Brad Pitt is teaming up with feminists to make a movie you won’t believe


It is impossible to get ahead in Hollywood without embracing the radical Left.

Most A-list actors have become little more than radical Democrat political activists.

That’s why Brad Pitt is teaming up with feminists to make a movie you won’t believe.

Movie star Brad Pitt just announced that his upcoming space thriller movie “Ad Astra” will have a far-left bend to it.

According to Pitt, it will “explore themes of toxic masculinity” and the consequences of it.

Breitbart News reports:

Actor Brad Bitt says his upcoming space thriller Ad Astra will explore themes of toxic masculinity and the consequent “barrier that’s created” throughout society.

The film, which will hit cinemas September 20, sees Brad Pitt play the role of astronaut Roy McBride as he “travels to the outer edges of the solar system to find his missing father and unravel a mystery that threatens the survival of our planet.”

Addressing a news conference before the film’s premiere at the Venice Film Festival on Thursday, Pitt said that he and director James Gray were eager to explore the theme of toxic masculinity and its detrimental effects.

“In retrospect, what James and I were digging at was that definition of masculinity,” Pitt said alongside Gray and co-star Liv Tyler. “We’ve both grown up in an era where we were asked to be strong…and there is a value in that, but [also a] barrier because you’re hiding some of those things you feel ashamed of. We all hide and carry individual pain and wounds.”

No doubt millions of red-blooded Americans will rush to the box office to be lectured by a space movie on so-called “toxic masculinity.”

In reality, there is no such thing as toxic masculinity.

To the Left, toxic masculinity is men taking the role that men have historically taken as leaders and protectors.

To radical feminists, the men who founded this country, built the buildings around them, got us to the moon, and protected them for decades are “toxic” and a part of an oppressive patriarchy.

But in their ever-expanding man-hating crusade, they are doing everything to dismantle it and emasculate men.

They want to shame men just for being men.

If they get their way, it will lead our society in a precarious place.

Do you think feminists hate men?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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  2. Conservative women are always deriding the “sensitive male” as if he were Woody Allen, and then they’re surprised by accounts of men abusing women, men forcing women into having abortions, etc.

  3. I am not impressed with his decision, but I do like his shows. I wonder….if I just quit watching all the shows these actors are in because they have jumped into politics arena, will there be any shows left for me to enjoy anymore….

  4. the most important vocation of any and all societies is the produce and the nurture of the next generation of citizens. However Western societies having allowed their mass media to be taken over by the guileful Jews have been convinced our women to surrender to hedonism and affluenza. Our women have fallen to the wisdom of the Zionist serpent. Eat the apple. You are equal to men, you are entitled to be paid an equivelent wage. You need not be nine months heavy with child. All the while, they; have made of their religious and orthodox sects; virtual and actual baby farms; that put to shame anything Hitler ever did in an effort to produce more German citizens.

  5. BitinDawg; What in the world are you talking about?? Where are these “baby farms” you speak of? Most radical feminists are very pro-choice. Actual meaning , abort, abort, abort . “If” they actually have anything to with a man to begin with. I do believe in one aspect. IF a woman can preform the same quality of work as a man, she should most certainly be paid the same amount of money, salary wise. Many women today HAVE to work to support their families. But also, all through the ages, many, many women have contributed to society with their brilliance , talent, and abilities that were equal to, or far exceeded, a man’s capabilities. So why shouldn’t they be recognized?
    I’m sorry, but I just can’t follow your reasoning or logic in your posting.

  6. Vasu Murti: Where is my answer to my question????
    Oh, and you of all people talking about women always deriding the “sensitive male”. Really? I have seen many Indian couples here in the United States, and most times the women still has to walk behind a man….So much for the sensitive man, in your culture.GOD created Adam and Eve to be partners. Not slave and owner…

  7. Eating meat is oppressive to women according to Carol Addams. She wrote The Sexual Politics of Meat. This is the Vegan Feminist Manifesto

  8. Seems to me that the word of God has been watered down by our society and women have been behind most of that . I have yet to read about abortion , women in charge , homosexual marriage , lesbian marriage , women in politics , or the removal of God from society in the Bible . Those are things thought up by liberal women and forced down our throats . Wonder how God feels about the topic ?

