Black Lives Matter pays $100,000 to bail out Louisville’s failed political assassin


It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that Black Lives Matter loves to support criminals.

But even this is a new low for the group of rioting commies.

You see, Black Lives Matter paid $100,000 to bail out Louisville’s failed political assassin.

One of the biggest political forces we saw develop over the past few years is Black Lives Matter.

They claim to be worried just about equal rights and justice for the black community.

But what we witnessed throughout America was another story.

We all witnessed in horror as rioters and looters burned down cities across the nation in the name of Black Lives Matter.

And many families cowered in fear as Black Lives Matter roamed their streets.

But even with all the damage and fear caused by Black Lives Matter, corporate America decided to reward them millions of dollars.

The NFL alone has pledged $250 million to Black Lives Matter over the coming years.

But many have wondered where that money is going to.

Well it looks like we finally might know where part of their millions are going.

Black Lives Matter activist Quintez Brown made headlines earlier this week for literally attempting to assassinate a mayoral candidate for the city of Louisville.

Brown literally took a shot in attempted murder at a political candidate.

Well a Leftist judge set his bail at $100,000.

And shockingly Black Lives Matter in one day had a certified check to bail out Quintez Brown for $100,000.

You can’t make this stuff up.

Black Lives Matter is literally using mounds of cash to bail out their criminal buddies.

What do you think?