Caitlyn Jenner just announced a new life change that will make you sick


Caitlyn (Bruce) Jenner truly believes he is a woman.

Despite living as a man for over 60 years, the former Olympic champion now lives as a woman.

And Caitlyn Jenner just announced a new life change that will make you sick.

Caitlyn Jenner continues to pull insane stunts to stay in the media cycle.

From making a scene about using the women’s bathroom at Trump Tower to dating a 22-year-old transgender, his entire life is built around getting attention.

And his latest play is becoming a surrogate mom with the 22-year-old he is dating.

Those close to Jenner claim the two are planning to start a family together, despite the fact that Jenner, who is 69-years old, already has six biological children, four step kids, and 14 grandchildren.

Mirror reports:

Caitlyn Jenner is reportedly feeling so broody that she is considering using a surrogate to become a mum at the age of 70.

She is currently in a relationship with 22-year-old Sophia Hutchens, who is also transgender.

The couple’s relationship has gone from strength to strength since they were first spotted together in 2017, although the pair have never officially confirmed their romance.

Caitlyn, 69, has six biological children, four step kids and 14 grandchildren, but seems ready to become a parent again in a different capacity.

Speaking to Closer magazine, a source said: “Caitlyn and Sophia have spoken about starting a family together for the last year or so, and while Caitlyn’s already got ten children, she’s never had the chance to bring a child up in the role of a mother, which she’s always dreamed of doing.”

The source also claims that Sophia has always wanted to be a mum too, with the pair deciding on getting a surrogate to make their long-held dreams of motherhood come true.

Jenner has become a hero to the far-Left.

Simply claiming he is a woman, and getting enough surgery to make it slightly appear that way on the surface, is enough for him to get their attention.

They even ignore the horrible things he has done, like killing somebody in a car accident in 2015, where it was found Jenner was texting while driving.

Do you consider Caitlyn Jenner a woman?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


      • No amount of hormones, protesting unhappiness with sex one is born with , money, declaration of preferred sex, laws made to support perverted thinking and behavior, or surgery can ever change the sex one is born with. Could we just concentrate more on finding solutions to the issue of queer activism and their constant need to shove their chosen lifestyle down our throats (pardon)and keep us safe from their tyranny. The queers I know are loving, talented and delightful and know that the attack on herterosexual lifestyle , family and heterosexual marriage is driving a wedge between acceptance and disgust.

        • Not all of California is that bad as there are small hamlets of Conservatives around . He is a man an his girlfriend is a man so wouldn’t that make him a Gay man an not a transgender? He apparently hasn’t had enough press time for a while so he comes up with this stunt to refresh his 15 minutes of fame. I know a few Gays and they all live quiet lives and are involved in our community and very well liked an respected and have never found the need to flaunt their gayness. Those that do are a very small group who feel they need to demand respect and acceptance rather than earn it like anyone else has to do.

        • That should be ‘….land of fruits, nuts and flakes.’ And to thiMk (spelling intentional) I wore a uniform for twenty-one years just so he can exercise his constitutional right to be a nut-job. Sean Parnell, MSgt, USAF, Ret

          • Thank you MSgt for your service… My dad was a WW2 captain over in Germany…. I have ALWAYS supported our military… I’m glad dad isn’t here anymore to see what he fought for… BUT God…

      • If he had just one baby and had it natural I can bet money that would be the last time you heard him say he wanted to be a Mum.

      • If He/She really wants a kid then let him/her talk someone out of an abortion.
        Save replacing one kid with another.

    • Shelly… please forgive me… I couldn’t comment on my own screen, so I’m adding this to your comment. Thx 😉 So if I understand this right, a man/father/grandfather and a young adult man who both dress up like women, which makes them what? gay/lesbians, (?) are going to use a real woman to get a baby so they can both be “mummies.” Which the father of ten and grandfather of 14 has ALWAYS wanted to be… and the “child” man/woman (who hasn’t “really” been grown up enough to know what life is about) has always wanted to be. Will “their” baby grow up wondering what SPECIES he/she/it IS? In all my years of hearing about the “end-times,” I never dreamed it would be so convoluted! Even “1984” and Brave New World” didn’t see this coming… although the Bible did 2 Timothy 3:1-5


          So many questions; so little time. Why would two men, both yearning to be women, hook up in a hybrid gay/lezbo “relationship?” Why would they think it a good idea to interject an innocent baby into that Bizzarro World? How do I buy a vowel, and an Excedrin?