  9. Solution: At birth: Cut all baby boys testicles off and remove all baby girl’s ovaries. Result: 1.Gender-neutral planet.2. Population control

  10. BitinDawg is just another anti semitic Jew hater that is jealous of the fact that Jews push their kids to get advanced degrees and make something of themselves.

    He and the other low life that worship Hitler will make comments on anything just so they can spew their lies and hatred because they could never make anything of themselves. They think that is all the because the Jews have kept them down when in fact they brought on their worthless lives by not getting a good education. They could have either got a good job or opened their own business as so many Jews have done.

    The ironic part is that these people think they are good Christians but they forget that Jesus was born and died a Jew and Real Christians and Jews have the same values and one of those is to follow the 10 Commandments.

  11. God created man and woman to become the image of Christ if everyone would stop making a compatision between men and woman there are great talents in both woman and men and just love and cherish each other’s talent and gifting and stop lettting society split them apart.

  12. I like Brad Pitt. He is a great actor! Why does he have to push this feminist crap down our throats in his movie? Or any movie for that matter? I’ll save my money.

  13. All I see is an actor making believe he is an astroNUT trying to give credibility to a make believe phrase to make a small group of people happy who will never be happy until they impose their will on you and you completely surrender. And then they will find another make believe word, phrase or cause to be up in arms about! It will never end! But then again people listen too the likes of all is alysa milano another actor who is make beliver. Didn’t she say that having 2 abortions has made her into a complete woman? Maybe she should be preaching personal responsibility but then she would be a hypocrite. Alysa if your reading this buy a condom it’s cheaper than an abortion and doesn’t kill an innocent child. Or….learn to swallow….like your mother should have! Goes to show you being rich and famous doesn’t make you wise and knowledgeable. Lord help us!

  14. This idea of “Toxic Masculinity” didn’t come from feminists, it, like the “Green New Deal” and the idea that law enforcement is the enemy, came from leftists. They’re the ones continually sowing the seeds of discontent and trying to divide our nation. They ruin everything they touch. Thanks for the heads-up on your new movie Brad, but I don’t consider a movie that is really a thinly-veiled attempt to indoctrinate me to the ways of the left to be entertaining. I’ll spend my money elsewhere.

  15. Here is an explanation. In the 1950s a scientist studied rat behavior. Rats are close enough to humans genetically that they can be used in scientific studies and e.g. drug trials. He found that the more crowded the environment several things happened. Male rats began to exhibit homosexual behavior, birth rates went down as the female rats became less receptive to sex and all the rats became more violent toward each other. As the planet becomes more overpopulated we will see similar issues with human behavior. What we now see in society is only the beginning.

  16. Gary and all. I would encourage you to read in the Bible, Romans 1: 18-32. None of us are righteous. We are only made righteous through our personal relationship with God, His Son Jesus, and submission to His will. We can not become good or religious enough, work, or buy our way into God’s salvation. Being a member of a certain church or sect, taking communion, or being baptized doesn’t get us there either. There are legitimate reasons we do practice’s these, but they in and of themselves will not guarantee our salvation.
    Could it be, like the Israelite’s of old, we have as a people and nation turned our backs on God and He has given us over to our wicked and vile ways?

  17. I haven’t watched any tv or movies in over 5 years. To much life to enjoy! Other than giving to the elite, and child molesting hollywood…

  18. I’m sorry … is Brad Bitt a new actor? If so, I’ve never heard of him.

    ‘Actor Brad Bitt says his upcoming space thriller …’

  19. Brad Pitt and movies involving toxic masculinity sounds a lot like ‘The Mexican’, ‘Fight Club’,and the list could go on but they were pretty good movies. For the record my favorite is the one about Benjamin Buttons which has very little toxicity.

  20. Just about every role he plays involves a virile male part about something he never did in his own life. Sort of like the wannabe soldier, fighter, and other “he-men”.

