Bubba Wallace was finally forced to apologize after NASCAR’s noose hoax goes one lap too far


NASCAR is reeling as thousands of fans flee the sport after it kowtowed to Bubba and the Fake News Media over what most knew was clearly a hoax.

And though Wallace tried to drive the story home even after the FBI ruled it aphony, things got just a bit too uncomfortable for NASCAR execs.

Finally Bubba Wallace was forced to offer a weak apology after the noose hoax went one lap too far.

As a sport, most popular among blue collar, southern “rednecks” and car guys, NASCAR has survived the gas shortages of the 1970s, multiple attempts at “diversification,” new car designs, changed formats, and changed sponsorships.

Yet, in the last week the sport’s executives have seemingly done everything in their power to destroy this icon of American culture.

After alienating loyal fans by banning the rebel flag, NASCAR announced someone “found a noose” hanging in Bubba Wallace’s garage at Talladega.

This finding of “unfortunate symbol of racism” was followed closely by a tear-jerking show of solidarity with the black driver, as owners, pit crews and drivers lined up behind Wallace as he made his way to the starting line of the Talladega race.

But then, as was predicted by most astute observers, the FBI on Tuesday released the findings of its investigation into the “noose” allegedly found in the biracial drivers’ garage.

No hate crime was committed.

The supposed hate symbol was actually a loop handle tied into a piece of rope used to open and close the garage door. This very same rope handle had been there since at least October 2019.

Wallace went on CNN to announce he had evidence it was a “straight up noose,” but eventually was forced to admit by NASCAR it wasn’t.

In our current era of “cancel culture” and fake news, this outcome was completely predictable.

The media and BLM narrative of hordes of white hooded KKK members and neo-Nazis roaming the nation looking for minorities to lynch is just the stuff of Hollywood movies and Fake News Media reports.

The United States isn’t perfect, and yes, racism does exist (it always has and always will) but actual died-in-the-wool racists committing violent acts are few and far between.

Bubba Wallace, just like Jussie Smollett, lives a life of privilege few Americans of any color are able to afford.

Wallace’s father owns his own industrial cleaning company and his mother is a college-educated professional.

Wallace’s net worth is said to be around $3.5 million, a figure sure to go up as the noose hoax has raised his profile even higher in elite media and sponsorship circles.

Just look at the parade of every NASCAR driver and pit crew member at the Talladega Speedway walking behind Wallace’s car as it entered the track.

What many saw as a touching demonstration of support for a driver who fell victim to racism, may turn out to be a funeral procession for a once proud icon of Americana.

And saddest of all, NASCAR executives in a macabre dance of delight, fell right in line to help speed up their own death.

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  2. Bubba is a classic ‘Uncle Tom’ siding with white liberals to push a false narrative of systemic racism in America.
    I hope black people will start to wake up and see what the democrats party has become and realize the democrat party has done nothing but keep blacks in poverty.

  3. Get rid of NASCAR. Period. They have become very anti-American and caved in to the left at every turn. They have been tainted and no longer matter

  4. He talks about a more Welcoming environment……F… That!! One freaking Black guy gets into NASCAR and the Whole thing goes to S… What Else is new!

  5. Bubba ( What a redneck name) Should resign from Racing anything. He is the
    real Racist.

  6. It’s astounding to me how many wealthy –
    “ privileged” Black AMERICANS complain about and criticize this magnificent country!!
    Bubba and Smollett and Oprah and (the list is endless….) would never experience such success ANYWHERE else in the world.
    Maybe some gratitude for all this country REALLY is- is in order.

  7. Time to face the facts that there is systematic racism but it isn’t against the blacks. NO, it has been and still is against the whites. This has slowly been going on for years now and blew up like a balloon during Obama’s presidency. We hear white privilege, all whites are racists, whites oppress, evil whites are all KKK, and on and on. It is taught in schools, in homes, the media consistently preach it and the liberal politicians preach it. In fact if you listen to them whites are born racist. Fact racism is taught and being taught take a good look at our schools, media and politicians. They are the teachers and some of our parents feed into it and thus we have a nation filling up with racist.

