Biden and the Democrats are worried sick over this poll that delivered the last news they expected


It’s becoming clear to most Americans that Democrats will live to regret their handling of the pandemic.

But Biden and the Democrat Party never expected their draconian regulations would drive away one of the party’s largest voting blocs.

Because this poll just delivered Biden and the Democrats the last news they expected to be worried sick over.

Democrats promised they’d make the pandemic go away and failed miserably.

After suburban moms helped win them control of the White House and control of the House and Senate, Democrats expected the group would be all for their draconian regulations.

But now, it appears it’s just the opposite and they are driving away one of the Democrat Party’s largest voting blocs.

Moms are pointing to the negative impact that Biden and the Democrats’ unconstitutional regulations and policies are having on their children as the reason for their divorce from Democrats.

The Daily Mail interviewed several liberal moms sick and tired of their kids being sacrificed for the Biden administration and Democrats in federal, state and local governments’ political theater and virtue signaling.

Each of the moms live – and send their children to school – in Virginia.

And all of them are life-long Democrat voters who pulled the lever for Virginia’s new Republican Glenn Youngkin last year.

One mother interviewed by The Daily Mail said she became a Fox News viewer after she realized Conservative outlets were the ones actually reporting on the impact of school closures and concerning curriculum.

She “went from a casual viewer of CNN and MSNBC to seeking out Fox News clips about the ‘schools issue’ on YouTube because they were the only ones covering it. Soon…I just turned on Fox News itself, and realized, It’s not what CNN claims it to be,” mother of two Bethany Wagner told The Daily Mail.

Another mom of two said she still believes in the Democrat Party but is far more concerned with what’s happening to her family and kids right now.

“I still believe in it. But I have to look at what’s happening in my family and with my children right now. They’re being hurt by not being able to be in school, and not in school normally. My focus has to be on making sure that they’re going to grow up and prosper and be the good citizens that they need to be,” Tracy Compton said.

Another mom says she’s about as “lefty as they come,” and is furious over the Democrats’ COVID gaslighting.

“Kids are masked, have no field trips, no extracurriculars, no sports. Not to mention the constant threat of closures when cases rise. School might be mostly ‘open’ but it is not normal. Democrats should be paying attention instead of gaslighting me and telling me everything is fine. I’m about as lefty as they come,” Ashley, a mother of three who campaigned for Bernie Sander in 2016 and supported Elizabeth Warren in 2020 told The Daily Mail.

Tracy, Bethany and Ashley are not alone.

In 2021, according to Gallup, Democrats went from 49% of the country identifying with the Party, compared to just 42% at the end of the year.

Meanwhile, the GOP started 2021 with just 40% of Americans identifying as Republican, but by the time the calendar flipped to 2022, that number was up to 47%.

That 5-point net advantage for the GOP is the largest lead Republicans have ever had over democrats in the Gallup polling.

And with the reaction from parents across the country, it’s no surprise the bulk of that 14-point swing happened after the school year started back up in September.

Democrats celebrated turning the suburbs blue.

But with moms sick and tired of Democrats’ radical policies, they won’t hold suburbs long.