Big name Hollywood producer mocks God by “praying” for something despicable to happen to Donald Trump


It’s no secret that Hollywood is outright hostile to Christianity and despises anything to do with Jesus Christ.

But this big Hollywood player just crossed a line that will completely disgust you.

One major Hollywood producer is mocking God by “praying” for something terrible to happen to Donald Trump that will make you sick.

HBO producer David Simon is a radical Left-wing activist.

He’s always hated President Trump and wishes he would either be impeached or worse . . .

Now, he is allegedly praying to God that he uses the hurricane to wipe out Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago club.

Breitbart reports:

HBO producer and creator of The Wire David Simon lashed out on Twitter asking God to wipe out President Donald Trump’s club at Mar-a-Lago with Hurricane Dorian.

“After the last three years, the work of a just and righteous God cannot be considered credible evidence of His goodness unless He picks all of Mar-a-lago up by the roots, sails it across half of Florida and heaves it on top of Doral and its every last bedbug,” David Simon wrote on Twitter…

Simon reacted angrily to critics of his post, accusing them of only manufacturing their outrage. He argued that he was only joking.

“Fucknuts, we are invoking an omnipotent divinity capable of heaving one Trump shithole atop another, destroying the realty and leaving no other soul’s hair mussed,” Simon said. “And hey, roaming twitter with a flatlining sense of humor and some manufactured outrage just sucks unwashed ass.”

There are so many things wrong with David Simon’s alleged “joke”.

First, that he would ask God to do something like this.

Asking God to bring misfortune upon an elected leader and to put people in harm’s way is not a godly act.

Second, this “prayer” is essentially asking God to wipe out this property with total disregard to the cost of human life that may occur.

David Simon’s prayer “joke” is a disgusting message and yet another example of how the Left mocks people of faith.

Meanwhile, Trump has ignored the HBO producer and is organizing the federal government to assist with recovery efforts once the storm takes its toll.

What do you think of David Simon’s prayer?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


  1. A couple of years ago, Reverend Dr. William Barber, similarly challenged the president.

    Despite the biblical command to pray for “all those in authority,” Rankin Fisher, a former Missionary Baptist minister, told me in 1990, that Catholics are taught to pray for the Pope, which he said is understandable, as the Pope is the head of their religion, but that some Protestants object, seeing it as “cultish,” “idolatry,” “mind control,” etc. At least Reverend Barber is citing Scripture (God’s condemnation of a dishonest and corrupt Israel in Amos 2) to support his position, when opposing the evangelicals who believe it’s a sacred responsibility to pray for the president.

    The problem is, Scripture says things which are often contradictory, which we would expect from a book with many different chapters written by many different authors and different voices, compiled over the centuries, etc.

    The conservative Christians said it’s a biblical command to pray for “all those in authority,” and Paul says Christians are to submit to all authorities, etc., but does that mean Christians must submit to the Beast in Revelation, etc.? Paul’s epistles were aimed at gentiles, whereas Revelation reflects the original (Jewish) faction of Christianity. James contradicted (or refuted) Paul’s understanding of salvation by grace by concluding, “faith without works is dead.”

    In 1990, when some Christians tried to preach to me, they quoted a Bible verse, and I immediately asked them: “Now, did Jesus say that or did Paul?” Years later, the late Reverend Janet Regina Hyland (1933 – 2007), author of God’s Covenant with Animals (it’s available through PETA), was pleased when I told her my response to these Christians: saying that I noticed in the context of history the dialogue, discussion, and debate going on within the Bible, among the different authors and different voices, (e.g., between Paul and the original “Jerusalem apostles,” as my friend Al Fecko, a Catholic vegetarian in Michigan, refers to Peter, James, and John)… rather than seeing it all as monolithic, as the inerrant word of God, etc. Kel McMahon, a Protestant pastor, indicated to me in a 2004 phone conversation it’s not radical theology to distinguish between Jesus and Paul.

    And orthodox voices within Christianity, like Augustine, even had to admit the Fourth Gospel differs considerably from Matthew, Mark, and Luke (known as the “synoptics” or “seen together” in Greek). The synoptics tell a consistent story in an historical setting from the baptism to the empty tomb (which we would not expect from a myth!), with only a few discrepancies: did Jesus first curse the fig tree and then expel the moneychangers, or was it the other way around?

    Al Fecko told me further that the “pastoral epistles” Titus and the two Timothys were written by the church in the 2nd century, and are merely attributed to Paul. The epistle to the Hebrews is similarly attributed to Paul, even though the author identifies himself as among those who heard Jesus directly during his earthly ministry. My friend Greg in San Diego told me himself he follows a red-letter Bible which highlights Jesus’ words in red, to distinguish his words from others, etc. And Greg told me when Christians quote Paul, he mocks them, asking, “Oh, did St. Paul die for your sins?”

