Barbra Streisand is pushing Trump’s worst enemy to run for President. You’ll never guess who it is


Barbra Streisand is a Hollywood celebrity turned amateur political pundit hell-bent on destroying the Trump Presidency.

Now she’s trying to wedge her candidate of choice into the crowded, chaotic field of Democrats running for president.

And Streisand is pushing Trump’s biggest public enemy to run for President.  You’ll never guess who it is.

This is a common trick B-list celebrities employ when their career is down in the dumps.

They leverage what’s left of their fame to either reignite their acting career or gain attention to appear more “woke” in hopes they’ll be rewarded with more work.

But some of these fading stars try to become outright political pundits like Barbra Streisand.

She now uses her fame to manipulate her fans against Donald Trump.

That’s why her choice for President could upend the Democrat Presidential Primary.

Streisand is officially pushing Rep. Adam Schiff to enter the Presidential race against Donald Trump and the entire Democratic field.

It’s easy to see through the actress’s obsession with Adam Schiff.

Schiff is not at all qualified to run for President of the United States.

But since Democrats began their ill-fated impeachment push, he’s been the man in charge in the House of Representatives.

Streisand’s strategy is to keep the public eye on Adam Schiff and the impeachment process as much as possible.

She did manage to produce a list of overblown qualifications that Schiff possesses to be Presidential material.

But as Breitbart notes, “… only 27 percent of America has a positive opinion of Rep. Schiff according to YouGov data. The same polling outfit reports that President Trump’s approval among Americans sits at 39 percent.”

Despite Streisand’s endorsement, the numbers don’t look promising for a Schiff candidacy.

What do you think?  Will Adam Schiff run for President?

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  2. The country needs someone with a strong ethic and Schiff is NOT there. He is NOT a good candidate ! ! !!C

  3. Oh my goodness, Barbra Streisand is promoting Adam Schiff to be a candidate for the presidency? Really?? Well, in my opinion, Schiff is one of the main clowns in the 3 ring circus which is known as the Democratic party!! How truly pathetic. And Ms. Streisand I truly wish you would stay out of politics. You had a beautiful voice but that’s about it. Once you stepped forward to support the demon party and all their radical agendas, I have lost all respect for you ….

  4. What else would you expect from crazy, left-wing Barbara Streisand. The woman has the brain of a brick. She needs to stick to what she knows, “NOTHING”.

  5. OMG!!! I’ll never listen to her music again. She is a has been looking for attention. Like Beto DeNiro, Leo de caprio, allysa Milano and all the other woke actors and actresses. Come back to earth you overpaid losers!! WE LOVE TRUMP!!!

  6. Throw anything against the wall and let’s see what sticks.IE: the demoncrap Republican. Too many Democrats in power too long that need to go..term limits ppl

  7. just another Example how Stupid the DemonRats Really Are, Mr. Adam Schiff Face himself He is just as full of Schiff as that washed-up old B#@CH, The Hollywood has-beens are nothing but Schicken-Schiff. President, LMFAO>

  8. just another example of how Stupid the DemonRats Really Are, Mr. Adam Schiff Face himself He is just as full of Schiff as that washed-up old B#@CH, The Hollywood has-beens are nothing but Schicken-Schiff. President, LMFAO>

  9. just another example of how Stupid the DemonRats Really Are, Mr. Adam Schiff Face himself He is just as full of Schiff as that washed-up old B#@CH, The Hollywood has-beens are nothing but Schicken-Schiff. President, LMFAO>

  10. just another example of how Stupid the DemonRats Really Are, Mr. Adam Schiff Face himself He is just as full of Schiff as that washed-up old B#@CH, The Hollywood has-beens are nothing but Schicken-Schiff. President, LMFAO>

  11. Who could possibly care what a former singer who is now a b-list has been has to say about anything. She was never known for her mental acuity, just for her ability to sing well.

  12. What a magnificent idea by BS. I cant wait to see Adam Schiff shake in his boots at the thought of facing Trump on the stage one on one!!
    Schiff will throw in the towel after a massive beating in round one by heavyweight Trump.
    I’m serious. But am sure of one thing. AS will much rather take a holiday to China than face Trump in November 2020.

