Ben & Jerry’s just launched a brand new ice cream that many Americans will find sickening


Ben & Jerry’s often makes good — albeit outrageously expensive — ice cream.

But the dynamic duo behind the Vermont-based ice cream company are also avowed socialists.

And their latest ice cream is going to make many Americans sick to their stomach.

The new ice cream is called, “Pecan Resist,” a flavor to support social justice warriors across the country to oppose President Trump.

Ben & Jerry’s announced the new product on Facebook.

Today we launch Pecan Resist! This flavor supports groups creating a more just and equitable nation for us all, and who are fighting President Trump’s regressive agenda.

We cannot be silent in the face of the President’s policies that attack and attempt to roll back decades of progress on racial and gender equity, climate change, LGBTQ rights, and refugee and immigrant rights – all issues that have been at the core of our social mission for 40 years.

The limited-time product description reads:

This pint packs a powerful message under its lid: together, we can build a more just and equitable tomorrow. We can peacefully resist the Trump administration’s regressive and discriminatory policies and build a future that values inclusivity, equality, and justice for people of color, women, the LGBTQ community, refugees, and immigrants.

USA Today reported Ben & Jerry’s intends to donate $25,000 each to radical leftist groups, including the “Women’s March,” “Color of Change,” “Neta,” and “Honor the Earth.”

What are your thoughts about the company’s decision to mix politics with its ice cream?

Will their announcement change your decision about whether or not to buy Ben & Jerry’s ice cream?

Let us know in the comments below!


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  2. Ben and Jerry’s need to make a lot of Shoe Sole Nougat, with the flavor of similar to the essence of crap with brown, red and white, see if the left can choke this down?

  3. Well I think along with me they just lost a lot of customers and sales
    But a sad way to get PR
    Especially the negative kind
    Go Vote and make America
    Great and better again

  4. I will no longer buy Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. Stick to ice cream and don’t add in politics. Some people like the way Trump is handling America!

  5. Ben & Jerry’s ice cream sucks anyway so, how dare them drag politics into their stupid company! They’ll sink just like all the other radical Communists that want to ruin our country! Whether they like it or not, Trump is the best President we have ever had! He has done more to better this country than any President ever has!

  6. Never did care for their high priced stuff. This is just another reason not to buy their products. I wonder if the Pant Suit Prostitute had won if they would have made a flavor honoring her. Maybe Liars Delight or Benghazi Berry. Hope their stock takes a dive like Dicks Sporting Goods!!!

  7. The phony Capitalist/socialists!!!!! If they were such Socialists then why the hell are they only giving away $25,000?!?!!! Give it all!! Cheap dirt bag Un Americans!! Hey if you guys don’t like it here take your HIGHLY OVERPRICED ice cream to some other country and try and peddle it there!! President Trump is ou president!! When Obama was president he sucked and many many people hated him and his policies BUT did not treat him like the animal that he was!! Knock it off Snowflake!!!


  9. SOCIALIST?!! LMAO They make millions every year! If they are true to what they believe, then I say prove it and give they money away…..

  10. The far right should make its own flavor of ice cream. They can call it White Supremacy. Sure to be a big hit with Trump and all the little Trumpers. And up until today, I would have thought Kanye West would enjoy it as well.

  11. First, we should not bother with a boycott of Ben and Jerry’s directly. Instead, we should boycott Walmart to get them to take it off of the shelves. That will hurt Ben and Jerry much more.

    Secondly, I think its a good thing that Ben and Jerry did this. It advertises that the democrats are the party of Resist and Obstruct and it is good for the American voters to be reminded of this. A boycott of Walmart to force them to stop selling Ben and Jerry ice cream would further publicize the flavor to the whole voting public (not just the liberals, progressives and socialists) and would thus help us at the polls.

  12. They have been on my sh..list for a long time now but this i know for sure, my money won’t be spent on Ben and Jerry’s even if it’s on BOGO! They are just the hippies of old who pretend they are special environmentalists and they are much smarter than the rest of us. One question: what are they resisting???

  13. Or they should, to be fair, issue some ice cream names and brands that represent conservatives like:
    Whiney Watermelon
    Stagnant Strawberry
    Corrupt Cocoanut
    Colluding Caramel
    Racist Raspberry to name a few!

  14. If Americans do not support Our President & hate Our Country & Destroy Our
    Flag that stands for freedom. Remember FREEDOM Isn’t FREE someone paid the
    Ultimate price. The People who want the illegals here should take them into their homes
    & support them, & illegals will not be allowed any Government funding, & if Ben & Jerry’s likes them so much, then they should support them & can not claim them on their Income Tax. This Is America not Mexico, Or any other Country. If these illegals cannot take care of their own Country what do you think they will do to Ours??? I don’t eat Ben & Jerry’s ice Cream.
    & if the Americans don’t like Our Country I’ll help you pack! I am so sick & tired of people saying they feel sorry for the illegals, no one seems to care about Our VETERANS iiving on the streets, WE as Americans should take care of Our Veterans & Thank Them for Our Freedom & Their Service.

  15. That is a good one, Eric! What about Bone Spurs Banana, Lying Licorice, or Conspiracy Nut Delight?

  16. Never have been a big fan of Ben and Jerry’s. Just some more lefty garbage to stoke the fires of hate and bigotry.

  17. Conservatives should have stopped eating their products a long time ago. They have done things much more repugnant than this.