  8. Hey , if it was a noose how does Bubbie Butzala know it wasn’t intended for the other half of his ancestry ? But now that the FBI has said it is not a noose he has made an Apology . Well , sort of . But never fear Bubbie , you can always go back to racing go-karts . I’m sure the kids there would be thrilled . And what a better look at me moment , you as a sort of mentor and role model to emulate .

  9. BUBBA IS A RACIST. bubba must be barred from racing. NASCA executives were duped fools by yet another black racist. Bubba should be shunned by al the other drivers.
    One black rich driver and NASCAR goes to hell.
    BUBBA IS A RACIST just like the Obamas.

  10. NASCAR and Bubba can take their BLM Bull Sh!t and go to HELL. First its banning The Army of Tennessee Battle Flag (Not The Confederate Flag) and then the BLM I Can’t Breathe tee shirt wearing Bubba crying about a hangman’s noose. Richard Petty can take this little racist jerk and cram him up his arse.

  11. NASCAR on Thursday completed its investigation into the garage pull rope formed as a noose that was found in Bubba Wallace’s garage at Talladega Superspeedway on Sunday, with president Steve Phelps saying “the noose was real” and “our initial reaction was to protect our driver.”

  12. Appeasement NEVER works, giving the middle finger to your base is profoundly stupid and NASCAR is is dead.

  13. Fake hate crimes rankS right up there with the fake news which is hate crime and should be recognized as it is a divisional game.

  14. I just started getting into NASCAR. Thanks to this “Crappolo”, I think I will start get back out.

  15. I am DONE with nascar! Here is something else that most nascar fans do not know because it isn’t publicized! nascar is forcing the various teams to purchase their cars from an italian company as of 2021. How “American” is that? I know this because I have worked with nascar teams in a capacity and teams like Joe Gibbs Racing have had to lay off people that have been with them in excess of 18 years!

  16. I have been a huge fan of NASCAR for long as I can remember those days are over. I will never watch it or attend another race as long as I live NASCAR can die. Enough is enough I’m surprised they didn’t let crybaby Bubba win the race of course I wouldn’t know I didn’t watch it and never will .

  17. I, for one, do not accept his apology. My only hope is to read about fiery crashes in any NASCAR race. And, not just for Smollett-Wallace, but any and all drivers. NASCAR is dead to me, even though I never watched in the past. Their cute little show of pushing Wallace to the front was BS. I am just surprised he was not allowed to win, that would have only been fair. #FBLM #FNASCAR #FLeftist

  18. I agree with all those comments I read except those who want to justify the so called systemic racism and bogus white privilege. Yes the comments are spot on , Nascar, NFL, and any sport event at any level which will bend the knee is obsolete to me anyway.

  19. Many Americans, Negro and Caucasian, are EXTREMELY DISPLEASED with this terrorist organization that calls itself Black Lives Matter. They are nothing better than ISIS and, in fact, may be an arm of ISIS.
    Appeasement does not work. It has never worked from Biblical times to today. It did not work when Hitler was invading countries in Europe and no one intervened, expecting him to stop when he had expanded Germany to what they thought he wanted, but he continued. Appeasement did not work in the Middle East, or with the Soviet Union, or with Venezuela, or with Cuba, or with any of the African countries. Appeasement will not and cannot work with terrorists in ANY country, especially in the United States because the ARMED CITIZENS will, eventually, rise up against them if the government does not stop them very soon.
    We see major corporations bowing to these terrorists, hoping they will be left alone, just as certain populations did not interfere with Hitler as he slaughtered the Jews. We see the majority of our politicians doing nothing except aiding these enemies as they persecute the Christians, just as was done by the Romans, and we know how well that turned out for those who just sat back and watched.
    So, we see that appeasement will not work. The only thing that will work against terrorists is to stand fast in ones beliefs, not cave in to their demands, push back wit overwhelming force, and remove their will to continue to fight.

