helps women and helps them achieve their dreams and however, like, that needs to, like, happen . . . is definitely acts to help that is helping all of us, so.”

The next person was even more vile.

“I’d prefer that most women make the decision at eight-weeks (after birth), but I’m also in support of 10-months out of the womb.”

Hernandez, not believing what she’s just heard, asked to clarify, and the man with the strange haircut doubled down.

“If the mother wants to (kill her baby 10-months after delivering it), yes.”

The next respondent was more to the point in her response.

“I think, f**k them kids, so, if you want to get a late-term abortion, that’s up to you.”

It is unclear if the woman believes postpartum care is yet another term of a woman’s pregnancy.

“I’ve had an abortion and it was my choice and I’m happy I had that choice,” the woman added.

She also said she’d have 100 abortions if need be.

The woman’s friend was every bit as casual about her abortion history.

“I’ve had an abortion myself,” the friend said.

She too plans to keep aborting babies.

“100%, until I’m ready to be a parent, that’s a choice I’ll continue to make.”

Clearly the woke Left’s lie that women don’t use abortion as a form of birth control is nothing but a lie to help them kill more babies.