Biden, Warren, and Sanders are teaming up to force high school girls’ sports teams to do something that will make you sick


The 2020 Democratic front-runners are all desperate to prove to primary voters how “woke” and Left-wing they are.

In order to prove their “progressive” credentials, they’re adopting extreme policies to appeal to the radical LGBT movement.

Now Biden, Warren, and Sanders have all decided to team up and force high school girls’ sports teams to do something will make you sick to your stomach.

The LGBT movement has made government schools a #1 target for implementing their agenda.

And all the Democrats running for President have agreed to help them shove their deranged ideas down every high school student’s throat.

These candidates are supporting the “Equality Act,” which will force public schools to expand their girls’ sports teams and make them include boys who have decided to dress and act like girls.

The Daily Caller reports:

Democrats have made girls’ sports a 2020 campaign issue, but establishment media outlets are keeping their viewers and readers in the dark.

Every Democratic frontrunner has pledged their support of the Equality Act, which would make “gender identity” a protected characteristic under federal anti-discrimination law. Among other things, the bill would force public schools to expand female athletic teams to include biological males who identify as transgender girls.

Every Democratic frontrunner for president has pledged their support for the bill, which passed the House in May with unanimous Democratic support. But when establishment media outlets have covered the Equality Act in relation to the 2020 election, the girls’ sports issue has gone missing.

The media is not reporting on the truth about this deranged piece of legislation.

They want viewers to believe that these candidates are simply promoting so-called “gender equality,” but they’re concealing their real agenda.

The LGBT movement is using this legislation to seep into the public education system.

The sick part of this bill is that it will allow boys to sneak into girls’ locker rooms and be protected under the law to do so.

Liberals are tricking parents into believing that this legislation will be good for their children.

But they fail to inform parents that these boys will be able creep on their daughters in gym locker rooms.

What do you think?

Do you think voters would oppose this bill if they learned about the secret LGBT agenda hidden inside of it?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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  2. Women’s sports will be destroyed if the left keeps up with this nonsense.
    Men do not belong in women’s sports under any circumstances.

  3. My ideas: 1: no one person, nor their parents/guardians can declare their legal identity as different from their anatomical/genetic identity until they are 21 years of age. 2: an individual whose outward appearance/dress is predominantly of one sex that is different from their biological/genetic sex, should use only single/private use (not group) bathrooms or lockers for sanitary and clothing change purposes. 3: Athletic competitors who believe they are in transition to an other than genetic sexual identity, having their own set of identity and medical challenges, should have their own, separate categories/teams so as not to take away from or be confused with the general/common population. An extra set of ribbons/trophies is not as costly as the sense of unfairness that this situation is producing.

  4. Transgender “girls” are boys. I don’t care who or what they identify as. They can identify as trees, but they’re still boys.

  5. Why are all these CRAZY Democratic candidates catering to such a small minority group which is the LBGT/ transgender community?? I truly hope EVERY parent that has biological girls that are in sports, complain and threaten to sue the school system, IF this happens.
    As Lee Sullivan, another poster here stated, the Democrats have sold their sold to the Devil!!!!

  6. We should take it as GOOD news that the loony left Democrats are moving farther and farther to the extreme left. The farther left they go, the EASIER it will be for POTUS Trump to stomp them in the 2020 election!

  7. They are going to end up with a bunch of freak teams, and no real girl teams. Girl sports scholarships as we know them will be lost. The democrats are some of the most worthless bunch of people.

  8. You got that right! They claim to protect women, this is a war on women right down to every little baby girl that is aborted. They are as bad as the Chinese government killing little girl babies.

  9. Anita McGrew: You are also correct! IF this ridiculous plan transpires then there will not be any” girl “teams at all! How would anybody in their right minds go along with this madness?
    I am sick to death of these LBGT/transgender people dictating what THEY want and these stupid politicians keep catering to their every whim ,and the hell with everyone else!!! Another poster used an example as to how stupid these transgender people are; I could call myself a tree, but it doesn’t make it so. Amen to that statement.. These Transgender are stupid, silly and just plain wrong…. And if another hater reads my post meant for Anita, then no I am not PC. But I am truthful.. Which my GOD expects me to be…

  10. Make a transgender team with both MtoF and FtoM.That would be equitable. Then those teans can play each other. As a Senior Female Softball player there definitely is a diference in the strength of our transgeder sisters. We will never pitch to them .They are walked all the time.And we let the ball go through when they through it unless they through”like a girl”!

