Black Lives Matter just declared all-out war on the Catholic Church after what happened in St. Louis


For weeks, Black Lives Matter has been destroying American history.

But their hatred for America seems to extend even further.

And Black Lives Matter just declared all-out war on the Catholic Church after what happened in St. Louis.

Things got wild in St. Louis over the weekend.

The most notable event was on Sunday when two citizens in an upscale neighborhood had to hold off a mob of Black Lives Matter rioters in their neighborhood after they broke down a wrought iron gate and crossed into their private property.

But less than a mile from that home, another incident happened on Saturday, which shows just how much disdain they have for Americans.

A radical Muslim activist named Umar Lee announced a plan to remove a statue to French King Louis IX, who is a Catholic Saint, and the city’s namesake.

One of the most notable monuments in St. Louis is a statue to him, which sits atop a hill.

That statue was actually on the original flag of the city of St. Louis, making it perhaps the most notable monument besides the Arch.

After this call came to remove the statue, Catholics in the city announced their opposition and planned daily prayer events where they prayed the Rosary around the statue.

One of those events occurred on Saturday.

In response, Umar Lee announced a counter-rally, claiming that the Catholics praying were actually racist members of the Ku Klux Klan, a claim mirrored by officials in the St. Louis government with no evidence.

According to The Gateway Pundit, who advertised Saturday’s prayer rally, the mob quickly turned violent, harassing those praying with threats of violence and noisemakers to try to drown out their prayers.

The entire event was recorded on video:

Following the rally, a few Catholics stuck around to pray, and take down hateful chalk messages on the statue.

That’s when the mob turned especially violent, with Black Lives Matter radicals going on the attack, viciously assaulting one elderly man, and two others who tried to defend him.

So far no charges have been pressed on the main attacker, who local St. Louis news reports as being named as Terrence Page.

St. Louis officials are known to let violent rioters free, with their Circuit Attorney (chief prosecutor) Kim Gardner, who receives money from George Soros, letting them off without charges.

Do you think the attackers should be thrown in jail? Share your thoughts with Culture Watch News in the comments below.


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  2. This is totally disgusting beating on an elderly man . Now they are going after the Catholic Church. This has to end!

  3. Yes but the Feds should step in and do the arresting so they not get off on bail. Also this Umar Lee also posted a video call for them to meet at 1 am at the home of a Bishop and to harm him. This video should also have him arrested for a conspiracy to commit a hate crime. It is time for the government to protect the America people not just statues and monuments!!

  4. It’s past time for the dickless wonders called politicians, to get off their asses and call in the military. Let the troops roll over these horrible people with their tanks and guns. This would be a good lesson to show these BLM what would happen in a communist country like China. I wonder if that happened, how much they would want to live in that kind of country.

  5. Time for to file complaints and lawsuits against the 3 guys-they got them on tape. Plus the church should file suit against black lives matter. They don’t get to trample other peoples rights so stick them in jail.

  6. The only possibility would be Private Charges – which cost, of course, a lot of money.
    That could, however, be pushed off by appeal to Federal Courts, on the grounds of local DA’s partisan refusal to do his job

  7. AMEN, I fully agree. Can’t understand why the Justice?? system hasn’t done anything.

  8. The big question is when, where and then the reaction to the time when one of these BLMs pick one the person with a legal carry permit and they themselves get carried away. ( in a bag ).

  9. We better take it back before it goes on any further. Notice that the AG’s of these cities are black Marxists who were put into office with money from George Soro’s in 2018. Most of these Democrat run cities have black Marxist AG’s who dictate who gets prosecuted. You can guess who that is. Why do you think they let out the criminals from prisons because of covid virus across our country? To make room for all of us who obey the law and don’t commit crimes. This is a war folks and we need to protect our country from being taken over by these radical Marxists who want to fundamentally change our culture and our Constitution. Doesn’t that sound familiar? Obama while he was campaigning for the Presidency.

  10. The Black Lives Matter is another terrorist group. They all belong in jail or prison

  11. If blacks don’t like this country, then they can leave. Would make the country a much nicer place to live without them!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Funny blacks should not be assaulted or arrested no matter what but blacks attacking whites and elderly whites seem to be ok.Burning, looting and attacking is fine because blacks say so. When you go back at blacks, you are racist. Unbelievable

  13. all i can say is this looks like 1930 Germany with the brown shirts. the next step is going to have all white christens wear a cross on the sholder and you know that comes after that

  14. In a world that made sense, not ONE of those animals would have left that site alive. As I’ve said before, modern liberalism is no longer content to be wrong….now they’re fully devoted to being outright, unequivocal EVIL…They’ve shown how they respond to New Testament treatment. Perhaps it’s time to offer them something from the OLD Testament…They’ve shown that they are too craven for mercy…being animals, they’ll take that as weakness, and behave even worse….so I think they merit fullbore, hardcore, completely merciless JUSTICE….and the sooner, the better….Hell, any man who kills these animals deserves HIS OWN statue…

  15. The KKK and Catholics have been bitter enemies for well over a hundred and fifty years. Whoever made that comment knows absolutely nothing about history.

