Black Lives Matter just took their first step toward destroying the Washington Monument


Black Lives Matter is the most powerful group in America today, for all the wrong reasons.

They believe that America is a racist country, and that white people need to pay for it.

And to do that, the group just took their first step toward destroying the Washington Monument.

Black Lives Matter isn’t just about enacting policies that adversely harm white people, like reparations and abolishing the police (which will actually harm black people the most).

They want to go back in time and tear down statues recognizing events or figures in American history they disagree with.

That involved tearing down Confederate war memorials, and statues to generals or politicians in that war.

For years, many people, including President Donald Trump warned that those calls for statue removal will eventually come for people like Thomas Jefferson and George Washington, due to the fact that they owned slaves.

In 2017, Trump questioned, “Are Washington and Jefferson statues next?”

The mainstream media laughed at the suggestion.

But like most of what he says, it has come true.

In Portland, Oregon, a statue of George Washington was ripped down and defaced with Black Lives Matter slogans, including: “Murder,” “Big Floyd,” “1619,” “F*** Cops,” “BLM,” “Land Back,” “White Fragility,” and “You’re on Native Land.”

A mob of around 20 people took it down under the cover of darkness, and then lit an American flag on fire as it sat on the ground.

The mainstream media isn’t talking about this, and doesn’t want people to know it even happened.

They also went after another statue in honor of Thomas Jefferson.

So everything Trump stated was true, yet the mainstream media who made fun of him for saying it will never apologize for it.

“There’s an interesting piece of history up here . . . Mr. Thomas is all beside himself,” one protester said of the site of the Jefferson statue.

“We’re taking this city back,” the organizer added. “One school at a time. One racist statue at a time.”

It is clear they aren’t done.

And the crown jewel will be the Washington Monument in Washington, D.C.

Perhaps they will even demand a change to the name of the city, and they could get their way with how the establishment is bowing to their demands.

Somebody needs to stand up to these thugs, but sadly so many leaders aren’t willing to do so, as they are terrified of being branded a racist.

Do you think our monuments should remain standing?

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  2. I don’t think these people should be taking things into their own hands. These monuments concern everyone so they should at least be subject to public discussion and consultation not rationalizations and connivance.

  3. Fu4k blm and their elitist rich benefactors! Fu4k blm and their desire to overthrow the government of the USA, and Fu4k the liberals who support them. These are worthless sponges who want the honest worker to support them for life, I will support them with a 168gr. pill, nothing more!

  4. We freed them and gave them Rights… Now We’re the Slaves and Our culture is being stripped away. This is what Too Much tolerance and diversity gets you.

  5. Send in the military. They don’t have any tolerance training and will take them out in a heart beat. they’ll stop the civil unrest and bring back our freedoms their trying to take away.

  6. BLM was probably started by the lowest form of life, the White Leftist, be Great if Blacks like Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, Shelby Steele, Robert Woodson, Carol Swain, Burgess Owens, Jessie Petersen, Niger Innis, many more, could somehow get’em off of LBJ’s so-called “Great Society” deal.

  7. Black lives matter as well as everyone else’s. Our history needs to remain intact but that will only happen if it is taught in school. The majority of these protesters have no knowledge of American history. Defacing property was a crime as far as I know and needs to be enforced. If it continues with out being enforced legally, it will be enforced through vigilantism which I don’t think anyone really wants it to come down to that.

  8. The vast majority of the BLM supporters are young and easy to be brain washed. Also its a time in their lives when they are naturally rebellious. They do not realize that in their teen age mental state they allow others to manipulate them. The longer this attack on the US allowed to continue the harder it will be to recover. It’s time for the “adults” to take charge.

  9. We reap what we sow. Antipathy and division will inevitably lead to chaos unless it’s replaced by rational deliberation and laws and policies that are based on fairness and justice, which we haven’t seen in the U.S. Senate since the late ‘80’s. When compromise became a dirty word, we willingly started down this path. We knew full well where it would end but most of us never thought it would come in our lifetimes. I’m not counting on Mitch McConnell becoming a statesman any time soon. Mitt Romney’s lone voice in the GOP wilderness needs company, not abandonment. It was disappointing to see Peter King decide to walk off in silence to join the likes of Jeff Flake and others. Lisa Murkowsky could speak up and help Mitt lead the GOP back from the cliff’s edge, but I’m not going to hold my breath.


  11. Re Jefferson: slaveowner or not, I’ll bet even BLM thinks his writing of the Declaration was a good thing. Now, I haven’t studied it, but I would think that if you were s significant landowner in colonial _rural_ Virginia, if you didn’t own slaves (or were even an abolitionist), you had no political power — no matter how great of a guy you were. That means if Jefferson hadn’t owned slaves, we would not have gotten the Declaration of Independence as we know it. Nor would George Washington been a general or the first President.

  12. I’m still curious about one thing. Why are these rioters still stealing and using our money? It’s loaded with pictures of presidents from the past. Guess if they can use something it’s okay.

  13. Now that the hooligans and vandals acting in the name BLM have targeted George Washington statues and memorials, it is blatantly obvious that they know little more than he was a white man who owned slaves. What they don’t know is that, in his Last Will and Testament, he not only made provisions to free his slaves after his wife passed away but also for their education and welfare as if they were family. It’s all right here in the third paragraph:

  14. All of these rioters need rounded up and put on a plane to Venezuela with the warning that if they ever return to the US they will be shot on sight. The funds for said trips can be taken out of the monies that would be seized from George Soros, who is funding this mess. Declare him a terrorist and drone him.

  15. The Liberals are trying to erase history before the majority of the minorities figure out just what the Liberals have done to them and blamed on Conservatives.

  16. Go to the BLM website. They are not about equality. They are trained Marxists. They hate America and are supported by Gorge Soros and other billionaire Anti-Americans. WAKE UP America! A female spokesperson for BLM stated that BLM are trained Marxists. BLM is a cover for their real agenda.

  17. All everybody does on these comment sites is talk, talk, talk and complain and rant. I’m an 80 year old woman who is physically sick and emotionally sick and frustrated as hell that I can’t physically get out there and do anything but write our Congressmen and women, yet, they do nothing! If I was young and strong enough and lived near a city where those statues are, I’d be hiding every night with my shotgun ready to spray the first person who points a spray gun or rope at any statue. If BLM can get away with it, I’ll bet I could, too! Damn! DO something, people!!


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