Ben Carson infuriated every radical Leftists with just four words


Democrats have long despised Ben Carson.

Being a black man who started from the bottom, they believe they are entitled to have his support.

But he’s an independent thinker, and he infuriated radical Leftists across America with just four words.

Just this week, Democrats launched a scheme to get Ben Carson removed from his position as Housing and Urban Development Chairman.

Members of his staff went to The Washington Post to relay comments he made stating that “transgender people get the same rights as everyone else, but they don’t get to change things for everybody else.”

Carson also allegedly said that women don’t want “big, hairy men” in their shelters.

When speaking to Tucker Carlson, he didn’t deny the comments.

Instead, he added, “nobody gets extra rights.”

LifeSiteNews reports:

Last week, The Washington Post reported that unnamed HUD staffers relayed comments made by Carson during a private meeting that “transgender people should get the same rights as everyone else, but they don’t get to change things for everybody else,” and relayed conversations with shelter operators and women’s groups who didn’t want “big, hairy men” entering these shelters.

The staffers were reportedly surprised and dismayed by the phrasing; an unnamed HUD senior official responded that Carson “does not use derogatory language to refer to transgendered individuals,” and had been referring to men who merely feign transgender status to gain access to vulnerable women.

Nevertheless, numerous Democrat leaders and presidential candidates, including Sens. Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren, condemned Carson and called for him to be fired. On Friday evening, Carson appeared on Tucker Carlson tonight to explain the situation:

“I simply pointed out the fact that, you know, we have to have policies that take into consideration everybody’s rights,” Carson said. “I say everybody has equal rights; nobody gets extra rights.”
Transgender activists claim that as soon as they declare they are a different gender than they were born with, that becomes a fact.
And men have been using that argument to gain access to women’s homeless shelters, and other facilities specifically designated for women.

Carson is not afraid to call this insanity out.

Do you agree with Ben Carson?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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  2. Ben Carson is the left’s greatest fear. An intelligent self made African American Man. God bless him. Come on everybody, use your brains and vote Trump/Pence 2020!

  3. This is fake news, the link is a about a historic article about the vatican & a pope!! An article that may cure cancer!!

  4. oh, Vasu……….despite your surprisingly short post, LGBT “rights” are special rights. personally, I think each one of those freaks deserves a noose or a bullet to the head


  6. God bless Ben Carson he is not a politician like our president. He’s a smart man trying to do the right thing and solve problems. Unlike the Dems and some Republicans that are only there for themselves and not the citizens.

  7. Vasu, but that is what they WANT…SPECIAL RIGHTS. They are very sick and their goal is to FORCE the rest of us to accept their sick perversion. We do not have to and we will not

  8. We love you Dr. Ben Carson. You are absolutely correct in everything I have ever heard you say. Thank you for being a good man and a very very intelligent one.

  9. I absolutely agree with Carson. The left can go sink themselves in the Pacific as far as I’m concerned. Left means commuist which means treasonous pigs.

  10. Brilliant, Dr. Carson, just brilliant. Rights are rights, why should the LBGTQ get more be cause they want to change their sex.

  11. Ben Carson is a great man. He says what is right and I hope will continue doing that. He’s a human being with a good heart. Anybody and I do mean anybody that says or posts negative things about him are ignorant fools! Keep up the good positive work you do Ben and God Bless You Sir.

  12. Ben Carson is a great man. He says what is right and I hope will continue doing that. He’s a human being with a good heart. Anybody and I do mean anybody that says or posts negative things about him are ignorant fools! Keep up the good positive work you do Ben and God Bless You Sir.

  13. Dr. Ben Carson would never have been in the position to make such a difference in any other administration–just with Trump. Trump knows quality people and gets them to join him in Making and Keeping America Great!

  14. This is exactly the problem with this intersectionality Cancel movement. They want to cancel every ones rights and place their rights above everyone else?

  15. In the past special programs, privileges, rights, favors, etc, for blacks only, were made law. Are still on the books & milked by the lazy, stupid who refuse to grow-up. Queers want the same. That’s where they get the example of special favors. Unless blacks willing to give-up calling themselves worthless (minority), why should queers change?

  16. It used to be that when someone was mentally ill, we tried our best to make them well again; Now, we’re told we are supposed to buy in to their illness and accept it as normal?? Thank you, Dr Carson, for stating the obvious truth.

  17. Dr. Ben Carson is 100% right. Nobody gets extra rights. And what is wrong with him saying that? It’s the truth. Democrats are out of their minds. Ben Carson is a brain surgeon for God’s sake, what could Democrats possibly say against him? NOTHING! The entire Democrat party should be thrown out of office. They’re investigating not legislating. What are WE paying them to do?!

