Bill Maher made a dire prediction for this Thanksgiving that could end in bloodshed


Bill Maher often uses his HBO “comedy” show to spread left-wing propaganda.

But his most recent episode took a dark turn that should have everyone concerned.

That’s because Maher made a dire prediction for this Thanksgiving holiday that could end in bloodshed.

While Bill Maher is an extreme left-wing liberal, he does occasionally go after people on his own side.

This earns him a level of respect among political commentators and a small amount of credibility.

This time, he went after how nasty friends and family members have become when it comes to “winning” political arguments during Thanksgiving.

He even went on discuss that the country has become so divided over Donald Trump, a civil war is entirely possible in this climate.

Breitbart reports:

On Friday’s broadcast of HBO’s “Real Time,” host Bill Maher stated that Americans “have to learn to live with each other,” despite political differences, “or there will be blood.”

Maher began by urging people to just enjoy Thanksgiving instead of trying to “win it. And never forget the single, shining truth about democracy, it means sharing a country with assholes you can’t stand. In that way, it’s a lot like Thanksgiving. You don’t get to choose the guests. Because those freaks are your family. Think about that the next time you think you can own somebody politically.”…

Maher further stated, “Now, lately, we’ve been hearing more and more about a second civil war, which sounds impossible in this modern, affluent country. It is not. We all talk about Trump as an existential threat, but his side sees Democratic control of government the exact same way…

Bill Maher is right this time.

Leftists have forced everyone to become so polarized from one another that the country is completely divided.

Creating a sense of unity in our country is not the goal of the Left.

Their wish is to divide and marginalize their opponents so they can usurp power.

That is why they will never give up the fake impeachment proceedings against President Trump.

What do you think?

Is the Left responsible for making the country so divided?

Leave a comment below.


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  2. Bill Maher isn’t really an American. He may have citizenship here but he doesn’t think like a true American

  3. Yes. Fatigued with liberal, incomplete, empty headed derision, unsupported accusation, disregard for due process and the law. This blather needs to stop.

  4. If we don’t defeat the sick hate-filled dems, they will control us. That is their goal…total control. They are very dangerous. But they cannot win. God wins. When Jesus returns He will send them along with their master satan to Hell.

  5. Mary Morrison

    Dear Robert DeLong, Medic RN and bj, All democrats and liberal people, I’m sure you will agree, have to make retribution to JESUS, who is GOD’S justice! HE SEES EVERYTHNG!!!

  6. Democrats will win because Allah is on their side now. Allah is watching and he sees how white racist republicans don’t want muslims in this country, and don’t want them running for office, and that’s why republicans hate the squad so much.
    Christians may think god put Trump in office but Allah is stronger and he will put a democrat in office ahahahahahahaha

  7. Redman God will throw you and alla into the lake of ???? unless you accept Christ alla is just another muslim name for satan

  8. The RedMan; You know, with all your posts that ONLY YOU think they are funny, because you love making fun of Christians and President Trump. That is your only purpose, for coming on this site. But now you have dropped your BS that you are a man of color or a Native American and you are now pretending to be a Muslim and praising Allah. Well let me tell you something, you are a pathetic, insensitive, cruel, little man. I lost family and friends during 911 and your attempt at humor is disrespectful and despicable to say the least.. Your parents really should have you evaluated because you really need serious mental help!!!

  9. Its the liberals that spew this garbage. When obama got elected therhwas no car burning and looting like when Trump was elected. Libs are a bunch of winey little kids that when they dont get their way they throw a tantrum. Their way of thinking is “we dont like guns so lets take them away from every one. Pathetic little people that are out to destroy this country.