          • I just fall back to the point that he/she/it royally f-ed up its other childrens lives. I don’t think it’s fair to a baby for this dumbass to have a “do-over” at the cost of another baby having a messed up life.

        • Ok so my $$ is on he had sperm stored before it was cut off and is going to implant in 22 year old girl friend and they can both breast feed, 1 with mother’s milk and the other with saline?

          • He still has his little thing… Maybe he’s ashamed of it after all the steroids he took to be the master decathlon -er

          • You missed a key point. His 22-year-old “significant other” is a fellow (no pun) tranny. Thus, two males who long to be females also long to be mommys. What is needed is a female who longs to be a daddy, so somebody can teach the little one about the birds, the bees, and the Infield Fly Rule.

    • Could call him a mental case, but really a manifestation of the global elite. There are no bounds to the worship of banal idols, he’d become a ram to appease himself and Hollywood. Just a symptom of the evil that the country lives with. Not much different than Epstein or the Kardashians or cher or most of the leftist elites. Media whores.

    • Here is the problem, take a good look at Jenner! Now, being transgender and his age, AND Jenner has money! What do you think is the reason, he is getting attention from a young 22 year old transgender, So it’s said! Brucie, It is because you have money, nothing else, you would be be the SUGAR MOMMA!

  1. You are the gender you are born with. DNA does not change no matter what. And you will stand before Jesus as the gender you are born with no matter how much you try to change it.

    • I agree. God created us humans male or female. If you were born male, you are male always. All the surgeries in the world won’t change that fact, no matter how you appear on the outside or think. To me, you are still Bruce Jenner- male (a man the Lord created). Whether you believe it or not. If you want to raise a child so be it. I know he/she will be loved. However, the child will grow in an unnatural environment and sadly many in our world today have chosen various confusing lifestyles completely different than what the one true God Jesus intended. How this affects the next generation, I do not know, but I’m confident there will be negative impact from it…My Prayers go out to you in Jesus name…

    • I was just going to say this! Cut this off , put this there, etc., reshaping doesn’t change DNA. HE WAS A MAN AND HE’LL DIE A MAN… sorry Bruce!

    • God created man and woman and told them to replenish the earth. No 2 men or 2 women can do this. Read Romans chapter 1 about verse 13 to end, and see why that happens. We are no mans judge, that is God’s business, He wants us to love and warn of the consequences for disobedience to the Lord. God means what He said brought forth in His WORD the Bible. Man has tried to change the word and meaning, and God said, not one word shall be changed It will be eternity with God in heaven or hell’s fire. 1st..John chapter 5 – can know where we stand with God. Moment we die it is sealed who our allegiance is to – God or Satan. Satan has so many in His clutches doing His will, getting people to fall away from God, as God threw this angel out of heaven and destined for hell and he thinks he can retaliate against God by winning people to his evil ways. Christians are hated because Satan puts that in their hearts, all hate comes from Satan, God said so. Who are we following, need to get into HIS WORD DAILY. 2 Chronicles 7:14. There in lies our responsibility if want a better America, brought into being through the Word of God, they looked to God for the answers. If embarrassed speaking of Him or caught reading His word, we know our present and future life isn’t eternity living with God, if don’t repent and recant and do His will. We are sinners saved by His Grace that come onto Him who need to repent daily. There is no small sin, sin is sin in God’s eye’s. God is good all the time. If we side step and are disciplined not His fault. God blesses and disciplines us according to how we follow Him. Think about it – we didn’t need a wall before people started sinning greatly against our Lord God, He was our wall. Nothing happens but He allows it, doesn’t cause it, people are given a choice. We are to be a witness of His truth as a nation, and in scripture He also says what we as a nation shouldn’t do regarding gods.