  21. The Creator had it right in the first place. “It is not good for man to be alone” So, he created woman to be at his side and from his 7th rib (the one over his heart). The New Age women are becoming more toxic, in my opinion. They are “male bashers” and not companions and lovers. Love has become a recreation to them and not about creation of a new life (lives). It’s their way or the highway. Anything with two heads is a freak. That is the new marriage to women of today. All decisions should be made with “is this best for the husband, or the wife, or us”. Sometimes as with a career promotion, the husband opts to move for her benefit and the overall family benefit. Marriage and realtionships are about working together for the benefit of the whole.

  22. Susan: Can you really expect us to believe you don’t enjoy paying $50 (tickets, popcorn, drinks, each) to have your intelligence insulted, your ethics and country derided, your common sense neglected, and your scientific acumen slapped away? I can’t figure out either why fewer attend the “masochistic movies,” when “creative license” is so easily over-used for all these re-makes.

  23. This new movie sounds like he stole the idea from “Contact” with Jodie Foster starring in it. Typical for an actor!

  24. As a side-note, possibly related, the 57 counties that voted for hitlery, out 3,142 U.S. total counties, were the densest population counties (except for Staten Island, NYC, which voted for President [then-candidate] Trump).

  25. Staten Island. Of the borough’s 491,000 people, over 382,000 are white, which is over three-quarters (75.7%) of the population. Over 323,000 non-Hispanic whites reside in the borough, and they make up 65.8% of the population. The Caucasian population is largely Italian and Irish. (Irish and Italian…old school values with residues of the mafia. They don’t put up with BS)

  26. Forget Brad Pitt and most all hollywood, except Chris Pratt or Jon Voight or someone like them, they are bigger name celebrities than Brad Pitt anyway.

  27. (Sigh) I am so sick of Hollywood’s and T.V.’s constant lecturing and social engineering. Inter-racial couples in every commercial, T.V. show, and movie; gay couples exchanging spit, White males portrayed as fat, red neck,bumbling idiots..……GFYs, Hollywood scum buckets!!

  28. If he really wanted to support women, how about a movie about the foolishness of allowing trans men compete against women. Those same women that have trained all their lives to compete against other women only to have those hopes and dreams shattered.

  29. Gary I applaud your comment. I believe and practice the Ten Commandments because I choose to do so. I also believe in golden rule practiced by all religions of world Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You. Do not ridicule or threaten those who choose to live with God’s word
    defining us. I choose peace and pray this world will know such peace one day.

  30. Nice to know we no longer have to go thru basic training and wars anymore. We can now stay at home and do the dishes while our macho wives do the fighting and dying or come home maimed. Sounds a lot better that we now only have to push a wheelchair around if indeed she gets home and disabled. It may be even better if we reinstitute the draft and get these young tough wannabes in the military ready for action early! Let’s see how quickly they volunteer for parachute training or seal duty. Also, encourage them to make a career of service to country so they can retire in 30 years and never have to do “diaper duty!” Meanwhile God can take another look at what he created and start a new world with Ada and Eve!

  31. I do not think they hate men. I think they hate the fact that even after mutilating surgery they still cannot be men. God gave men the leadership role in society. They are not fighting against men but against God. It is a war they cannot win. Being a leader does not mean being an oppressor. The act of Being born a man is NOT TOXIC. What is toxic is our society buying into this damaging idea that being masculine is wrong and trying to turn men into their false idea that being male is what makes men toxic. Sorry but I for one don’t believe a single thing that comes out of the mouths of feminists. I am a woman. I am feminine but will never be a feminist.

  32. On the contrary – Liberal women are the ones deriding any action taken by males. Conservative women are just that — conservative and traditional.

  33. Stop patronizing these leftist movies; turn off the TV and write to the companies that sponsor them; stop buying their products. Write to owners of offending broadcast stations and team ownership. Write and call your Congressmen/women OFTEN about how society has turned to Sodom and Gomorrah. Bring our country back to logical and sane thinking! Do your own research and vote for candidates that have the same responsible values you have. It is beyond rational belief how these unscientific and fanatical ideas become the norm. It must stop.

  34. Also, I forgot one very important issue — Learn what your child is learning in school and voice your opposition loudly again with your pocketbook and vote.

  35. Georgia Maresh – Very well put. It is EXACTLY what I have been saying for a long time. These Hollywood Whores with their Emporer’s new clothes think they are the POTUS and they are actors because they cannot do a decent job or career otherwise!