  10. Since I first heard the beginning of the hype about the Second Amendment, I have been concerned about too much telling people to go buy a gun and go “packing” it every time you go out and keep it handy at home. Okay, that’s lawful; but I have heard people who really have talked just as I do that we would not want a gun because we really don’t know that we could pull the trigger if someone’s life depends on our actions. Now they are all bragging that they have guns in their purses or cars. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t care whether you carry a gun or not, but I do care where your heart is when we are together. You may even save my life. Now there’s been this Second Civil War hype within the last few weeks. I don’t know where my neighbors stand on everything (their political views are their own and we can still be good friends); but, if they disagree with me when I make an innocent comment in their presence, are they going to shoot me? This talk (including your even printing this article) is beyond crazy. Leave it alone. Let things die down on their own. Stop using your articles to stir up emotions. Go to a football game Friday or Saturday and do your yelling for your favorite team. Stop spreading rumors–even truthful ones.

  11. Once a civil war starts, it spreads like a California wild fire. It will be bloody and could be the opening that Russia and some of the rest of the world will side in. CAN NOT HAPPEN!!! ?????? Just look at Hong KONG, Venezuela,, Cuba, Israel, tell them it will not happen. It started just exactly from a situation like we are in. GOOD VS> EVIL!!!!! Which side will you be on IT IS COMING SOON!!!

  12. If you have any doubt about how the far far far left has divided this country and has no respect for
    Americans nor any intention of stopping, just look at the pathetic obscene farce that they call “impeachment.” If one thing isn’t working, they’ll put something else in there. If that doesn’t work, they’ll find something else. Frankly, this has devolved into something akin to a desperate criminal whose gun jammed, he only has a bread knife and no knowledge of how to physically fight, so he screams at the people he’s trying to rob.

  13. Bill Maher would not have a show if he did not bash Trump all the time. He is boring We stopped watching him.

  14. He built it, he prospered it, he protected it and will Shepherd it! His name is Jesus Christ. This is what happens when humans try to lift themselves up beyond the Creator. We are his no matter what anyone says or believes. Makes one so thankful for his understanding and his Mercy and Grace. Circumstances and life surround us all and so does the savior. Be joyful as you can love as hard as you can and always be thankful. The only blood that needed to be shed has already been done. May the harvest be plentiful and blessed.

  15. Don’t want one; don’t get one but the first person you call will be someone with one who’s minutes away when milliseconds count.

  16. Many night time talk show host wouldn’t have a show and even some regular show are using political bs in their shows. My husband is a never Trumper and has CNN on constantly or one of the main stations, mostly NBC, that relish in bashing President Trump. My only survival is earplugs and listen to music to drown out the B’S or go to my “she cave”. I can manage to evade the constant spewing of idiocy.

  17. Bill Maher is not a friend of “we the people”…Remember how Maher ranted that our economy needs to “tank” to the bottom of a stinking pit…everyone should lose their job, their paycheck, their house and their enjoyment of life, liberty, and happiness…With a total collapse of our economy, according to Bill Maher, it would be easy to get rid of Trump…Everyone would be calling for his head…or better yet the “deep state” in collusion with the Democrats and the liberal MSM would find an easy opportunity to poison our President to his death…The end result would be Impeachment hearings would come to an immediate halt thus saving the US taxpayer the burden of fronting of cost of millions of dollars associated with these Kangaroo impeachment hearings…That being said…the “coup” would have finally been completed…and Bill Maher would be clapping his hands in glee.

  18. Allah is in reality Satan. According to the Word of the one true God, he will be defeated and be condemned to a lake of fire. Even support from the most evil and stupid of political parties can’t save him or his followers.

  19. I agree with most who think Bill is an extreme leftist. The one thing he once said that I agree with is that Islamophobia is not a phobia at all, when the Muslims are actually trying to kill you.

  20. Trump Derangement Syndrome
    The news keeps talking about this “Trump Derangement Syndrome” as tho the Left just hates it that Trump won the presidency and have simply gone off their collective rockers over it. No one, however, seems to be talking about why this might be. Try this on for size…The progressive left (also known as Marxists) have been lying low for over 70 years just working a plan to install Marxism in the USA. They have been operating in the shadows, slowly, gradually installing themselves into ever facet of American life (education, media, social institutions, government and even religion), waiting until they believed they had enough clout to come out of the shadows.

