Beto O’Rourke gave an answer to one question that ended his presidential campaign


In order to win the nomination, Democrat presidential candidates have to appeal to their increasingly radical base.

So they’re trying to one-up each other with outrageous policy positions to build up their “progressive” street cred.

And what this Democrat presidential candidate just said about abortion will make your jaw hit the floor.

Many pundits view Rep. Beto O’Rourke as the Democrat frontrunner despite the fact he lost his race for Senate last year.

Now he’s feeling the pressure to demonstrate how far left he is.

And he just came out in support of third-trimester abortions.

You can watch the video of O’Rourke stating his support for abortion up until the moment of birth:

Beto’s betting that by adopting this radical stance on abortion, he can compete with the field’s most left-wing candidates.

But his position is completely out of touch with everyday Americans.

A Gallup poll shows only 13% of Americans are in favor of third-trimester abortions.

Democrats are not winning any new voters by supporting killing unborn babies.

The debate regarding third-trimester abortions has recently blown up in the news.

The state of New York recently legalized abortion up to the moment of birth.

But when legislators in Virginia proposed a similar law, it blew up in their faces and became a national scandal.

Then, in a desperate attempt to “save” the bill, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam endorsed infanticide on live radio, to the detriment of his political career.

Beto O’Rourke may attract voters from California and New York, but his stance on abortion won’t fly in a general election.

The Democrats believe that by going further to the left, they can win the 2020 election.

But they are just playing right into Donald Trump’s hands.

In fact, many Trump voters cite his 2016 debate where he called out Hillary Clinton for her support of third-trimester abortions as their reason for voting for the President.

The more Democrats make moves to appease their radically progressive base, the more they risk losing states such as Ohio, Florida, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania.

Beto O’Rourke may have just sealed his fate in 2020.


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