  16. This country better wake up NOW! You have to arm yourselves to protect your family! These animals, which that is exactly what they are, attacks a elderly gent that cannot defend himself! How about attacking someone who would put a bullet in your ass! Real bad asses!

  17. This is how the left works; name calling, physical intimidation, and finally violence, if you don’t cower to their way of thinking or ideology. They wonder why others won’t listen, simple; if you don’t give respect and civility, you won’t receive any. No wonder why the cops respond the way they do.

  18. These people probably would not have had half the problems they incurred if they didn’t have some dingle-berry walking around and waving a Confederate battle flag behind them.

  19. yes he should be prosecuted to full extent of the law as a hate crime ( Freedom of Religion) should be the mans right that is what this country was built on. If protester don’t like the great USA pack up and go to another country, Oh that’s right other countries wouldn’t put up with this behavior you would be behind bars.This is a great country start respecting it.

  20. just a bunch of racist Marxist punks. they should be in gitmo or hanging from a gallows for treason. I am 70 and disabled but I’m not afraid of a bunch of two bit punks. they are on a fast track to hell and I’m on a fast track to Heaven. I pray daily that God will soften their hearts and get them on the right track.

  21. THIS IS EXACTLY HOW THE NAZIS KICKED OFF THEIR TERRIBLE REGIME. I cannot, for a moment believe that the American people are going to allow this mayhem to continue. There are millions and millions and millions of us who require and need Law and Order and for that reason I am confident that on Nov 3, no matter what hi-jinks the Democrats cook up in the meantime, all those good and decent people will march into the voting booth and VOTE TRUMP for another term in which he will RAIN HELL down on these criminals who burn our cities. Let’s get together and RAIN THE WRATH OF GOD UPON THESE BARBARIANS!!!!!!

  22. Not all blacks are this horrible. This is not a race war. This is a war between law and order and places like CHAD where there is no order. It is a war between good and evil and those of you that group all blacks together are acting racist. I know many there are racists of every color and race. There are many strong black conservatives like Candace Owens, and our Distinguished Supreme Court Justice, in addition to many blacks speaking against what’s going on. Also look at BLM and Antifa and there are many whites who have been bamboozled by liberal, hating America professors. Many of those groups are white. So stop saying this is a black white issue cuz it’s not.

  23. Typical of blacks. They gang up on the defenseless Three young black males attacking one old white man. Where is the justice? They deserve a bullet between their eyes!!

  24. These people, regardless of what they call theirselves, all belong in jail for assault and property damage. I ho estly cannot believe she are governments are letting this ho on. If truly political, november will remedy it

  25. I knew it was only going to be a matter of time before “they” went after the Catholics. With the new Supreme Court decision about discrimination against LGBT whatever, there will now be a spate of lawsuits against the Catholic schools and churches. And if the Catholic hospitals will not perform abortions, “they” will go after them, too. I’ve seen this coming for a long time.

  26. Pelosi and her devil set loose the animals in the streets and the law just sits back and does nothing because these Democrat governors and mayor tell them to stand officer toke an oath to serve and protect the people.not these political hacks that dont give a damn about law and order..

  27. I believe that the first thing that needs to be done is to take George Soros down along with Pelosi, Schummer, Schiff, the Obamas, and the Clintons. Put them out of business. Most of these BLM and Antifa people wouldn’t be causing the problems if they weren’t being paid. There are a lot of good black people in this country just as there are a lot of bad white people. So this isn’t a black.white issue! I DO believe that all Muslims that are here illegally should be shipped back to where they came from and none should be allowed into this country.

  28. Ronda Read: You are so right. I live in the Southeast, and live and work among blacks every day. Most of them do not think this way. Even those who may support protests, in theory, do not generally approve of these tactics. The true problem is white liberals. These people-both here and in Canada and Europe-seem to absolutely DESPISE their own culture. You can toss out logic, morality, or even simple self-preservation…NONE of those things carry any weight with these modern liberals. Show them that old man being roughed up and you know what they’ll say? We ALL deserve that, and worse, just for being WHITE…

  29. Suzanne: That’s why it’s so important for decent people to put aside any petty differences and band together. I am a Protestant, but am very fond of Catholicism. I really wish someone would start an organization for like-minded people, be they Catholic, Protestant, Jew, whatever….something along the lines of the old Moral Majority…a lot of people didn’t like them, but when it comes to politics, numbers are EVERYTHING…If decent people cannot stand together now, when the dilemma is SO obvious, then we are very close to being done.

