Beto’s campaign is on deathwatch after he was asked this one burning question


Beto O’Rourke became an overnight media sensation when he ran against Ted Cruz.

Now he’s a leading contender for the Democrat presidential nomination in 2020.

But his campaign is on deathwatch after he was asked this one burning question in a town hall meeting.

The Democrat race for president is quickly becoming a race to the far Left as the base of the party embraces even more radical socialist policies.

And in typical socialist fashion, this slew of candidates is hellbent on forcing Americans to cough up more and more of their tax dollars to be redistributed for their socialist utopia.

But O’Rourke found himself in hot water when his tax returns showed he donated less than 1% of his hefty income to charitable causes.

Over the last decade, O’Rourke’s average income was nearly $350,000, but he donated a measly $2,400 on average per year, or 0.7% of his income.

In 2017, the media darling made a staggering $366,455, but his charitable donations were less than one-third of one-percent: $1,166.

This is a common theme among Democrats.

Bernie Sanders, another radical socialist, also donated less than 1% in his first million-dollar earning year in 2016.

Democrat presidential candidates want to take more of your tax dollars and dole them out using the government so they get credit for “helping the poor.”

But when it comes to giving to the poor and needy using their own income, it’s clear they prefer to keep their own pockets stuffed.

One student at the University of Virginia brought up O’Rourke’s charitable giving, asking why her sister, a woman just one year out of college and makes a lot less money than O’Rourke, donated more to charity.

And his answer has him in hot water.

I’ve served in public office since 2005. I do my best to contribute to the success of my community, of my state, and now, of my country. There are ways that I do this that are measurable and there are ways that I do this that are immeasurable. There are charities that we donate to that we’ve recorded and itemized, others that we have donated to that we have not.

But I’m doing everything that I can right now, spending this time with you — not with our kiddos, not back home in El Paso — because I want to sacrifice everything to make sure that we meet this moment of truth with everything that we’ve got.

So unlike most conservative Americans – especially Christians – who give their hard-earned money to charity, O’Rourke’s charitable gift to all us taxpayers is “Beto O’Rourke” and his “sacrifice” is demanding everyone else cough up more money so he can pay for his socialist utopian vision.

What do you think? Do you think this could sink Beto’s campaign for president?

Let us know in the comments.


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  2. The party that keeps on giving. Beto is a perfect example of the hypocrisy that is rampant in the party of the deranged. Take Maxine Waters, for example. Rages against the border wall, but lives in a multi-million-dollar mansion surrounded by a wall. It gets SO tiring for anyone with a modicum of intelligence.

  3. He is not a leading contender. Just because the media announces how wonderful he is doesn’t make him so. They would stand up and cheer for the damn devil himself and we are talking veteran commentators and hosts. What has happens to decent reporting have they all turned stupid and oblivious to facts and decency??

  4. According to the Beto rule my many years in the USAF should preclude my having to donate to charity I am fairly certain that my many years of service keeping our nation free is worth more than Beto has ever done

  5. There are so many idiotic people running for the presidency of the USA. Beto, ashamed of his Irish name? Why does he have to pretend he is hispanic? He has no platform but he had an idea to take campaign funds to put his very wealthy wife in business. At least that what was told. What respectable contender put the drilling of his teeth on the internet? This guy needs psychological help. Anyone with the antics of this dude is a dangerous candidate. Then again, his big ego will do him in and expose his lack of capable success. If he lost the win of the Senate, what makes this fool think he should be president?

  6. What the hell did he ever do that would indicate he is able to lead this country other than marrying well?
    Go home Beto!!! You are embarrassing yourself.

  7. Democrats are sort of like loony birds with small brains, they don’t care where they are going, they only want to see where they have been. I will never vote for a democrat again. They are tearing this wonderful country apart, a little at a time. Lets keep our President, and help to continue to MAGA.

  8. Beto must believe he is God’s gift to all of us. Hence, his availability to us counts as charity…perhaps more! Glad he is “bearing his soul” to all us lesser beings. Hope he stays on the campaign trail and out of Texas. We didn’t want him in 2018 and don’t want him now. The guy is a creep having dreams about running over children with his car…SICK!

  9. The problem is that there are many– more than ignorant morons out there who will vote for this idiot.

  10. He’s like the vast majority of the Democratic party, bright as a burnt out light bulb.

  11. Beto O’Rourke’s Presidential Campaign was already sinking and does not need any more “help”! Just avert your eyes (unless you are fascinated by tragedy) and move on!