  36. Actor Brad Bitt says his upcoming space thriller Ad Astra will explore themes of toxic masculinity and the consequent “barrier that’s created” throughout society.

    Hummm….Brad may want to ask the CEO of Gillette how his ads focusing on “fixing” toxic masculinity went!

    Cus you know all men and the women who love them really enjoy being condescended to, lectured to about their evil ways by the ever so woke left, and having accusations of being potential rapists and toxic sexist pigs…no one should object to that -Right?

    I suspect he will find the same Billion Dollar losses Gillette did, but like their CEO I am sure Brad will thing the Sacrifice is worth it. Wonder if his producers will?

  37. Oh, and I expect now to only see Brad in roles like social worker or librarian where he can avoid all that Toxic Masculinity and since he does not support guns either (unless of course they are used to protect him or his six kids) then all those war movies, spy movies, etc will no longer be on his to-do list.
    Romcoms! That can be his new genre! Yeah, all the non-toxic ever so woke men will Love them. 🙂

  38. Gary: The Talmud disagrees with you: Midrasch Talpioth, p. 255: “Even though God created the non-Jew, they are still animals in human form. It is not becoming for a Jew to be served by an animal. Therefore he will be served by animals in human form.”

  39. Conservative women don’t appreciate and understand all the liberal changes in this country, the right to vote, equal pay for equal work movement, more positions of power in employment and politics, acknowledgement that spousal abuse should be punished, women’s right for birth control and right to choose, more roles in media as actors and news anchors, better pre-natal care. Why go and on, you Trump idiots will never understand history and right from wrong. There is no one more wrong for the country than Trump, the egomaniac, evil and uncouth traitorous thug.

  40. Could care less what pitt does. he even offered to work with barry during his presidential run and barry refused his help. Can you imagine what a pos he must be if even barry did not want him on his team, I will have to make sure I don’t go see the movie.

  41. Racists for Trump- Boy are you asking for it. I am 72, and female. I have been through rape at 12 years old, spousal abuse and abuse from a so called boyfriend that left me with a concussion. I grew up on a farm. We repaired everything instead of throwing them away, I worked the fields, Later, I worked at building houses, tending fires after cutting trees down. I worked crazy hours in retail and I also worked factory jobs and killed my back because of it. I have worked in politics in my young adulthood and am back in politics now and am about to take morons like you down. I am going to contact Culture Watch and have you banned from this site. Personally, I think you should be taken out to the back 40, beaten and left for the hogs to finish you off. Don’t you ever tell me or any woman they are not worth it because that is exactly what you did! Then when I find out whom you really are, I will sue you and have you arrested, too!

  42. Men that have self confidence in their masculinity won’t be ashamed of being a man, the only men that will be ashamed is the ones who have no confidence in themselves, self confidence begins with the way one is brought up by the parents

  43. Where on earth do you get your verbal vomit. I am a conservative woman and was happily married to a Real man and a Southern gentleman Stick your bias where the sun doesn’t shine, What a POS!!

  44. What is the universally-agreed-upon DEFINITION of toxic masculine? [just to make sure it isn’t another twist-to-cover-any-possible-situation-undefined like racist, xenophobe, or homophobe]

  45. Alan: The WaPo article you cited isn’t accessible without paying, perhaps you could summarize its contents, rather have anyone violate WaPo’s apparent non-fair-use-standards?

  46. Barnesy I would have said I respect your opinion but when you talk about the violence you would like to inflict on me you probably beat the crap out of your own children. You’re just another thuglet who should be banned from life.

  47. Byron:, I’d agree, even if “fully- transitioned” former-women were only competing against traditional males. But to compete former-men with traditional women is just as hyper-absurd as describing those alternative sexes. If they wish to compete, “transitioned” and “traditional” sexes should be minimum additional categories, and I believe there will be a decrease in desire to compete unfairly.

  48. I don’t know. I can still see it for free. The proposition was that uncontrolled human population growth would result in catastrophic consequences.
    However, as the situation progressed alternative behaviors cropped up, such as some rats hiding underground to avoid the conflict. Allowing perhaps for the proverbial reset button. ( Like Noahs Ark?) I’ll attach an excerpt

  49. From eight original pairs of mice, the population skyrocketed, until the colony became choked with animals and dysfunctional behaviors appeared.