    • I don’t know why this he/she would be relevant to anyone to begin with. Yes this person is sick, but how does this creatures actions effect anyone? We have issues at hand that is important. If sites like this & others report on things mr. Jenner does & says, then it is these sites that give Jenner publicity. Forget him, he’s low on the totem pole on what is important to America.
      This is just my humble opinion….

      • The problem is progressives are the ones forcing LGBTPQ… on school children. CA governor Newsom signed a LGBTPQ… sex education course for K-12. This course is separate from the standard sex education course signed by former governor Brown.

        Parents can opt their K-12 children out of the standard sex education course but not the LGBTPQ…course.

        All teachers must affirmatively support the LGBTPQ…course. No religious exemptions!

        Colleen, the reason progressives are succeeding with their “Let It All Hang Out” hedonism agenda is they use “inclusion” and “equality” and “diversity” code to lull people. Please, do not be lulled!

        • Joan Sibbald
          Unfortunately you are spot on. It’s horrible what children are subjected to these days, I long for innocence like back in old days. I use to regret that I didn’t have children, but with all the BS shoved down children’s throats any more, I am kinda happy I didn’t bring children into this messed up society. No Joan I am not being lulled.

        • The people of Cali need to start standing up against this period! Protest, continued calls, petitions, and pull your children out of public schools! The kids that know this is wrong and should speak up against this perverted governor! Teachers should ban together against this . Stop just laying there . Get lawyers that will file law suits against this man. Do a recall on the votes to find out if he was really elected. Fight for an impeachment against him for misconduct against the US CONSTITUTION!

        • Our schools can’t teach academics well, but they want to teach all this perverted gender crap to keep the LGBTQ’s happy. None of this should be taught in schools or in libraries during reading hours. We do not send kids to school to be perverted by pedophiles. And Cali wake up, as should the rest of us, because as Cali goes, so will other states.

          Ane remember we have Obama to thank for this mess, so when they talk about Michelle running for president, remember where all this started.

          • I just remembered wasn’t the “BIG” thing mrs.obumma did for the school system while she & that bumb was occupying space in the white house: taking away cafeteria food & replacing it with rabbit food? & further more shouldn’t she be tending to her garden as she claimed she was doing in the white house? OH nevermind, I’m sure it was her flunkies that took care of that for her.

  2. Masquerading as a transgender “man” or “woman”doesn’t make you a man or woman! It makes you stupid and a transgender or whatever! YOU WILL NEVER, EVER BE THE REAL DEAL except what DNA you’re born with! 😡😡😡

  3. Last I read somewhere, “Caitlyn” never completely abandoned his “Bruce” parts, and so, as far as I am concerned, should be accurately listed as a transvestite. So if “Sophia” is a biological female who lives as a male, but has not had a hysterectomy, then maybe “Sophia” could get pregnant by Caitlyn/Bruce and they could avoid having to adopt some third party’s newborn. Just kidding! What an awful nightmare for that little kid to deal with. Setting that one up for suicide, from the get go.

    • JanD, Sophia is also a Man turned Woman so they are actually Gay because they both still have their Junk, So why would Bruce change his Gender Only to be with a Man dressed like a woman… It seems that Bruce is still attracted to Women so Why Change your Appearance to Female only to Date a Guy who did the same thing ? It seems to me that Bruce is actually Gay but wasn’t comfortable looking like a Man with another Man. He is so confused and needs so Mental Therapy because there is Some thing really WRONG with him/ her/shim?? whatever he is!

  4. Just another day in Bollywood, where fantasies are alive and well. I always get confused with the Jenner/Kardashian brood..are all those ‘women’s really men and what is their ethnic background (not that it matters much, they are all trash). Really, are they white, black or what?

    • Arrington, The Mom is White, the kids from her first husband are Armenian/White and then the Younger two Kylie and Kendall are White, But they all have Black In them by

  5. First of all it is Bruce Jenner! Not Caitlyn Jenner! Mr. Jenner is impersonating a woman and will never and can never be a woman no matter how much surgery he has! Mr. Jenner does not have Female Reproductive Organs and will never bear a child or have a menstrual cycle! The word woman comes from two words ” Womb man ” or man with a Womb . Bruce Jenner does not have a Womb , therefore he is not a Womb man or woman! Bruce Jenner is suffering from Mental illness and it needs to be diagnosed as such! There are only two sexes . Male and Female! Anything else is an abomination to God!