    With the election of Barack Obama, the left finally believed their time to expose themselves had arrived. They had successfully taken over the universities, mainstream media, Hollywood and even had great success in tuning much of the USA into a secular nation, one without God evident. Obama’s attempt to transform America had gained tremendous headway, and with the thought of a third proxy Obama term (which is what Hillary Clinton”s election would have been) they believed they would finally be able to achieve their long term goal, a Marxist society in North America!

    The only problem was…they were wrong! The American population is not as stupid as they would have liked. We elected someone who had “absolutely no chance of beating the Marxists candidate…Ms. Clinton” and it literally threw them and their plan so far off kilter that they have been in outright lunacy mode ever since the election and no longer hide their intent. Donald J. Trump has forced them and their plan out of the shadows and into the clear light of day. Their tactics mirror the tactics proposed by Saul Alinsky in his book “Rules for Radicals” and this has become the Democrats playbook. Use identity politics to separate people, denigrate and name call people, use of label “racist” and “white nationalist” to humiliate and silence anyone who disagrees with them and their agenda, and resorting to violence and physical intimidation (AntiFa and Black Lives Matter), much like the Brown shirts in Germany during the 1930s and Mussolini’s blackshirts in Italy.

    We are at a dangerous crossroads today, and we must be ever vigilant to the actions of those who would destroy our constitutional republic with the promise of a caring government who will care for all! I think it was one of our founding fathers who said “ a government strong enough to give you everything is also strong enough to take everything away from you!”…starting with your right to think and say what you want (1st amendment and free speech) and your right to defend yourself from government overreach and oppression (2nd amendment).

    More on the Rules for Radicals and the Frankfurt School’s land to destroy our great nation next time! Meanwhile, pray for our President as he continually works to rid us of those visibly seek our downfall!

    yours always in truth and faith,

  21. Yep… he’s right on that one issue but..Just remember that even a blind hog will find an acorn occasionally if it roots around long enough;-)!!

  22. With all of the “existential threats,” it is amazing how mankind has managed to exist for many thousands of years. Isn’t stupidity more of an “existential threat” than anything else? Then why let stupid people lead you?

  23. If you have conservative views Antifa will beat your skull with a steel pipe and the cops will stand by and watch in democratic controlled cities. The only people who will harm you are amongst the brain washed through propaganda legions of brain dead zombies following their communist leaders.

  24. A civil war? Who will fight whom? Probably Republican civilians against Democrat civilians since we all have guns. But who will law enforcement and the military side with? Sure won’t be the left since they have expressed their hatred for
    the military, cops, boarder security and ICE. The right loves them. Hopefully, the left doesn’t start anything. The right won’t.

  25. Re-read Drew’s post, above, multiple times and let it sink-in.
    God Bless America and God Bless President Trump, his family, his Administration, our Military and EVERY PATRIOT who supports our President as well as the 1st and 2nd Amendments.

  26. The reason that we are so divided is because the Democrats are the ones who have not been able to accept losing and not been able to accept not getting their way. The easiest way to see that I am right is simply to examine the way the Democrats have handled things having to do with our federal courts. And what’s been funny is that every time the Democrats “start it” as it were, Republicans finish it and the Democrats end up worse off than they were.

    1. FDR could not get some of his new deal programs through because they were declared unconstitutional. So he threatens to pack the Supreme Court in 1938. That time he got his way but he lost a whole bunch of seats in Congress in the next election. He didn’t have to pack the court but he did get to justices to resign so that he could appoint justices that would be favorable to his left-wing liberal nonsense

    In any event though the way it always worked for both Republican presidents and Democrats was that the president would appoint someone to the court and the Senate would examine them and as long as the person had been a lawyer, had been a lower court judge, had always been honest and paid his taxes, didn’t have any illegal aliens working for him or whatever, he got approved. It didn’t matter what his “judicial philosophy” was. Which brings us to the second time the Democrats tried to cheat with the courts.

