Berkeley lecturer let it slip how Leftists really feel about rural Americans


Leftists always claim to be fighting for the working class and the downtrodden.

They use this claim to cloak their power-grabs as “virtuous.”

But one Berkeley lecturer let it slip how Leftists really feel about the working class in rural America.

George Orwell’s “The Road to Wigan Pier” is a sociological examination of coal miners, industrialists, and Left-wing intellectuals.

The book essentially concludes that Left-wing intellectuals don’t have true concern for the poor coal miners, they simply hate the rich industrialists.

That disconnect has always existed on the Left, and one Berkeley lecturer made that perfectly clear with his elitist comment on Twitter.

Campus Reform reports:

Jackson Kernion, who describes himself as a Graduate Student Instructor at Berkeley, having taught at least 11 philosophy courses at the university since 2013, took to Twitter Wednesday to explain the academic reasoning behind his distaste for people from rural America, calling those who live in rural areas “bad people who have made bad life decisions.”

I unironically embrace the bashing of rural Americans. They, as a group, are bad people who have made bad life decisions. Some, I assume are good people. But this nostalgia for some imagined pastoral way of life is stupid and we should shame people who aren’t pro-city,” he wrote in a since-deleted tweet.

After receiving backlash for his comments, Kernion issued a pseudo-apology for the “tone” of his tweet.

And there it is.

This is precisely how Leftists feel about Americans in “flyover country.”

It feeds into the Left’s illogical philosophy.

For example, Leftists like this Berkeley lecturer are all exclusively environmentalists, but they hate rural areas and advocate for cities run by bureaucrats.

The truth is, the Left is all about doing and saying whatever is necessary to seize power.

Berkeley was once the center of the free speech movement.

But now that the Left control’s the school’s administration, they no longer value free speech.

It’s amazing how that happens.

Do you believe Leftists are being sincere when they claim concern for the working class?

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  2. Racist white folk have always hated rural Americans along with colored folk and brown folk and red folk and yellow folk ahahahahahahahaha

  3. Yeah except cities are mostly colored folk who grub up on relief. White folk are repulsed by violent, expensive, crowded, rude, cutthroat cities. Open spaces, fresh air, good manners and very few of the deceitful and manipulative government trash.

  4. The Leftist are all about communist dictatorship just read your history 1917 the Russian revolution what happens when mar is take over Stalin kills all wealthy people he kills all who were loyal to thr Zohar. This is the George Sorrous View for the United States GET George Sorrous out of the picture the Left will beslienced

  5. i know rural folks very well. I grew up on a working farm/ranch and most of the business people I know are farmers-ranchers. Rural farmers grow the food the leftist academicians eat, even the soy and lemon grass. They raise the chickens, sheep, and cattle. Because most are self-reliant, they have more practical and common sense than all the leftist professors and lecturers put together.

  6. The worst life decision I made was moving to the city. Disgustingly dirty, rude, self serving cry babies. The best was coming home to rural America. Where respect, integrity, honesty and hard work are valued. The back bone of this country. God fearing Christians who know what fire arms are for and it’s not for destruction of humanity.

  7. Yes, Warren, I agree. If it weren’t for rural farmers, the elitist professors wouldn’t have any food to eat! Those of us who live in “flyover country” are wise to stay where we are. The cities have problems I have no desire to be a part of.

  8. WHERE does your FOOD to feed your Worthless bod come from jackie!!?? Due to the fact that you are a Despicable DEMORAT PIG who Slurps from the tax payers trough, you are LAZY SWINE who hasn’t worked a day in your life!! How dare you spew your pontifical HYPOCRITICAL CRAP about CHOICES,some are victims of circumstance!!! DUH!!

  9. Jackson Kernion, who describes himself as a Graduate Student Instructor at Berkeley, having taught at least 11 philosophy courses at the university since 2013, shares his opinions about a very significant portion of the population of America.

    Mr. Kernion is an individual who to date, has not had to rely on his own ability to “produce” as well as no general life experience other than as an employee who depends on others to provide the financial ability to live his life. Mr. Kernion has no meaningful accomplishments other than finishing his own education, which was largely paid for by others.

    Notibly, Mr. Kernion has no practical experience in creating value or employing people, as well as no experience in meeting a payroll, understanding cash management or actually raising debt to support operations, capital expansion and future planning.

    All of these experiences that are so well spread among the men and women of “middle America,” can never be and should not be expected to be appreciated, by one who spends his life “taking” and never producing.

  10. Maybe he should not eat any meat or vegetables then. See how far he gets with that! Just because you’ve got a degree & teach at a “prestigious “ college does not mean you are smart. God help our children.

