Bill Maher just floated an insane theory about the coronavirus


The coronavirus continues to spread and befuddle world health officials.

Trump Derangement Syndrome is another virus running rampant, and Hollywood has it bad.

Now deranged talk show host Bill Maher just floated an insane theory about the coronavirus.

When it comes to Hollywood celebrities who’ve lost their minds in the age of Donald Trump, few surpass Bill Maher, who has his own talk show on HBO.

Maher once prayed for a recession just to damage Trump’s chances at reelection.

That is a despicable thing to say because a recession can hurt a huge chunk of the population in profound ways.

When the stock market tumbles, it’s not just “the rich” who are hit.

Two of the largest funds in the stock market are California public employee pension funds.

When Maher was called out for his thoughtless statement, he doubled down.

Maher has also on numerous occasions asserted that Trump will refuse to leave office after his term is up, essentially naming himself dictator for life.

Maher took his crazy a step further and said that Trump will use panic over the coronavirus to enact martial law.

“And by the way, when the virus gets bad he’s going to declare martial law,” said Maher. “Watch that.”

Conservative radio host Buck Sexton was on the panel and immediately balked, but Maher doubled down again.

“That could happen. That could totally happen.”

This over-the-top Trump Derangement Syndrome has got to stop.

Crazed leftists have already proven they’re willing to get extremely violent, and the feel justified in doing so.

Maher isn’t helping in the least.

His fears are also unfounded.

The Trump administration has abided by the Constitution every step of the way.

This is most evident in the administration’s response to the judicial activism of the Left.

Leftist judges have been issuing injunctions against the Trump administration at every turn.

Instead of flouting the law, the Trump administration has battled the injunctions in court.

The Trump administration has also slashed regulation, essentially scaling back the power of the executive branch.

Trump has also made steps to scale back military involvement in the Middle East.

None of these moves are the actions of a dictator who will refuse to leave office, or enact martial law.

But Hollywood is exceptional at creating fantasy worlds in which to live.

Does Maher truly think Trump will enact martial law, or is he just pandering to his liberal audience?

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  2. It’s ironic that Maher claims Christians are stupid because they believe in a fairy tale God, but Maher shows his stupidity by saying Trump won’t leave office. Exactly how would Trump pull that off? How can a president just ignore the other two branches of government and the constitution and just say I’m not leaving? Would he install artillery guns on the white house lawn? Would he surround the white house with tanks?
    Bill Maher is an idiot. I can’t believe he even has an audience.

  3. Trump is the worst, and at the same time the most dangerous person to ever inhabit the White House. he has absolutely no regard for the Constitution; he can barely read it, an d violates several parts of it daily.

  4. Bill Maher is an IDIOT!!! Spewing off at his lying mouth just to get attention. He reminds me of Greta Thurnberg. Typical Democrat lies!!!! ???

  5. Bill Maher is as stupid as the rest of the liberal monsters! Do people really listen and believe this twerp?

  6. The president won’t be leaving the Whitehouse for a while, fortunately for the American people. The interesting thing about Maher comments is the audience, who are obviously as soft headed as he is. The democrats passed around this same fabrication about Bush. “He won’t leave office.” “He will declare martial law and cancel the election.” Very crazy. For a current example, see commenter Brian Simon.

  7. Bill Maher is nothing more than a has-been actor and comedian who couldn’t even get bit parts on shows like “Murder She Wrote” anymore. Then he turns to this and acts like he is some kind of genius. He has nothing more than a 4-year degree, and it’s not even in political science. Who cares what he has to say.


  9. Calling Maher an idiot is giving idiots a bad name. Liberalism has turned his brain into mush. Those who claim that Trump is a dangerous person have drunk the liberal tea as well.

  10. Hey Brain! Go to holly weird and joint the other stupid Idiots that live in a make believe world! They have not a glue!

