Bernie Sanders couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw what bill just passed in his state


State legislatures all over the country are taking matters into their own hands on abortion, preparing for Roe v. Wade to be overturned.

But no one saw this coming.

Not even Bernie Sanders could believe the bill his state just passed.

States like Georgia and Alabama have been passing legislation to protect babies with Heartbeat Bills that ban abortion after a heartbeat can be detected.

But this has caused the Abortion Lobby to grow more emboldened than ever.

As a result, the Vermont legislature just passed a bill defining abortion as a “fundamental right.”

The bill passed the state house 106-37, and the Senate 24-6, and is on its way to Governor Phil Scott’s desk, who is self-proclaimed “pro-choice.”

Christian Headlines writes:

A Vermont bill declaring abortion a “fundamental right” that cannot be infringed is headed to the desk of the state’s Republican governor.

The bill, H. 57, cleared its final hurdle Friday, thrusting the state into a national debate over the unborn…

Democrats control both chambers. It passed the Senate, 24-6, and the House, 106-37. Republican Gov. Phil Scott is pro-choice, although it’s not known if he will sign it.

“The State of Vermont recognizes the fundamental right of every individual who becomes pregnant to choose to carry a pregnancy to term, to give birth to a child, or to have an abortion,” the bill’s text says.

Additionally, the bill says the state’s public entities shall not “interfere with an individual’s fundamental rights” to “choose to carry a pregnancy to term, to give birth to a child, or to obtain an abortion.” The bill defines public entity as the “Legislative, Executive, or Judicial Branch of State Government.”

Democrats in Vermont are trying to ram through this bill as quickly as they can because they know Roe’s days are numbered.

So they want to get legislation under their belt that will enshrine abortion on demand all the way up until the moment of birth.

And critics of the bill have been describing it as the most radical pro-abortion legislation the country has ever seen.

This is yet another example of Democrats showing their true colors.

Long gone are the days of “safe, legal, and rare.”

Now they are championing the murder of unborn boys and girls as a “fundamental right that cannot be infringed upon.”

But this has created a problem for pro-abortion politicians.

The American people overwhelmingly support some form of restriction on abortion.

And as long as these pro-abortion politicians keep championing and ramming through anti-life legislation, they are only pushing everyday Americans further away from themselves.

That could spell doom for them in future election years, including the high-stakes 2020 elections.

Do you think abortion is a “fundamental right”?

Sound off in the comments below.


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  2. Simply put, Abortion is the taking of a life. There is nothing in our laws or our Constitution that makes the taking of a life a fundamental right. In fact the taking of a life is considered as murder. Yes there may be extenuating circumstances, BUT NO MATTER HOW YOU SAY IT, THE TAKING OF A HUMAN LIFE IS “NOT” A FUNDAMENTAL RIGHT.


  4. TOP KILLING BABIES……The unborn babies also have rights…….It is NOT a fundamental right to KILL unborn babies……

  5. No one seems to be talking about the fetuses right to their life. We all started off as a conceived egg that went through stages of development to be a human being. The constitution we all are given the right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The fetus is the most helpless and dependant human there is. Where are their rights to life when they taken away before they get birthed. I would bet that 100% of them would choose life over death.

  6. I wonder if these pro abortion individuals have kissed their mother for giving them life. Apparently their mother didn’t feel like they do, otherwise they wouldn’t be here to tell us how great abortion is. Poor innocent babies aren’t given a choice. If they had a choice, it would be “please don’t kill me”.

  7. Baby has a beating heart at 6 weeks gestation. It’s ALIVE and should have advocates to protect it’s innocent right to life. Abortion is murder, unless the baby has miscarried and been lost & in that case, has to be removed surgically along with the baby’s sac. Otherwise, IT IS MURDER!


  9. Years ago when I was a teenager and yes we did have sex, one could not buy condoms like they are readily available nowadays. Because even as a teenager, I felt responsible for my actions and safety of my partner. Nevertheless, as difficult as it was to obtain them, we did not engage in sea without them. This current generation lacks responsibility for their actions. Using abortion as a birth control method is abhorrent to me. While there are circumstances that warrant an abortion such as the mother’s health being endangered or rape, I am not against the practice as long as it occurs promptly after establishing pregnancy if there is such a valid reason. But waiting months and months to make such a life/death decision goes beyond one’s supposed humanity.

  10. An abortion after the 1st Trimester is murder,not a fundamental right. When there is a heartbeat it is alive.

  11. Abortion is Murder! Plain and simple. If you want to play be responsible use a condom, or birth control. If you don’t then you have the child and give it up for adoption. There are many people who would want a child since they are unable to have one. Only God has the right to end life. No one else.Murder is against God’s law and civil law.

  12. I have no problem with abortion being a fundamental right in Vermont. I don’t have to live there, and wouldn’t live in such an immoral state. The problem I have with Roe v Wade is that it made abortion a NATIONAL right and I have nowhere to go. The Supreme Court never had the authority under the Constitution to make a national right out of a state matter. Roe v Wade should be overturned complete and states should decide whether and when it should be permitted, in line with the states’ Constitutional authority.

