Barbra Streisand just shared the violent fantasy she has of Donald Trump


Hollywood Leftists have gone crazy since Donald Trump’s 2016 election victory.

And they often reveal just how crazy they are on social media.

This time, Barbra Streisand revealed her violent fantasy she has of Donald Trump, and what you see will make absolutely sick.

Streisand is not the first celebrity to wish violence upon the President, and she likely won’t be the last.

She’s become so obsessed with the idea of removing Trump from office that she is willing to entertain all ideas to do so.

In this instance, she shared a photo of Nancy Pelosi’s high heel piercing Donald Trump’s body, killing him.

Breitbart reports:

Left-wing actor and Grammy-winning singer Barbra Streisand posted a photo to Twitter early Saturday depicting a bloodied President Donald Trump being impaled by the heel of a shoe with the word “Pelosi” emblazoned on it.

The timing of the posting is palpable, coming after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Congressional Democrat leaders protested and then walked out of a White House meeting on Syria on Wednesday.

President Trump called the bipartisan meeting after a House resolution, passing with a 354-60 margin, denounced his decision not to order the U.S. military to engage against the Turkish after their attack on the Kurds in Syria.

Barbra Streisand often flirts with the idea of President Trump being removed from office. In July the Meet the Fockers star demanded that “climate deniers” be voted out, “starting with Trump.”

It is easy to imagine how the Left would react if a conservative celebrity posted something like this of Barack Obama.

They would be furious, and that celebrity’s career would likely be over in an instant.

But since she is such a radical Leftist, the media has not covered this story whatsoever.

On social media some conservative activists spoke out, but thousands of insane liberals cheering her on drowned them out.

What do you think?

Was it inappropriate for her Streisand to share that cartoon?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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  2. I remember Barbara Streisand back in the 60s. She’s gotta be at least 80 by now. She was probably relevant then but nobody cares now.

  3. My personal opinion is, we” supposedly” still have freedom of speech. BUT these kind of images ,products of these Leftists “celebrities” are not appropriate, by any standards. It could promote harm done to President Trump( which we all know they are secretly wishing for) and I feel the secret service should start paying some visits to their homes . Maybe then they will get the message, you do not conduct yourself in such a disgusting and inappropriate manner, publicly.
    Can you imagine the outcry and backlash for anyone that would have dared shown this kind of hatred and disapproval to Obama when he was President ? No such thing anymore of fairness and equality. Just double standards. It’s sickening !!!

  4. That Bit–needs to be lynched along side every Dumborat as well as the Dumborats squad. Do it on national TV. Start with Pelosi and the Muslim bit– and waters from Florida together. They are a scourge on humanity and the entire world.

  5. Let’s get her eyes UN-CROSSED and maybe she will be able to see how well the country is doing!
    Maybe if I painted a picture of her with a stake trough her heart, she might not find it funny!


  6. Does living here in America and becoming rich , popular and famous like Barbara Streisand give a person the right to say and do and prove that they are also Stupid Idiots?

  7. That Streisand/Pelosi cartoon is not funny. To me it advocates bodily harm to the President of the United States. This is a threat and should be dealt with by the justice department.

  8. If Streisand had a brain she would be sitting on the kitchen floor playing with it.
    She is looking for attention, because she is a thing of the past, like her political derangement.
    Need one say more……..

  9. No, I don’t think it’s inappropriate because I fantasize about the same thing happening to Nancy pelosi,Obama and all the rest of the left wing nut cases including her stupid ass

  10. The despicable, disgusting, disrespectful, images should not be allowed, when the images are perpetrated by the entertainment community, the penalty should be far greater than for the average citizen.
    The vicious vitriol should not be allowed from anyone. Problem – filthy rich elites do not know what it is like to live like middle class people, all the President has done is helped the working people. He hasn’t harmed the elite, except for the deep state corruption perpetrated at the tax payer expense.

  11. This is most definitely a major violation of the Red Flag Law in her state. The law needs to be surrounding her house immediately and knock the door off the hinges and confiscate all of her shoes since she is definitely exhibiting a credible threat to harm another person.

  12. We just have to remember that Barbara is known for her lovely singing voice. She is absolutely
    NOT known for her brain nor is Bet Middler, DeNiro, Michael Moore or any other Hollywood Personalty.

  13. Barbara, your a$$ is showing again… Go wash your forehead. She is one of the most ignorant, self centered and foolish people I have ever seen. She’s a great actress and she’s ok until she goes “off script” and lets her mind out of her mouth. Stupid useless human being. Her relevance is gone.

  14. She is an old women that wants attention. Do something good with your life, help someone, you don’t have much time left. You are a useless old women that i use to like, no more!!!!!!!

  15. Most definitely!! No cause for anyone to express bodily harm to anybody – whether you like them or not. Pushing it too far!!!

  16. I agree with you wholeheartedly! Used to love her music, but not any more! Cannot imagine why the secret service isn’t doing something about each of the people putting out all these pictures – like the beheading of the President from that filthy mouthed no-name supposed comedienne When they open their mouth to spout such vitriol they only confirm how ignorant they really are and how disrespectful they are toward our country and its people who have contributed to their wealth! Showing just how much of an ego maniac they really are! Some day they will have to answer to God and then see just how they react!

  17. How do comment on these deranged minds that have been exposed to Weinstein, Clintons, and the rest of the social deviates in Hollywood. No wonder politicians gravitate to Hollywood; they are of the same bolt of cloth. The entertainment industry for millenniums has support the power structure; the rich and wealthy for their own benefit. A normal people doesn’t need this sibilant relationship to survive in the world. These people need the appeasement, appraise, and protection of the rich and powerful. We the people need to understand the evil that is supported in this relationship.