  30. No jail for this idiot. A single bullet to the head will do the job. We don’t need to support this “peaceful BLM” idiot. I am 65 and a veteran of over 20 years. Assault me and see where you end up. The fake news telling us how great a person you were.

  31. How do we find out cowardly Terrence Page’s address so we can pay him and his friends a visit at his house and take them all out at one time. No more 2nd, 3rd or 4th chances! One strike you’re out so no one else has to worry about your sorry asses.

  32. The best way to win people to your side is to beat up helpless old people. NOT.
    This will enrage anyone with a sense of what is right and what is outrageous.
    1.6 million guns were sold in May . Guess who’s buying them??
    These cowardly scum are going to hurt one elderly victim to many, and the party will be over.

  33. Send in the National guard and sweep these morons up, strip them of their U.S. Citizenship, put them on a fricking barge and ship them off to some remote deserted island deep in the Atlantic and be done with this B.S. already. The idiot Democrats that support these M….F…s should be sent with them or tried for treason.

  34. Those that FILTER these Yahoo articles as to keep others from expressing their VIEWS will be added to the list of those to be removed when this all comes to an END. Just SAYING.

  35. I have to agree with Karen B on sending in the National Guard & rounding the imbeciles up & strip them of any governmental benefits they might be receiving & place all of them on Alcatraz Island. This has become a total disgrace to our great Nation.

  36. What ever they started out to be Black Lives Matter have become G. Sores’ scum bag terrorists and Democrat’s Handmaidens. If you are fairly well educated you would know that Handmaidens get screwed anytime anyone wants to. History says this is perfectly correct. Trying to be a little delicate here. Do not all you blacks and not black BLM terrorists feel it when you bend over.

  37. The BLM movement might as well be any other Dictatorship that has come before them! If they had their way and they could here in America, they would first take away Guns from the Citizens, this is a must to take over completely, then they take down Statues and Memorials, then they take down Religious Symbols and burn any and all litterateur they do not approve of, in other words “book burning s”, sounds familiar- Nazi Germany ? and then they eliminate Religion! And last but not least, once all these things are gone, they then eliminate the opposition!!! This is the Play book 101 of every Dictatorship that has ever been created .

  38. Why is it that no citizen has opened fire on these animals….You cant tell me that this old white man didn’t fear for his life…Personally I’d have opened fire on these punks and stacked them like cord wood if they attacked me. And the “I feared for my life” would be an honest statement. Like most predators they prey on the weak.

  39. God wins. Hate and violence lose. These vicious animals need to be put away where they will never case any harm or destruction again

  40. BLM has proven once again they are nothing more than a terrorist group. Catholic is not a skin color. We are heading for a civil war and a religious war. I will pick up my staff and rod and fight with my Christian and Catholic brothers and sisters.

  41. BLM are the foot soldiers of the democrat party.
    Pol Pot had his Khmer Rouge, and the democrats have BLM.

  42. Hopefully Culture Watch News will actually print this message. This article proves the coordination going on between the democ-RAT Party, the pro-Jihadi Islamics, ANTIFA and Barricade, Loot, Mayhem otherwise known as Black Lives Matter or BLM in the USA! Here they assault a poor old man who when he was young and able could have kicked the ass of some of those against him but is at a deep disadvantage as an elderly person!
    Good show for trying folks in St Louis! Here in San Antonio, TX, the pro-Democrat, leftist Mayor and establishment are making war on a statue of Christopher Columbus who should be a Saint too for all he did for the Roman Catholic Church in the New World! Hispanics owe their heritage to that man! Unfortunately, the local Catholics here are a real joke and not doing anything about it like there! Super summer and blessings to all Rightists, folks!

  43. AMEN, AMEN,AMEN. Thanks for your comment, glad to see there are thinking people out there/

  44. Me Too. The Demonrats believe they are going to take over in November,because they are very bust rigging the election.

  45. the protests are all called BLM yet in all the photos I have seen most of the people protesting and assaulting others are not colored they are white. Is this more of an antifa [George soros] conspiracy. Are we naming this communist rebellion by the wrong name. Take a look the next time and think..