  20. NASCAR why would you support a racist movement? Why not support the KKK, ANTIFA, and any other America hating organization? Very reason why I’ am leaving NASCAR after 50yrs. Going back to the good old dirt track where the racing is way more exciting and fun to watch! I even started noticing how unfriendly the staff acts toward the fans at the NASCAR events!

  21. I agree with Dr.Meyer all the way. I will stop watching NASCAR because they bent to the Left and Took down the
    Battle Flag! Then backed Bubba’s Fake noose story. Now only racing Italian cars! This was an American sport, but I guess it won’t be any longer. I am sad and broken hearted but I will no longer watch NASCAR!

  22. William Henry Getty France (Bill France Sr) is rolling in his grave. Its sad to see political bias against this country in the last place you’d expected. You don’t have to ever worry about making a showing for me going forward, never again watching Nascar at the track, or on TV. But I guess making a showing isn’t part of your skill set if your best is outside the top 20. Bye bye baby.

  23. Who would have ever thought the leaders of a sport would stoop to what has turned out to be a political thing. When the results of all this hype is felt in the managements pocket books they will realize their short sightedness. A bad decision always has bad results. We shall see further down the road. Good luck NASS CAR!

  24. Kay: You are right, but whites brought a lot of this on themselves. For decades, they had meekly played along, apologizing even when they’ve done nothing wrong, bending over backwards to avoid offending anyone, saying and doing foolish things for social acceptance…even today, with cities burning and cops being attacked, many whites will STILL support the animals, because they’re so terrified of being called a racist. Today’s ‘crusade’ is based on NOTHING….cops hardly ever kill anybody…and yet even with all logic and truth on our side, a lot of white folks simply will not stand up and be counted….This cowardice is DISGRACEFUL…Without white cowardice, Black Lives Matter would be NOWHERE.

  25. why do you let a few whiners take over and ruin things for the majority. Why is it that the people that have worked hard have to give their half to the other half that don’t wanna work.We grew up in the south with certain things like syrup and rice that meant respect not racism. Slowly but surely we are letting those people erode our morals, values and ethics. The way we were brought up in the south were to respect people and the majority of us do. There will always be bullies and people that use the confederate flag in a dishonorable form. NBA is a fantastic sport but we don’t go in and try to rationalize and say well you’ve got to have half white players. You simply pick the best there is and put them in the game. America wake up! I truly believe NASCAR is dying!

  26. This is just the beginning of millions of fans leaving every sport caught up in this nonsense, the NFL and their kneeling, Baseball and Basketball are all going to be hit hard. Wait and see, its really going to get bad for these morons running these teams.

  27. Mobs are tearing down the Statues because WE, THE PEOPLE have NEVER FORMED MILITIAS AND TRAINED FOR THIS.

    We all took long naps and ‘assumed’ ‘our government’ was populated by HONEST PEOPLE WITH HONOR AND INTEGRITY!


    The NATION IS OURS, and DOES NOT belong to the ‘government’!!!

    Without the Formation, Structure and Training, we would just be ‘another violent mob’.

  28. Never again will I watch NASCAR. I like the sport but this just went to far. Throw Wallace out of the sport if you want anyone to continue to watch racing. What a disgrace. Wallace is a racist from the very beginning.

  29. There is no need for him to apologize. He didn’t do anything. The rush to judgement is encouraged by the media and the grievance industry.

  30. Cry babby wallaz supporter for BLM hate group drags this to NASCAR . They call out all fans and Americans as racist , the crys to fake racist news to amplify his agenda. Take a look in the mirror you’ll see one. Real piece of work! NASCAR all done!!!

  31. Perhaps at every future NASCAR events he could say he is sorry over the PA. system and sit out the rest of the season. Mr. Petty and him can push the other race cars around the track once .