  11. Bill Maher= second coming of Alec Baldwin. Too bad they can’t be like Steven Baldwin…

  12. Culture watch {*j*} I have to put things up twice before I can see it? Why is that Culture Watch? I disapprove of the fagot Maher and what he stands for. My guess is a lot of people in the Media like Mathews days are numbered. No solutions just the trampling of our constitution and our duly elected President Trump. The Democrats called Trump`s banning of countries entering the USA due to Coronavirus was racist? Now he is running the country wrong. Makeup your twisted minds. You Democrats never have anything positive to say. If you can`t help shut your face. Are you going to put this up Culture Watch?

  13. Bill Maher is a low life narcissistic scumbag. I consider him a predator and promoter of controversial social discord. He makes a living off our domestic differences promoting and encouraging whatever social conflict he chooses to act upon. That makes him a low life scumbag. It would not be impolite to call him a “Predator of discord,” or just plain “ Scumbag” in public. He deserves the title.
    This scumbag would have the lame believe anything that excites their political interest and the dumbest ideas excite them the most. As long as this scumbag peaks the interest of the ignorant he will continue to collect a salary. That salary provides for his opulent, affluent and lavish life style. The similar life style he lambast Trump as living. Bill Maher is a low life narcissistic scumbag and every one of his shows proves it.

  14. Bill Maher is a well qualified candidate for the mental lock up as he is a danger to himself and every American. Make it happen!

  15. Brian Simion talks like a typical leftist clown. What has President Trump done against the Constitution? Name something that you know of. You just spew your leftist crap without any evidence to back your leftist lies. Look back to the Obama administration, Fast and Furious, taking private donor information and giving it to leftist organizations, suing companies and giving them the option of going to court against the government or donating to leftist clowns, trying to overthrow a democratically elected president of the USA ( Trump) etc. Those go against our Constitution. Obama was a third world dictator who used his gangster thugs to get elected then used them to rule over our country. Don’t talk of things that you have little knowledge of because it make you look like the fool you are. You are a low knowledge person who throws the leftist line because thinking for yourself will burn out any gray matter you have. Clowns everywhere.

  16. Liberals / Democrats love to make these insane statements and then say might, may, or could to cover the insanity.

    Bill m add her could schiff out gold nlicks and hand them out at Halloween like candy! It could happen!

  17. Perhaps Maher will get a mask to protect himself from the virus and it will muffle his incessant stupidity. Naturally, I have to read his nonsense because I don’t watch stupid, and that’s his specialty.

  18. If you like your paycheck, you can keep your paycheck…if you love your country, you can keep your country.

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    and the title is…

    By screenwriter Douglas Paige.
    America has fallen and can’t get up,
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  19. What a horrible little man, his hatred for President Trump out weighs his love for our country and the citizens, to wish these things.

  20. Coronavirus weaponized by China and their treasonous democratic Commie party and cohorts to crash the greatest US economy! And to take down the greatest president ever, President Trump!! Keep up the great work! 2020 and beyond! Patriots of a Commie free America!

  21. Hey, Brian Simion why not give us some examples of all the libelous fictitious accusations you have made- come on facts please, if Trump is as bad as you say it should be easy to come up with some actual factual events- laws he has enacted that have taken your freedoms, unconstitutional things he has actually done…come on dude list the evil facts Trump has done and then maybe someone will listen to you. If not you are just as stupid and TDS driven a Maher is- Guess its true though- he does have a demographic who watches his show.

  22. Brian S. – Not ONE THING you said is true. YOU are a LIAR!!!!! And you need a lot of help with your sick hate. Please get it. Pres. Trump loves this country and our Constitution. Please tell us how he has violated it. You CAN’T because he HASN’T!!!! And he can’t read it? Really?????????????? Trump’s IQ is 162. Yours must be 10. You are a fool

  23. I’m waiting to see how many Democrats will have to be physically removed after they’re voted out, after spending their entire terms trying to overturn the results of the 2016 election.
    As for Maher, he’s nothing more than a coward that will probably blow his own brains out once his 15 minutes are over and he fades into obscurity.

  24. Maher expresses his superficial knowledge. But, he is an entertainer, not an intellectual.

    Actions speak louder than words.

    Trump has demonstrated amazing outstanding results as President, e.g., trade, economy, national security, pro-Israel action by recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, and, more.