    Dozens of young male mice, unable to find a place in groups dominated by others, became marauding gangs that attacked female and young mice. Sexual and maternal behaviors also underwent dramatic change. Some male mice became exclusively homosexual or hypersexual. Mothers abandoned their pups or sometimes attacked them. Infant mortality soared to as high as 96 percent.

    Other behaviors seemed even more bizarre. Groups of female mice — “Pied Pipers,” Calhoun called them — blindly followed foreign objects, such as his shoes, no matter how many times the mice had encountered them; it was as if they were unable to learn. Other mice became inert lumps of fur, “dropouts” that withdrew from society altogether. Oddest of all perhaps were those Calhoun called “the beautiful ones” that spent their days obsessively grooming. Violence and agitation became commonplace until hardly a mouse could be found that wasn’t speckled with blood, its tail bitten and chewed.

    Amid such profound squalor and chaos, the mice forgot how to be mice. They ceased to breed, and their population collapsed.

    It was a disturbing vision that seemed to echo the experience of millions in America’s cities. Calhoun fanned the pessimism, making specific predictions that if humans failed to slow their exponential rate of population growth, a similar extinction could befall them by the year 2027.

  50. Racist for Trump: Thank you for the wonderful compliment. I do not and will not inflict any violence on anyone. I did not say I WOULD do that. That is your deranged mind at work. What I said is what I think, not what I would do, and I never ever said I would do that to you. You had better reread my earlier reply.

  51. Racists for Trump- your comment is typical of your liberal, hypocritical attitude. You have no clue what conservative women think or believe. I will tell you. I believe in men being men and women being women. I have no problem with strong men since I believe I am a strong woman. Strength is measured in many different ways. You also are very confused about the “liberal” changes in this country. The only change the liberals have made is trying to emasculate the men (especially white men) and the political correctness BS that passes for the pathetic movies that are coming out. I do not need to see a female super hero who was written as MALE and I do not care for all the feminist crap that is going on today. I have no problem with my femininity. I think President Trump respects women a hell of a lot more than liberals (weinstein, cosby, epstein, biden, et al).

  52. Your comment is like Trump, let someone else fight the war, let someone else take the blame for Epstein’s death, blame the Democrats for criticizing my corruption, incompetence and insanity, so sure you wouldn’t do it but you suggested it was a good idea. Hitler never actually killed anyone as chancellor but the maniac was responsible for tens of millions of deaths.

  53. Epstein was a good friend of Trump’s but Trump and Barr made sure he was dead, didn’t they. Cosby was a conservative often lecturing blacks on their conduct, biden has had no sexual scandals, but lost his son who wasn’t a draft dodger like Trump, countless Republican people got in trouble for sex crimes or scandals , Roy Moore, Dennis Hastert, New Gingrich who also was a cowardly draft dodger and many more, just google. Men don’t get emasculated unless they allow it, that is a crazy delusion.

  54. Racist to Trump: I see what you are doing. First, you blame someone for their comments. Then you blame someone else, and again someone else. You blame all clubs, organizations, parties, people and anything else you can blame. You never blame yourself. You think you are perfect. You also think you are the POTUS and only what you say and do is the correct thing and not what anyone else may think, say or feel. You show no love or compassion for anyone or anything. You are a robot. You are also a liberal. You are for Muslims and no one else. You are a psychopath. No one on this site need reply to you anymore as you are now unimportant-a something we do not need in our struggling lives. I will ignore you from now on and not even reply to our insensitive posts.

  55. That’s a very interesting take on Conservative women. I’ll have you know that I very much appreciate the right to vote. I appreciate any changes that recognize that my mind is every bit as good as any man’s, that I can do lots of jobs that have been traditionally male if I so desire, that a man has no right to knock me around or denigrate me or call me names just because I wear a wedding ring on my finger, that I have access to a variety of forms of contraception so I can control how to space my children, and certainly I want the best possible prenatal care.

    I also appreciate the right to decide that I think the equal pay for equal work argument is trying to compare apples to oranges, and that killing my baby as a form of birth control is barbaric.

