Bernie Sanders’ campaign could be over after he was humiliated by the last person he ever expected on live TV


Bernie Sanders is quickly gaining traction in the polls ahead of the Iowa Caucuses, and some think it’s still possible he could become the Democratic nominee.

But his latest appearance on a late night comedy show is changing everything.

And the last person he ever expected humiliated Sanders on live TV and it could mean the end of his presidential campaign.

Sanders is only weeks away from the Iowa Caucuses and poised to be a top three finisher.

But Stephen Colbert may have sunk his campaign with one question.

Colbert hosted Sanders on his show and asked a question that forced Bernie Sanders to give an embarrassing answer.

Colbert asked how Sanders how he intends to travel back and forth from Iowa and the campaign to D.C. to vote on impeachment.

That’s when Bernie Sanders was forced to own the fact he will be using a private jet each time.

Sanders has the audacity to use a private jet while he preaches about how global warming is destroying the planet.

Breitbart reports:

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) admitted during an appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Thursday that he will use a private jet in order to travel back and forth between the Senate impeachment trial in D.C. and early voting states — a move that stands in stark contrast to his firm position on combating climate change.

“Word is, we have heard reports — and I would like to find out if you can confirm these — that in order to sit for the Senate trial and campaign in Iowa, you’re going to be using private jets at night,” Colbert said, referencing reports indicating Sanders’ purported plans to increase his private jet usage during the Senate impeachment trial.

“Probably one jet,” Sanders clarified.

“Multiple rides in a private jet,” Colbert said.

“Yes, yes,” Sanders confirmed.

This is a major slip up before the first big test of the 2020 Democratic candidates.

Democratic voters can see how much of hypocrite the Senator really is.

This interview could destroy his credibility to voters concerned about the environment.

The polls are tight and losing Iowa would place Bernie behind other candidates like Elizabeth Warren as they head into other states like New Hampshire, where Warren has home field advantage.

Stephen Colbert, of all people, could very well be Bernie Sanders’ undoing.

What do you think?

Will Bernie Sanders win the Democrat nomination?


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  2. Colbert is a loser and am sure he was paid, in some manner, to do this on TV. I stopped watching all the late night shows as they are nothing more than demonrat caucuses showing off how smart they all are, with softball questions and answers.
    Colbert is a worthless snake.

  3. This won’t end Sander’s campaign. It seems like democrats are used to hypocrisy among their own and just look the other way. The only thing democrats care about is defeating Trump.

    Did democrats care that Biden is on camera bragging about doing exactly the same thing they are trying to impeach Trump for? Of course not.
    Democrats don’t care about right or wrong. Only winning.

  4. Democrats have one goal. Defeat Trump and they will attempt anything to get it done. They have no conscience. They are unacquainted with the terms right and wrong. They know no shame. They cannot be embarrassed. They have no moral values. They are bodies without souls.

  5. That’s BS if you think Sanders using a private jet between DC and Iowa during the impeachment garbage will have an impact on his campaign! Maybe him taking a crap in Iowa will pollute the state forever!
    Let’s get real!

  6. Robert, everyone has a soul. We get to choose where it will spend eternity, Heaven or Hell. The dems have chosen Hell

  7. I know people are against “ageism”, but anyone running at his age should instead endorse and finance a younger candidate with the same beliefs.

  8. Robert DeLong: Everything you posted, is exactly how I feel about the demon party! And Colbert, is nothing more than a walking, talking billboard for them! I can not tolerate him one iota!
    On a personal observation, why has Culture Watch changed it’s format? You used to be able to leave replies under certain people’s comments. Now it appears that option has been deleted . I wonder why???

  9. It’s a known fact that the liberal party preaches on how to run your life and what to give up but it never pertains to them. They want no guns unless it’s them, they want no planes, unless its’ them, they want no walls unless its for them. etc, etc, etc.

  10. Why does liawatha have “home field advantage” in New Hampshire? Cuz MA and VT are BOTH adjacent states. Just askin’.

  11. It doesn’t matter anymore who wins the presidency the dems and libs have let so many enemies of America and disease carrying illegals in the U.S. we are all going to be dead in 10 years anyway

  12. All democratic runners for Presidency should be exposed for the frauds that they really are and I haven’t posted such a comment so Culture watch doesn’t want to post my comment !

  13. The democrats do whatever they please with our tax money, none of them should be able to use a private jet to fly, we all know they are NOT paying for it out of all the money they have stolen from the taxpayers, everyone that don’t like what the democrats are doing should go to Washington when they are having one of their meetings and walk up and down the street carrying signs that we the people are not going to keep putting up with the crap they are doing…

  14. The Dumbascrap party has no morals nor scruples anymore. They’ve sold their souls to the highest bidder and want nothing but absolute control like in all communist countries where people die if they disagree with any of the leadership. That’s been proven over and over again and the foolish lemmings here just keep walking over that cliff. The leadership of the communist party, nee Demonrats, never care about anything but themselves and party. Not a single member of that party gives a tinker’s damn about anything or anyone else. Just notice how party members were coerced and threatened with a warning they would regret it if they didn’t vote for the impeachment BS. One had enough guts to tell about it as he left the party. My question is why aren’t these traitors in jail???? Their actions are treasonous and seditious and are NOT free speech. Lies and crimes aren’t covered by the 1st.

  15. I agree with every single statement above. Their one goal is to beat Trump, by any means at their disposal, regardless of how it affects this country. By any means, legal or illegal, moral or immoral. They want power, pure and simple.

  16. This is another reason on calling for people who hold one office to have to resign if they are going to be campaigning for another office. We don’t pay you to be running all over the country for two years wasting our time and energy. That’s BS!!

  17. Hypocrisy, lying, cheating and fabrication of falsehoods is a accepted process of doing business for Democrats so it will not bother them at all. This is very similar to the way Muslims feal that it is ok to do this plus torture and murder to anybody that is not Muslim.

  18. PSA: If you arrived here because you accidentally subscribed to the email list, commenting on the news articles is not the way to unsubscribe.

  19. Both Biden and Pelosi have children who either are or have been on the board of directors for oil/gas/fossil fuel companies. Does anybody really believe that they would vote in favor of limiting fossil fuels and having their children lose their jobs? How many other Demonrats have family members that work in the fossil fuel industry?

  20. On a scale from one to ten, Joe Biden’s energy level is negative infinity.

  21. I like Bernie should have voted for him in the primary in 2016 instead of tRUMP because he might have beaten the DOTARD we have now and we definitely would not have the CULT of DOTARD PERSONALITY sycophants like we do now


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