  13. Barbara Streisand has had a lobotomy and no one told her!
    She is an uninformed, lying, liberal communist democrat! And actually very
    unAmerican! Why does anyone care what she thinks or who she supports?
    I hope she moves to Cuba when Pres Trump starts his second term!
    Keep America free! Trump,2020 ????????????????????????????????

  14. Schiff’s sister is married to George Soros’s son. Eickk! We don’t need those connections in the White House (not even The House)

  15. i don’t like her actor should stay out of politic sure can tell ho love this country the one that run their mouth that says they will leave are still here

  16. Tour Bull schhiffing right!? Can not think of to many other people that are as full of Schiff as him. Everytime he opens his mouth noting but Schiff comes out. But maybe that is what she likes about him he is such a Schiffter. After all she did like Billy Bob Clinton.

  17. I think he is a good man and does a great job for the American people, but not president material. Mike Bloomberg or Tom Stayer would be a better match for him against him. They know the ins and out of his reputation. I’m betting on them to win.

  18. Barbie….listen to this….NOBODY CARES WHAT YOU THINK. She’s a has-been, was a good singer with a screaming voice but ok….a star. These people need to realize that those of us who think for ourselves, work hard, and actually have lives, do NOT care about what they think. They appear more and more stupid and moronic every time they open their mouths. My brother used to tell me that if you want to appear smart, keep your mouth shut!!!!

  19. Technically, he is qualified, because he is over 35, and I’m assuming a natural born citizen. So, he can run for President all he wants. But, I don’t think he will get enough votes, so I wouldn’t be worried if he did.

  20. Streisand is a legitimately talented woman. When she came along, you still HAD to be. But like many creative people, she is out of her arena when it comes to anything practical or real. That is nothing to be ashamed of….but it must be accepted as a personal limitation. For some reason, many of these artists lack this self-awareness.

  21. She has got to be out of her mind to want this meat-head to run for President or anything else. Only people in Calif. would have this person in any kind of office, except maybe for a dog-catcher?????
    How the people of Calif. ever voted him to do anything is a mystery to me.

  22. I USED to like you! I at LEAST thought you were an intelligent woman even though a faded star. But NOW??? I don’t even know WHAT YOU ARE THINKING! Have your eyes and ears been CLOSED? Stick to Hollywood! PLEASE!! Trust me, a star will NOT be born with crooked Shifty!

  23. Hell I would vote for him because he is not DOTARD. But I would vote for anyone who might beat your GOD/KING that you worship.

  24. When the Radical Liberal Communist left gets desperate they will promote anyone or anything! Streisand has a voice , but not for Politics . She is a singer and that is it! Schiff does not have a chance against President Trump! Sorry Barbara!

  25. The only thing Schiff should be encouraged to enter is a Mental Institution.

    And Streisand’s permanent mailing address should be the facility at Bedlam.

  26. Adam Schiff is at least as qualified to be President as was Barack Obama. I was only surprised that Barbra Streisand did not propose that fat, ugly witch – Rosie O’Donnell.

  27. The little weasel just wants to get into the history books as the traitor who took down Trump. WTF he has nothing else to put on his resume. He is a do nothing useless POS

  28. Jack crawl back into the pisshole you came from. you would vote for a maggot on an ass of a dead animal if it look good to you no matter how much it stunk

  29. What a has been that never was. This proves it. She is as dumb as she is ugly and most of all stupid. Stay in Hollywood and shut the hell up. All these so called celebrities are nuts. Schiff what a freaking joke. Would even let that ah*le clean dog crap from the bottom of my boots.

  30. Like Pelosi,Waters, Warren etc., Streisand’s career was over a long time ago. And just look at them, they are just as ugly on the inside as they are on the outside.

  31. What a joke. Streisand has no idea of reality. She is a has been with a pea brain. Schitt? No way. He is one of the most repulsive P’SOS there is. He is a liar and a cock roach. Keep up you’re delusion barbra and soon you will be committed. You’re head is filled with dust!

  32. Streisand is just another Follywood bimbo who thinks she’s so much smarter than the rest of us. Her choice proves that very fact.