    And none of these things have anything whatsoever to do with who sits in the oval office. But, while I deplore a number of things about Trump, I appreciate the fact that he stands up for the Constitution, the rights of the unborn, and the sovereignty of this nation as well as many other things I see as right for this country.

  56. Linda, if Christians today are tolerant and civilized, it’s due to the past five hundred years of SECULAR social progress nearly all of which were resisted by previous generations of Christians:

    …democracy and representative government in place of monarchy and belief in the divine right of kings; the separation of church and state; the abolition of human slavery; the emancipation of women; birth control; the sexual revolution; LGBT rights…

    A hundred years ago, for example, ALL Christian churches opposed birth control. Sexual morality for Christians is detailed in I Corinthians 7. If Christians actually followed the biblical commands against fornication and sexual immorality in general (Romans 1:24-27; I Corinthians 5:1,9-12, 6:9-10,15,18; I Thessalonians 4:3-5; ); as well as the commands that women cover their heads while worshiping (I Corinthians 11:5-14); Christian women are to dress modestly and prudently, and are not to be adorned with braided hair, gold or pearls or expensive clothes (I Timothy 2:9); Christian women are to keep silent in the churches and Christian women are not allowed to teach nor hold authority over men (I Corinthians 14:34-35; I Timothy 2:11-15)… Christianity would resemble Islam!

    Genesis 38:24. Tamar’s pregnancy was discovered three months after conception. This was proof that she was sexually active. Because she was a widow, without a husband, she was assumed to be a prostitute. Her father-in-law, Judah, ordered that she be burned alive for her crime. The “Sharia,” or Islamic Law has been condemned in the West as cruel and barbaric. The penalty for habitual thievery may be loss of a hand. The penalty for premarital sex may be a hundred lashes in public. The Islamic codes of justice, however, are similar to the civil and criminal laws found in Exodus 21-23.

    The Puritans of Massachusetts enacted America’s first law against gambling in 1638. In 1682, the Quakers in Pennsylvania passed their own law against gambling and “such like enticing, vain, and evil sports and games.” During the period from 1830 to 1860, lotteries were banned across America. By 1908, nearly every state in the nation had banned horse racing. Muslims were a virtually nonexistent minority in Protestant-dominated America when these laws when into effect. Nor did the Muslims coin the term “sin city” to refer to Las Vegas. The Muslims didn’t coin the term “demon rum” to refer to alcohol, nor were the Muslims responsible for the Prohibition of alcohol in the United States. Conservative Christians also take a dim view of alcohol.

    The early American feminist and vegetarian Elizabeth Cady Stanton similarly observed that “the Bible… does not exalt and dignify women.” Husbands are to rule over wives (Genesis 3:16), young girls are to be stoned (and not with marijuana, either!) for losing their virginity (Deuteronomy 22:20-21), women are subordinate to men (Ephesians 5:22-24), women must remain silent in the churches (I Corinthians 14:34-35), women are not allowed to teach or hold authority over men (I Timothy 2:11-14).

    St. Augustine said, “Any woman who acts in such a way that she cannot give birth to as many children as she is capable of, makes herself guilty of that many murders.” Martin Luther wrote: “God created Adam lord of all living creatures, but Eve spoiled it all. Women should remain at home, sit still, keep house and bear children. And if a woman grows weary and, at last, dies from childbearing, it matters not. Let her die from bearing; she is there to do it.”

    Even Pope John Paul II instructed women to go back to their traditional roles as “obedient and serving companions to their husbands,” and refused to have an audience with anyone advocating the ordination of women in the Catholic Church. The Catholic Encyclopedia still declares that women are inferior to the male sex, “both as regards body and soul.”

    I’m Hindu, not Muslim. There’s a huge difference! Jews and Muslims don’t worship images; Jews and Muslims don’t believe in the incarnations of God; Jews and Muslims don’t worship a plural Godhead like that of Trinitarian Christianity; Jews and Muslims don’t worship other human beings (saints and spiritual masters in disciplic succession.)

