Bill Maher blamed President Trump for the coronavirus and got wrecked by Dan Crenshaw


The coronavirus has sadly been politicized by the Left.

HBO host Bill Maher jumped at the chance to get in the act.

But when Maher blamed President Trump for the coronavirus pandemic on his show he got wrecked by Dan Crenshaw.

The coronavirus has been confirmed in nearly 2.5 million cases worldwide, and at least 170,000 people have lost their lives.

And according to the Left in America, Trump is somehow responsible for this global pandemic.

The Democrats have been diligently trying to rewrite history and pretend that everyone except Trump and the Republicans knew the coronavirus was a serious problem.

Unfortunately for them, there’s documented evidence to the contrary.

Nevertheless, Maher tried to manipulate the coronavirus timeline to hit Trump, but freshman Congressman Dan Crenshaw was having none of it.

Crenshaw landed many devastating blows, particularly the point about Nancy Pelosi refusing to bring a bill to the floor that would’ve increased funding to the CDC and other health agencies.

Also, the Democrats unanimously derided Trump for initiating the travel ban with China, then they tried to outflank Trump on the Right and suggest it didn’t go far enough.

While the Democrats were supposedly so deeply concerned about the coronavirus, they were monomaniacally focused on impeaching Trump over a phone call to Ukraine.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi herself were encouraging their constituents to go out while it was “common knowledge” that the coronavirus was a serious threat.

Perhaps the most salient point made by Crenshaw was the following: “When people make these accusations, I have to ask them:  Is the goal to make Trump look bad or is the goal to get to the truth? Because there are two separate sets of answers for that.”

That sums up the problem with the leftists and the Never-Trumpers.

Their attempts to make Trump look bad leads them to take inconsistent and nonsensical positions.

For example, nobody for a second believes leftists would’ve been on board if Trump tried to shut down the country in early February.

They would’ve called it a fascist takeover.

Maher’s segment with Crenshaw exposed a flaw in late-nite comedy shows:  the arguments look a lot weaker without an audience applauding mediocre talking points.

Will the Left’s plan to rewrite the coronavirus timeline work?

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  2. Bill is a babbling idiot. Clearly a suckup to the corupt demrat party.hes another traitor of the american citizens .gotta ask yourself ,what is he getting out of it.


  4. Trump’s inaction got us here. On January 24th, Trump said, “It will all work out well.” On January 30th, Trump said, “We have it very well under control. We have very little problem in this country at this moment –five. And those people are recuperating successfully.”

    On February 10th, Trump said, “Looks like by April, you know, in theory, when it gets a little warmer, this miraculously goes away.” On February 26th, Trump said, “I don’t think it’s going to come to that, especially with the fact that we’re going down, not up. We’re going very substantially down, not up.” On February 28th, Trump said, “This is their [the Democrats’] new hoax.”

    And on March 4th, Trump said, “Based on a lot of conversations with a lot of people that do this, because a lot of people will have this and it is very mild. They will get better very rapidly…”

    Again and again, Donald Trump denied, deflected, and dismissed the idea that COVID-19 was a real threat to the health and safety of the American people. As a result, we are now weeks — if not months — behind where we need to be to adequately respond to the growing COVID-19 crisis.

    At this moment, nurses, doctors, and healthcare workers still lack basic personal protective equipment like gloves and masks, and a national testing program to identify and treat people with the virus is yet to be developed by the Trump Administration.

    With the amount of ground we need to make up to get ahead of this virus, we need bold action from the Trump Administration right now. And until they institute a national shelter-in-place order, develop a national testing program, and get doctors and nurses the masks, gloves, and personal protective equipment they need to fight this virus, we will not stop pushing them to do more.

  5. He touched on the edge of this iceberg, this b.s. coming from the left and mainstream media and of course liberal talk shows their bias from the beginning this continued hatred toward Trump. And many Americans believe this b.s. They are too Dumb to do any research on their own this pandemic came from China and it was funded by Obama/Biden. The Democrats are also to blame for all the things they say and holding hostage on these stimulus programs that are needed by Americans in need. If you can’t do the research don’t blame anyone continue to be sheep abd follow these losers.

  6. What is it with u Bolley wood Jews? I know u are advanced in the thought process but always make irrational statements. Pres. Trump is on your side and completed the move of your capital, which no previous Pres. had the balls to complete. Is the Bolleywood hierarchy so powerful that u dont dare to voice your own opinion? Grow a set.

  7. Pres. Trump had nothing to do with this virus. It came from CHINA. CHINA is to blame for all that it has caused. Period. And it is way overblown. It is just a nasty flu and MOST people recover from it. It’s time to get things back to normal. I am much more concerned about the loss of our freedom and our crashing economy than I am about the virus

  8. Vasu, you are absolutely WRONG!!!!! Nothing you said is true. NO WAY do we need a shelter in place order. You can panic if you want, but that only makes things worse. Pres. Trump was CORRECT. MOST people recover. It is YOU who is in denial

  9. I really get sick of reading and hearing remarks like this. It’s all all Trumps fault from people like you Vasu Murti. All you severe leftists have done since Trump got elected is complain and try to blame him for anything you can dream up. You have the most extreme which is Nancy Pelosi leading the cause. She has done nothing except dream up ways to blame Trump for different affairs of this country. Then people like you hang right on her skirt hem. She has even faught against the policies Trump has made to give money to the people who need it. Trying to pass off things in it to better the cause of her extremists. You are probably one of the nuts that cry about the shut down to try to control the COVID-19 pandemic. Had he tried to shut the country down back in the periods you speak of you would have blamed him for the money being lost by the shut down. Stop crying and do your part to help this country like our president is. What really bothers Pelosi and people like you is not only is he president but a good president. Pelosi has done nothing since he was elected except dream of things to blame him for and she’s getting paid to do that. What a joke you are.

  10. Another observation underlining their anti-Trump “bipartisan”dialogue lies the fact that Democrats are apparently obsessed with personality politics elections becoming reduced to a popularity contest devoid of principle or duty. Cheap thrills.

  11. Face it. The economy must reopen sooner or later. This Coronavirus thing has been a Chinese fire drill from the word go. First, there is a month-long delay in reporting the outbreak, then there is the WHO parroting misinformation that there is no person to person transmission, then there are reports in the media that the virus is four times more communicable than the flu and this could be the end of life as we know it. Somewhere in between the two extremes is the truth. One thing is definitely true though. The longer this thing goes, the more we find out about it and if we do not allow panic to set in, we will get through this. Panic is not conducive to survival.

  12. Maher the needle dick pissant couldn’t be happier that the nation’s economy is collapsing due to the virus. It’s a wish come true for him because he thinks it will lead to a Trump loss in November. Sorry little Bill it’s only going to make him stronger for the way he’s handling the crisis

  13. Vasu, 98% of the people infected recover. Watch the documentary “The enemies within” and you might be mad their not including you by name. Chill out and eat a real American hamburger!

  14. I believe the majority of people who can read and understand english are learning to what depths the Denocrats will go, and that they lie. Nancy walks up and down in Chinatown and says, Come and eat our Chop Suey, Then she attacks Trump like the rest of the bottom feeders, trying to make a plague political. I also think they have told so many lies that people will vote for Trump, rather than the idiots that give Dem Gov Cuomo a 69% approvall rate, with the New York death toll larger than most countries.

  15. Vasu, SHUT UP! Your statements are 100% farcical and without merit. Just step back from your leftist lie screen long enough to look around you and see that your insanity is not impressing anyone who actually searches for facts. SO AGAIN, SHUT UP!


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