  33. OK Baabs…You can now be registered as an apologist…for Stupidity!
    Girl; you were always so full of yourself. ‘Pretentious’, thy name is Streisand. Didn’t matter if the people were in Hollywood, Hollywierd or NYC.

  34. Who really gives a rat’s ass what that dried up old brain dead prune thinks.
    I would have had more respect for her if she just sang………but she killed that as well.

  35. This is the same washed up A-lister that tried to keep Google Maps from showing her coastal estate on its website.

  36. Adam Schiff recently stated that if the president is not found guilty and impeached, he could very well sell Alaska to Russia. Streisand like Schiff is a depraved kook.

  37. Barbar Streisand is an old washed up hollywood wanna be, just looking for another 15 seconds of fame. When will these hollywood people learn to stay out of politics. Wasn’t she one of the elite that said they would move out of the US if Trump was elected President? Well, just what are they all waiting for? Need help moving?

  38. Love it babsy!! That would be Awesome to do in depth investigation on this LYIN, pencil necked.bug eyed DEMORAT VERMIN!!! Just desserts!!


  40. Barbara, Your really insane! Go to the corner, and sit. Just because your glory days are over, and have nothing to do. We do not need your lousy opinion! You are really losing it!

  41. Greetings:

    Ms. Streisand:
    You are one of my favorite entertainers.
    I am surprised at your choice of a running mate against Trump. I hope you are happy and feeling well and nothing has interfered with your good judgement.
    Dr. Demento

  42. Barbra Streisand ??? I thought she was dead…. well at least my thoughts of her made her a better person. She couldn’t back anyone and be taken seriously. She is a has been for way too many years and wasn’t even that good when she wasn’t .. Trump will be our President in 2020 election and the rest should just save their money and retire while they still have a chance to do it as a free American, Democrats need to be jailed they have turned into the Countries biggest Terrorists….. wasted Billions on a fake Impeachment at the cost of Social Security . They should be prosecuted for theft, That money should never have been touched except to pay people on Social Security that paid into it

  43. Another one who thinks she’s a politician. It’s laughable to think that Barbara Streisand thinks that she could persuade people to vote for Adam Schiff. What is she thinking? Choosing a brainless liar for Presidency? I guess she is just as brainless as he is. Barbara stick to what you know best and stay out of Politics. Your not qualified!

  44. SHXT!! is what he is.
    He would deliver shxt where ever he goes.
    Like JOE BLOW they both r brain dead with no chance at ALL to make it to the WH.
    HUMPY TRUMPY already set to occupy the WH for 4 more years.

  45. Yeah for another four. But we’ve got to take back the House & keep the Senate to help Trump to be more effective for US. Otherwise we’ll get more of the same from these hypocritical self-serving self-important Demo-rats. We’ll also have to be aware of the never-Trumpers, get those sleez-bags removed.
    The election is Nov. 3rd. So it’s not over till the 4th.

  46. This man is a liar and should not be allowed in Congress. He is pathological in nature as he has told lies over and over and cost us tax payers a lot of money. Schumer and Pelosi as well. They really need to have Psychological tests to see if they are fit to be in Congress at this time. I believe they could be found in need of psych care. Something needs to be done. They are an embarrassment to the US.

  47. When star singer and fair actress Barbara run out of public performance, she needs to have some run at the spotlight, and she figured that in the Hollywood-Broadway artistic scene she just could not stomach to be another follower, so she decided to be the lead supporter of Adam Shift, who has name recognition and George Soros for family and campaign money.

  48. Jack go back to having your head up your ass. We do not worship Trump as you did with Obama. Trump is accomplishing things nobody in Washington thought he could do and getting it done faster. His economy is so good Obama is trying to claim credit for it! I don’t understand why piss ants like you want to vote for somebody who wants to ruin this country. I believe it’s because of where your head is to begin with( first sentence).

  49. Barbra Streisand was a great singer. Since then she has proven herself ignorant and detached from reality. Her political comments are consistently inane beyond belief.

  50. Barbra Streisand, is a has been… she doesn’t even count. Stay in your cave Barbra! I agree Got to clean out the all the swamps. Including old movie has been.
    That want to meddle in Politics.


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