Beto O’Rourke went after Benjamin Netanyahu and what he said could end his career


The 2020 Presidential Election is gearing up to be one of the nastiest campaigns ever recorded.

Every Democrat candidate is going on record saying outrageous things just to get air time.

But what Beto O’Rourke said about Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu could end not only his presidential run, but also his career in politics.

O’Rourke has been in Iowa on the campaign trail speaking to voters.

During a stop, O’Rourke said the US-Israeli relationship is among the most important “on the planet.”

But then he decided to single out Netanyahu calling him “racist” and an obstacle to peace.

O’Rourke stated:

“That relationship, if it is to be successful, must transcend partisanship in the United States, and it must be able to transcend a prime minister who is racist, as he warns about Arabs coming to the polls, who wants to defy any prospect for peace as he threatens to annex the West Bank, and who has sided with a far-right, racist party in order to maintain his hold on power.”

Netanyahu is a huge supporter of President Trump, and Trump views Netanyahu as not only an important ally, but also a friend on the world stage.

It’s no surprise Beto O’Rourke is singling out Netanyahu as he calls for a two-state solution.

Of course, his version of a “solution” is to have Israel give leaders of Palestine a large swath of land that is already part of Israel.

And the fact that Trump has formally recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel has many on the Left fuming.

Trump also signed a proclamation recognizing the Golan Heights as part of Israel, overturning a longstanding US policy and handing Netanyahu a huge foreign policy victory right before his upcoming re-election.

Beto isn’t the first Democrat to come out swinging on Netanyahu.

His new colleague in the House, Rep. Ilhan Omar, has come under fire for her immense anti-Semitic rhetoric against Israel and its current Prime Minister.

She was forced to apologize after Democrat House leadership condemned her remarks.

But the fact is, anti-Semitic rhetoric is becoming a primary platform plank for Democrats.

What do you think? Do you think Beto’s career in politics could be in jeopardy if he keeps following Rep. Omar’s anti-Semitic lead?

Let us know in the comments!


  1. O’Rourke is a ten to fifteen year older version of AOC and Omar. Just as dumb, little more experience, but totally unsuited to run the country and interact successfully with other world leaders. Overall, I think this comment hurts him, but within the Muslim faction of the demonrat party, probably helps him.

    • Beto knowledge of the history of Israel is very limited and so many are many other Americans. Palestine has NO right to any land in what God gave the land to the Jews per the Bible Number 34.

    • Beto wants a two-state resolution for Israel and the Arabs who call themselves Palestinians. Israel has offered the Arabs living within the 4500 hundred borders of Israel.

      The Arabs are being offered to move to a state called Palestine, Texas. Beto (Frances) Orourke does not want these murderers in his home, Texas.

    • Yes.. He would be an embarrassment to me waving his arms and mouthing idiocracy . Can you imagine a man like that representing you at the U.N.?

  2. Whatever this incompetent fool says will be glossed over or not reported by the drive-by media. Whatever that element can do to uplift this worthless individual, they will. He exemplifies the anti-American Democrat party.

  3. Beto O’Dork does not know his a*s from a hole in the ground. He is the epitome of a nobody and should be considered as such.

  4. Bimbo O’Reek wasn’t even wanted by his own state! What does that tell you? I’m from Texas and anyone who is so obviously tryng to get the Mexican vote by calling himself “Beto”, being TOTALY Irish, can move to Mexico if he’s so enamored with it He’s a crook! He annexed land in El Paso so his family could make millions.

    • I am a Texan, too. I think Beto is the epitome of open mouth, insert foot, only he is so busy dancing around on table tops, waving his arms, he can’t quite get his foot as high as his mouth. Too bad, it might cut down on the idiotic things he says. Ashamed we have such an idiot in our state‼️ 🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱

  5. Beto is trying to be a Obama clone by using the name Beto instead of his real name Robert. What a loser. Hopefully, he’ll self-destruct before the real primaries start by saying more stupid stuff.

    • I think he already self destructed. Making so many off the wall comments leaves a bad taste in peoples mouths, I’d much rather read off the wall posts from Donald than listen to off the wall comments from someone who name is Robert yet identifies himself as Beto?

  6. I think he is looking at the Muslim numbers–thanks to Obama and the millions he shipped in and hedging his bets that they will outnumber Jewish people in the not too distant future since they are reproducing at a rate of 8 to 1, where as everyone else in the country is basically a 0 population growth level. They are playing to the numbers. Get ready for sharia law.