  11. 2020 isn’t the problem. It’s 2024 and later that is the problem. This IS where the Left is going and it will take revolution to stop it. People are already screaming about how these trans-testicles are ruining girls’ sports in high schools but no one is listening. A track meet in Connecticut, a wrestling match in Texas, plenty of examples of how girls are being discriminated against and no one is fighting for them. Conservatives need to button their chinstraps because to stop the Left and repair the damage, it will probably get ugly.

  12. The Democrats are Crazy – they will do anything to promote their own agenda to gain power at the sacrifice of this GreatvCountry! Go Trump !

  13. These ideas by the Democrats on allowing boys into the girls locker rooms is beyond normal. What has happened to our United States of America? The bottom line will be to stop “ALL” women sports in schools. The females (true females) have a right to privacy.
    Let these boy-girls have their own sports without real females…

  14. Where are all the feminists coming out in support of their women and pushing the men out? At some point all these identity groups trample on each others rights. When that happens, apparently they are going to bend over a take one for the team!

  15. The problems we are having with the Democrats all started because they are control and power freaks. I firmly believe there will be a special place in HELL for all of them. Our belief in GOD is our only salvation.

  16. Good idea. no gender identity football. “Who’s playing today?” I don’t know, they have no ID.” LOL.

  17. What makes you idiots think you have the right to tell parents how they should be raising their kids. This is disgusting and very, very wrong. We the people who pay your salary are disgusted with your crappy ideas. I am a great grandmother and I am furious with you idiots. The only reason you are doing this is that you are looking for voters because you know you are going to lose in this next election and you know it. We the people must have a say in this. You do not have the right to make our daughters bow to the LGBTQ group. This is wrong, wrong, wrong & NOT your choice to push this through. We must have a say so in this matter so put it out there so we have a chance to vote on it & have a say so in this matter.

  18. This is absolutely absurd! Any reasonable, rational person who seriously thinks about this situation knows that it will not work! You can alter a male to appear to be female, but he is still a male!!!!

  19. Where has this country gone? MALE/FEMALE athletes have their own set of rules and regs. how can someone say it is alright for boys to creep into girls locker rooms, or even into competitions. Academics is where this should come out and only on a non physical domaine. Of course you would expect this from “CREEPY JOE”
    but to condone this behavior from anyone else is reprehensible.
    BOYS ARE BOYS AND GIRLS ARE GIRLS.. There is no place for the “QUEERS” in this delema.
    Have the parents of these odd balls get a life and bring their children up in a true and normal environment.
    If the child feels differently then when they are no longer children, then let them make that choice, not in our public schools. This is not the place for this.

  20. cant you all see whats going on..the democrats don,t care at all about anything, except winning votes..they don care about women, they dont care about babies, they don,t care about securing their country, they dont care about making our country a better place for all of us to live in, they don,t care about LBGT people,they don,t care about young school children they don,t care about our VETS,they pretend to care,because if they fool all these groups of people,they will vote for they have done to the black community for years,they will get you to vote them in and then do nothing…..P>S> yes! they will abuse the system..with them being behind Obama for 8 years they they destroyed our country..

  21. I Agree…Been thinking that a lot lately from the actions of the Democrat Party, the Liberal Media and Supporters! It’s like some kind of Evil Spirit has taken control over their way of thinking and now putting it into Calculated Vicious Actions that WILL Destroy the American People!!!