  6. wonder is the scum bags in the democrapo national committee will be inviting her to speak and the national pervert and presidential convention.. may as well as they have already banned God and the new leftist group over at Foxx ..

  7. How can anymore be famous in this transgender Lucy Stupidity? A once wonderful athlete turned into a psychotic mental only leftist jerks can love.

  8. Jenner is a disgusting individual as are most of his offspring. If they go through with this perverted choice, I pity the poor child that is conceived. It’s life will be one of confusion and torment.

  9. Sick and Disgusting is what Hollywood has become, Sooner or Later it Always comes back to Bite Idiots like him in the Back, you Can’t Change your DNA no matter How Much you try, when it’s all said and done we All have to Stand before God and be Judged and NOBODY can Escape God’s Judgement, Not even Him!

  10. “She is currently in a relationship with 22-year-old Sophia Hutchens, who is also transgender.”
    Caitlyn is transsexual not transgender. Bruce cut it off for Caitlyn. Transgender chicks still have their dick.
    I saw a photo of a restaurant’s clever restroom doors. The door to the men’s room had a poster of Bruce Jenner. The door to the ladies room had a poster of Caitlyn.

  11. At one time we had Hospitals for these People called Insane Asylums and include mass murderers with them, they have Severe Mental Problems.

  12. another false pretense where these sickos think.. MONEY CAN BUY ANYTHING! all this sh** should be kept behind closed doors. nobody cares what you do with your sex life. RELIGION & SEX is personal & private. KEEP IT THAT WAY.

  13. I hope, for the sake of the yet-to be conceived child, that this never takes place. First of all, there have been some studies of children of same-sex couples (and other gender confused couples) that have shown a high degree of psychopathies of various sorts in these resultant children, from depression to self-mutilation to depression. Secondly, no matter how much surgery a transgender has, no matter how many hormones are pumped into them and no matter what make up is slavered on their faces, each and every cell in their body is still controlled by a pair of chromosomes that are identical to the ones at birth, either XY or XX.
    You can lie to yourself, you can lie to those around you and the media, but you can’t lie to Mother Nature.

  14. Caitlyn Jenner do you know DICK, Do you want DICK, Do you love DICK, all your life you really just wanted DICK now you can have all the DICK you want you are such a FAG

  15. Bruce Jenner should have visited the right psychiatrist instead of embarking on that asinine trip down fantasy lane. The American Psychiatry Assoc. has identifed HIS disease as Gender Dysphoria, a real mental disease, and it’s 70% to 75% curable with therapy.
    HE is an asshole who is giving ideas to other diseased individuals. I only hope that enough gender dysphoric men take over women’s athletics records so that the women rebel against their stupidity!!!!!!

    JOHN14-6, ACTS 4-12.

  17. Transgenderism is an illness by every psychological value…as sick as a man who tries to repair his inside feelings by changing the outside. I don’t give a rat’s ass what he does in HIS bedroom or what HE is feeling, I WAS NOT INVITED TO THIS COSTUME CHARADE and I certainly am not willing to be forced, even legally, to use pronouns I don’t agree with…that’s my guarantee to free speech…HE is still a HE no matter how much surgery. HIS soul remains as invisible as the FEMALE he pretends to be…As a Christian, I don’t believe “Love Thy Neighbor” is interpreted to mean worship Judas because he wears a pretty dress. Bruce Jenner was not considered a handsome man, and he certainly is an ugly “Caitlyn” in spite of what HE sees in the mirror, or what HE wants us to pretend we see.

  18. Just because he’s transformed to what he believes to be a woman, he’s still pushing 70 years old. He thinks he’s some young chick!…..It is sickening. And having a child at this age is certainly not doing the right think for bringing a child into this world. Bruce Jenner is a FREAK!

    • Dan
      As sick as mr. Jenner is, 1 must wonder what is wrong with his girl/boyfriend ….I mean what can a 70 year old possibly offer this kid, other then $$ & 15 minutes in the spotlight.