    2. Judge Robert Bork – Ronald Reagan had one reelection in 1984 with 49 out of 50 states. He had made William Rehnquist the chief justice of the court, he had put Sandra Day O’Connor on the court who had been reliably conservative to that point, and he had put Antonin Scalia on the court. Democrats were terrified because the court had been there way too effect social change and force it on the American people when they couldn’t win it at the ballot box. Most people have forgotten this but in 1985 Joe Biden was the chairman of the Senate Judiciary committee and he was openly looking for a way to keep Reagan’s nominees off the court because Reagan was going to make the court a conservative court. So he called in a Harvard law professor named Lawrence Tribe. Tribe was so flaming liberal that if you stood next to him you could burst into flames. And Tribe told the committee, That if the senators did not like our potential nominee might vote on a case, that was reason enough to keep him off. And so they “Borked” Bork. It was the first time the judiciary had ever been politicized. Keep this in mind IT WAS DONE, BY DEMOCRATS!

    3. The Biden Rule. The Democrats were sniffing the 1992 election. The country had turned on George H.W. Bush over the economy. Even though by July 1992 lagging indicators in the economy (those are things that you don’t get reports about until about six months later) showed that we were already out of the 91/92 recession and that the economy was growing again. But Joe Biden created the Joe Biden rule. He said that Bush 41 should not be able to promote a justice to the Supreme Court if an opening were to come up that summer. He said so because it was an election year and that the American people should decide who the next justice on the Supreme Court would be and from what party that justice would come. Now, granted, no one retired from the court that summer so we did not get a chance to test Biden’s resolve. But I believe and will always believe that he would have turned around and done the same thing Mitch McConnell did.

    4. Bush 43. The Democrats won control of the House and the Senate in the 2006 midterms. Right after they were sworn in in January 2007 Joe Biden reiterated his Biden rule. But this time he didn’t just mean for the year 2008 which would’ve been the election year, he said that as of right then Bush 43 should not be able to put anyone on the courts. And Chuck Schumer chimed in with him saying the same thing. The Democrats blocked an immigration deal. There was a so-called “gang of eight” that had worked out an immigration deal in the Senate and Harry Reid blocked it by refusing to bring it to the floor. They also refused to vote on any more Bush appointees to lower courts. They wanted to save all those seats for what they believed would be a Democrat president elected in 2008. Republicans warned Harry Reid that one day the world would turn and that Republicans would do the same thing back to a Democrat president.

    5. The Republicans warning comes true after the 2012 elections they just start blocking all Obama nominees to the lower courts. So what did Harry Reid do? He changed the rules, and therefore he cheated. He changed the rules so that now only a majority of 51 is needed to move on a nominee. But he said it was “only for the lower courts” not for the Supreme Court and only because Republicans were being so “obstructing” of the Obama moves. Republicans warned him that it would come back to bite him in the rear end. They said once you start changing rules, they might as well keep changing.

    6. In 2014, the Republicans got control of the Senate and they immediately put a hold on all of Obama’s judicial nominees just like the Democrats had done to Bush in 2007. They also, as we all famously know, blocked Merrick Garland from getting a hearing on the US Supreme Court. They followed the Biden rule.

    7. They now had to resort to what they did with judge Brett Kavanaugh. They bring in some woman to make up some nonsense about something that happened in high school that even her own closest friends who she swore were there would not verify. They pull the same garbage with Clarence Thomas.

    I think I have proven my case. We can never let these liberals have power ever again. Because they are only getting worse.

  27. If the democrats would have just accepted the outcome of the election as we republicans did with Obama then the country wouldn’t be so divided. It’s the democrats that are sowing division across our nation by continually attacking our duly elected president. The democrats have been trying to undermine this administration before Trump ever took office. If the country is divided, and it is, look to the democrats because they caused it.
    As Obama once said, elections have consequences.

  28. Its the Jews folks. Its always the Jews. Bill Maher is a jew. Bill Maher is a Deep State operative. He functions in the arena of mind control. In the more generalized aspect of mind control, you have public opinion.