    Trump definitely is good for America.

    In God We Trust.

  25. Further, Trump did not commit any wrongdoing.

    Rather, Pelosi&co-hosts should be sanctioned monetarily for initiating and orchestrating an illegal and unconstitutional impeachment proceeding. The cost for taxpayers is outrageously exorbitant, and, she compounded the expense by arbitrarily withholding the Articles of Impeachment unreasonably. Then, she disrespectfully dishonored the President by illegally ripping the State of Union address.

    Pelosi, not Trump, has betrayed and dishonored our nation. Her actions were unconstitutional, and, consequently, she should be ordered removed as House Speaker expeditiously, and, to refund punitive damages to the American people for wasting everyone’s time.

    Ironically, Pelosi’s home state of California has suffered exponentially from the inhumane homeless crisis. She ignores the inhumane issues, but instead, seeks to reap from her personal partisan agenda.

    Pathetic and a hypocrite.

  26. Yes there will be Marshall Law. Then we will round up all the liberals and ship them off to reeducation camps where people will be required to use the bathroom of their actual birth gender. In addition all members of minority races will be spayed or neutered just like is recommended for household animals

  27. I used to love watching Politically Incorrect back in the day. It seemed informative and unbiased. Now it’s all gone to Bill’s head and he truly thinks he is the smartest man alive and everyone has to listen to him. In other words, he is a mentally I’ll talk show host that is suffering from a God complex. Why would any of us want to listen to a guy that probably spends most of his day admiring himself in a mirror.

  28. WHY is he SOOOO stupid? . . . It doesn’t take a ROCKET scientist to see all of POTUS Trump’s accomplishments for the American people (ESPECIALLY of color) and the CORONAVIRUS would spell trouble for ANY presidential administration. This is called dishonesty and the Left Wing Liberal needs to QUIT LYING. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  29. It is my wish that all of the Hollywood Left Wing Slugs and Pervs get the virus and DIE … clean house ! Hope the Lame Stream FAKE NEWS Media scum to the virus as well !
    None of them will be missed .

  30. The people who stay in the power are dictators & are Communists & do nothing for the country & the people they rule over with an Iron fist, like Maduro, Castro, Stalin, Hitler & Mao Tse Tung. Maher won’t like being told to sit down & shut up or go to their concentration camp by the likes of the Commie democrats when & if they win the POTUS

  31. MAHER HAS GOT A TERMINAL CASE OF CONSTIPATION OF THE BRAIN AND DIHAREA OF THE MOUTH.uncontrolled stupidity is a trait that hollywierd has pushed to the limit and then some .

  32. The problem with Democrats is they do not understand the difference between a constitutional republic and a democracy. They think our form of government is the latter when it is actually the former.

  33. Think this particular nonsensical being gets his “thrills” from spewing stupidity. Check for discoloration when he’s in full ignoramus mode!!!

  34. This Info is probably on Fox crap shows. Can you people how dangerous tRump is! Stop kissing tRumps Ass and show the TRUTH!

  35. All I can say is that Mayer is a pander bear. Panders to whomever will give him s symbolic tummy rub.

  36. Trump is total moron I would vote 4 Bill Maher in a new york minute and stop sending these right wing BS emails LOSERS Can any of u tards even spell Heck No u brainless uduits

  37. The little manic twerp, way out in left-field, is half-right. There will be martial law, coming soon right to your door. It won’t be imposed by America’s Last Great President–Mr. Trump. It will be enforced by The Anti-Christ. Go ahead, please take all the space you need to tell me what’s going on.

  38. Wow Brian Simion. We have now discovered a person dumber than little B. Maher. Just when the blizzard seems almost over another snowflake appears.

  39. Although the term Entertainment, when used to describe this show, is really stretching the definition, that is all it is and I don’t understand why anyone would treat it as anything but. It is no more factual than a Road Runner Cartoon and not nearly as entertaining. Just because some clown is on TV or in a movie doesn’t give them some kind of super intellect, it certainly didn’t do very much for this clown. So why does anyone with at least one active brain cell pay any attention to any of these turds for hollywood?


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