      • Oh ya, I forgot to mention. …look at the 2 daughters he & his ex-thing (Chris jenner) produced….I wouldn’t exactly call them young ladies that had proper home training….just saying…..

  19. Unrepentant, Bruce is hell bound. At age (70 plus) he is nearer to the lake of fire than he was to being an Olympic champion.

  20. No person should be legally able to carry a child for these two mentally ill people. And if one does, the child should immediately be taken from them and given to a real family.

  21. This degenerate makes me sick! What a piece of garbage. Why we should want a child to grow up under these conditions is beyond me!!!!! God please step in and shut this abomination down!!!!

  22. I was just going to say this! Cut this off , put this there, etc., reshaping doesn’t change DNA. HE WAS A MAN AND HE’LL DIE A MAN… sorry Bruce!

  23. Sorry Bruce, you were born a man…absolutely. Nothing in this world will ever be able to change that. I pray you will see the error of your ways and repent. Remembering there are ONLY 2 SEXES…MAN AND WOMAN

  24. He still has his junk and he still looks like a man. I think he just wants attention. Oh, I forgot, he’s ugly as hell as a woman but was nice looking as a man.

  25. So sorry for the young today. When they see this craziness they think it’s ok. Another generation lost. God will only tolerate so much. Stop with the emotions stick to the FACTS. He is a man dressed up like a woman plain and simple.

  26. With the physical family that he has there is a real opportunity to interview each of them to see how many others are in disagreement with their physical, God given male/female traits.

  27. May God open your heart and mind to Jesus Christ our Lord and savior.
    Repent of your sin and be saved.
    God created you as a man you are a man. Bottom line no amount of surgery’s will change your a man.
    You need help and Jesus is that help.
    Pray lifted up for you Bruce

  28. I pray for the lost … seriously! When He said to not look back on Sodom and Gomorrah! If there was even one person he’d save it! Not one! Pray don’t look back! Plant the seeds/Pray! they still have choice! Wipe the dust off your feet move on! Our redemption draws nigh! Keep looking UP! 🙏🏻 🕊

  29. I guess some people just can’t be happy with the cards they are dealt. Kinda like “Old Maid”..Guess he/she wants to be the old maid. Nuts..Crazy…and more Crazy….Our world is turning into a fruit basket.

  30. This person is a twisted soul if there ever was one:( Sad because history will not show the accomplishments of Bruce but rather the madness of Caitlyn.

  31. A see lot of HATE and snarky cements But how does it affect any of you except to doom you all to the bad place for your mean spirited attitude
    as Jesuy who by the wore a dress said let you who are without sin cast the first stones
    and by tour cements you have gravely SINED
    if the people involved are happy you should bt happy they have JOY in their life

    • Jesus said this act is an abomination and God said himself God forbid if we can not JUDGE SIN!! Remember this not everyone in Sodom and Gomorah were gay but they all but 8,were killed because they did nothing about it.With your attitude the same as theirs America is doomed!!! As for me I stand totally against it a I do things about it!!! He is pure trash the same as all who “just put up with it”

  32. I think Jenner’s transition started the entire LBGT movement, supported later by Barak Obama who bathed the White House in rainbow colors when the Supreme Court ruled in favor of same sex marriage. It is sickening to see how the Left has promoted these minority groups, especially forcing their agenda on young and impressionsable children. A young child is innocent of such matters and should not be subjected to the Left’s twisted ideas of “diversity” and “inclusion”. Schools should be prohibited from having classes about sex and transgender matters before high school age.

  33. If Caitlyn Jenner wants to be a woman so bad he should cut his manhood off.
    He may as well do it. He’s so stupid now whenever he counts his balls he never comes up with the same answer twice.
    Although I must say he keeps himself/herself rather neat. He/she probably combs his pubic hair.

  34. Here’s this mental accident a piece of information. I don’t care how many drs cut your thing off or dress you up to look like a woman, you will never ever ever have the experiences of womanhood! Just don’t even try and I am so sick of these men with interchangeable parts calling themselves women! They will never be women, so why don’t they come up with their own gender fake name!