  22. This is a prime example why any SANE VOTER and irregardless of what you think of Trump should ever VOTE FOR ANY DEMOCRAT AT ANY LEVEL OF PUBLIC OFFICE. Look at what has happened to California where these off the wall idiots have wormed their into the government at every level and have utterly destroyed the morality and beauty of that state and they will do the same to the whole nation if you the voter allow them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. When I was in high school in the early 1970s, I enjoyed playing in girls athletics, some sports I was ok in, others I did quite well. Teams we played, win or lose , all involved had basically the same abilities. I feel sorry for the girls today that enjoy sports, have to contend with a boy that thinks he’s a girl to be made a team member. I just think it’s a case of not being good enough to be a member of a boys team.
    The locker room, should be by what gender you were born, back in the day I definitely wouldn’t want to have a boy around when I was changing into a uniform or getting out of the showers.
    Sick times we are in…

  24. They totally disregard and ignore that 165 million American biological females have protected rights of safety, security, personal space and modesty in BIOLOGICALLY designated female facilities, including bathrooms, changing rooms, locker rooms, showers, bedrooms for school away events, women’s shelters and even sport competition for females where they are ROBBED of trophies, awards and scholarships. The Center for Disease Control says:
    ” Sexual violence is common. 1 in 3 women experienced sexual violence involving physical contact during their lifetimes. What are the consequences? The consequences of sexual
    violence are physical, like bruising and genital injuries, and psychological, such as depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts. The consequences may also be chronic. Victims may suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder and sexual health problems.”
    There is nothing more threatening than having a biological man VIOLATING biological women’s rights to safety, security, privacy and modesty in biologically designated female facilities. These mentally sick transgenders have NO right to enter these facilities. They are
    dangerous and selfish. There will be ZERO tolerance of these mentally sick people invading biologically designated female facilities and causing at minimum, anxiety, fear, stress, emotional pain, embarrassment, harassment, PTSD and at worst assault, and rape. Recently a 5 year old girl was sexually assaulted in her school’s bathroom by a boy claiming to be fluid in Georgia.

  25. Nancy Barnes: From what I have just read , this is going on right now. And when the parents complain about this unfairness, it feel on deaf ears! I just don’t understand this!! What these parents have to do, to put an end to this deplorable situation, is band together and sue the school districts!! There are special law firms that handle these kind of cases. Thank GOD my children are grown and neither one wants children of their own BECAUSE of all the madness that is happening around us. But my heart aches for people like yourself that does have children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren that have to face this craziness! I wouldn’t want my daughter changing in the dressing rooms with these demented transgender “girls” in the same room!! Our rights mean nothing any longer…Shameful and disgusting!!!!

  26. it is up to all of us to end this insanity. Write to your congressional representative and make it clear that this is absolutely unacceptable. As an independent I have given up on the left. Look at what they are trying to do. I will take Trump over any of these people any day of the week.

  27. What a Shame and Scum, Scam these Godless freaks are, the Devil working over time through these freaks, people- Wake up before its too late for your children and Grand Children, do you really want your daughters and Grand daughters Showering in the same locker room with these MEN who are freaks of the Devil, remember Sodom and Gomorrah; please stop this at your local schools before its to late. Definition of Gomorrah; ancient city thought to be in the area now covered by the southwestern part of the Dead Sea Synonyms Example Sentences Learn More about Gomorrah …Please stop this at your local School Board meetings and stop these Teachers of Islam and the Devils people from destroying your children.

  28. I hope one of their daughters or grand daughters excels in a sport and trains, practices and thinks of nothing else as a young girl. Looks forward to college sports and maybe even the Olympics. Then one of these males relates to being a female comes along, beats her and knocks her out of contention for any future aspirations she has. Her dreams are now shattered. All the hours of practice, family sacrifices for her are now dead on arrival. What a disappointment for any young girl to face. No matter what these males do on the outside, the male Physiology will never change. Males will always be superior to females in strength, muscle mass, larger hands, faster and other things.