  13. I have never been so ashamed of my state and my governor if he doesn’t veto (yes, I know the scum in the legislature can over-ride his veto) legalized murder!

  14. So true Barb, the hypocrisy of politicians who favor infanticide, the aborting of children at birth but yet feel that the death penalty for convicted killers is cruel and inhumane!! How can these politicians explain that??

  15. You have to be Mentally sick to Abort a child.
    It seems to be an inconvenience for these women to give birth to their children.

    Close your legs!.

    If you must have Sex, Please
    Use contraception, have the man use a Condom too.
    If you’re too young, you have No business sleeping around.
    Do not take into pressure.
    Learn to say, “NO”.
    Never put yourself in a Predicament that you’ll have problems getting out of.
    If you’re alone with a guy that likes you, get away or chances are, you’ll end up PREGNANT!!!
    Think before you act.
    Think ahead, be Smart…

  16. Thinking further on this subject, is my state also going to bring back the death penalty for heinous crimes? If not, I ask why.

  17. “The State of Vermont recognizes the fundamental right of every individual who becomes pregnant to choose to carry a pregnancy to term, to give birth to a child, or to have an abortion,” the bill’s text says.

  18. The State of Vermont needs to recognize that “The Word of God” is absolute. Hell awaits the people responsible for the premeditated murder of God’s little children, each with his or her own soul.

  19. If these women had to prove health risk to get an abortion, 95% of the abortions would be denied because carrying a baby to term is what women were designed to be able to do naturally!!! Instead they use abortion as birth control where no risk to the mother exists. God will judge them so who am I to deny them the right? Yet we are all going to be judged and I will not stand before the Almighty without the defense that you were warned. The Bible clearly states that life is in the blood so from the time a fetus forms it’s own blood type it’s an innocent life before God. The Bible also states that life and death have been declared before you, choose life!!!

  20. From a woman who lost many babies before having 3 survive they are lying about abortion. A child is a child from the moment of inception. I knew when I was pregnant. I also knew when they died because of some defect or because it was just not to be. I still grieve. I can see all my children around our dining room table when we eat. I know they can’t come back to me but Like David in the Bible I know I will some day go to them. God said “I knew you before you were conceived” God has a terrible wrath and I would not like to stand before him and say it was my right to kill my baby. The Bible in Exodus 34:19 says:  All that openeth the matrix is mine

  21. Abortion is not a fundamental right! It is MURDER! Women have the right to choose to get pregnant but they do not have the right to murder innocent babies! Theyhave been allowed to do this killing without any penalty and they should be held accountable should they kill their baby along with the physician!

  22. In order die, beyond recussitation, a certaib brainwave has to go flatline. The name excapes me. So, if this really means death, wouldnt the initiation os said brain wave be the start of a life? I posed that statement and question to a family physician years ago. He knew of this brainwave. His answer – “That brain wave starts while in the womb. ” Glad to see these states getting some backbone, finally.

  23. ‪Expose, Boycott, Sue, prosecute and bring to justice all these deep state treasonous NAZI commie liberal Muslim demoncrats and RINOs post-haste,Patriots! Drain the rat infested swamp President Trump!‬

  24. Since abortion is over 60 percent concentrated in minority communities, I could rightly state ( at least as correct as the left usually is) that Vermonsters are just racist white people from the north and trying to keep their state as unsullied by diversity as they can. Start shipping them the illegal families from the border, and watch the logging jobs slip away to the lower wages they will work for.

  25. Abortion is murder. according to Proverbs (Ch:6) it’s worse than a sin . . . It’s an ABOMINATION. And, woe to those who practice and deceive others by it.

  26. This is about the ” Right to Live ” not about the Right to choose like the Radical liberal left wants everyone to believe !

  27. Joe M, you are correct. Abortion is murder, and whether they believe it or not, they will have to answer to God some day. The Bible says murderers will not have eternal live.

  28. It is self-evident that the embryo/fetus is a human being. If you don’t interfere, a child is born.
    Yet the Supreme Court doesn’t know that life begins at conception.

  29. Thus proving Vermont is a state full of village idiots thus demonstrating Vermont is also another state of poor parenting.

  30. Never can understand why they call it “pro choice”. A choice is pre-meditated. Anything after the fact is a “wish.” Wishful thinking in the all cultures is a fools game. This is a step in the “leftist” movement’s pied piper
    attempt to convince our youth that failure to be responsible has no consequences. Thus they whittle away at your rights. i.e. It’s her baby should she choose to murder it, it’s his baby if she decides to keep it and wants financial support. Surprised by ignorance between two people in this day of information overload.

  31. Ad hoc aftermarket birth control for a bunch of feckless pusillanimous pipsqueaks who don’t have the moral fiber or character to keep their knees together, and that goes for the sperm donor too. Murder for convenience! What crap! Cowards and hypocrites ALL! Lazy cowards…fear of gestation, childbirth and child rearing and RAGING HYPOCRISY!!! Not a one of them, if it were their mother’s feet in the abortion stirrups wouldn’t be screaming their lungs out “NOT ME PLEASE…I DIDN’T MEAN ME!!!!!