    Deep state is alive and well. Amorphous though it may be. This impeachment of Donald Trump is a complex internecine struggle within deep state itself.

    Trump does everything that he can think of to ingratiate himself with said same. So why doesn’t Deep State embrace him?

    1. Trump is insufficiently de-racinated. He still identifies with his germanic caucasian roots. That is something that deep state hates with a passion. The holocaust still burns hotly in the breasts of Deep State Oligarchs.

    2. Trump is a transactional thinker. He lacks the intellectual wherewithal to grasp the complexity of the situations that a President is called on to deal with. But he doesn’t know it. He refuses to take orders and blunders on like a loose cannon.

    3. Trumps VP is the perfect Zio-Minion type that Deep State loves. Trump was stoopid enough to pick a VP that the Jews would prefer over his blundering and pandering. The Jews get Pence in there, he will be lionized in the Deep State Zionist press. He will get re-elected and the Jews will have their war on Iran within six months.

  29. Yes, it is the Left usurping our Country. Make no mistake about it, they started it even before the Election and they will never forgive the President’s biggest mistake…Winning 2016. If he wins in 2020 they go completely Nuts but we’re ready! We didn’t suffer these scumbags for four years just to give back the improved Government to them!! Decent, good Americans know how to vote…MAGA..2020!

  30. This country was built on “ one nation, under God.”Not Allah!
    If Allah is what you want then go to a country that was built on that and leave us alone. That way we’re all satisfied.

  31. The splitting of America started with obamawamadama and his plan to divide the country with his race war. This gay muSlime bass turd’s greatest accomplishment is he put the “N” word back in America’s vocabulary. So now the demented dimwit immoral obstructionist demoncrats are carrying the war in every way they can. The anti-America left will be defeated. They will answer for the damage they have done to our country. Dear God, save America and the world from these ungodly people.

  32. I just LOVE how the RIGHT is making such a point, of blaming Democrats, for problems created by the RIGHT. After all, it is Donald Trump, who is “polarizing” the United States, and returning this nation to the years 1861-5.

    It is NOT the Democrats. WE are working to re-united the nation, as a Democracy?

    This is why I am ready, and waiting, for Mr. Biden to be sworn in, come January 2021.

  33. Bill Maher is not rooted in any particular ideology except that which he sees as expedient for better ratings. He tries playing it as though he’s traveling the high road, completely forgetting how he’s mocked the conservative road more than any other…he’s just another media whore, who has actually had a hand in dividing the country while pretending he occupies high ground…just another hypocrite who assisted in creating the Frankenstein monster that will invade family dinners.

  34. The Democrats have always been about hatred since day 1. They used to hate Native Americans and African Americans. Now, they hate straight white men and devout Christians. Of course, they’ve always hated Jews. It’s easy to generate hatred….a lot more difficult to generate unity. I’ve always said that no Republican can bring this country together, and no Democrat wants to.

  35. red idiot, your ignorance is profound. GOD WINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Muhammad’s allah is satanic. satan is your master. dems CANNOT win because they threw God out and embrace satan, as you do. When Jesus returns He will free His people from muslims, dems, communists, atheists and all others who follow satan. Have fun in Hell with your master satan

  36. mangydog…You have no clue. You are wrong on every count. And Trump lacks intellectual wherewithal??? His IQ is 162. What is yours, 30??

  37. Helga, the goal of the dems is to have total control of the government and us. They hate everything this country stands for. They have thrown God out and embrace satan. They have nothing but hate and lies. Make no mistake. They are very dangerous and must be defeated.

  38. Norman, are you really that stupid? Of course you are. It is the DEMS who hate everything this country stands for. It is the DEMS who want total control of the government and us. They hate our Constitution and our freedom. Trump polarizing the U.S.?? Really????? Your ignorance is profound. That was OBAMA!!!!! It is OBAMA who hates this country and tried his best to destroy it. He is extremely racist and hates whites. He set race relations back decades. He hates our laws and law enforcement. He tried to stir up as much trouble between us as he could. Dems working to reunite this nation as a Democracy?? Really??? That is a LIE!!! They do not want to reunite this nation. And we are NOT a Democracy. We are a Constitutional Republic, which the dems hate. You know nothing at all about the truth. You just blindly believe the lies of your dem leaders without question. You will have a LONG WAIT for Biden to be sworn in. It is not going to happen. Pres. Trump loves this country and has done a LOT of good for us. You can deny the truth but that just makes you a fool.