  12. President Trump donates all of his $400,000 salary to others, yet he is accused of being a racist, monster etc. No telling how much he contributes to Charities and his church. Trump also paid millions for his campaign and supported others with theirs.

    Question, how does a congressman make more than $350,000/yr? How much does Beto Boy contribute to his own and other campaigns??


  14. Just more progressive liberal hypocrisy, what else can be said? Of course they want others to pay more, so they don’t have to. It’s the Democratic way!!

  15. I believe the Democratic Party have only Light Weight candidates and are Not sure Who has the best chance to beat President Trump in the 2020 elections.That’s why the Dems have soooo many candidates running at this time.They will beat each other up till they feel they have picked the candidate with the best chance.Your guess is as good as mine.

  16. It’s perfectly clear that we must point out to the general public what kind of people the Democrats really are. Every misstep, every cheap trick, every crime, etc that they do must be shown to the people. O’Rourks comment was total B.S. it was incoherent double talk like almost all of his statements. He’s a real crazy guy too & people must be made aware; they must be made aware of all the Democrats lies and down right stupid, harmful policies

  17. I do not like the Guy at all, but I will agree somewhat to saying, His service to his Community is a form of giving. I personally served my Community for over 40 years as a member of the Jaycees, served a term on the City Council, & 14 1/2 years as Mayor. I’ve always had a saying of ” Either give of your money, give of your time, or shut the hell up.

  18. Like ma ma always says stupid is as stupid does. I’ll bet he got paid for all he did for us didn’t he. So I guess that puts him on the receiving end not the giving. For those out there that think we’re all less smart then they visit St. Judes. Then tell me about your great gift to man kind.

  19. For sure! They are all hypocrites and talk out of both sides of their mouth for their own gains!!

  20. So, Beto is doing everyone a favor by donating his time, but nobody asked him to, or wants him to, which means he is Wasting our time and should be paying us to have to listen to it. Beto, the fake Mexican along with the fake Indian need to go home and quit wasting our time, They have no chance of going anywhere.

  21. The Democrat party as well as the MSM all have the same talking points.They all sound like a broken records .Trump should sue all these idiots for defamation. Beto and now the gay prick in Indiana should see that they have no real chance against Trump.

  22. Robert Francis O’Rourke is a fraud. He has nothing to offer our country and should shut up and get out of the race for POTUS, the Dim-O-Rats are going to lose bad anyway. Hell, in spite of having much more money then Cruz, he lost. How does the think he is going to beat a popular incumbent President like President Trump? Beto is a moron.

  23. That’s right Pauline.
    That includes you hero tRumpy!! He’s another immature idiot for sure!! Time to get him out of office.

  24. I really don’t think that a man who has lowered unemployment to the lowest level in 50 years, ended ISIS, cut crime and raised our economy every quarter as much as Obama raised it in any of his years is an idiot.

  25. Yeah he such an immature idiot that he has played the dems like a drum and has been able to do everything they said he couldn’t. do you remember when Obummer said he couldn’t bring back industry that Obummer ran off, “what magic wand does he have” evidently a very good one. Stop being such a baby your side lost and someone that cares about the people not just himself won. Is he perfect? No, but who of us are. Just think how much more Trump could have accomplished over the last 2 years if he had the support of all you dimwitted Democrats. it’s time for all this nonsense to stop and get on with MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN
    The great awakening is coming

  26. What!! After Mueller’s report you still support the worst person we have ever had as president?? You must be asleep at the wheel. Where is your head – up your a**??

  27. Tony Bauer – “bearing his soul” – now that’s funny!! How about “baring his soul”. Please learn to spell correctly and then using the right word. hahahaha!!

  28. Agreed. The guy is a hack and an embarrassment to us all. If he were to win, I would put a bag on my head and a t-shirt saying “I am NOT with him”. I would say let us keep our booming economy and our freedoms with our president, although imperfect, is trying his best to do the right thing for the country. I do not want some selfish idiot running things who will take my money to spend foolishly and he is not willing to part with his own (0.3% to charity! Humph! ) many good charities would benefit from even 5% of his $(around 18k).

  29. Trump gives all of his salary as president back to the government from which it came! Of course we all want to end the economy we are enjoying, more people working than ever before, lowest unemployment in 50 YEARS, conservative supreme court judges, conservative lower court judges who have knowledge of and follow the constitution when making judicial decisions, renegotiating trade deals that harm the U.S., attempting to solve the illegal immigrant problem on our border, getting Americans released who are being held held by foreign goivernments, lowering taxes on hard-working Americans, etc. We must stop all these positive things happening to our country before its too late!!!!!!