  29. Where are the female activists? No way is this fair to our girls, there being rob of everything from scholarships to national championship titles! They work hard for years, for what?? To be rob by someone who’s DNA says there a man

  30. My thought: Anyone 21 or 81 cannot decide his own gender identity. This is so stupid that it makes me sick. I’m so glad I had a chat with a young mother on the Walmart parking lot yesterday. She has three children of her own (oldest 9) and has custody of a niece who is also still a child. She is a nursing student and working at a local hospital. She and I talked for a long time. We can describe the home she and her husband have established as a three-parent home. She kept saying that the #1 Parent is God and that she and her husband fulfill their assigned roles under His direction. That last part was so obvious to me from the beginning. She talked about how in the medical training she is getting it is obvious that there is no third natural gender. Whatever you do people, please don’t buy the lie. It’s out there and many are already choking on it. There are reasons for homosexuality that are not always obviously just because someone wants to be something he is not. BUT the reasons are others which lead them to the choice. Let God direct your choice if you even think of changing.

  31. WOT, no VASU comment !! Cannot drag up any so called facts o support his Beloved Democratic Party on this issue

  32. No female athletes I have ever heard support this idiocy. Common sense/sound minds should prevail, but with leftists that is not possible. Leftists eventually become unable to think rationally. Female Olympic champions and legendary women athletes reject this insanity.

  33. Tell THESE presidential candidates that not ONLY are they NOT POTUS Material, they are TREASONISTIC TRAITORS and PERVERTS. They couldn’t care LESS about the safety and well being of these vulnerable students as required but the U.S. CONSTITUTION. Whatever offices that they are holding need to be vacated IMMEDIATELY by them. Don’t vote for ANY of these PERVERTS!!! Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (KEEP America great again) . . . and safe.

  34. If this gets approved then all ‘males’ pretending to be ‘female’ must be required to be castrated before entering any female dressing room or bathroom. If this requirement is passed as law, the LBGT weirdos will decrease by more than half. EEEEEEEKKKKKKK!

  35. This all started back in the 1960’s when women requested and were granted the right to invade “Male Only” sports, clubs, and other facilities. Women sports reporters asked and were granted the right to enter male locker rooms. Women asked and were granted the right to enter male only clubs and facilities. Women athletes asked and were granted the right to join male sports teams. Some women were bold enough to enter and use men’s public restrooms without recourse. Women invaded and were granted the right enter all other traditional male-only occupations and activities. Women were declared to be equal to men in all of these and other areas of life. Whether we agree or not – this was the logical next step. What else could those women expect?

  36. Steve Johnson: I agree with you 100% !! What a heartbreaking, unnecessary and dangerous situation we are putting all women in. Especially the young girls attending school… It’s sickening!!!

  37. You know that for several hundred years we have considered our SEXUAL preference to be personal. Now this minor group is trying to Force everyone to accept their view. Someone needs to stand up and tell the LGBT th take their propaganda somewhere else. Tell the Democrats their sex doesn’t belong in the elections.

  38. The democrat party,the party of queers communist and baby killers. Anyone that would vote democrat is very sick.

  39. I haven’t seen any of the usual Democrat trolls posting anything on this subject. I guess they even know what a ridiculous unsafe bill this is. I hope when they have the Presidential Debates at least one of the moderators is a Republican and can ask about this bill and hammer the Democrat Nominee.

  40. Isn’t it interesting it’s always about the GIRLS teams / bathrooms being invaded by boys who aren’t sure if they’re boys. I have never heard of any girls wanting to invade the boys bathrooms. Or boys teams being forced to accept girls. Seems discriminatory to me. Just sayin’. . . . . .

  41. That is totally correct. How can a girl compete against a boy, even one in “transition.” Girls will lose all they have gained in sports, including college scholarships, which will go to the trannies. And when you read about how many regret the decision to become the opposite sex, many of whom are committing suicide, we can see where this is going. Transgenders should not be allowed in girls’ sports. Create a third class of sport teams if they want, but let the girls have their position in the sports world.

  42. The Equality Act also poses a direct threat, not only to girls sports, but to small business owners, and religious liberty. If a religious institution, for purposes here a church, refuses to accommodate a same sex marriage, the church can lose its tax exemption and have to pay a fine.

  43. If a biological male can compete on a girl’s team and that is considered fair, then what is the point in having a girl’s team at all? Just have sports teams in which everyone can compete.