    They do not care if we buy their products are not. The fact they have so much money it allows them to act and say whatever they please.

    They have been childhood friends, birn in Brooklyn four days apat.

    Ben in high school drove an ice cream truck. He attended several colleges dropping out of all of them. He taught pottery making.

    Jerry went to college to study medicine. He worked as an ice cream scooper in colege. After college he worked in a lab. The friends began to share an apartment.
    Thry decided on starting s business making bagels, but the equipment cost too much. They settled on ice cream. They opened Ben and Jerry in 1978.

    They had to battle Haagen-Dazs over distribution rights. They realized they needed help in battling Pillsbury Company who owned Hasgen-Dazs. Di they brought in someone with experience.

    Their mission from the beginning was society, environmental education, solar energy, using hirmone/ free milk in their ice cream, reducing planet waste by recycling, water conservation and energy conservation. Activist all their adult life. Liberals all the way. They were arrested at the Capitol in a Democracy awareness protest. The group wanted to protect voting rights and get big money out of politics. Thry have protested for racisl justice and fir environmental causes. They are very vocal about political issues they do not like. They are Sander’s supporters .

    They were arrested for protesting a military base that was near their homes. They did not like the noise. They did not want F-35 jets there. They did have a fight with liberal PETA. PETA wanted them to use human breasr milk instead of cow milk in their ice cream

    So you see they are nit a Trump supporters. I do

  18. This should put the nail in the coffin of their business. Let the libs eat it, there are plenty of alternatives out there. As a conservative who supports the President, I won’t give them a nickel!

  19. I never buy overpriced Ben & Jerry’s, especially since learning a few years ago just how anti-American they are. They keep on proving it. Since they hate our President so much, I hope they give any investment earnings they’ve gotten as a result of President Trump’s elimination of stifling regulations and tax cuts back. You would think business owners would have a clue on economics. I guess you can’t fix stupid.

  20. thank you for someone son is supports women rights, for someone support everything you talking about, thank you for standing up and taking stand.

  21. Ben & Jerrys taking a Political side, they won’t catch me buying their product anymore.
    Trump just gave them a nice tax cut, NO appreciation.
    I can’t believe a business would take a chance to insult 1/2 the Nation for a Political reasons, poor business practices.

    This is also why we need term limits. Term Limits will provide LESS Corporate Influence.
    We need more & new options for Voters. People who would like to serve R Not able to compete w/ the Money spent by Lifetime members.

  22. Stopped eating B&J when they “sold” out to big business… been eating Haagen Dazs for quite a while… but budget wise I am switching to HEB’s brand, much cheaper and they give back to our community or Blue Bell…

  23. If I bought Ben & Jerry’s at all, ever, I would stop. I can only hope that others will begin to see how ridiculous they are.

  24. I’ve never eaten B & J ice cream, originally because it’s never been on sale.
    But for many years now I haven’t because I disagree with their political positions.

  25. I stick with Blue Bell as usual!! It’s always laughable to see multimillionaire SOCIALISTS!!! They NEVER have to live with their OPINIONS!!!

  26. I’ve tried some, their “ice cream” once it sucks big time. Since they want to be stupid, great, can’t wait for them to go belly up.

  27. Maybe we should start a Vacuum Cleaner store and sell Ben & Jerry’s Vacuums! It would be a good statement how “Ben and Jerry’s suck.”

  28. dittos! don’t need their product or their political beliefs shoved down my throat. done with them and I believe it will cause them big financial hardships as well.

  29. I will not buy from any company that has against the president of the United States. Be it a product or food. Stupid idea to get political when you are in business. You can only hurt yourself. Republicans will not buy your products. You could cut your business and half. You lost me!!!

  30. Ben & Jerry’s ice cream contains higher levels of dioxins than the largest garbage incinerator in the world. This was actually discovered more than 15 years ago.
    Dioxins are carcinogenic.
    Probably causes brain cancer which appears to inflict almost all liberals without the growing tumors.

    Regardless of growth, it is definitely malignant!

  31. WOW! Bad idea to mix politics and food. I guess their parents didn’t teach them table manners and possibly senility is getting them down. I am happy I never bought their overpriced average dessert.

  32. I would never buy any of this ice cream. I try to avoid giving my money to businesses that will use it to work against my principles.

  33. Ben and Jerry live in this isolated white dream world called Vermont. About 300 Muslims in the entire state! I will never buy this crap again. If they really cared about people the would not make high calorie high fat products that cause obesity, inflammation, cancer diabetes. I actually broke a tooth on a shell in their ice cream. Their plant is filthy with lice drippings everywhere!

  34. Personally, who gives a rat’s toss what these idiots are promoting? Not moi! I will “RESIST”. None of their products that I have tried in the past have lived up to their hype, or their ridiculously $$$$’s prices. Just and equitable? “Trump’s regressive agenda”? Like make America great again? What “progress” have these leftists made – racial and gender equity? DJT’s predecessor set these issues back 60+ years. Climate change? The very nature of this “cause” is absurd. LGBTQ rights – really? Refugee (Look the word up) and immigrant rights? Why do people coming here from anywhere outside of the USA think they have rights? At the expense of hard working, tax paying American CITIZENS? B &J get your heads out of your a**ses. There is no Utopia.

  35. Well said Barbara Goble, I agree with every word & couldn’t have said that any better! And as for you,truth is important,your as much a racist hate monger as Blo&Job!

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