  32. So now the murder of a baby is an unalienable right???? These people are deranged and depraved. Our Declaration of Independence says we have the unalienable rights of LIFE, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The Declaration says they have been given to all humans by their creator, and which governments are created to protect. What they are doing is the exact OPPOSITE of what this country was founded on. But that is what dems are all about. They hate this country and all it stands for.

  33. No it is not a FUNDAMENTAL right to kill a child just because it is inconvenient to raise that child, just because it has not left the womb yet does not change this fact.

    As once CONVICTED abortionist that was doing partial birth abortions stated “what’s the difference” referring to the fact he understood there was no difference between pulling a child part way out to kill it and reaching inside the woman with the same “tools” to kill it outside of the risk to the mothers life it was still the same operation on the same unborn child.

    This is NOT ABOUT THE WOMAN’S BODY or their right to CONTROL what happens to it as once they conceive a child by doing the EASY TO AVOID action that results in pregnancy they are carrying an INDIVIDUAL that is not part of their body to declare they have a FUNDAMENTAL right to kill an infant that SCIENCE CLEARLY shows is a COMBINATION of the DNA from both parents and thus A SEPARATE INDIVIDUAL would be no different than saying they can toss the child in the trash AFTER it is born simply because it is INCONVENIENT to take care of the child.

    A child does not SUDDENLY change its DNA or what it is when it is born. It is the same creation it was in the womb when it exits the womb as such it has the same Constitutional right to life as all citizens of the US.

    Remember the failed argument that it is just “genetic material” ended as soon as High resolution sonograms showed a human shape just days after pregnancy along with the ruling in the lawsuit over the failed abortion when the child was born with NO ARMS OR LEGS because they were torn off in the failed attempt to kill the child in the womb.

    If the child was SHAPELESS genetic material rather than a HUMAN BEING it would simply been a smaller human due to the loss of SHAPELESS genetic material that had not formed a child not a quadruple amputee from the procedure.

    Add in that more women are mutilated or killed during “legal” abortions than when they were illegal and all the arguments about it being SAFER and the CHILD not being a LIFE yet used to get this declared a “right” are gone.

  34. Yes, that is a great idea, obviously they do not believe in the rights of life, as life is a gift from God, make the libtards go away, as they have no value for life, therefore, there is no value of their life.

  35. So I could go up and shoot anyone I want and just say I didn’t like them so I aborted them! what’s the difference?

  36. Excellent point, one of my great-granddaughters would not be here if her grandfather from the other side had his way, I am so thankful for that little angel this crosses my mind every time I see her and it enrages me to think about it!

  37. Culture Watch: Your headlines are almost always deceiving. With a democrat controlled house & senate, what else would you expect?

  38. Fact: No man has ever died in childbirth, but countless hundreds of millions of women have. Pregnancy and childbirth have not been safe for human females since humans began walking upright, and growing big brains and big skulls to keep them in. Any woman who becomes pregnant is putting her life at risk. No man has the right to force a woman to risk *her* life for what *he* believes in. And yes, a person does have a right to kill somebody who is threatening their life.

  39. Larry Mondello: EXACTLY accurate, and if indoctrination can remove responsiblilty for murder, it can also willingly “shoulder the burden” of spending responsibly (AKA POWER), so WTP won’t have to concern ourselves with all the danger inherent in citizens knowing what NWO actually will mean. Your use of “Pied Piper” analogy is perfect.

  40. abortion should not be used as birth control. if ya don’t want to get pregnant, act like a human and not an animal. do something to keep from getting pregnant, even abstain from doing what can cause it to happen.

  41. My answer to ‘my body, my right’ is that the baby’s body is separate from the mother’s body, they are two different people with different DNA. Abortion kills the unique individual inside the mother. It is therefore murder.

    But I need to say to women that have had an abortion that I do not condemn them. Ask for forgiveness, accept forgiveness for God is forgiving. And go forth in a renewed life of service to life!

  42. We have Denver, Colorado grooming young children into a perverse lifestyle and Vermont sanctioning the murder of innocents. Remember Jesus Christ’s admonition, “It would be better had you tied a mill stone around your neck and cast yourself into the deepest part of the sea than harm one of these.” This was from his Suffer the little children to come unto me, lesson. Those who intentionally harm the little ones shall face the wrath of GOD. Maybe that is why there are so many atheists in LIbertardism, they are really hoping when they die it’s all over, instead of sitting for all time on a hot rock in Hell wishing for a sip of ice water. Another incident where I wish for GOD to bring down his Old Testament Wrath on criminal sinners.

  43. Get your tubes tied if you don’t want to carry a child and don’t like condoms. Simple, and no one suffers.

  44. There is a time to prevent pregnancy and that is before it happens. We have more contraceptive options than ever and still women don’t use them. There is an implant now that lasts a year or more. This is just an excuse for people to be reckless and uncaring about the results. But murder of an innocent life is not the option.
    There are so many arms waiting for the unwanted babies out there.


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