  7. Beto needs to take a comprehensive course in the History of the Land of Canaan/Israel and get his facts straight!!!! I would be extremely happy to educate him and the rest of the DREK in his circle about tis region!!! Starting with the Land of Canaan, the Twelve Tribes of Israel, the Hebrew Language (the only Canaanite Dialect still in use today). Educate him on Emperor Hadrian’s attempt to erase the Jewish People from their land, and renaming Judea SyriaPalestina.

  8. What Beto SHOULD be doing is calling-out Netenyahu for his ZIONISM, and his support and approval of what the Israeli Defense Force is doing to innocent Palestinians!!!

    • I call you out for defending the not so innocent Palestinians. The IDF is way to tolerant and forgiving of the Palestinians than they should be

    • And you have proof of this????
      Israel is the best thing that even happened to the Arabs!!
      Under Jordanian occupation the Arabs were treated like horse dung!
      Under Israel law, they live FREE with all the rights and privileges of an Israeli
      Under HAMAS and HEZBOLLAH and the Palestinian Authority they are treated as second class.

      Palestinians are FAR from innocent. Teaching your children to murder over land that was NEVER theirs is insane. Show me proof of an Arab nation called Palestine!! Show me currency, kings, archeological proof, a culture, a president, show SOMETHING!!

      This rhetoric of Poor Palestinians is FAKE!
      Any Arab living inside Israeli borders knows this.
      If the Jews put down all their weapons there would be war in 24 hours.
      If the Arabs stopped murdering and shooting missiles, stabbing families, and burning 10000 tires at the border, stopped sending balloons with bombs there would be peace.
      Israel has made more overtures for peace.
      The Arab world has done nothing but perpetuate war.
      Every one of their charters calls for the destruction of Israel.

      Zionism is a recognition of a nation that has survived for 1000’s of years,
      Palestinian is the name Hadrian gave to the NATION of JUDEA and SAMARIA.
      Arabs are from ARABIA.

      • “Under Israel law, the [Arabs] live FREE with all the rights and privileges of an Israeli”
        Since there are more Arabs than Israelis live in Israel including the occupied territories, how come the Arabs do not run Israel?

      • Keren wrote: “Zionism is a recognition of a nation that has survived for 1000’s of years”
        Israeli activist Gilad Atzmon says: “ZIONISM is racist and it is Biblically inspired (rather than spiritually inspired). Being a fundamentalist movement, ZIONISM is not categorically different from NAZISM. Only when we understand ZIONISM in its racist context will we begin to comprehend the depth of its atrocities.”

    • If you’ve ever read the Bible….the current situation fits perfectly in the end-time scenario. Jesus was a Jew. Centuries of wars between Israel and “Palestinians” are historic. Arabs have always sought to destroy Israel, but God calls the Jews HIS chosen people.

      • I agree, there are so many signs that we are indeed in the last days, read the Bible, read the last chapter, Revelations, and see if this does not sit the current events. When evil is called good and good is called evil, we are here, Pray for the country and the souls who believe in Christ, the God Almighty.

        • Yes.. He would be an embarrassment to me waving his arms and mouthing idiocracy . Can you imagine a man like that representing you at the U.N.?

        • You are right about Obama favoring Muslims. They have taken over the government in one country…Belgium If I recall.

  9. I sure hope all the anti-Semitic Democrats face defeat in 2020 and that their political careers end with their support for this un-American position.

  10. This POS idiot wants to be careful who he makes false accusations about. I’m more than sure Netanyahu is capable of chewing this ignorant nobody up and spitting him out. It is amazing how these demoSCUM can’t say one thing about anyone who does not fit their agenda without calling them racist or some other name but cry like a raped ape when it comes back at them.

  11. I hate to have to agree with an individual so far off rational thinking as Robert Francis is on every other issue. However, Netanyahu is the perfect poster boy for a war criminal. He goads the US into spending our blood and treasure fighting his illegal wars for him and assisting in his never ending annexation of Palestinian and Syrian land. There is no basis for the US calling Israel an Ally. I can find no example of them expending any effort in supporting the US in anything but meaningless words. A better example is their well documented attack on the USS Liberty and killing of over thirty US Navy personnel. They are leading not only the US, but the entire world to WW3. They dominate the US media in every area and have succeeded in brainwashing the uninformed US sheep.

    • Congratulation on speaking the truth about Netanyahu and Israel. Hopefully in the near future the truth about Israel’s involvement in 9/11 will come out and maybe the world will know what a racist, warmongering country Israel is. Right now they control the U.S. government because they control the Congress with their money.