  11. In my Sociology class, we were tasked with going to a city and just say hi to someone and see if you get a reaction. That night I was in downtown and I saw a little old lady and all I said was, “Hi, ma’am.” She walked a bit faster. I repeated my greeting to her and she walked even faster so I repeated my greeting for a third time and she almost broke into a full out run! I was kind of amused but didn’t think twice about her reaction. In my next Sociology class, our prof asked if anyone did what he requested and I told my story. His reply was eerie, in a way. He said that withing 10 years, the people in the city will think the people in the country are crazy and the people in the country will think the people in the city were crazy! He went on to say that it would be the country folks that are truly the sane people because of there being less stressed out individuals being able to cope with everyday life. Jackson Kernion must not have gotten this memo. Rural living is less congested with automobiles and people. If you come across an accident, country folks are far more likely to get out and help the victim(s). Not so in the city. City folks are more likely to be thinking of getting sued or they don’t have the time to help. What Jackson Kernion just admitted solidifies what my prof told us so many years ago. If something should happen and we are without electric and all other modern conveniences for an extended period of time, who will weather this storm out better, the country folks or the city folks? I can hunt, fish, trap, track, make coffee out of roots, know the weeds that have medicinal properties, grow my own crops, can my own crops, start a fire without a single match and so much more. Now, Jackson Kernion, you crazy SOB, what would YOU do in this scenario? Probably be looking for the kind of person you enjoy “bashing”? Being raised in a country setting all of my life, we were taught to treat people the way you want to be treated. The sad part is, I would still feed your sorry butt if you were hungry but, you would have to work for that meal!

  12. Jackson Kernion is a “Hunter Biden” wanna-bee. Apparently in his Philosophy class he yearns for the day that he too can land a $50k to $83K job not knowing the language, not knowing anything about the Job and only because a relative got some poor foreign government official on the “play to Pay” gig.

    Jackson can dream sitting in his “inner city” dwelling or he can rise up, stand on his own two feet and become self reliant like so many others that Hillary calls the Deplorables – (you know the people that actually make this great country WORK).

  13. That’s what the GREEN NEW DEAL is all about. Taking people’s transportation and forcing them to use mass transit. Thus, by necessity they will have to move to the cities where they can continually be surveiled by “BIG BROTHER” and the “thought police.”

  14. Jackson Kernion is a jerk. The school should fire him. I had a fine, very old friend who once told me “if you aren’t serving humanity, what are you doing” The RURAL population serves humanity because we know how to take care of ourselves and others. We are not takers and users, we are givers and providers. Perhaps he should lecture in a country where food supplies are lacking for various reasons. As I said, he is an intellectual idiot who couldn’t find his ass at high noon with both hands.

  15. This is why the left HATES the electoral college because it gives rural Americans a voice in our elections instead of letting California decide who will occupy the white house.

  16. He knows nor values the qualities of pastoral living. Notice how many city friday ok long to have an escape place in the country or at a lake or seaside. Many city couples who once they have children actually move out of the cities

  17. This is all utter nonsense. You can’t extrapolate the attitudes of all leftists, democrats, liberals, or anyone else from the opinions of one single graduate student. The view of rural America as a bucolic utopia is also a myth. Domestic food production is primarily the product of agribusiness and corporate farming, not the family farm.

  18. What this sad individual seems to ignore is the fact that if not for the hard work of these rural “bad” people living their imagined pastoral lives, there would be nothing to eat & little to wear for the city dwellers. Food & the raw materials that our essential products are made of do not grow or are mined in cities. This supposed educated person sounds like someone who would urinate in his clean water source

  19. So, the column’s author and those supporting his theory in their responses are all generalizing and making blanket statements that my not hold true in all circumstances? Ok, valid logic point. Not ALL the groups you mention hold the attitude the author espouses. Then, I have two questions for you. 1)Name one leftist, demotard or liberal who doesn’t hold this view? 2) Were Obozo, Michael(aka, big mike, Michelle) and Hildebeast (aka Stumbles McMyturn, Felonia Milhous von Pantsuit) a wrong in their statements, too? Odummer: “those bitter clingers, clinging to their guns and religion”; Big Mike: “all this over a flag?”; Felonia: “you can put all his (Trump’s) supporters in a big bag, a bag of deplorables”– hmmm, no gross (and I mean gross) generalizations there, huh, spanky?

  20. Rural Americans overwhelmingly voted for Trump so that would be another reason why elitist democrats hate them.

  21. Re the history comment by Robert, the lefttist don’t want to bring up history because it almost
    always contradicts their positions. These are the people who refer to the heartland as “flyover
    country”. They have worked, and still are working, to control the education of our youth, who,
    with others, are now miserably ignorant of history. Most of what they bellow about through the
    media and their useful idiots in Hollywood is contrary to the facts of history and the U.S. constitution.
    However, the evil people who live in the “flyover country” have gotten wise and are now flying over
    the choice of a left-wing looney when they come upon one at the ballot box. 2016 proved that, and
    2020 will underline that — AGAIN.