  30. Robert O’Rourke is sinking his own ship. If he’s missing time with his “kiddos”, man up, get out of a race he is unqualified for, and be a father to his children if he’s so concerned about them. He is a laughing stock and IMO, doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of winning town dog catcher much less the Presidency!

  31. There is something not right about this person. He comes out of no where and thinks he is the saver of the world with the idiotic ideas he steals from someone else. I Personally I flip the channel when his face appears or his voice. He must know that Americans are not as stupid as he thinks we are.

  32. You are so full of so many lies, that it is sad to read your comments. Dream on – you will see the truth come election 2020!!

  33. It’s very sad when I get $1,153 a month in S. S. and have NO savings or other income and I give more (AT LEAST $130 per month = $1,560) to charity than MULTI-MILLIONAIRES!!


    Robert Francis O’Rourke, the phony trying to look like a Latino. Beto!
    Jim Acosta a phony dude named ABILIO, goes under the name Jim
    as he tries to pass himself off as an ANGLO!

    The two Sissy Marys should get married and have a dirt Cake at the reception.

  35. I don’t even understand what you are trying to say!! Probably something so dirty that I wouldn’t like it anyway.

  36. Nancy Alexander you’re a jerk it’s not dirty it’s just that what he’s saying that Robert Francis O’Rourke is trying to pass himself off as a Latino which he ain’t a Latino and Jim Acosta is trying to be a phony dude and he’s trying to be a ANGLO which he ain’t

  37. you are a dim wit snowflake, ad you are too stupid to know a great president when you see one, go back to your cave.

  38. you may spell well Nancy, but when it comes to our country, and politics you are a total failure. Semper Fi.

  39. You’ve been flapping your mouth, but I don’t see any truth in what you are saying. How about some proof?

  40. And you missy, need to learn to write proper English. We don’t use “ain’t” when the correct words should be is not or isn’t. Please clean up your act!!

  41. How about Sarah Huck Sanders lying to the American public when she told us “many in the FBI no longer had any faith in James Comey”. She lied to us but finally told Mueller the truth. That’s a good one, don’t you think??

  42. I’m in the bottom of the Barrel regarding finances and even I give more to charity then both Sanders and O’Rourke combined. It’s important to give but I sure as heck don’t want them raising my taxes and taking my money for what GOD has Cursed. They use our money to Murder the Unborn and Born. They take our money and give it to Countries that want to destroy Jews and Israel. The Democrats are Cursed and I don’t want them taking my money to put into Cursed things or Cursed People that will cause me to be Cursed. O’Rourke and the other Democrats won’t win they Cursed themselves by what they did to Israel and the Jews by that Iran Deal and giving money to destroy Israel as well as what they have done with Abortion. There is also the thing of what they tried to do to President Trump. Every plot and strategy that they tried to do to take down a Duly Elected President is going to come back on their heads and anyone like the Media or Hollywood Elites, Witches and satanist that stood in Unity will also be destroyed by the Curses that they have tried to bring on President Trump, the Unborn and Born as well as what they did to Israel and the Jews with their BDS Nonsense. Mark my words not one of them will be standing. They brought it on themselves and will not be able to blame anyone but themselves.

  43. No we don’t support Obama(the worst person we ever had as president) we support Donald Trump! Get over your snooty self righteous liberal jerk self!

  44. Nancy is unable to provide any support for her claims, the support was not in the script she was given to follow!

  45. These left-wing America destroyers bring to mind the question.
    Why is it that there are more horses asses than horses?

  46. Nancy , you sound dum enough to be on the demtard ticket why dont jump into the race. Surely you could beat sleepy joe.

  47. Nancy you are great , you prove the point everyone is trying to make. Keep your comments coming it’s comedy !

  48. Thanks for not defending him, Sandee. trumpsky is not defendable in any way. He is still the “town idiot” and “class clown”. You are the one who has been fed a line and believed it. I would advise you to stop deinking the koolaid, hon!!

  49. You may be “dum” too, but I at least am smart enough know that’s not how you spell “dum”, hon. dum is really spelled “dumb”. You all forgot the “b”. Check it out! Thanks for letting me give you a spelling lesson!!

  50. That’s so sad that you continue to support a racist, misogynist, serial cheater and liar. Trumpsky has to go!!

  51. Lutetia, you go on using the word “ain’t” all you want to! Ain’t is a correct word for Texans in the Texas version of English! Nancy, it sounds like you have your nose stuck so far in the air that you are having nose bleeds!


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