  39. Desert Fox…You are right on. Obama is a muslim traitor who lied his way into our White House. But even worse are those who voted for him. The dems have only hate and lies and those who follow them have no concept of the truth. You are correct. They will be defeated. They cannot win. They have thrown God out and embrace satan. There is a war going on and it is between God and His people and satan and his people. satan has the dems, communists, muslims, atheists, and all others who deny God on his side. When Jesus returns He will banish them all for eternity.

  40. jerry, actually Allah is just the Arabic name for God, but Muhammad turned Him into something He is not. Muhammad has joined his master satan in Hell.

  41. It is the dems who want violence. It is the dems who want to take our guns so we cannot fight back. It is the dems who hate our freedom. It is the dems who want total control of our government and us. It is the dems who will start a civil war. We better be armed so we can finish it

  42. MR.Maher, if you want to blame someone for the division in the US, you should blame Obama. You like he will put the blame everywhere but where it belongs. This division in the US really got started during the Obama administration and increased for the eight years of that administration. So the blood will be on the democrat’s hands not the republican’s if there is to be bloodshed over the holidays…….There were no Antifa terrorist groups, Black Lives Matter, Police lives Matter, border crisis, Civil Protest against the US or ISIS terrorist before Obama took office. How came you put the blame on the Trump administration? What has he done to divide the country.??? The democrats are the ones that wacked out and went crazy because they lost the election in 2016.

  43. Linda, dear, Redman does not mean a word he says, he is simply trolling and looking to be an anarchist but does not have the courage to join the Antifa brown-shirts which would require him to get up of his couch and actually do something. His only real agenda is to upset poeple so he can get his cheep jollies- It is sad and pathetic – not worth getting upset over his idiocy.

    I am so sorry for your loss on 9/11 dear as are Most true Americans. Redman is probably a 15 yr old loner loser kid who has nothing else to do because he is ignored by mommey and dad probably left years ago. Don’t let him get to you – he does not even beleive his own BS.

  44. Izib: Thank you for your very kind words, and you are absolutely correct. But sometimes his childish, insensitive comments, especially pretending to be a Muslim now and praising them, does get to me.
    I will ignore him. Or at least I will try. Thank you again Izib for reaching out to me….

  45. bj: So agree. I’ve gone even further as I have no left wing friends at all. What an oxymoron! I have nothing in common as I view ALL leftists as juvenile cry babies who were raised by parents who did not believe in discipline.

  46. bj: Just put a photo of Malcolm X and Malia Obama side by side and everything falls into place. Obama’s mother had an affair with X, he hated white people and could not let it be known he had knocked up a white woman yet he desperately wanted a son and heir.
    How did Obama, as a penniless student, afford to travel to Russia and the Middle East as he did? How did he get into Punahou School in Hawaii which is very hard to do? Who paid for it? Why was he not expelled for his drug antics as others would have been? How did he get into Harvard? Who paid for it? Why is Obama’s birth recorded in the General Register Office, U.K. as being born in Kenya which was part of the U.K. at the time. Why did Hillary visit there?

  47. I never watch that show I don’t need to see it, because there are enough to spew what he said. If what is spewed enough to bother me to really check into it. Then and only then will I care what he say.

  48. President Trump has had 289 accomplishments as of 2018 and more in 2019! Another plus…….he does not accept a salary!

    On another thought, love ALL the comments of the conservative Republicans with your e-mails that even give us a smile……..YOU SPEAK THE TRUTH!

    lucretia Morrison

  49. Maher is just another Leftist POS! If there is another civil war, instead of 4 years, it would be no more then 30 days. The Conservatives have all the guns, and they have the military. It would clean house of a lot of professors, teachers, politicians, and whackos on both coasts! Hallelujah!!

