Brett Kavanaugh made a decision that had Planned Parenthood jumping for joy


Many pro-lifers stuck their necks out to defend Brett Kavanaugh during his confirmation fight.

And radical pro-abortion activists were literally clawing on the doors of the Supreme Court to stop him from being sworn in.

But Justice Kavanaugh just made a decision that had Planned Parenthood jumping for joy.

Justice Brett Kavanaugh sided with the Supreme Court’s liberal justices to decline to hear a case that would allow states to defund Planned Parenthood.

This lawsuit marks the third time the Supreme Court refused to hear such a case.

Politico reports:

Tim Jost, an emeritus professor at Washington and Lee University School of Law, said it’s “noteworthy” that Kavanaugh passed on the cases.

“If Kavanaugh was going to deal a major blow to health care rights during his first session on the court, this would have been the case to do it,” Jost said.

The anti-abortion group Susan B. Anthony List said it was “disappointed” the Supreme Court declined the case, as it called on the Trump administration to quickly finalize rules blocking federal funds to Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers through the Title X family planning program.

“The pro-life citizens of states like Kansas and Louisiana, through their elected representatives, have clearly expressed their will: they do not want Medicaid tax dollars used to prop up abortion businesses like Planned Parenthood,” said SBA List president Marjorie Dannenfelser in a statement.

Many pro-lifers thought Justice Kavanaugh would be an immediate ally in the fight to end abortion.

But he has so far refused to lift a finger.

Meanwhile, conservative Justices Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito and Neil Gorsuch all voted to hear the case.

In order for a case to be heard before the Supreme Court, four justices must agree to hear it.

Justice Kavanaugh’s vote in favor would have been the one that tipped the scales.

This isn’t the first time conservatives were blindsided by Supreme Court Justices appointed by Republican presidents.

Chief Justice John Roberts, a George W. Bush appointee, sided with liberal Supreme Court Justices in 2012 to uphold Obamacare.

And Justice Anthony Kennedy, a Ronald Reagan appointee, sided with liberal Justices to force all states to accept gay marriage as a “right” guaranteed by the Constitution.

Is Justice Kavanaugh’s decision another example of a Republican SCOTUS pick stabbing pro-lifers in the back?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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  2. I am an Agnostic, not even certain how to respond to the details outlined throughout this article, all I can say is that I thought Planned Parenthood was an organization that was an initially set up and funded through donations, the 1 thing that should not be allowed and tolerated is taxpayers being forced to fund it or them paying for the funding of abortions on the taxpayer’s dime.

  3. I say all organizations such as planned parenthood, solar power, wind power, etc.. should not be supported by any tax money, use private investors to fund. Use churches to feed the needy. No TAX MONEY TO BAIL OUT ANY PRIVATE INDUSTRIES. TAX MONEY TO MAINTAIN OUR MILITARY AND NATIONAL SECURITY ONLY.

  4. This is an organization that charges for these abortions, sells the body parts of these innocent victims as seen on a recorded interview with one of the leaders…..If you want to donate your money to these horrific deeds, do so….but don’t ask tax payers to pay for it…..

  5. After battling for him, he stabs us in the back? Bastard! Hey what’s the phone # for Obama’s hunting lodge buddy in Texas?

  6. It is a stark reality, you can’t judge a book by its cover, it may look good on the outside
    but it may hide a very different story.

  7. I realize that DT hasn’t a clue about Justices, and that is why he relied on the Federalist Society to help him make good choices. I certainly hope he will draw a better choice from that list next time. A lot of conservatives busted their butts to put Kavanaugh on that bench.

  8. Planned Parenthood does not help parents, it kills the innocent unborn, and young ladies later regret. None of our tax $$’s should go to this place. If you choose to donate to Their cause that is up to you, but to use our hard earned money, when we would rather send that to help young ladies and their decisions through crisis pregnancy and other avenues to help them with decisions, adoption, teaching facilities to prepare them for this life that has been chosen for them or someone to raise. Every unborn life deserves a chance to live and share their gifts with us in earth, we have no idea if they were the answer for curing cancer or another Beethoven and Mozart or an inventor of something needed. I do not want to my tax $$’s paying for abortions at all, we should not be forced to pay for this company. Kavanaugh, why wouldn’t you just hear the state’s request on this subject? Why?

  9. If you look at what our tax dollars fund that shouldn’t be there isn’t much we don’t waste tax money on. It seems there isn’t any survey we won’t fund but what should be talked about is how free we are with so called non profits and the amount continues to grow at a rapid pace.