  18. Do they not have anything better to do then go after every Trump appointees? The dens far left is pushing the envelope to a point it’s not only going to backfire on them, but some crazy out there is going to take up the cause he/she feels needs to be addressed.

    It will be a sad day for everyone and no one to blame but themselves. Doctor Ben Carson is a man of high intelligence someone the left has no use for nor can control. Further more Incase you haven’t notice Doctor Carson is a Blackman. Who came from hard times growing up. But, never let it get in the way of hard work and success as a pediatric brain surgeon.

    And these morons want to challenge Dr. Carson’s ability to run his department the way he sees fit. No they want him to resign be fired liberal far left go F*** yourself this man has more intelligence thoughtfulness caring in his heart than any of you useless POS ever thought of having or delivering care to others.

  19. That’s what the left doesn’t like about him and the fact that he is black and a Republican. Democrats need to be extinguished.

  20. Mitt Romney is a perfect example. He is out for revenge against our President. Because Mitt Romney couldn’t do what Trump did and that was WIN, he is out to get President Trump any way that he can. He votes against anything he proposes and speaks out against him any chance he gets. He is with the Democrats.

  21. Ben Carson is absolutely right. Equal rights means equal right for everyone, not special rights for some. No one should feel threatened or put in harms way just because someone claims to be something they are not.

  22. Mr. Carson is a great scholar and professional who deserves respect from and American who has any intellect, apparently the left do not understand that concept!!!!!!!

  23. Thank you much, Ben, for stating the OBVIOUS and for a job well done with your service to this country, the U.S. . . . Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (KEEP America Great Again).

  24. Dr. Carson is 100% correct. Equal rights mean that every single person, regardless of any special class, gets the SAME RIGHTS as anyone else.

  25. I have read several of Dr. Carson’s books and was most impressed. If he ran for president of the USA, I would vote for him in an instant. He is a great man and a true leader and hopefully he will continue to serve “we the people” in the years ahead!

  26. Dr. Ben is an intelligent, confident and outstanding man, exactly what democRATS do not want to see from a Black Man. I am honored he is in our government and that he remains a true patriot. GO BEN!!!!

  27. Carson is correct with his comments about so called men/women, they have no business intruding on women in womens shelters, the women are there to get away from abusive men, they don’t trust the so called women who are actually men to keep their hands to themselves, these so called women should have to seek shelter in a mans shelter because that’s what they are regardless of what they claim

  28. Derf…??? He DID run for president, but dropped out. I voted for him in our caucus. Trump went on to win the nomination.

  29. Will, it is obviously you who is the nut case. Dr. Carson is very intelligent and an honorable man. But you have no morals, so have no clue.

  30. Phil, the left has no clue about truth or morals and they have no respect. They have thrown God out and satan has taken over. They have only lies and hate

  31. The real reason he gets under their skin is that he is an adult while they continue to act like the children they are. I’ve always liked/respected him for it.

  32. Will Ozier; Oh look another brainwashed Leftist condemning a brilliant man that has morals and is honorable. That speaks the truth. Something not ONE Democratic, especially in office right now, possesses. And let’s look at the Democrat’s that WANT to be president in 2020. Put them ALL together and they still wouldn’t possess the qualities or brains that Dr. Carson has!! You sir are a perfect example of who supports the Demon party. Can’t think and reason for yourselves or open your eyes to see what your party TRULY represents. Shameful and sad…..

  33. Most people on the left said that if you didn’t vote for, or support Obama, is because you are a racist.
    Yet I think every conservative would have voted for Ben Carson over Hillary Clinton in a heartbeat, so so much for the leftist racism lies.
    The progressives call everyone that doesn’t support their candidate or their causes a “racist”.

  34. What rights do alphabet people not have?
    According to Muslims, alphabet people don’t have any rights except to be stoned to death or thrown off buildings.

  35. I voted for him in our caucus and was very disappointed when he dropped out. He would make a great president, unlike Obama who lied his way into our White House. He is a muslim traitor

  36. Sue, he is more of a politician than the pres. The Donald sends him when he wants things explained in an erudite manner. The pres knows who his wingmen are.–Creed2You

  37. I absolutely agree with Mr. Carson. Liberals just want everyone to have what they want so that people will vote for them. Same thing with illegal aliens.