  46. Black lives matter? How much is perhaps the question to you considering it was your own tribal chiefs, maybe distant relatives, that rounded your decedents up in Africa and sold them to slave traders for a few shiny objects! What are you going to do here with those blacks having white blood in them, tear them apart like a statue or bring them to Chicago to get ‘bumped off’ by your own kind? How many blacks in this country use English [including you] for their daily language though considering English was the language of white slave owners and you are so stupid you also use it! Stupid terrorist-minded Marxist communist hypocrites is a better word to describe your communist-thinking activities! You make perfectly-molded liberal democrats! If you feel you’re not wanted then get the hell out of the country and go somewhere else to live and prove to them how worthless you really are in content! I’m quite positive no one will stop you or try in any ‘matter’ to take that right away from you! Slavery is OVER STUPID! Apparently you haven’t been educated enough to understand it! Welfare offices prove you’re living in the best country in the world but if you feel you’re being deprived from living with all the luxury and benefits that you will receive in Africa you have all our blessings to leave but don’t try to convince true appreciative American Negroes that love this country to go with you! We love ’em, served in the military with them, our white children play with their black children and have no problem living around each other, probably much better than you would! We may even take up a collection if you take Piglosi, Schumer and Sharpton with you!

  47. JC, you are correct. Most of BLM is comprised of young white liberals. BLM does not represent the black community and most black people are opposed to the BLM movement. Many blacks know these white liberals are not their allies.
    It’s also important to note that BLM has nothing to do with black lives but everything to do with instituting Marixism.
    And finally, most blacks do not want their police defunded because they know more people will be killed without their police.


  49. I was born and raized a Catholic but as an adult, I have no great love for the church and especially this pope. That being said this kind of crap should not be tolerated. Unless the US Constitution has been repealed people have the right to Pray and Rally for whatever cause they wish. To the best of my knowledge, there is nothing in the Constitution that says that the city or state governments must like what it’s citizens are rallying about as long as it is Peaceful. So the counter-rally decided that the Catholics are not allowed to hold a rally and so they decided to attack them. Is this the way the Citizens of this country are allowed to be treated by the government in St. Louis? Does it take at least two of these thugs to attack an old man? Come on down to Texas and try to stop people of any religion from holding a rally, attack any of our Senior Citizens and you will be very sadly surprized. Many of our Seniors carry legal firearms as do many of our younger citizens. Unlike St. Louis we protect each other here and an attack on one is an attack on all. So before you come down to Texas be sure that your estate is in order and that your life insurance includes having your body shipped back to your home state.

  50. Frank Westman: Odd how few people seem to be aware of the point you make….that slaves were originally supplied to the white man by OTHER blacks…It’s not like we rowed up to the shore with a big net or something…So if you take that into account, in addition to the fact that most blacks killed today are killed by OTHER blacks…not to even mention all the black babies aborted by their black mommies….it seems that most of their problems are self-inflicted…

  51. These people do not deserve to be jailed andsupported at tax payerer expense. They are terrorists that deserve to be shot on sight.

  52. Regardless of the inaction of weak politicians, who are sometimes allies of these terrorist groups, this victim of assault and battery has some legal options in the courts. A lawyer could explore his rights to sue those who did him physical harm. The higher the civil settlement, the less frequent this type attacks will occur. Catholics and other Christians should also unit in voting out those politicians, who are sitting on their hands, allowing such crimes to happen, without consequence.

  53. James Kirksey: Good idea. We may as well use the system to our advantage while we still can.


  55. Censorship is alive and well on this site. PLEASE demand Pres. Trump and your Republican congresspeople regulate all internet traffic like phone companies and make censoring by algorithm or other means illegal.

    BLM (Burn Loot and Murder) is a terrorist organization and the federal government needs to treat it as one.

  56. AMEN, I fully agree with you. They should ALL be deported to Cuba, Russia, Venezula or where ever. If you hate your country, then just leave, before we kick you out. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

  57. Look the Catholic Church, Pope and Cardinals have been lukewarm on defending Law and Constitution preferring to excuse BLM, Antifa and Islamic terrorists. It’s the people in the parish’s left to defend their church and suffer for it. Half the people I call friends are Catholic but they keep being led by Pope and priests. So what can I say?
    This BLM is a terrorist group. The definition of terrorism in dictionary leaves no wiggle room there. Only way to deal with terrorists is a gun in your hand. It is the only deterrent they respect. As for leftist politicians vote them out or they will cause you to be killed or enslaved eventually by these S.O.B.’s

  58. Frank Westman: Agree with you wholeheartedly, most decent black citizens have nothing to do with this rebellion that is going on. It is a shame that it is depicted as such and will only serve to widen
    the divide. I hope more people will listen to this and put the blame where it belongs.