  22. Six years as a Graduate School Instructor??? Is he a professional student?

    Hugh W. Greene, Jr.
    A Proud Infidel

  23. I live and farm in Illinois. Yes we are a family corporation. We had to spend thousands of dollars to switch to one. This is the only way the IRS would let us deduct our health insurance. Ninety-five percent of all farms in Illinois are family farms. Illinois should be called the state of Chicago. See how well that is working out for us. We need an electoral college for the state offices. Maybe we could turn this state around but I am afraid we are on a downhill slope and picking up speed too fast.

  24. Let’s see what he thinks of us when we stop feeding him and all other sick hate-filled libs. They don’t deserve our food

  25. Thank you my friend. I was about the say the exact same thing. It’s too bad we can just focus on selling crops to locals and exporting the rest. The American Farmers and Ranchers have always been the “Backbone” of America. Those Berkley Professors and their ilk are at best the ear-lobes. No I take that back, at least for some the ear-lobes serve a purpose.

  26. I wrote a long essay explaining this, the repercussions, and the doubtful future. Unless many more people start helping President Trump and his eventual successor to clean out the radicals undermining our Republic, I don’t see how we can remain united.

    Medium shadow banned it, so I posted it on Quora. Then Quora banned it. Sometimes the truth hurts.

    It’s still on Medium, but it’s not searchable and can only be read using this friend link:κρατερός-archipelago-345f27f5e222

  27. The left doesn’t care about anything except their Shepherd who will lead them as dumb sheep to their own promise land by doing their bidding. The left wants to control its people to their way of thinking, talk about Natzisium. They are not for the people unless the people can do something for them. Besides, with all the hatred built up inside them, I sure woulndn’t want them as friends; they would stab me in the back for not thinking like them.

  28. That’s merely the reason that the left wing of the United States is wiling to admit. Some among them may also dislike the way that the electoral college stifles potential election fraud. Notice how they promote the abolition altogether of the electoral college, instead of a mere expansion of the number of electors in the electoral college? Odd.

  29. O, for luck’s sake! Didn’t anybody writing or reading this blog article notice that Jackson Kernion is mocking Donald Trump’s remarks about foreigners who breach the southern border of the United States? “Some, I assume are good people.”

  30. Smart people like that can just keep shopping at their grocery stores for their food, and getting gas at their local gas stations and life will be great for them. We can forget about their big chain stores so they can make sure they can have clothing for their backs. I wonder where he gets all the material they used to build his home? What a dumbass.

  31. The Electoral college is not the voice of all the people. It is odd when a President not win the popular vote. This means that he doesn’t have the support of most of the people. It makes he extremely hard to be leader of all Americans.

  32. The popular vote is not the voice of all the people either, but only those eligible to vote and thereby actually bothering to do so. Also, the system is not intended to elect the President of the United States in such a way as to deny the State governments a voice. The name of our nation is “United States of America” after all. The founders of the United States debated the manners of selections of all types of federal office. For the President of the United States, they decided against both of the following: one vote per State; one vote per individual inhabitant of the United States. This left all the discretion of leeway as a matter of State law. We do not have a pure democracy. We never have. No nation in the world has ever had pure democracy. All sovereign “democracies” that exist in the world come in the form of republic, commonwealth or constitutional monarchy. They are all also remarkably plutocratic as well, as they ought to be. Running for public office requires campaigning, which requires advertising, which costs resources, to which not everybody is necessarily willing to contribute even at the force of taxation. Law can be “polycentric”.

  33. We have the electoral college to stop mob rule which makes us a democratic republic.
    A pure democracy is two wolves and one sheep voting on what’s for dinner.

  34. You can’t eliminate Muslims. Once they are here and have a substantial population it’s all over. They will breed like rabbits, and hide like cockroaches. They will lie and wait, and kill you when you least expect it.

  35. Leftists, self serving FASCISTS just as bad as Hitler’s NAZI’S . I see no difference at all between them. They have their form of Brown shirt Enforcers, Antifa, just like Hitler did, who are bought and paid for by George Soros an associates. By the way, he was filmed with a NAZI uniform on just before the end of WW 2. But in all fairness to these college idiots, look who taught them. Fair Left Professors.

  36. Elitist Liberals like this guy believe themselves far above and superior to the average guy. That’s why they feel safe in issuing statements like this. If, God Forbid, they succeed in seizing full power they will ACT superior too. Dictating to the lesser folk how to live and what to think.

    Oh, wait! A lot of them already are! They’re doing that 24/7, aren’t they? It’s called the Democrat Party. And foolishly, those little guys are still voting for them!


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