  38. You should be nailed to cross with that hatred, not as a savior/martyr but as an abomination to the rule of law, to all humanity and to all what America stand for doublecross

  39. Demon party Linda M. You got the anti-Christ running and ruining the Republican party and the country. Carson is a smart doctor but he must have narcolepsy.

  40. You’re another MAGGOT hat wearing bigot. Trump is America’s Hitler, only our for himself, always was and that is all he is about along with his ruthlessness, lies, stealing, bragging, insulting, blaming, whining and scheming.

  41. RFT; Another hit and run comment? Come on now. Demon party? Yes.
    I know you are a smart man. I wish you’d open your eyes and smarten up as well. The Democratic party is NOT what it once was…Believe me. You may hate Trump. But what your party stands for is far worse…

  42. RFT; I want to ask you two questions, alright? I hope you read the story and what Dr.Carson was commenting on. Now my 1st. question to you is, do you support Transgenders ( men) wanting to go into women’s shelter , putting these women at further risk? And my second question to you is, do you believe anyone deserves special rights, in stead of equal rights?? That is what the story is all about. The two questions I just asked you. It was not about Trump.
    Trump is flamboyant and comes across as arrogant., at times. That does not make him evil. But he has helped our country , weather you want to acknowledge this or not. Who are REALLY evil is the Clinton’s and the Obama’s . Look for the truth Rick. You will see I’m not confused, brainwashed or blind.
    Oh, Dr. Carson is not suffering from a sleep disorder.
    You never commented if you are a religious man or not. So will I not ask you now. That is your business. But I am a Christian. And the gay’s and these transgender people are an abomination in GOD’s eyes. So I will not support their aggressive movements. Judge me if you will. But GOD’s approval is much more important to me than how you view me..

  43. Don’t know where you came from and don’t care. In life there are only 2 genders, male and female. If you want to call your self something else that’s okay as well. Bottom line is we are all human and all have the same rights and they are not special. You want to think you are special, tell us why all you want just keep in mind I haven’t seen any models built any different than the two mentioned. We all put our pants or dress on the same way, nothing special about that lol.

  44. Isn’t that what all of you folks that think your special do, try stop being a damn hypocrite. All of you say don’t attack me because of what I believe and the book says. Why not just all of you just shut the f*** up and mind your own business, live and let live.

  45. Dr, Carson is one hundred % right. Everyone should be treated equally, but women’s shelters should be for women especially since they mostly have young children with them.

  46. racists, your ignorance is showing. If you knew anything at all about the anti-Christ, which I doubt, you would know that Pres. Trump CANNOT be him. God gave us Pres. Trump, who is FAR BETTER than Hillary. Hillary is extremely vile and corrupt, as was Obama. Obama is a muslim traitor who lied his way into our White House and Hillary would have continued his evil agenda of destroying this country. Open your willfully blind eyes and dare to see the truth that you deny. Pres. Trump loves this country and has done a LOT of good for us. But you are ruled by your sick hate. sad

  47. racists, you are truly brainless. Your ignorance is beyond belief. And you know absolutely nothing about me and found out no such thing, as it is false. You are a fool.

  48. Dems despise Ben Carson because he stands for the truth that they deny. He is a Christian and they deny God and embrace satan. Ben Carson is 100% correct, and dems can’t stand that.

  49. There obviously was a glitch when you linked on some item. This link was about words spoken by Ben Carson and nothing else. He is, by the way, absolutely correct. No ones rights trump someone elses rights.

  50. Oh, I don’t know Everly. If I want to be a dog or a rabbit or something, why can’t I be? All I ask for is equal rights.

  51. Gee Allen, I was under the impression that President Trump is a racist. That’s what the Communist Progressive Democrats call him. I thought Dr Carson is black.
    Hmm, maybe President Trump isn’t a racist or if he really is a racist then maybe Dr Carson is actually white & doing black face like so many of the Communist Democrats have done in their past without any consequences. That’s probably it because everyone knows President Trump is a racist.
    That’s why he’s created more jobs for all minoritys with his tax breaks.
    That makes President Trump a really poor racist.

  52. Ben Carson is right to keep men out of women’s shelters. He was very wrong to raise my rent since I’m a senior citizen in a wheelchair trying to live on MY social security check. He must have needed a gilt framed painting of himself and Jesus.

  53. As with many other of Dr. Carson’s other comments, regarding transgender people I TOTALLY AGREE with him. This man is a master of critical thinking, something extremely important that used to be taught to high school and college students (before universities and even high schools became hotbeds if liberal lunacy!) My thanks to Dr. Carson for thinking through ideas and thoughts before sharing them with the People. If only we had more like him who could/would speak intelligently to us all.


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