  32. I agree with this above post 100 %
    “Time to face the facts that there is systematic racism but it isn’t against the blacks. NO, it has been and still is against the whites. This has slowly been going on for years now and blew up like a balloon during Obama’s presidency. We hear white privilege, all whites are racists, whites oppress, evil whites are all KKK, and on and on. It is taught in schools, in homes, the media consistently preach it and the liberal politicians preach it. In fact if you listen to them whites are born racist. Fact racism is taught and being taught take a good look at our schools, media and politicians. They are the teachers and some of our parents feed into it and thus we have a nation filling up with racist.”

  33. Bubba is a real winner with NASCAR. 89 races, tied 5th two times, tied 10th 6 times, set on the pole 0 times. Out of 89 races Bubba was in the top 10 only 8 times out of 89 races. he was not doing very well racing so he comes up with the noose and claims racism against the fans. Now he cannot be fired because he is a spokesman for BLM. NASCAR will soon become Black LivesMotor Sports (BLMS)

  34. Support your drivers. They just believed what was told them. Its the NASCAR officials that need to resign, along with Bubba. He has disgraced himself by not being truthful or allowing the fellow drivers. It was said he will benefit from this publicity. Quite frankly, he needs to be respectful enough to leave racing to the racers who do it for what it is about, a sport, a skill and responsibility of integrity that is inherent in the responsibility to be faithful, honest and true to your friends, crew and sponsors.

  35. NASCAR doesn’t have a hair on their ass if they don’t implement a lifetime racing ban for Baba Smollet or I mean Wallace . They will become another failing sport like the NFL.

  36. Bubba Wallace is a lousy driver he has no wins as a driver check the results he is always 27 or worse. Now he pulls this crap. Richard Petty is far too good a driver and a owner to deal with Bubba Smollett. Hopefully he will kick him to the curb soon and get someone who will represent the 43 far better.

  37. “Net worth $3.5 million.”
    And here I sit with less than $20K in the bank and bills out the ying yang.
    But because I am considered “white”. I am privileged. . . .

    Think about that.

    Why is it in the last 3 years nearly every claim of racism has been hoaxed by apparently “privileged” black folk?

    Yes racism exists and today it is being foisted on everyone by ignorant, rude self important racist blacks.

    The sad thing is it is a very tiny percentage doing this but it makes us all look bad. False reporting is a crime.

  38. NASCAR has went to far. The noose was the final I have had enough. First the Confederate Flag a symbol of the independence of the history of our great Nation. This rope was a means to pull down a garage door at the race track nothing more. It was their since October 2019 if was meant to represent a hanging noose why wasn’t it brought to someones attention. As far as representing a hanging noose many people have been hung by this means cattle and horse thieves were hung this way. Murderers were also hung by a rope in this nations early days. Another important fact is the Wallace team was assigned to this garage four days before Sundays scheduled race I wonder how many of Wallace’s team closed this door during those 4 days and never said a word about this rope to anyone till Sunday of the race. We need an apology from all those who promoted this hoax before learning the facts including all the drivers. 15 FBI agents assigned to investigate this hoax give me a break talk about a rush to judgement. I will never watch a NASCAR race till they apologies for this hoax.

  39. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but it seems things are getting a little out of hand. T his noose thing has run its course-DROP IT! Stop tearing down statues-those aren’t racist statues-that’s our History! Stop the kneeling when our National Anthem is being played-you idiots should be ashamed but you don’t have enough sense! I played sports all my life with blacks and had many friends that I cared for and in Vietnam and all these other wars, those blacks were my brothers and we fought for this nation and that flag together! You better learn that the black guy beside you is your brother, I don’t care what color he is! But today we have jerks like Al Sharpton and blacks that even most of the blacks are shamed of causing all kinds of problems by being instigators wanting nothing but wanting to cause trouble! Wake up people, the people of color are mostly just like your white neighbor, they don’t like all these terroristic actions by a bunch of idiots that are nothing but trouble makers-black or white! All they want is to stir up trouble between the blacks and the whites and keep it going which is so ignorant! Believe me there are blacks and whites who care for each other as human beings and not trouble makers who rob, steal, burn and do everything in their power to keep these problems going and we are letting them! WAKE UP PEOPLE BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!

