Bernie Sanders was attacked by the last person he thought possible


It should come as no surprise to anyone that the radical Left has a much higher influence on the Democratic primaries this year.

Which is why what happened in Cedar Rapids, Iowa was so bad for Bernie Sanders.

Sanders was attacked by a radical Left-wing actress and now both of them are in career-ending trouble.

Angelica Ross is a transgender actress who is involved in the Democratic Caucus in Iowa.

Recently, she hosted the LGBTQ presidential forum in Iowa, but Bernie Sanders decided not to attend.

Allegedly, he had other events scheduled at the time and was unable to make time for the forum.

That’s when all hell broke loose.

Angelica Ross blasted Bernie Sanders for not supporting the LGBT community and is rallying other activists against him.

Others are telling the LGBT actress that her attacks are unfair and are embarrassing her online.

Now, both Bernie Sanders and Angelica Ross are in trouble with their base and it doesn’t look good.

Breitbart reports:

Transgender star Angelica Ross is going on a social media hiatus following backlash from supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT).

“Going to take a break from social media for a while and let me team run my accounts,” Ross tweeted Sunday.

The actor-activist hosted the LGBTQ presidential forum in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Friday, which featured all of the Democrat presidential candidates except Sanders.

The 38-year-old star spoke to the Guardian following the forum and criticized Sanders for skipping the event.

“I was disappointed to not see all of the candidates here. I was further disappointed to hear this was not the only LGBTQ event Bernie was making other commitments for,” Ross said. “You don’t show up for both of our LGBTQ events? That’s obviously telling us all we need to know.”

Angelica Ross’ attack was outrageous, but it shows how unhinged the Left has become.

Candidates running for President have busy schedules and simply can’t make every single event.

They are forced to choose where to spend their time and money and have to make tough calls.

Now, she’s going radio silent on social media because her fanbase has completely turned on her for attacking Bernie Sanders.

And Bernie Sanders is doing everything he can to save face with the LGBT community.

What do you think?

Will this scandal destroy Bernie Sanders’ 2020 chances?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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  2. Yeah Bernie, the alphabet people make up a huge percentage of the overall voter population. You need to be concerned about their “feelings” and support to be a good member of the demonrat party. Btw I have taken it upon myself to group the party of infanticide and the alphabet people with the mms under a new and more honest term. The party of F.E.A.R. which stands for false evidence appearing real. Quite appropriate!!

  3. It was be very hard for all these insane Democratic candidates to pick which Nazi agenda events to attend , to show their support. The transgender prison reform and bathroom debate. Abortionists . The alphabet people. Removing GOD from anything and everything in the United States, group. What ever is wrong and morally incorrect, that’s where you will find a Democrat!! Sorry Bernie, but when you back Satan and his agendas, you already have lost your soul so it will only be down hill from now on. You choose poorly…..

  4. Bernie Sanders referred to Trump as a “homophobe,” and while I think the label more accurately describes Mike Pence, the fact is Bernie Sanders, the Democratic Party, and the political left in general stand with the LGBT community.

  5. Vasu, I knew you could do it, a short precise post, good job!! However did you notice that when the “phobias” started it was the same time the said phobias(esp. Homo and islamo) started to become more aggressive and “in your face? Today I say, with confidence, that homophobia and islamophobia are simply common sense. If you honestly look at what these two groups of people are trying to do, and in some cases, have done, to our society any rational person would have to agree.

  6. The democrats don’t care about alphabet people. They just use every identity group as political pawns.
    The democrats have a big tent of pawns to use. On one side you’ve got alphabet people and on the other practitioners of the religion of peace that want to throw the alphabet people off buildings or stone them to death.

  7. I don’t think Muslims stand with alphabet people last time I checked. So you’ve got factions in your own party that are not on the same page.

  8. When you are a Left Wing liberal, your “career” (so called) should have ended LONG ago. These people have a SEVERE case of the TERMINAL STUPIDS, which is PERMANENT. Look at what they stand for! This is because they are so out of touch with reality, is it any wonder ANYONE would hire them AT ALL?!? Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (KEEP America Great Again).