    But Christians in the West, thinking themselves smugly superior to the rest of the world, where there is no dating, no boyfriends or girlfriends, etc. are really taking credit for the past five hundred years of SECULAR social progress, nearly all of which was resisted by previous generations of Christians:

    …democracy and representative government in place of monarchy and belief in the divine right of kings; the separation of church and state; the abolition of (human) slavery; the emancipation of women; birth control; the sexual revolution; LGBT rights, etc… so they’re not in a position to resist animal rights as social and moral progress for all mankind, nor think themselves smugly superior to the rest of the world.

    It would be like Christians decades from now, in the middle of the 21st century, thinking themselves smugly superior to the Muslim world since Christianity now allows same-sex marriage, with the Muslims resisting it, forgetting that Christians in the early 21st century were resisting same-sex marriage, too.

    A hundred years ago, all Christian churches opposed birth control. Fifty years ago, they were saying a divorced man would never be elected president, and saying that’s what impeded Nelson Rockefeller’s chances of being elected president. Forty years ago, unmarried couples living together was mildly scandalous, and reflected as such in sitcoms like Three’s Company and Mork & Mindy. Fifteen years ago, there weren’t even any Democratic politicians in favor of same-sex marriage. As recently as 2007, the George W. Bush administration was still promoting abstinence-only sex education!

  57. Your rambling attack on me is full of invective, sad pathetic words from another white trash Trump admirer. You love him for his racism, and hatred towards Muslims. There are bad Muslims just like there are bad “Christians,” many spewing their hatred on sites like this, maybe you are on of them, I think most people would think so. You don’t even know what a psychopath is but if you did you would know that Trump is at best a sociopath but I think he is a psychopath, especially with his delusions and friendships with the NYC mob and also Jeff Epstein. He ever bragged about entering the dressing rooms of the Miss Teen pageants, and bragged about sexually assaulting women and his constant lying, bragging, whining, insulting, making excuses, golfing when there is a hurricane indicated a sick evil person.

  58. Trump only cares about himself and building his empire. That is always been his his life, feeding his lust, greed for money, taking advantage of others, preening even now like he is something special, he is a special creep and friend of Epstein and made sure Epstein ended up dead. He doesn’t even care about his 3 wives, he ignores his second daughter and cheated on all three wives with his sexual assaults. with groupies and prostitutes, putting his wives also at risk for STD’s, even after they just gave birth. He is a phoney and for you not to know that is truly pathetic. Does his racism and support for and by white supremacists appeal to you Saundra?

  59. Trump only cares about himself and building his empire. That is always been his his life, feeding his lust, greed for money, taking advantage of others, preening even now like he is something special, he is a special creep and friend of Epstein and made sure Epstein ended up dead. He doesn’t even care about his 3 wives, he ignores his second daughter and cheated on all three wives with his sexual assaults. with groupies and prostitutes, putting his wives also at risk for STD’s, even after they just gave birth. He is a phoney and for you not to know that is truly pathetic. Does his racism and support for and by white supremacists appeal to you Saundra?

  60. Vasu: Now that you are done lecturing us of you supposed knowledge of Christianity. Which is so incorrect and bias.
    That was not the question I asked of you. Being a great animal lover and all. Remember??
    Oh and FYI, the sitcoms you mentioned? Well ,they were sharing an apartment. Not sharing each others’ bedrooms. Which was not mildly scandalous then or now..
    And we Christians do not feel smugly superior to other religions. But we will not be silenced when people like yourself, atheists and your Demon party tell us we are wrong to believe in one GOD and accept Jesus as our personal savior. Nor do we worship images. But as a Hindu, what do you worship????
    All your postings are nothing but Leftists propaganda drivel. As I stated to you many postings ago, you never have an original thought. These sites are for Conservatives. Why are you here??
    And on a personal observation, you never really stay on topic. .You just keep posting your endless, pointless views, from others. Do you write a novel when your spouse asks you what you want for dinner, as well? Yes, I was being snarky. But I couldn’t help it……

  61. Linda, I noticed something. Racist for Trump replied to you, Saundra and myself with the exact verbatim paragraph. I think he wrote his response down so he can use it for anyone he wants to. I do not know how many others he used his tin can response to. I just thought you would like to know this!