  40. I want a public announcement by Wallace and nascar officials apologizing to everybody at Sunday’s race at Pocono. even though until they bring the flag back ill not accept the apology or watch nascar again

  41. wallace and the black community is not at fault,the fault lies with liberal lying editorial writers that encourage the division of whites and blacks. liberal liars make up any lie they chose to,print it and no one holds them responsible. social media is being checked for negative comments but no one in congress is checking cnn,msnbc,wash. post or the new york times for lies and slander. the reason being is these news outlets are liberal lying jerks.

  42. How come it’s racism when it’s a black but when it happens to others of color it is not. It’s not the whites fought that some blacks just don’t won’t to work to improve their lives. BLM is a communist party . They are closing down business’s if they don’t pay money to them. It’s a joke and the politicians have left this happen.

  43. Can you even imagine the outrage if this had been a white person playing this hoax on black people? There would be no discussion on the matter, they would be gone without any excuse! But he gets away with an apology! Really!? Why, because of the color of his skin! Yeah, no racism there!

  44. That was an apology? I think I’ll try something that phony next time I need to apologize. What a disgrace. He offended every true American fan. He should acknowledge that we cannot continue in this ridiculous narrative of pitting Americans against each other. Every honest hard working true American loves and respects all of their countrymen no matter their race. How about we hear a statement from NASCAR…
    ALL LIVES MATTER! Because that statement is just as obvious as Black Lives Matter.

  45. Whities you are dummies, how many times are you going to be taken, Boeing and kissing ass to minorities. What would a person do without the white consumer? Nothing GO BROKE. WAKE UP IDIOTS

  46. Celebrity narcissistic elitists (athletes and actors) continue to self-promote! No credibility. UnAmerican conduct reveals underlying corruption — bought and paid by Communist China. Disgusting.

  47. Bubba Wallace apologized for something that wasn’t a “hoax” as Trumpinazis call it, but rather a mistake unrecognized until it was investigated.

    The best thing that came out of this was banning the Confederate flag from the races, venues, and anything associated with NASCAR. The neo-Nazi a**holes that ran around outside waving Confederate flags are clearly anti-American. Perhaps they should be shipped off to Gitmo as terrorists… it seems appropriate.

  48. Hey DUANE, concur! Fake news, fake crimes, fake politicians. The endgame is DIVERSION + DESTABILIZATION — nonmilitary war by Communist China. Former communist intellectual David Horowitz predicted a swooping win for Trump in new book “BLITZ.” Give enough rope to the Democrats, and, they will hang themselves.

  49. Even after Booba’s fake appology. I’m still done with nascar. I’ll stick with dirt track racing.

  50. NASCAR has removed any contact info from it’s website , no phone ,e-mail, nothing.
    The only way to let them know had you feel about this insult to fans is to NOT watch them on TV,
    and calling the local station carrying the broadcast and tell them why.
    DO NOT buy merchandise. Tell everyone you know to do the same. Enough is enough.
    PBN Push back NOW.

  51. HCB: The entire past two months of coverage have been a hoax….what part of ‘the cops hardly ever kill anybody’ do you NOT UNDERSTAND??? For every black man killed by a cop, there’s a thousand killed by their FELLOW HOODLUMS….most crime is just one animal attacking another….Even the media themselves don’t deny this….they just cover the same half dozen cases or so round the clock, thus creating a false impression that this is some vast far reaching genocide.

  52. RIP NASCAR and NFL and any other sport or company (NIKE, Starbucks) that panders to this kind of nonsense.

  53. Reading some comments it true before Obama became president he was a cult organizer if any one can remember and He attended church of Rev White that preached hatred toward The USA when his preaching of the chickens will come home to roost by the way Oprah Winfrey also belong to that church, Check Obamas Biography before his presidency. He came to office with not quite 1 mill after Eight years in office he was able to purchase the Boston Celtics basket ball owners house on Martha’s Vineyard for a cool 16 million, not bad. My guess is that Obama started all this organized groups years ago with money help from Geo Soros Also search Soros Biography, I did will you be surprised.