    When I told Al Fecko that Augustine and Aquinas took a dim view of animals, he responded that Augustine and Aquinas led scandalous lives before becoming ascetics and theologians. Aquinas studied astrology, he said, and “conservatives don’t like that, either.” He concluded, “So the churches can hardly demand fidelity to Augustine and Aquinas. Paul’s writings, however, are considered Scripture.”

    And Al Fecko has been trying to reconcile vegetarianism with Paul. He says it would be more tragic if Paul cannot be reconciled to vegetarianism than the academic debate over whether the historical Jesus was a vegetarian. Al Fecko’s words indicates that Paul, not Jesus, was the founder of Christianity. In her book, Sexism is a Sin: the Biblical Basis of Female Equality, Regina Hyland similarly cites Bertrand Russell as having referred to Paul as the “inventor” of Christianity.


      • Yes, he is and he just sealed his karma. What goes around, comes around. Something horrific is going to happen to him. He needs a ladder to kiss a snake’s ass for what he said. Piece of liberal moron crap.

    • Jesus Christ started Christianity. And I agree with people who know, when evil people pray to their fake god for evil things to happen to GODS people… it does come back on them… 100 fold. Karma bites!

      • And with this being the 21st century, all that tells me is that my God of the Holy Bible is capable of producing storms, or anything else that He wants to do to give people a wake up call. You need to get the Bible out and read up on what God can do. Matthew 19:26 Jesus told his disciples that “With God, ALL things are POSSIBLE.” So where do you get off saying this crap. Yes we know the gods aren’t responsible for all these storms and things, but my God can do anything!! Now put that in your pipe and smoke it!!

      • Warren, there is ONE God and you can read all about Him and His Son Jesus in His Holy Book, the Bible. It is all true. You can deny truth, but that just shows you to be a fool. God created the universe and put us on this earth. He is in charge, NOT us. He created the weather, so of course He is responsible for it. Go ahead and deny Him, but you will know the moment you die that He is very real. You can know Him now. Jesus loves you and is waiting for you. It is your choice to join Jesus in Heaven or satan in hell.

    • Vasu, you know nothing at all about the Bible. Please tell in a few words (I know that is not possible, but try) what is the central theme of the entire Bible. I know, you can’t. You have no clue.

      • Reverend Marc Wessels of the International Network for Religion and Animals (INRA) writes: “The most important teaching which Jesus shared was the need for people to love God with their whole self and to love their neighbor as they loved themselves. Jesus expanded the concept of neighbor to include those who were normally excluded, and it is therefore not too farfetched for us to consider the animals as our neighbors.

        “To think about animals as our brothers and sisters is not a new or radical idea. By extending the idea of neighbor, the love of neighbor includes love of, compassion for, and advocacy of animals. There are many historical examples of Christians who thought along those lines, besides the familiar illustration of St. Francis. An abbreviated listing of some of those individuals worthy of study and emulation includes Saint Blaise, Saint Comgall, Saint Cuthbert, Saint Gerasimus, Saint Giles, and Saint Jerome, to name but a few.”

        Catholic Concern for Animals and some progressive churches (Episcopal, Methodist, Quaker, Unitarian) have shown interest in animal rights issues. The Baha’i faith endorses vegetarianism, and the ancient eastern reincarnationist religions which predate Christianity (Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism) all teach ahimsa, or nonviolence towards humans and animals alike, to the point of vegetarianism, and are vegan-friendly. Frances Arnetta of Christians Helping Animals and People endorses vegetarianism as “God’s best for good health, the environment, to feed the hungry.” She writes: “When we Christians are compassionate to animals, we are imitating our Heavenly Father. If non-Christian people are leading the way in respect for the lives of animals, it is because we Christians have failed to be the light Jesus commanded us to be. We should be an example of boundless mercy.”

        The International Network for Religion and Animals (INRA) was founded in 1985. Its educational and religious programs were meant to “bring religious principles upon humanity’s attitude towards the treatment of our animal kin… and, through leadership, materials, and programs, to successfully interact with clergy and laity from many religious traditions… Religion counsels the powerful to be merciful and kind to those weaker than themselves, and most of humankind is at least nominally religious. But there is a ghastly paradox. Far from showing mercy, humanity uses its dominion over other animal species to pen them in cruel close confinement; to trap, club, and harpoon them; to poison, mutilate, and shock them in the name of science; to kill them by the billions; and even to blind them in excruciating pain to test cosmetics. Some of these abuses are due to mistaken understandings of religious principles; others, to a failure to apply those principles. Scriptures need to be fully researched concerning the relationship of humans to nonhuman animals, and to the entire ecological structure of nature. Misinterpretations of scripture taken out of context, or based upon questionable theological assumptions need to be re-examined.”