  62. Pat Barnes: RFT’s comment that is showing under my post was, for some reason , for Saundra again.
    We have many a” lively”, putting it mildly, discussions on other sites. Hopefully we formed some sort of an agreement . Though we will never see eye to eye on which party is the correct one to support. I just wish he would stop calling anyone that supports Trump, poor white trash. That term really bothers me for some reason. But we can’t stop anyone from voicing their views as “colorful” as they may become. I just feel we can be post our views without stooping to name calling. But believe me Pat there are far worse disrespectful posters on the other sites, then RFT. There are no reasoning with those other lunatics. Just pure hate and irrational people.
    I wish you well Pat and thank you for the heads up…

  63. I see the name of the movie as a possible trademark infringement. AdAstra is a database software product that has been around for at least 14 years. I use it at work. I hope the company looks into considering such a lawsuit. Ye haw!!!

  64. Brad Pitt is a liberal moron, that was evident when he married that other idiot moron Jolie and they decided they were going to save the children of the world and started plucking things out of the jungle to adopt as if it was going to make a difference. He won’t get a single cent of my money to go see his politically-correct diseased movies.

  65. Where do you get this version of conservative women?
    “Conservative women are always deriding the “sensitive male” as if he were Woody Allen, and then they’re surprised by accounts of men abusing women, men forcing women into having abortions, etc.”
    I’ve been conservative since the 1980s and taught my son to be a sensitive male. I think Woody Allen is a genius at filmmaking but also an evil pervert. Why would I be surprised about accounts of men abusing women like Woody Allen did, when I too was abused, defended women from abusive men, and also counseled women at a Domestic Violence counseling center? Why would I be surprised about men forcing women to have abortions when I used to defend women from such treatment.
    Vasu Merti, you have a very limited, myopic view of the world, something you accuse others of, not even knowing those people or where they’re coming from.

  66. It is not birth CONTROL but murder as a substitute for contraceptives. Women have every right to control their own bodies but once that body welcomes another it no longer belongs only to her. Besides, if a women jumps into bed with a man is that not her CHOICE to begin with. Why should the child conceived be the one to suffer the guilt of that behavior?
    Where were all these Trump haters when JFK, LBJ, Clinton were committing the act of adultery in the Oval Office? They had their mouths zippered up. But now the past deeds of anyone conservative is brought to the fore for nothing more than to express political hatred of the man.
    They don’t give a hoot about what dems may have done in the past ignoring those protective harlots, especially Hillary, who stood by while their husbands engaged in sexual acts with whores they used as play toys and the other women, Billy boy especially, abused.

  67. Wow….By you own admission You’ve made several very bad choices! But instead of adding Feminist and Liberal Politician to your resume I suggest Professional Mental Help!

  68. Concerned American Thank you for sticking your unwanted nose into something that is not any of YOUR business. I already had deep counseling. All that happened to me happened when I was young and early adulthood. Do you mind id I ask YOU to get counseling for trying to play doctor which you could very easily get into trouble for doing? You comment was way out of line and is considered unwanted solicitation. I won’t see your next comment to me as I very seldom read any comments on most of these sites so keep it to yourself. I only answered you as I did to show you how hateful and hurtful your words are and to say, “tit for tat”

  69. The Queers are at it again. Mrn built this country with the support of their wives, Not a heshe, not a shehe but real men. Many of the poorer international agreements that have cost our Country jobs for MEN and WOMEN were negotiated by WOMEN trying to mother the rest of the world. Somebody out in California has to be willing to stand up for the Christian values that built this Country.

    Tell Brad Pitt that I know a thousand men that will not watch this tripe and probably wouldn’t watch anything else that he makes.

  70. The Democrats are evil. They are corrupt. Anyone who votes for a Democrat after all of this is either mentally deficient or as evil and corrupt as the DNC. Either way, our country can’t tolerate this anymore.

    USA!USA!USA! Trump 2020 all the way ! Democrat so called leaders… just,please go away…far away; like try Venezuela…if they will take crap like you !

  71. Where do they get the racist for Trump thing? He has done more for the different races than any other president since Lincoln. The hate drips from their words and I’ll bet they can’t actually describe anything bad he has done that affects them. LOL


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