  54. The black people I know don’t complain about racism they are too busy leading their lives and working everyday to earn a living. It seems the millionaire blacks are the ones who are doing the crying. It so pathetic that they complain so much about our Country after they have made their fortune. They don’t know that the common folk see right through them. The elite watch CNN and see the world thru their fake news narrative. The real people don’t have to watch the news to see how the world is.

  55. You ignorant groveling fake Caucasians at NASCAR, you allowed your Leftist inspired white guilt, to be invaded by a flaming Trojan horse…bubba. Even his name is fake. All sports are gone to the racist trash heap. I happen to be a minority, and am beyond fed up of the trashing of Caucasians.


  57. PUSSCAR will soon be dead, Richard Petty is no longer the king, their all going to rot in Hell

  58. I never in my life of 75 years, so far, would have ever believed that the King, Richard Petty, would stoop to the level that he has done. And then after caving in to nascar and doing his “diversity” duty and hiring that ape wallace he did to nascar what president johnson and company did to public schools back in the ’60’s. When blacks started going to formerly all white schools in droves the quality of education in those schools hit rock bottom. When nascar puts more unqualified blacks in cars and let them race on nascar sanctioned tracks you are going to see white drivers running, not walking, away. Why don’t you think there are black drivers today?? Simple; they are not smart enough to drive in that kind of situations. How many races has blubber won? Enough said….this hoax that wallace and nascar tried to pull on the American public will not fly. The only thing to fly is former fans running back to dirt tracks.

  59. NASCAR, take note on recent revenue losses Nike just reported. It may take a year, two years or three, but NASCAR is going to go down all because they bowed to the agenda. Notice they’re doing their best to kill any form of leisurely interests. It’s all part of the plan. Well, let’s hope NHRA doesn’t succumb to this cancer known as liberalism.

  60. You call this an apology? He should be charged with Filing a False Police Report and made to pay for the FBI’s time wasted with his little game. Oh wait that would be Racist since his Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Grandfather might have been a slave. NASCAR should be ashamed of themselves for kowtowing to this clown.

  61. Change.org has a petition to get Bubba Wallace fired. It needs waaaaaay more signatures. Look it up and sign it today.

  62. Nascar gave up on it’s fans a longtime ago. They have over a period of time lost more and more fans. Their rules and regulations should pertain only to the drivers and not the fans. They should not have the right to tell you that you can’t fly a flag that was flown from the beginning of Nascar in the South. Just like I have no right to tell you what to wear. And as for the so called noose, it was a shredded skiny old rope with a knot in it and just to keep matters going the news station is showing an entirely different rope now. It’s new and thick and has been made to look like a noose. I wonder who went in and changed it, don’t you?

  63. You’ve probably seen Richard Petty in that convertible with the Rebel flag after winning at Daytona in the 60s, that’s the way it was, times have changed, But, by god, there is nothing Wrong with folks flying that flag, yeah, we lost the war of northern aggression, sorta outnumbered, pretty sure a helluva yankees are on our side nowadays, this BLM terrorist crap plastered on the side of this guy’s car is terrible, you are So right about LBJ’s so-called “Great Society”, keeping blacks on the plantation.

  64. it is racist to blackball {remove}the southern battleflag from nascar has been a part .it has apart of nascar since day one.it is ashame what one black man dying causes rioting,looting ,arson ,muders. one black man lying can cause compleate cahoss with a long standing white instution NASCAR. racing!!having anything to do with black lies matter is racist, subversive , terristic, un-pattriotic, and un american. whitepeople have to come together , unite , and organising the black and colored peoplle have . all lives matter ,white lives matter white americans be proud of our heratige and forfathers that created this great country. U.S.A it is still the best country in the world! why do you whi think people from all over the world want to come to the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA???white lives matter

  65. Sounds like he taking lessons from Jesse Smollett ! Bubba Smollett 2.0. So quick to make the accusation of wrong doing only to be false story ! You can hear the crickets now , nobody has anything too say now , what a loser . Must be why never heard of him before his fake story !!!