    I personally do think we are heading for a new CIVIL WAR not because of idiots like him spouting slime from his pie hole though. If you continue listening to these liberals with their garbage, stop and think about exactly what they are spouting…. They are so divisive at every turn that there is no other way out as long as we allow them to keep spouting… 1st amendment does allow free speech but what they are speaking about is just plain treasonous to our democracy. Nothing that has been in the past is or was right and they want things to be changed to their way of thinking. Take down statues from our past because they don’t like them. Destroy works of art because they don’t like them. Change the way we now live because they aren’t happy. Forget our religious freedoms because they don’t like it. Forget about the sanctum of marriage between a man and woman, and the rights of the unborn children that have been murdered without any guilt.
    Now in today’s world, you have to watch every word that you speak for fear of someone being offended. Don’t show your political choices, by wearing a hat, or promoting a different parties views, you might get mugged on the street by some ANTIFA thug.


  52. I feel the exact way about Republicans. Now do you understand why Bill Maher said there is going to be a civil war? Everyone needs to get out of their bubble and get along with each other. United We Stand, Divided We Fall. Get your heads on straight people. This is a democracy!

  53. #NotinmyAmerica: Perhaps it is YOU that needs to get your head on straight and see what your party REALLY stands for. All this division and discord has been created by the Democratic party, not willing to accept Trump as our sitting President. Plus, thanks to your party, this is no longer a democracy. It has become a dictatorship!! But with the grace of GOD HE will help us through this nightmare..

  54. Yes, the Democrats are responsible for the divide in America. Completely Responsible.
    The Secret for installing Liberalism is to pit one group of people against the other and then name one of the groups the victim. Then promise that only they, the Democrats, have the ability to make the victims whole again. Read: Promise them money, compensation, etc.
    Divide the people by race, by age, by location, new immigrants against old immigrants. Criticize and Comdemn every aspect of America that they can. Remove pride in America.

    I have watched this since the 1960s.

    Yesterday, I read an editorial in which Daniel Greenberg said the Democrats refuse to accept any election they do not win. Bush in 2000, the Democrats claim the Supreme Court handed him the election. Al Gore took it to the Courts because he was losing Florida. Anytime you go to the Courts, and it is a Constitutional question, it can end up in the Supreme Court. The Consitution provides for the House of Representatives should have settled the dispute, but the Republicans had the House and Gore knew they would rule against him because he was wrong. While Bush was Republican, he was not a conservative. Bush favored the main Democrat policies.
    Trump won in 2016 and the Democrats said Russia helped him win. Did Russia interfere in our election, probably? The Russians/Soviet Union has interfered in every election since the 1930s. Did they help anyone win? NO. All they want to do is mess things up for America. The Democrats investigated for 3 years and found nothing. Did they help Trump win? NO.

  55. Republicans follow Satan too. Most of them.
    More straight people are going to hell than gay people.
    Jesus’ own words; narrow is the path and few find it.

  56. You can tell Allah that when you visit him and he casts you into hell with the other infidels ahahahahahahaha

  57. You can’t give Obama credit for division in this country. It was going on way before Obama stepped in.
    Ever heard of the Black Panthers and Louis Farrakhan?

  58. Course, as a clued in hetero I fully understand why your Zio-Gayness would object to my accuracy and truthfulness. “bj”, that’s real cute. But, c’mon, an IQ of 162, not even your Zio-gay highness could hope to enter that exalted realm.

  59. Desert Fox, I voted for Obama, but you are right, he dropped the ball when he did not condemn the thuggery of Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown. But that is just a side show now. It is water under the bridge. What is happening now is that the Jews are trying to get born again zio-minion Mike Pence into the oval office. If they can get him in there now, they will so lionize him in the Zionist mind control media that he will get elected POTUS. The next eight years will be wars and rumors of wars and could go nuclear. God help us.