  10. If they didn’t fund solar power or wind power this expensive way of producing electricity would have never happened and we should not have been forced to support it. In order for this so call green energy to even exist the federal, state and power companies paid huge amounts of money to support it.

  11. Then the funds should be returned to the taxpayer accounts when they are either up and running or after a period of time….. a loan with interest.

  12. Our constitution (Article IV, section 4) guarantees a republican form of government form, a republic not the party because they had read and studied Plato’s The Republic where he stated, “….tyranny arises out of democracy”. Just take note how many times you hear the democrat party speak of our democracy not our republic, it means they are all in for tyranny. Our federal government has strayed from the form the founders favored because they had a loathing for democracy. They knew the eventual results and sought to prevent them as Benjamin responded to a question from a woman after the constitution was complete about what kind of government they established by saying,’a republic, Madam, if you can keep it’. It appears we have lost it, liberty is being pushed aside by our elected and appointed officials. Congress decides who can grow a certain crop, certain speech is hate speech, censorship of conservative ideas and comments by social media, a court that extends the power of the federal government(renaming a penalty a tax), a court that has the power(not the people or states) to determine when babies can be exterminated(where did the federal government get its power, the states, they FOUNDED it), a court that agrees that government funds(taxpayer money) can be utilized to pay for the killing of others, etc. Citizens are not in charge anymore, the powers of the federal government are enormous, where does it stop and the citizens gain back what they have lost? It appears, never. Welcome to the reality of 1984, Anthem, Atlas Shrugged, and Brave New World!

  13. To the question, It sounds like a back stab! But it’s not his money that goes to the planned parenthood ! I would like know where it is written that the people have to pay for other peoples health insurance .

  14. If someone wants an abortion let them pay for it. The taxpayer should NOT have to pay for someones regretful night of sex with whomever. Abortion should only be for an extreme case of life or death situations not as a form of birth control. Personally if I were raped and got pregnant, I would abort it immediately.

  15. I support of RAY, the question (when will it end) When GOD comes and gathers His Jewels! Be ready! I am still believing what God said that He raised Trump up to be a second term President . If Trump fails God he will not be.

  16. Well, well, this should show everyone what a liberal Judge Kavanaugh is. He portrays himself as a Catholic. What a joke. Catholics care about babies. He does not!!!!!!! Also, he does not care if taxpayers have to pay for other peoples health insurance re: planned parenthood. Thank you Judge Kavanaugh, FOR NOTHING!!! Personally, my pick for Supreme Court Justice was Thomas Hardiman, who was President Trump’s first pick. Unfortunately, he changed his mind and chose this turncoat.

    President Trump supported Justice Kavanaugh amidst crushing bias. But, what did Justice Kavanaugh do, one of the first things was to stab President Trump and all pro-life supporters in the back by not even hearing the case. This Justice is another reason people are losing respect for the Supreme Court.

  17. rose- finish your education soon please. If you’re having a PERIOD you’re not pregnant.
    Conception- the word the entire rest of the world uses for your “inception” has not been scientifically proved to be the beginning of life. A 3 month fetus can not survive
    outside the womb so it’s not living.

  18. I would like to know, under what department of government dose Planned Parenthood reside? And another question would be: what section of the enumerated powers require states to fund Planned Parenthood?
    Just Askin’

  19. I believe All the Judges on the Supreme Court act as one in general.How they form their conclusions may vary somewhat.Picture The Whole World is a Stage.How true.Each episode or Act being unfolded in front of us has Specific Purpose.We can’t always see the purpose but,wait long enough and it all turns Clear.Justice Kavanaugh can’t come in and just change everything.He has to feel out each situation.So don’t react too quickly,lets see how it all unfolds.Planned Parenthood has made soso much money with the Clintons etc.