    • You are both totally insane. YOU are the ones who are brainwashed. YES, Israel is our ally and they are God’s people. Jesus will return to Jerusalem. Either you are very ignorant or lying Muslims


  13. The slobs on the left would call Jesus a racist! Beatoff will get the nomination as the more inane the 2020 clowns are, the more support the “free cheese” set give them.

  14. O’Rourke like all the other Democrats thinks it is OK to interfere with the Israeli Election but it is not acceptable if another Country does the same when a US Election is on the line ! Talk about HYPOCRISY ! The Democrat god Obama the Lying Kenyan did exactly the same thing !

  15. Research Proves Jews are not Israelites. Ashkenazi Jews are NOT Descendants of The Biblical Israelites! Proof modern Judaism is not the Religion of the Old Testament Bible. It is really the Babylonian Talmud and the Kabbalah. It is Anti-Christ ( Satanic ), Racist and Supremacist! See About the Talmud.

  16. Antisemitism is a moral stance against the evil outrages of Zionism. Antisemitism is righteous and Godly. God curse evil Netanyahu.

  17. His career is over only if the voters of his district, particularly any Jewish voters, wake up and hand him his pink slip.

  18. The Zealously Anti-Semetic Democrats Has Brazenly Displayed It’s Hatred For This Country And For The American People And Has Displayed The Same Kind Of Blind Hatred Towards Israel And The Good Israeli People And Such Legitimately Warrants Removing And Permanently Banning These Dangerous Traitors Who Is An Direct Threat To Both The United Stated And The American People From Our Government.

  19. All of this is nonsense. Especially about the rights of Palestine to exist. It was the Jewish state that gave them some land to call their own in 1948. Thing is they never signed the agreement. So there was no Palestine in ancient history. That area was part of Persian empire After that was broken up that land was held by many countries. After the War 1948 the British mandated that the Zionist give the up some territory to the Arabic people which they did the Golan heights but like I said they never signed the agreement so it reality the Jews still have the Golan Heights too

  20. Beto is truly not presidential material let’s just face it! His statement about Israel has and will hurt him greatly! He drives me crazy flapping his arms while running his mouth and doesn’t have the intelligence required for the Presidency. He does not motivate me and I see no charisma as he has been referenced by a few in the media. He is annoying at best!! He has no record or accomplishments of any kind just like Kamala Harris in the Senate and has been a follower NOT a leader. God help us if anyone thinks he is the man for the job. By the way,…I am a native Texan living in the state for over 45 years. Only some of Ft. Worth and El Paso really favor him because they are largely hispanic, which he is NOT, but comes from a town who is! Not true home grown Texans that I know, and there are plenty of us to keep our state RED!! All the natives and good old boys will be voting and it won’t be for Beto!

  21. Robert Francis doesn’t need to worry, his base and the media have their new little darling.
    The guy eats dirt for cryin’ out loud, and the jumping up on tables folks ARE EATING AT still doesn’t affect his standing.
    Like many little darlings, as long as he can gain attention by skateboarding across a stage, he’s good, playing to the like-minded sixteen-year-olds the democrats want to bring into the election…
    If folks notice, he only makes these bizarre statements AFTER someone else says it.
    – Can’t even capable of making up this loonytoon stuff on his own…
    If only most left-crazed adults will stop and realize this guy’s a wackadoodle before next November…
    Must be getting info from the same hollow chamber as aoc (soros maybe…) …and the earth’s gonna end in 12 years too. We’re waiting to see if he remembers it’s eleven NEXT year. ;D

    • Ya have heard of Stolen Valor well when Robert Francis O’Rourke uses the Spanish word for Robert trying to pass for Spanish that is Stolen Citizenship

  22. AMEN to 99.5 % of you. I looked for one positive comment about O Rourke so I perhaps missed one! I am 84.5 years old and we are allowing our country to get worse! For whomever who does not agree, LEAVE. At my age, I live on a very limited income but will make a donation for who will start a fund for a slow bus to ship O Rourke and his buddies to a country where he feels more of a fit and leaves us alone! Ler’t FIGHT FOR FREEDOM. I will make a donation to buy a ticket for ORourke and his buddies to leave our country,

  23. Clearly Beto and the rest of the Demorates are banking on the Mexican votes. Legal or illegal but I cant imagine having a President that believes eatting desert dirt has mystical powers.

  24. Robert Francis O’Rourke is a flash in the pan whose time is rapidly passing or, by now, has passed. He has become just another member of the crowd of second rate aspirants.


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