  59. Thank you Culture Watch for posting the views of some real, live, sane, God-fearing and patriotic Americans regarding the mob-rule anarchists and their so-called Black Lives Matter movement. The liberal press and media is dedicated to suppressing and shouting down our views in order to convince the general populace and our spineless unprincipled politicians that everyone supports the mob-rule anarchists and that resistance to them is futile.

  60. What has to go and be blown up are Mosque and Muslims and than we can take our country and religion back. Disgusting people.

  61. Remove the Democratic Party and there would be no BLM. Instead there would be Black men and women living identical lives with identical jobs raising identical families as White, Hispanic and Oriental people.

  62. I think blacks who believe in reparations and hate this country should Pick another country they think is better and move there. As reparations we should send their belongings to their new residence. They think they can control the silent majority, well they will find out how wrong they are when we are no longer Silent. I pray for an end to this craziness from the blacks and sheeple who follow them because they are too ignorant to think for themselves.

  63. This is no different than Hitler’s brown shirts who were tasked with orders to violently intimidate anyone who disagreed with the philosophy of the Nazi party. Their mission was to silence the silent majority through their vicious attacks. So America what’s it going to be?

  64. Oh wow! Now Umer Lee has to change his last name because, well, it’s LEE. That’s supposed to be racist. That’s supposed to be confederate! Do you suppose anyone told him that yet? LOL

  65. BLM doesn’t (*dog whistle*) “hate America”. They object to the racism promoted and propagated by right wingers like the couple in St. Louis who lied about “rioters” in their neighborhood treating down their fence. They illegally aimed guns at peaceful protesters heading to another area of town. They were lucky that the protesters were, indeed, peaceful or they may have been shot for threatening.
    RCs may have been upset by the proposed removal of the statue, but, if they were patriotic Americans, they would have found a way to remove it from public property to private, perhaps religious, property to refrain from violating the Establishment clause of the US Constitution. To leave it displayed in a public venue is as objectionable as having a Confederate statue displayed anywhere in the USA.

  66. Instead of black trash matters worrying about the church, why aren’t they protesting in Chicago ?? 14 more KILLED there including a black toddler . I thought black lives matter ?? Why isn’t blm in Chicago to stop all the black on black KILLINGS ?? Why isn’t Al Sharpton in Chicago to stop the black on black KILLINGS ?? Why isn’t Jesse Jackson in Chicago to stop the black on black KILLINGS ?? I thought black lives matters ?? MMmmmmm

  67. Rick, you have posed some very good questions. I am so sick and tired of the blacks using the racist word to slander whites whom they hate. I am also so tired of them looting and burning, and are NEVER held accountable. I am so sick and tired of them beating whites down when they don’t get THEIR way, and lastly I am so sick of giving them what they want and yet it is NEVER enough.

  68. I am so sick of the BLM groups….Soros….and St. Luis governor….Trump should call in the National Guard!!! This terrorist should be arrested. What happened to our Constitution? Yet This gov. would throw someone in jail if someone takes him out….Lousy evil Governor!!!!!

  69. Call in the military and use whatever force is necessary to end this horrible violence against innocent people and our country. A peaceful protest is one thing. Looting and rioting needs to be stopped immediately.

  70. hcb, you are both ignorant and an idiot. you don’t know the first thing about the Constitution, or anything else. Your post shows your ignorance and your hatred for the greatest country in history. Calling law abiding people “racist” identifies YOU as the racist, an ignorant one at that.

  71. BLM is a cowardly but dangerous thugs. They may be calling themselves a BLM group but they are using it as a rouse. They care not about black lives they care only about tearing down this country so they can change it into marxist/communist country. I wish they would all go live in that type of country.

  72. where was the great catholic Nancy Peloser and Joe Biden another so called catholic. Did we hear any condemnation from them concerning these heathen, (so called protestors) mobs. You people are cowards.

  73. It is passed time that we stop these people from tearing down religious stautes and enjurying people. Police to tell governors proc attorneys and mayors to go to HELL and control these rioters. It needs to stop NOW its gone to long already

  74. HCB, why do you keep coming here and making a fool of yourself??? Nothing you ever say is true and it is very obvious that you have no clue what you are talking about. And it is clearly YOU who is the racist. BLM and Antifa are terrorist organizations who hate this country as much as you do. You all have the freedom to move somewhere more to your liking. Please do

  75. Dee, you are right on. They do not care about anyone else’s lives but their own…black or otherwise. They are out to cause as much destruction and chaos as they can. The blacks where I live want nothing to do with them

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