  20. I know that “We The People” used to mean everything, but not anymore!
    We get ignored, brushed aside, ridiculed, and they keep wanting more! The taxpayers can only stick together, and together reek havoc on DC because in today’s America, violence, and chaos, seems to be the only way to be heard! We try to do everything by the book, follow the course, and we get nothing! Antifa, BLM, NAACP, are heard!
    I know that Obama did all he could do to destroy America, he spent tax dollars like it was monopoly-money! He spent $28M supposedly,to seal his documents, that’s taxpayer money, and by law, what our tax money is spent on, we have a right to see! That’s a very hefty price to seal records, irregardless we have a right to see! Obama was the first in many cases, First black POTUS, First Foreign-Born-POTUS, First Gay POTUS, according to Reverend Wright! First Muslim POTUS! All these firsts, should have been revealed before he was elected! Everything we are going through now, is because Bill Ayers plotted a coup to put a foreign-born, man whom by the way, Ayers Parents, put through Harvard, into the White House!
    Bill Ayers was a Domestic-Terrorist, as was his wife, Bernadine Dorn, in the 60’s bombing federal buildings!
    Ayers is rewrighting our children’s school curriculum!
    Eric Holder, Domestic-Terrorist in the 70’s, kidnapped Patty Hearst, committed armed bank robberies, was Obama’s AG!
    Timothy Geitners father employed Obama’s mother! All these things add up, all pieces of a story! Obama is the first ex-POTUS to stay in DC! Not because of his kids schooling, but because, HRC was to be a storefront for an Obama third-term! Obama bought a mansion, maybe the documents sealed weren’t so expensive after all! People, this is our homeland, we lose it, we a are in trouble! Obama and Soros money bought leaders of the FBI, Brennan helped mastermind the HRC false storefront idea, they had to have HRC free to do her part! Bernie Sanders got cheated, he won the nomination but it wasn’t part of the plotted coup, so the DNC gave HRC and BHO the green light to rig their own party’s presidential nomination election! Can’t you see this all lining up? Get Woke!!

  21. I have no words, could we have been duped? Of course we could. Perhaps the whole thing was a set up from the get go. I have a head full of possible scenarios but the truth? We will never know. The Kavanaugh hearings were a circus, like a B rated movie. It divided the whole country and those of us who hate injustice jumped right in and fought for this man. We all need to realize that we can’t throw our trust out there for just anyone. Do you believe that the Dems are really as stupid as they act? They have educated our children to become just like them. They nearly brought America to its knees. This was not accomplished by stupidity. NO! They are sly as a fox…and we just stood by and watched them get away with it. We need to awaken our free thinking minds, return to our Maker and pray for this land. I am not trying to judge Mr. Kavanaugh, I am just as disappointed over this as anyone else is. But like someone else said here in the comments, we don’t really know what is behind this. Who knows what tomorrow will bring. Keep fighting for the unborn for they have been given to us from the breath of God…They are his gift to us…Don’t throw that gift back at him like some unruly child.

  22. I am a believer, in God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, and I couldn’t care less, who attacks me for it! I believe the Bible is the Word of God, written and handed down! We are living in the end times, we don’t question God, His Will be done, not ours! I honestly believe that non-believers have been turned over, to reprobate minds!
    There certainly is an obvious oddness, a lack of logic, and a very blatant uptick in violence! A lie is lifted up, and the truth is called conspiracy, or unscientific, or radical, common-sense, is in need of a new handle, there is nothing common, about common sense! (Violent mobs like Antifa are excused, by the MSM because if they are fighting fascism it’s a good thing?) So taking up rocks, and bats, and going to People’s homes, and threatening violence, then committing violent acts, is condoned by one political party! Logic? We are in for far worse things to come, and it’s begun! Christians have been murdered all over the world, on Obama’s watch, but of course, the only way he would have engaged is if it were Muslims being murdered, but Christians don’t murder, and the U.N. Only chastises Israel. In a “One World Order” there will be “One-Bank” and “One-Government” “One-Educational- System” “One-Religion” Islam and Shariah-Law! ISIS was funded by the Obama Administration and the Muslim Brotherhood, were brought in by Obama as part of his Administration!
    President Trump did not collude with Russia and the Mueller Criminals investigating Him after they set him up didn’t even bother to find out that Collusion isn’t even a crime!
    Selling Russia Uranium in the dark of night, without permission, and Putin specifically requesting Mueller personally hand delivering it, isn’t a form of collusion, it’s just a blatant treasonous crime!

  23. Jim, you are to absolutely and totally wrong
    Science says the full DNA of a new human being is created at conception, all that is needed for this life to continue grow is essentially some protective environment, mostly some 9 months in a womb, or if you insist, in a womb like enclosure. If this

  24. JIm….you are WRONG!!!!!! Read a biology book if you know how. YES, life has been proven to begin at conception. It is LIVING. It does not matter which side of the womb it is on. It is a BABY. It has all it will ever need at conception to live outside the womb. It just needs time to grow enough. I have a cousin that was bon several months early and weighed only one pound. She grew up to be a very normal child.