  35. It’s a very sad state of affairs when he/she has been blessed with so many wonderful children of his/her own and yet, he/she feels somehow, short changed because he/she didn’t get to be a “mum!” How do you think your children feel about that comment? You’re their dad, for heavens sakes!

  36. Well, of course, he wants to be a Mum, after all, trans men can get abortions why can’t they
    Breastfeed too!

    Oh, wait…hummmm you mean they have not found a way to transplant mammary glands yet? Shoot.
    Maybe Kate can get Kyle to talk to her girlfriend about this- after all, they are the same age, and Kyle has a baby – maybe they can just borrow hers for a while. They seem pretty good at projecting their imaginary reality into their lives so just Imagine this kid is yours for a while. Then in a few weeks, you can see how a 70 yr old and a 22 yr old Have Zero in common (other than sharing the same mental disorder) and that co-parenting is probably not going to work.

    But sure, go for it Kate- maybe you will do a better job as a Mum then you did as a Dad.

  37. Stupid 22 year old whose life and youth is being ruined. Hope she gets enough money out of it to be worth all she will suffer at some point and poor future children if indeed s/he will have any influence on their lives

  38. Another sick story from two sick people. Let’s see, trans genders wanting a family, homosexuals wanting a family. What does that tell you…something here is not in the norm. WHY! To me in bold words…THEY HAVE LEFT GOD and now have gained reprobate minds, as God said they would.

  39. I don’t know if Bruce had his junk cut off or he duck tapes it down but I do know that in essence by Bruce becoming Caitlin, he is saying I’m going to fix “God’s mistake”. I experienced sexual pleasure as a man but now I crave it as a woman and I’m going to try my best to get that satisfaction even if I anger God. GOD DOES NOT MAKE MISTAKES. Satan got ahold of Bruce.

  40. SORRY BRUCIE:……..XX DOES NOT EQUAL XY……..You WERE a nice looking MAN, but you make an ugly woman……….Don’t care about your lifestyle, live how you want, BUT, STOP SHOVING YOUR MENTAL ILLNESS DOWN THE THROATS OF AMERICAN CITIZENS………AND, STAY OUT OF “MY” BATHROOM. YOU ARE MALE!!!!

  41. He’s a guy plain and simple he can say or dress how he wants but that doesn’t change a thing he has mental issues is all it amount to he was born a man and will die one no matter what he has done or tries to change or who he’s with.

  42. Circus clowns are forever obsessed with audience reaction and approval.

    As such, they continually revise their ACT.

    Their Terror is that without attention, approval, and some sort of admiration, they cease to exist.

    BRUCE is decidedly unwell and in time may well harm homself, others, or both.

    This child will not only have to grow up with the stigma and confusion of famous and warped home life but how are they ever going to learn to lead a normal life?

  44. Well I don’t think I could of said it better than anyone of you who have commented. I could not agree with you more. Adam and Eve not Adam and Andy it Eve or Evelyn!
    Only one person who he has to stand in front of and explain why!!!!!!!

  45. The King of Kings is coming and He will make all things right

    Be thou faithful into death and I will give you a crown of life

    Jesus said I am the way the truth and the life. Acknowledge, Him and He will direct your path.

    I must give account for me not
    Caitlyn/Bruce Jenner

  46. How lovely everyone and thank you for all validating what we know to be true. God has created a man and a woman to preserve our species. If in all your LGBPQRST bullsh-t you MORONS can find a way to transcend that please let us 98% of NORMAL people know. AND IF YOUR SCUMMY PATHETIC LIFESTYLE is so popular WHERE ARE ALL YOUR MORONIC SUPPORTERS in this posting area? Maybe all the normal people are here while you WEIRDOS are out in Hollywood trying to BUNG EACH OTHER. Again very happy to know there are so many of us NORMAL people who are moralistic, traditionalist, conservative and likely CHRISTIAN! YAY! MAGA!

  47. I agree Jenner is a mess, however, I feel sorry for his children and grandchildren who are growing up and learning of all the perversions of their father/grandfather and will have to live all their lives with the knowledge.