        INRA’s Executive Director, Reverend Marc Wessels, concluded on Earth Day, 1990:

        “It is a fact that no significant social reform has yet taken place in this country without the voice of the religious community being heard. The endeavors of the abolition of slavery; the women’s suffrage movement; the emergence of the pacifist tradition during World War I; the struggles to support civil rights, labor unions, and migrant farm workers; and the antinuclear and peace movements have all succeeded in part because of the power and support of organized religion. Such authority and energy is required by individual Christians and the institutional church today if the liberation of animals is to become a reality.”

    • Vasu, Why are you here? You’ve gone out of your way constantly to ridicule Christianity over and over. Everyone here knows your opinion. Why do you feel a need to repeat yourself over and over. Romans chapter 1 talks about how when people choose to turn their backs on God and His truth, He will allow them to become darkened to the truth and if that’s the case, then you obviously fall in the parameters and it won’t make any difference to you what anyone says if you disagree with them. Therefor you are not gaining anything by being on this website. Surely there are others more suited to your taste.

    • God is not mocked. It is impossible to mock God. Said thesis is nonsense. As manifestly; there is no God. Only the imagination of a God.

  2. The man is a pig. It wasn’t a joke. All liberal democrats have no honor or pride for America. Just shows how low these people are. God is watching.

  3. What he DOESN’T know is that due to the SEED TIME AND HARVEST principle, this “BAD THING” could come back to BITE him! Also, the Bible says that “the curse causeless won’t come”. Trump is being protected by God himself (and anyone who believes in him). “Touch not the Lord’s Anointed and do his prophets NO HARM” . . . Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  4. This man mocks God and prays. That’s an oxymoron and God will not be mocked. This guy better keep his head up and look out for lightening bolts from heaven! On a serious note, the Bible does tell us God will not be mocked and what this fool wishes for another is what will be returned to him. His name and religion and lack of decorum and respect for God and others says all I need to know about where his degenerate and evil thought come from. Another child of Satan runs his fool mouth and will pay for it!

    • I completely agree with what you said. The man has no soul and will reap what he sows. Maybe not right now but it will he expects it. God does not suffer fools.

    • He can pray all he wants but here is what God’s word says in Isaiah 59:1-2 – ‘Behold, the LORD’s hand is not shortened, that it cannot save, or his ear dull, that it cannot hear; but your iniquities have made a separation between you and your God, and your sins have hidden his face from you so that he does not hear.’

  5. The only thing these people understand is their God ,”money”. So, if you boycott their programs, or boycott HBO then start to boycott movies, series on TV, tell their advertisers that you will not patronize them until these people begin to understand that there are consequences to their actions will this begin to be brought under control! Start now.

  6. They may be Big Time in Hollywood but to God their no better than the homeless man living on the street. And they might despise Jesus Christ. But the day will come when they will have to stand before Him. And they will not feel so high and mighty then I assure you. STUPIDITY is ABUNDANT in that town and if they despise Christ they are surely doomed.

  7. The evil kind of prayers that unbelievers pray are always answered by God, but He has the ability to have these kinds of prayers backfire on them! So they need to be careful what they pray for because it can literally turn and bite them on their butts!

  8. You have a right to: he i s mocking God by “praying” for something terrible to happen to Donald Trump that will make you sick.

    HBO producer David Simon is a radical Left-wing activist.

    He’s always hated President Trump and wishes he would either be impeached or worse . . .

    and we Pray that your prayers turn back on you 10 fold. That is the law of KARMA!

  9. I have known about praying parties for a great number of years and two can play that game. I will have all my friends pray for the death of Simon and see how he likes it. Good riddance Simon.

  10. He evidently would know first hand what an unwashed a———e is because he is one.
    My question is why does anyone pay any attention to people like this?

  11. David Simon apparently thinks he knows better than God and 63 Million+ people who should be president but he takes the time to ask God to bring harm to others. Interesting definition of tolerance, non-bigotry, non-hate, peaceful, inclusiveness- WTG David, guess the second name given to you Simon is more biblically accurate (he was a fraud just like you) then the first David who loved and feared God.

    Simon the Sorcerer, (aka fraud) or Simon the Magician is a religious figure whose confrontation with Peter is recorded in Acts 8:9–24. The act of simony, or paying for position and influence in the church, is named after Simon. Guess the Hollywood simony does not fall far from this- dishonest, faker, who wants to mock religion while trying to use it for his own selfish hateful gains.

    So sad when ones own actions reveal who you truly are- but you are too full of hate to see it.


  13. This guy must be really upset that Mar-a-Lago was not touch. Based on all of these “apocalyptic” storms that don’t come close to a President Trump owned property, the man must be a close friend of Jesus and God. Take that liberals. And, let’s hope for the former Canadian POS that opened her mouth that places like Nova Scotia don’t get hit by this storm. But, it would be appropriate.