  66. Where is Al Sharpton now , was all over story until the truth came out to be false. Story of his career always trying to stoke race issues , I think nation wide televised apologies to all nascar fans are in order

  67. It is time people stop watching pro sports. They are controlled by people who hate America and the players cry because they are not paid enough and are victims of racism. It is time these people get a real job.

  68. Hell Yeah, Great idea, Stop watching nascar, nfl, nba, etc, they’ve turned anti-USA, to Hell with’em!!

  69. I have burned all my Nascar items. I will NEVER watch Nascar again or NFL or the NBA or any organized pro sport !!!

  70. I and all my friends feel the same way 99% of the people feel on this comment board which is BYE-BYE Nascar and R.I.P. !!!

  71. what a filthy mouth you have bubba! just shows you have no respect for others who are trying to teach their children better.

  72. I hope NASCAR gets use to no fans in the stands. They have done it to themselves and this last piece of crap sealed the deal for me. I am done with NASCAR and their false story and removing a flag that didn’t hurt anyone.

  73. when Bubba Wallace is let go for poor performance, NASCAR will be left with political correctness and empty bleachers. Steve Phelps and Brian France just bought a headstone for NASCAR to be buried under. Dale Earnhart is trying to get released from heaven to come and save his sport!!!!!

  74. First a NOOSE is not a racist symbol it was and still is in some states the legal method of carrying out the death sentence given those convicted of capital crimes.

    The fact that protection racketeers masquerading as vigilance committees used them to murder people who they “felt” were guilty (ie could not pay them) or groups like the KKK used them to threaten and murder people does not CHANGE it into some sort of racist symbol.

    If it was an ACTUAL noose with some ACTUAL racist comment connected to it then one can claim it was a symbol of racism.

    The LOOP in that picture is not even close to looking like a noose to anyone who has even seen a picture of one or the pre 80’s encyclopedia entry about them. A noose requires 13 turns on its wrap and the ability to SLIDE CLOSED the pictured loop can not even close much less have the iconic 13 turns above it that makes it a noose.

    If we consider this image a noose just because it has a loop at the end of a rope then every rodeo in the nation would have to be shut down because a LASSO would be considered a noose as well by the standard that just having a loop at the end makes it a noose.

    If we accept the lie that CONTEXT does not matter in determining if something is a racist or not then that claim can be made about anything at all.

  75. What about Kyle Larson being fired for using the n word! He needs to be rehired and replace Bubba Smollet!

  76. Gary, you said “I never heard of Bubba Wallace before this.” That rang true for me too when you said that! I’d never heard of him either!
    I agree wholeheartedly that this was a “Jesse Smollett” moment!
    When I heard that the other drivers rode behind him in the race for solidarity, I wanted to throw up!
    This whole BLM, the ones who are speaking up and causing all the trouble, getting on TV etc, has gotten so out of control it’s beyond ridiculous. It’s almost as if their expecting us to kiss their racist asses.
    In my opinion, I think their the true racist.
    Even if they did take money from police depts and invest it in communities for work programs, education and training programs would they utilize them? I’m not so sure about that.
    So here’s Bubba Wallace all of the sudden, who has no successful record on the track and no one really knows who he is, comes out and says there’s a noose hanging in his garage right before a race.
    A “garage door pull” that’s been there for a year and a half and suddenly it’s a “noose” coincidentally during the BLM protests and leaders all over the news. Hmmm, I call HOAX and BS if there ever was one!

  77. Out of ALL the Wonderful Black Men In The WORLD! … HOW, Did NASCAR Get Bubba Wallace? … Instead, of RACING? … He’s Out There FAKE CRYING and Looking For Sympathy? LORDY-LORD-LORD. …. He just needs to go on HOME. He spoiled his WELCOME. Bye-Bye …. NASCAR IS BETTER THAN BUBBA WALLACE … OUR FANS AND DRIVERS WOULD “NEVER” DO A THING LIKE THAT. …. He Disgusts Me.


