Black Lives Matter ramped up their war on America by going after Elvis Presley


The radical left is getting bolder with each passing day.

It’s frightening how much mainstream culture has adopted radical views.

Now Black Lives Matter just defaced one legendary musician’s memorial.

The Black Lives Matter movement is gaining cultural ascendancy, but many people are signing on to a program that they do not fully understand.

Nothing is safe from the mob, not even Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee.

The memorial to Elvis Presley was graffitied with far-left slogans like “eat the rich,” “Abolish ICE,” and “Black Lives Matter.”

One of the co-founders of Black Lives Matter admitted the leaders of the movement are “trained Marxists,” and Marxists are intent on collapsing the American system and replacing it with socialism.

And they’re using cultural issues to divide and conquer the country, sowing seeds of hatred for the founding ideals of America.

Abraham Lincoln famously said, “A house divided against itself cannot stand,” and that’s precisely why radicals are trying to tear down unifying symbols like the founding fathers and the flag.

In the past few months, leftists have either torn down, defaced, or threatened to destroy statues of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Mount Rushmore, the Alamo, and the Washington Monument.

Students of history have pointed out the chilling echoes of Mao’s Cultural Revolution where the Red Guard destroyed the totems and mores of the past.

America is getting dangerously close to something similar, and it’s happening because so many people are unaware.

They think Black Lives Matter simply wants to stop police brutality.

The fight against the police is nothing more than an avenue to power, and the cultural gatekeepers are complying.

The people who vandalized Graceland don’t know or care about Elvis.

They just know that the old must be erased to usher in their new reign.