  9. The LGBT life style is an abomination to God. My pray is that the LGBT community will read the word of God and believe it, not because of what I said but because God said it I pray those of this life style repent of their ways so they may be in the Kingdom of God. Before you get angry at me for what I just said do your homework first. Prove me wrong

    As far as candidates that supporting the LGBT I pray God open there eyes before it is to late for America. We must pray no one of these candidates get into the office of President. If he or she does we are doomed as a great nation. God will turn His back on us for sure. If you don’t believe me study the rise and fall of the great nations of the world. immorality was the number one cause of there fall

  10. You’d think they are finished, but with the continual aid and promotion of the vast media majority, they just keep coming back- like some bothersome pest infestation that no matter what treatment is employed, still manage to infiltrate and attempt to overtake your home.

  11. Vasu, Mike Pence is a Christian, which you have no clue about. God FORBIDS homosexuality. If you have actually read the Bible, which I doubt, you would know that He calls it an abomination punishable by eternity in Hell. It is a sin like any other sin. We all sin and must be forgiven. But those who FLAUNT their sin, like the alphabet people, do not care about God and already belong to satan.

  12. David, I believe you. You are right on. But I am going to make two corrections…it is “their”, not “there”. And it is “too”, not “to”. There, you had your English lesson for the day. I hope you are not too upset with me.

  13. These Lib voters never cease to amaze me. I understand the candidates if elected the become the elites and become super rich and powerful but the idiots that vote for them think they’re getting something free however the end up eating out of garbage cans. Can’t fix stupid

  14. I am not a Bernie person, in fact there is not one of those hair brains on the left worth supporting. That said, I surely don’t blame him for staying away from the Queer events. Those people are crazier then the candidates trying to win the hair brain event of the year.

  15. The apostle Paul claims the risen Jesus told him three times, “…my grace is sufficient for thee…” and some “Christians” take these words not as grace to stop sinning but as a license to indulge in sin. And Paul warns that drunkards, thieves, idolaters, fornicators, homosexuals, etc. will not receive the kingdom of God and that some of his followers *were* these things, clearly indicating coming to Christ means giving these things up, giving up sinning altogether. (I Corinthians 6:9-11) The “Christians” I encounter revel in fornication and deride anyone not “getting it” as a real loser. If “three times” excuses fornication, it also excuses homosexuality, since Paul condemns both in the same verse. Are homosexuals “flaunting” their lifestyle as you suggest, or merely asking that, like fornication, it merely be accepted as the norm?

  16. I really don’t care what happens to either one of them. Don’t even know who she/he is? Both of them just need to be gone from politics and acting.

  17. Vasu, You know nothing at all about what the Bible teaches. It is just a bunch of words to you. You have no concept of what a Christian is. You come on a Christian site and proceed to quote the Bible. YOU have no concept at all of who Jesus is or His great love and sacrifice. You have not applied what you read. When are you going to come to Jesus and repent and accept Him as the Lord of your life??? Until you do, you have nothing. We all sin and must be forgiven to enter into Heaven. NOTHING excuses any sin. Jesus died and went to Hell for our sins and He conquered satan, sin, and death. YOU have the choice to accept the great love and sacrifice of Jesus and be saved or deny Him and follow satan to Hell. YES, homosexuals are flaunting their sick perverted lifestyle. They are trying to force the rest of us to accept their sick perversion. We do not have to. Jesus commands that we hate all sin.

  18. Hey bj how ya doing, falling right into there hands aren’t you. Did you know Jesus and satan had a talk just before you came into the world. Yes, they new you were incapable of leaving alphabet people alone or anyone that thinks differently than you. So they thought for hours about what to name you lol. The only thing they could come up with was, yes you probably guessed letters of the alphabet lol, bj as in well, you get the message. I guess God dose have a sense of humor, you’re putting down alphabet people and here you are BJ, what exactly dose that stand for in alphabet language. Satan speaking ???? nothings going to save you pal.

  19. America was founded on the fact that we are all different and free to be so. We are duty bound to love one another but that doesn’t mean one has to LIKE everyone!

  20. Coronavirus weaponized by China and their treasonous Godless demoncratic Commie party and cohorts to crash the greatest US economy ever! And to take down the greatest president ever, President Trump!! Keep up the great work President Trump! 2020 and beyond! From the Patriots of a Commie Demoncrat free America!


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