  60. You guys are spot on the Zionist agenda. Fighting among yourselves while they, the Jews manipulate the political process to their own ends.

  61. Guys, read Patrick Buchanan, Gilad Atzmon, Gideon levy, Phillip Giraldi and David Duke. You can also catch Israel Shahak on you tube for another great, albeit late, humanitarian.

  62. The meaning/definition of Allah is GOD and if GOD didn’t want President Donald Trump to be our President, he wouldn’t have placed him in the White House!

    Again, President Trump has had 289 accomplishments in 2018 and still more in 2019! Plus, he does not accept a salary!

    He will be President in 2020 as there are MANY PRAYER WARRIORS praying to JESUS, who is GOD, for his next term in office!

  63. Who are you going to fight the government the next civil war will not be like the one our ancestors fought in no states are going to secede. So it will be a bunch of gangs both left/right roaming around killing people. Think Rwanda, Serbia or Syria.

    Also if you think that it would be fought in a vacuum think again you will have the Soviet’s involved the Chinese and so on. They will probably play both sides against each other. Because the longer it lasts the better for them. Plus the almighty dollar will not be the same. Let all that sink in before you start mouthing.

  64. But that’s plenty of reason to be armed and has very much exactly to do with the second amendment. Of course, it would not be fought in a vacuum. Almost no war in the world is. Companies in the “big tech” sector along with “news” giants like CNN, NBC, FNC, ABC and CBS are highly likely to be witting or unwitting belligerents in this. We can almost be guaranteed that every corporeal aspect of CNN would be completely demolished, if not seized, in any serious civil unrest event that would break out within the borders of the United States. Conflicts pertaining to mass media would likely be the center of the whole thing. Entire networks connected to the Internet would be taken offline or separated from each other, and grassroots mechanisms of circumvention would sprout up everywhere in the electrified world.

  65. Well, to be honest, Marines probably know quite a bit more about using non-lethal force to defeat enemies than whiners lacking tactical doctrine do. You have to remember that a navy is the law enforcement of the sea, and a marine corps amicably transported by it has the same directives. Anyway, one fine thing to stop an evil commander of killers trained by a military institution is a righteous killer trained by a military institution. Certain abilities are more or less required to force an entire chain of command to be “neutralized”. That is the issue at hand, force, the only thing that forceful people seem to understand.

  66. To be fair, he is probably disappointed at us (or the blogs that claim to represent us) for not acknowledging the few dangerous aspects of the cult of personality that exists around Donald John Trump. Maybe a lot of folks just don’t realize that is just how politics works, though. He ought to not ignore the fact that so many veiled adversaries of the United States “Bill of Rights” leap to defend Joe Biden’s behavior toward the Ukraine from criticism.

  67. jack, you are very brainwashed. sad. The dems have thrown God out and satan has taken over the party. They have no morals so do not care about right and wrong. It makes no difference to them how they will achieve their goal of total control. But they cannot win. God wins and most conservatives are Christians and are on the winning side. sorry about you

  68. ?????????? MOST republicans I know are Christians. And God says that homosexuality is an abomination punishable by eternity in Hell. He forbids it. ALL sin must be forgiven to enter into Heaven. Homosexuals don’t think they are sinning and won’t ask forgiveness. And how can more straight people go to hell than homosexuals when there are MUCH MORE of them. You have no clue

  69. Alinsky was a devil, but a smart devil. He was Hillary’s mentor. His “Rules for Radicals” goes right with Mao’s “Little Red Book.”

  70. Amen! President Trump has not only made better for everyone, but he is doing it for free and trying to restore God back where He belongs, in the country He created! These liberals try to remake us into a liberal quagmire but God has another plan!

  71. I’m an old guy: old eyes, thick fingers, small keyboard, frequently cranky. I’m known to make the occasional mistake, and I see that my fellow citizens are sometimes also capable of error. When I see it, I take it for what it is – a simple small mistake – and find it possible to simply overlook it, hoping others will do the same for me.


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