  48. I saw him long ago in real life.
    I’ll tell you – he is not that exciting in person. I expected a very tall man. He looked rather average.
    Kind of a let down.
    So, maybe that is why he does what he does. He’s ordinary looking. He should have just gone to Kansas and sold insurance. Or something. Not Hollywood.

  49. It is sad that conservatives have so little to do in their lives that all they can do is live vicariously through the actions of others.

    • Airwic, through your eyes, reality does not exist. You try everything to prove everyone else wrong, but in our reality, we acknowledge fact from fiction. Do some research, and free your mind of yourself.

  50. I’m confused!!! Bruce Jenner, a male, is supposedly a female. If Sophia is a Tranny name, then he’s a male. So is Bruce a homosexual? And how do they have a baby together? Just the thought makes me shudder!

  51. This whole thing about Jenner makes me sick, sick, sick. In fact every time I see his picture I want to vomit. However, what makes me sad, so very very sad is that one day he will meet his maker and have to justify what he has done before God Almighty. That is why we should be on our knees praying for his salvation. May the Lord have mercy on us all.

  52. Bruce is delusional, and it’s gotten way out of hand. He’s suffering with mental illness. He’s probably already mutilated his body.
    His immediate family is also backing him, which makes them unattached to reality as much as he is.
    Bruce has skipped out on reality, and everything will come to an end one day.

  53. All these GBLTQWXYZ freaks should just kill themselves.
    Every time one of them kills themselves, the pity party starts. Why on earth would I feel sorry for any miscreant who kills their-self? People can change. These pervs WANT to be pervs. They have no intention of changing. Then they complain about not being accepted. Fck ’em. Let ’em rot.

  54. Yes, Caitlyn Jenner is a wonderful replica of a woman…for Halloween! Instead of gays calling themselves, those alphabet letters. Let them be known as the Halloween crowd. Men trying to impersonate women. Women trying to impersonate men. Full blown costumes. Plus the clown makeup, ugly hair cuts. Leave the children alone. Far too many dingbat adults that go on to become deranged demoncraps. Repent….

  55. What has darkness got to do with light. These people live in darkness and are led tp seeking joy, peace and love in whatever way they can. Nothing they do can change the darkness. They have to come out of their vain, demonic led pursuits and seek the way of peace through the only peacemaker, Jesus Christ. Without Him and His Way, the Truth and the Light there will never be any of the dreams they seek. Turn on the light and all the crazy, demon possessed experiments will disappear. No child should be brought into their world of darkness. I agree with the above… repent and turn from this demonic insanity and wow, the light will shine brightly.

  56. those two are gonna have a hard time on Judgment Day when they stand before Almighty God! I can hear the “wailing”! this is “child abuse” – pure & simple!
    “JESUS please please Lord JESUS protect the child these two will bring into their home!” Amen!

  57. This idiot is a freak and a stain on the human race! He should be hung from a tall tree by all standards! Geez people! Don’t give this disgrace a platform for anything! Maybe he will just sink into oblivian! The sooner he leaves this earth the better we all will be!

  58. You know the Saying “It is what it is”,I feel All LGBTQ+ have a deep rooted problem.Either from being Abused,Raped,Sodomized or had an in life situation that was transformed into going against the Norm.I don’t see what’s wrong with loving your same sex with your heart.That doesn’t mean to have sexual acts with them.To me that’s very weak and afraid to have sexual acts with the opposite sex. If some one does and finds it Not to be of their liking i believe you just found the wrong partner.After All sex was Not meant purely for pleasure.Their is a responsibility to your partner that you don’t have to have with the same sex.It’s easier and Weak !!!!!

  59. Actually, I believe in personal freedom, in live and let live. Generally speaking, who you love should not be an issue to anyone else. However when children are involved, that would affecting the life another person. Hopefully Cailyn and Sophia will take into account what kind of life a child would have with them as parents.

  60. He can dress up as a woman all HE wants. He’s still a man. Claiming HE is a woman is an insult to every real woman. No uterus, no ovaries, no woman. Sorry Bruce, you’re still a man no matter how much you dress up.


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