  14. Every day one after another , these sick demented lost souls keep coming out of the woodwork and spew their hate for our President. Actors, directors, professors , pastors, people in are own government keep promoting anarchy, treason, and absence behavior. Trying to force down our throats that the alphabet people’s lifestyle is normal and we must honor them and stop honoring GOD. We must accept abortion is not murder ,and the Demon’s party list goes on. But this is what happens when you sell your soul to Satan.. Simon doesn’t realize God’s power. He knows when anyone prays, HE knows you and what’s in your heart. So let him mock GOD all he wants. Simon’s judgment WILL come and it will be swift and everlasting, in Hell….

  15. What a Loser. He need to be careful before some one put something between his Ass. He should move to another country. Before next Elections. 2020 .

  16. Praying for something terrible to befall CRAZY donald & D for DUMB trump Is Not “Mocking GOD! Since GOD’s s Curse on this country & it’s people is having as our president that PISS ASS PIG, that Oval Office ORANGUTAN APE, Karma will indeed come around for mr. White House WORTHLESS WORM, mrs. White House WORTHLESS WHORE & Every One Of Those ASSHOLE KISSING republican RETARDS Who Support Them Both!

    • Betty; You post the same old , vile comments EVERY TIME your handlers let you near a computer. Your soul is black with hate and believe me no one cares to hear your rants!! STOP acting like a child throwing a temper tantrum. Try REALLY hard to be a grown up. Or at the very lest, act like you are not insane……

    • Shame on you Betty and your foul mouth. You should know that decent women don’t talk like that. Nobody will listen to that kind of off the charts temper. I bet you that President Trump has never said one bad thing to you or caused you harm in anyway. Did you ever hear “speak sweetly for one day you may have to eat your words”. That day will be Nov. 2020. So take a deep breath and calm down. It will be alright. You’ll see, President Trump is doing a good job and everything is going to fall into place.

    • Betty, it is very obvious that you nothing at all about who God is. God forbids your vile sick hatred. You belong to satan, not God. Pres. Trump has done nothing wrong. And he is very fortunate that Jesus is his judge and not you. Jesus forgives all who come to Him, even you. You need to ask Jesus for forgiveness for your vile hatred.

  17. David, God will answer you and don’t be surprised! As a matter of fact all of unholywood will be dealt with in time……remember the old line: “Slowly they turned!” If you are quiet, you can hear the wheels……!”

  18. Mr. Simon, in your febal and ignorant way you are praying to the wrong God. Our God is a caring God that doesn’t harm only offers mankind hope and guidance to do better.

    You need to solicit the help of the Devil but watch out he may become confused and deliver your wish on you.

  19. i forever have said all conservatives boycott movies for one year and see hollywood so called movie stars go to their knees. hurt them in their pocket book and see them scream. have not been to a movie in 35 years and haven’t missed a thing because it is all acting and nothing else. you can see tom hanks in a war movie pretending to be a soldier in world war 2 when he is in the safety of a studio,this jerk has never even been in any branch of service.

  20. Another jew who forgot to never forget. These leftists better be prepared when they create civil strife in this country. It’s going to be a bloody bite with no coming back.

  21. Be careful what you wish for Mfer. People now know who you are and what you look like, you better walk with your head on a swivel from now on coz God will not be able to help you.

  22. Hmmm, will be interesting to see how Mr. Simon fares in God’s Providence since God, the revealed God of the Bible, is sovereign in all things.

  23. Don’t worry about this moron. His God and our God are quite different. When I pray, I turn my eyes to Heaven. It does not appear that this a** is looking up when he prays.

  24. Since you and your comrades in Hollywood don’t understand anything which borders on civil, I have only one thing to say to you…….Drop dead, Simon!!! You and your Hollywood elite are a disgusting bunch…..there has NEVER been a time when I couldn’t live without Hollywood and your ignorant speeches will not change my opinion of you or any of the rest of your “friends”!!!!

  25. This fat, ignorant, ugly POS asshole will die from a vicious heart attack or stroke…or develop stage 4 cancer…and die. And it will have nothing to do with Trump. He is a delusional, egomaniacal loser who will surely reap the rewards of his actions.

  26. Simon reminds me of a fat roll-on deodorant…. only he reeks of ASS!!!

    Oh yea, that’s because his head is so far up his lib friends ASSES lol

    The real Simon says “keep licking those asses David!”

  27. Well, You will not like me either. Trump is the Rider of one of the first 3 Horses in the seal Judgments in the Bible in Revelation chapter 6. , and his son Baron will likely be the anti-Christ. Donald’s end will be in Russia trying to help Putin Destroy Israel. Ezekiel 38/39 war


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