  79. As usual , FAKE NEWS cnn and msnbc jumped on this FAKE story and tried to say ALL NASCAR fans are racist . This IDIOT bubbas’ net worth SHOULDN”T go up , any sponsor should get rid of him . He’s the RACIST , so any new sponsor would be considered RACIST too !!! We’re DONE with NASCAR since they lost thier balls and kneeled on the flag issue . Maybe all the RADICAL , RACIST , cult members of the blm will become thier new audience.

  80. I quit the nfl when they bowed to the privileged kapernick and, although a big fan of racing, will NEVER watch another nascar race. I am done with panderers. I never bought nike stuff because I don’t go in for over-priced “status symbol” items. Any group that bows to evil will lose my support. I am a Christian, a veteran, and a patriot.

  81. It’s a barn loop, Bro. Anyone who has been around a farm or garage door knows what a barn loop looks like. How do you think the hay is taken down from the loft inside the barn? Most barns have two.

  82. When the nose was on TV it rang a bell. I went out in MY garage and there was one like it hanging from my garage door.
    Bubba should be suspended from racing for 5 YEARS. He should be shunned by the other drivers that backed him that day.
    RACIST? THE most racist people to EVER cross the threshold of the WH are Barack and Michelle Obama. They have a DEEP HATRED for ANYONE not black. Their hatred is dangerous.

  83. Another American legacy, Nascar, torn down buy the BLM, democrats, liberals. Let’s go back to dirt track and jacked up muscle cars to show what the sport was really about. No more honor in the sport.

  84. What happens to a society when they have given in to every person who wants to feel like a victim?
    They wind up with a society that no one would want to live in. Where is America headed? What happened to men who were leaders? How did a society with so many males wind up with so many eunuchs?

  85. I’m long retired from racing. But always been a fan of every form of racing. Now, you couldn’t pay me to follow Nascar.

  86. Going to be saving a lot of money…no more costly relics bought, travel costs, high price tickets, head phones, every corner of the track charging another fee for drivers meetings, etc. This sport was the only one that wasn’t totally covered by a minority and now they can just let them have this one too. Go Bubba…really…go.

  87. I hope everyone will follow my lead and stop watching anything about Nascar. This was so bad, and all they want is for the whites to look like evil racists. I didn’t used to be, but all this crap that’s going on is turning me to that. I can’t believe all the attention this one person got before anything was even investigated, then even after the FBI said there was no there, there, this idiot kept it going, or tried to. We aren’t stupid Bubba, and I for one, never bought into this from the first day. Bye Bye Nascar, and after this I won’t miss you at all.

  88. What people are forgetting is, that a awful lot of great men died for that Confederate flag. Don’t their lives matter?
    RIP NASCAR — long overdue

  89. It was all done to open the door. Now they’re screaming that NASCAR isn’t diverse enough. Anybody in the world that can work hard and has the talent can drive a racecar. Creating special rules so that this sport in more diverse will only put everybody on the tract in mortal danger. But if they want to play that game then why aren’t there more white and asians playing football and basketball?

  90. You will never see anything like this in the NHL.
    Few years back, a known “agitator” said very inappropriate things about another player’s girl.
    The whole friggin league came down on him big time. May even have lost is job.
    The NHL is made up mostly from white guys from all over the globe. Their are a few blacks in the league and are respected as simply teammates…as it should be👍🇺🇸


  92. Right wing dog whistle: “hoax”. It wasn’t a hoax, it was a simple mistake. Of course, the Trumpinazi racists want you to think otherwise. They want you to think it’s some “leftist” conspiracy, when the real conspiracy is the “Christian” anti-American dominionist desire to overthrow our democracy and supplant it with an oppressive theocracy (think “Christian” Taliban).

  93. Culturally, “Bubba” is a WHITE, OVERFED, SOMEWHAT SLOW THINKING REDNECK from the backroads and swamps of the Southeast.



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