  18. We have a fantasy of Babs losing her voice altogether. She has already lost her mind, poor thing!! Pelosi could never walk in those stilettos, she can hardly walk as it is!!

  19. So true. Old Barbara must need lots of attention to be as nasty as she is and the hate she has for President Trump has caused her mental health issues. The ugly on her insides is definitely making an appearance on her outsides….not being rude , just being honest. She needs to be in trouble for showing this hateful ” cartoon” to the public. It could cause another Nut Bloom to try to harm our President or his supporters. She is a godless, whack a doodle that needs to close her mouth for much needed brain repairs….period… God Bless and Protect President Trump and God bless America ..

  20. Another Hollywood celebrity to add to the list of boycotting their music or movies. When will they learn to shut up and to remain out of politics? We don’t need them to tell us what is right or wrong!

  21. Time to boycott barbara. So sad she has to be so deranged and affected by all the good President Trump’s has done. Healthy politics has gone out the window and politicians on the left do not have the people ‘s best interested at hand. People need to realize nothing is free in life and when big money dries up or goes away, who is going to pay for it all. You & Me… People, please wake up and really think about all this. Nothing is really for free and you do not want your Government telling you what you need. Look how the left is acting now. Can you imagine if you give them power?

  22. Larry: Your apparent sarcasm is not appreciated. Any drawings showing a violent act, especially be done to our sitting president should be investigated. This kind of hateful, disturbing images should be outlawed. Even under the guise of her fantasy. She chose to display it publicly.

  23. One thing she does not understand is that our President has been great for the little people, not famous, with jobs, stopping illegal immigration and a big rise in the stock market. Things that are important to us. That is why he has my vote again in 2020.

  24. Sam R; Thank you ! I posted something similar to yours and this “Larry” person made fun of me. These “celebrities” think they can say or do whatever they want, and it’s just fine…No it is not. Promoting violence against anyone ( especially our President) publicly, should be outlawed.

  25. I maintain that everyone, including Ms. Streisand, and Ms. Pelosi, have the right to their own thoughts. Even I have the right to my own thoughts.

    The time, when actions become criminal, is when direct threats are made. This IS illegal.

    The idea that I think that, politically, Donald Trump is worse than a retarded baboon, is my own thought, and opinion. NO one is required to agree.

    Impailing anyone, is not correct use of Free Speech.

    Free Speech would be such as my own suggestion, that the American people stop complaining, and start setting up advisory committee’s, to bring forth better ideas, for when Mr. Biden takes office, in January, 2021.

    The American people should have a “list of priorities” ready, and waiting, for the new presidents review.

    This way, from day one, President Biden will be more aware of what the PEOPLE want.

    This is the proper use of “Free Speech”.

    Engaging our neighbors, having meetings, voting on talking points, and prepare fact-sheets, for President Biden. (After all, Mr. Biden cannot read our minds.)

  26. I tell u what would stop these dumb crazy idiots that go to far,when we hit their pocketbooks and wallets.and they reduced down to what working class tax payers are.these entitled people would not be so apt to this behavior if the fans stopped watching their shows stoped buying tickets and listening to there music or going to the theaters to see their movies.when people start showing these idiots they are not gods and stop idolizing them then this crap will stop. I know I am so disgusted with this crap it sure is getting plum sickening to see and hear them every day .and anyone who has ever even hinted violence towards any previous president has been arrested so why are these idiots still not being investigated or charged for anything.
    That’s like the billboards a gun shop here where I live put up a 4 horseman billboard was not violent or anything but the squad hollered discrimination and it incited violence towards them and they was forced to remove it now New York has one up over trump and it still stands and yes it is very bad so what’s the deal their like I said something needs to give all this is a waist of the tax payers money and our time.all these idiots pulling this childish crap need to seriously have major consequences for their actions

  27. “Respect for her music”: She whines. Her popularity must have coincided with a particularly vulnerable time in the world of pop music. Very overrated—compare to Carpenter or Stafford!

  28. You all are giving this broad farrrrrrrr toooo much attention. It’s like that one guy said: say anything you want, just spell my name right……one day, all these people who spew out their poisonous venom will stand before Jesus and explain their hatred…if they can do that. Then they shall look upon the great lake of fire where a lot of people are going to spend eternity.

  29. I’ve never seen foot in mouth stiletto’s and to be honest both Nancy and Barbara are to old to handle wearing stiletto’s.

  30. who in the world cares what she dislikes, hates, can’t stand, or anything. I don’t, she’s just mouthing off to get attention. Ha Ha!

  31. Twitter would probably censor or ban anybody who is not both a long-time celebrity and a left winger if that person posted something like that.

  32. Barbara is just another Hollywood has been When they know their days are over the only way they know how to get back in the headlines is to slam Trump

  33. President Trump in history will go down as one of our greatest president because he is fighting for America and we the people.

  34. Franco, it’s not just her but ALL Demoncrats. All Demoncrats need to have some common sense knocked into them. A Baseball BAT to the back of the head might work, multiple swings optimal. Think of yourself as the “Babe” and knock it out of the stadium.

  35. when she was popular my girlfriend went to her hairdresser and said she wanted the Barbra Streisand look, so he broke her nose. I remember when I was living in New York, she was carrying bedroll around and sleeping wherever someone would take her in. At one time she could sing. She is irrelevant now and is only trying to make a name for herself agqain. She has – trash!

  36. The old bag has dementia, she doesn’t know where she is. She probably heard Trumps name, and it just floats around in her empty head.


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