    If you argue that the girls will be at a disadvantage competing with boys, then how is it fair to the girls to have a biological male competing with them on their teams?

    I can’t see how you can make both arguments. On the other hand, if biological males start dominating girls sports, then maybe there will be a new kind of woke called a backlash and we will return to sanity.

  44. Bidden, Warred, and Sanders can all go piss up a rope and stay out of High School Female Sports and LGBTQ can go to hell

  45. It is time the men and women Politician’s share their own bathrooms with one another in congress. Let see how fast they would scream and holler they can’t do that.

  46. I would like to see what would happen if the daughter/grand daughter of one of these Democrap politicians plays sports in school and their team has a male who pretends to be a female. How would they feel if the MtoF transvestite raped/assaulted a girl in the locker room. Would they fear for all the girls on the team?

  47. This is already happening at all levels of competition from high schools to NCAA divisions and even professional competitions in track and field, cycling, powerlifting, volleyball, handball, rugby
    If you believe boys don’t belong in women sports based of self identity stand with Selina and sign petition to stop this. Help save women sports where women are becoming spectators

  48. As they say, what goes around, comes around.

    Don’t know of too many teenage girls playing on a boys team, elementary school age yes, but as they get older, the muscle strength between the 2 genders starts to develop & males definitely have more muscle mass.

  49. So, it is up to the government then? I figure, you two mean to suggest that nobody can “decide” these things, be that person for himself/herself or anybody else. Right now, State law governs how a citizen thereof will be sexually designated. But that is not really the scary part. Consider the “full faith and credit” clause of the Constitution of the United States. See where I’m going with this?

  50. Unfortunately most Democratic Party voters see this as a necessary dreadful sacrifice to get a President of the United States on the Republican Party ticket out of office. Voters on both sides of the political spectrum put up with a lot of nonsense from their preferred politicians, though. This is simply our sad reality.

  51. As long as it wan’t their daughter they couldn’t care less. Their only comment would be to say if she gets pregnant from the rape she can just get an abortion.

  52. More low class trash from the left. AND if local folks go along with this and their children get hurt their children should be removed from their custody. It’s utterly stupid but not unsuspected from the commies who will sacrifice anyone to win which is what they’re doing.

  53. Over the past several years we have been granted the right to all traditionally male careers, activities, facilities, clothing, etc.. Men are still restricted from female restrooms, locker rooms, clubs, some careers, and other activities. Men are still unable to wear some traditional female clothing like dresses, skirts, etc.

    We still enjoy some privileges.

  54. What about girls being allowed to join “Boy Scouts”? I haven’t heard of boys being allowed to join “Girl Scouts”.

  55. Now would be an excellent time for all and I mean ALL schools to ditch ALL of their sports teams and get back to teaching reading, writing and arithmetic. Sports was, has been and always will be nothing more than a diversion to keep the masses occupied while their government ruins their nation. To quote the Roman’s — “Give them bread and circus and they will not revolt!” In other words keep the masses fat and happy and well entertained and they will not know what hits them when their country burns like Rome did in days gone by. PS: Might want to consider getting rid of all the other extracurricular activities like plays, clubs, etc. in the process. I bet if schools did this, test scores would sky rocket and the schools finances would be overflowing and they would not be able to spend all the money saved.

  56. When the boys tried to enter the Girl Scouts they were told that they couldn’t because it interfered with girl bonding. It’s ‘do as I say and not as I do’, which is ludicrous. Well, the way to stop it is at the POLLS. May Father God and Sweet Jesus help us.

  57. Actually transgender girls (meaning biological boys) have been allowed to join the Girl Scouts of the United States for quite some years now. Of course, cisgender boys are excluded. Whereas the Boy Scouts of America now allows minors to join regardless of the minors being male or female, cisgender or transgender (not sure about “non-binary”), and for even longer ago had allowed heterosexual youth and homosexual youth alike. The BSA entity wanted to change its name to simply “Scouts of America”, but then the GSUSA entity threatened to file suit against the BSA on account of the GSUSA brand somehow being harmed by it. This topic probably confuses just about everybody.


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