Biden wants full compliance with vaccine mandates so it got confusing when a man in New Hampshire got refused for the COVID vaccine


There aren’t many tales of individuals being refused vaccinations.

Most headlines include tales of ordinary Americans losing jobs for rejecting the vaccination.

And it got confusing when a man in New Hampshire got refused for the COVID vaccine.

A white guy who had “elevated medical risk to COVID-19” was refused the vaccination in New Hampshire because of his skin color.

Because of their skin tone, some individuals get vaccinated while others don’t – that’s Joe Biden’s America.

The guy allegedly tried to obtain the vaccination from the Public Health Council of the Upper Valley in Lebanon, New Hampshire, but was refused since the council only served “people of color” at the time.

A complaint was lodged with the Biden administration’s Office of Civil Rights.

It reads:

“Earlier this year, New Hampshire established the use of racial and ethnic criteria to determine eligibility for COVID-19 vaccinations. Under the cover of ‘equity,’ the state’s racial set-asides excluded vulnerable people from access to the COVID-19 vaccine because of their race, national origin, and skin color. These actions are destructive to public health and patently illegal under our bedrock civil rights laws.”

In April, New Hampshire started rolling out its vaccination “equity” program, using federal funds meant for COVID injections.

Using these monies in a discriminatory way is against federal law, the complaint states.

Such actions helped reinforce the idea that the COVID “pandemic” reaction is political.

Why else would states be denying vaccines to people based on skin color?

New Hampshire must be held accountable for its blatantly illegal discrimination.

There are a lot of people who have some serious explaining to do about the actions that have become so prevalent over the last 18 months.