  25. Was Justice Kavanaugh a wolf in sheep clothing? At this time it’s hard to make any determination of the Justice’s beliefs or in this one case his frame of mind, and what the Constitution played in his decision. It was disappointing, especially when it involved Planned Parenthood, but we shall see.

  26. Kavanaugh is a disgusting traitor to Christians! If he were a conservative Christian he would not be voting to force pro-life Christians to allow innocent children be murdered by evil animals. Her lost my respect!

  27. Very sad you chose not to stand up and be against abortion WE all wrote letters etc. I wrote many letter too I stood up for you I was a true victim…

  28. Is this not America? Do all Justices have to vote the way thier sponsors desired? Each Justice should vote their own conscience; obviously Kavanaugh has done this and should be commended even if you don’t agree.

  29. Justice Brett Kavanaugh is not the man we thought he was. Just another lackey of the political left. Well, I’m not surprised, nor am I taken in by his doing what is politically expedient. I feel sorry for the country, and most certainly I feel sorry for the President who went out on a limb to promote Kavanaugh.

  30. Life begins at conception,a person who kills a women who is pregnant can be charged with two murder during the early days of our the country the life was protected as soon as the woman felt the baby move.

  31. Jim. Your are not the great intellectual you would like to believe you are. Dingbat! Just because something is dependent on to live does not mean it is not a life. How about life supports ? Are you dead because you need some sort of life support?

  32. I spent emotional energy to support kavanaugh for Chief Justice. The liberals were so hell bent to scourge him from being nominated. Hmmmmm maybe that was their plan , reverse psychology. Very disappointed that judge kavanaugh caved to planned parenthood. I thought he’d hold to a higher standard.

  33. Get off the corrupted to the core Godless NAZI Demoncrat Communist plantation treasonous party of Satan (RINOs too!!! You know who you are) and on the Trump train to success! MAGA!

  34. Man green energy could produce thousands an thousands of jobs I Don’t understand how people can just glossed over the fact that it takes people to make solar panels to install solar panels to fix them when they break it takes people to make windmills to service windmills to install wind mills so many jobs to be had

  35. Perhaps the Democrats may want to take another look at this guy they were so determined to destroy a few months ago.

  36. Maybe he was a BAD choice after all. I can’t understand why a state can’t defund something that voters voted to defund. We the people RISE and write and email this Court it is time to take back OUR country.

  37. The Supreme Court decided not to hear the case. They probably believe that this question should be decided by the Legislature, not the Courts.
    This does not sound like he back-stabbed us. This sounds like they read the Constitution and decided it was not their job to rule on this.
    I still think he and Gorsich are good choices.

  38. I wouldn’t give Kavanaugh any credit or praise either. He’s a backstabber that just handed the givers agenda 21 a victory. This does not sit well with the pro-lifers.

  39. Why do we born Americans and American Citizens have to pay everything from our taxes…This is getting way too much!!

  40. I do not and will not support any person or group of people who murder babies. These babies are innocent victims of promiscuous sex. If you choose not to have children that’s your privilege however the murder of innocent babies is unforgivable. If you participate in this crime you should be sentenced to life in jail.

  41. The issues of abortion.. with a very few exceptions.. have NOTHING to do with healthcare but EVERYTHING to do with MURDER and the escape from such consequences!!

    Wake UP!!!

  42. “rose- finish your education soon please. If you’re having a PERIOD you’re not pregnant.
    Conception- the word the entire rest of the world uses for your “inception” has not been scientifically proved to be the beginning of life. A 3 month fetus can not survive outside the womb so it’s not living.”

    Jim, if the orgaism created at the time of conception is not “living,” how could the cells keep dividing and grow into an eventual resemblance of a human being? As for living outside the womb, how about in vitro fertilization? The ethicality of allowing the fetus to continue to grow outside the womb is certainly to be challenged; however it is entirely possible in the right circumstances. Science fiction? Maybe.

  43. Of course life begins at conception. Truth is truth and where the baby is doesn’t change that fact. We have NO BUSINESS paying for the murder of INNOCENT LIVES.

  44. Joe, we both agree on many many things….just not religion. I’ll bet most Christians voted for Trump as well….that is true Christians…not someone like dear Nancy P who has a world of her own.

  45. So if you dismiss a three month old fetus as not being a human being because it cannot live on its own when then does a fetus become a human being? When it can survive (with medical help) outside the womb, when it is “born”, when it is 21 years old?


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