Barbie is getting a makeover that has LGBT activists jumping for joy


Barbie and Ken have been American icons for over 50 years.

Leftists hate Barbie because she promotes traditional feminine qualities and even marriage to millions of little girls nationwide.

But secret plans were leaked from toymaker Mattel, and you won’t believe what they’re releasing next.

Mattel is reportedly meeting with a so-called “gay power couple” to discuss the possibility of homosexual Barbie dolls.

Matt Jacobi and Mick Caprio are pushing for homosexual Barbie dolls because, according to them, “it’s going to come up in your family no matter what.”

ABC 15 reports:

Since the 1960’s it’s always been Ken and Barbie. The two have been paired for 57 years.

So Matt and Nick started lobbying the makers of Ken and Barbie, toy giant Mattel, asking them to consider adding same-sex couples to their wedding sets.

Their plan worked. The two are now meeting with Mattel designers next week in Los Angeles. They’re hoping this meeting could change toy aisles around the world.

As Patriot Pulse reported, in 2017 Mattel released a Barbie doll with a hijab to the praise of leftists including Chelsea Clinton.

LGBT activists will stop at nothing to push their lifestyle on everyone.

From toys to the education system, they won’t stop until the entire world bends to their views of love and sex.

Do you think Mattel should make a homosexual Barbie? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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  2. The word “homosexual” should not be used in these type of discussions. The word was coined in the 1890s to describe and abnormal sexual attraction, not behavior. The proper terms to use are sodomy, sodomite, and sodomize, since this issue is about promoting deviant behaviors. Children do not chose these type of behaviors unless abused in some fashion. People should not buy these toys. And when asked by children about these issues simply point out that these are people promoting bad behaviors that will create problems for them. This is why parents need to be consistent with yes is yes, no is no, and when not sure say maybe.

  3. If you believe in that nonsense about 1 man out of 60,000 hearing the voice of the only true god, they attempt to say place the birth and raising of Abraham in Ur of the Chaldees but doubtful with the emphasis they placed on the ziggurat of Ur.

    Any way whether homosexual was at 1st merely used to define those with an attraction towards those of their own gender or not there is absolutely no proof of the actual existence of Sodom and certainly not towards the behavior of the people.
    A few years ago an archeologist was digging around in the area of the Dead Sea and do not recall if they stumbled across salt encrusted objects at the bottom of the sea in a submersible or viewed them via closed Circuit television cameras with a submersible probe, either way before they could properly investigate the Jordanese navy showed up and chased them off.

  4. Trying to avoid the fact that the words “sodomy”, “sodomite”, and “sodomize” are the historical words used to describe male-on-male and female-on-female sexual activity and those who engage in it. And that the behavior is abnormal and not natural.

  5. Thats disgusting and they have gone too far. God says it is like putting a millstone around the young peoples necks. They will answer to God alone.

  6. This is the craziest thing I’ve ever heard!!! Why not just create two DIFFERENT same-sex dolls and call them “Mutt & Jeff”, or “Susie & Sally”, and leave Barbie and Ken the hell alone!

  7. Wiki—The demographics of sexual orientation and gender identity in the United States have been studied in the social sciences in recent decades. A 2017 Gallup poll concluded that 4.5% of adult Americans identified as LGBT with 5.1% of women identifying as LGBT, compared with 3.9% of men.[1] A different survey in 2016, from the Williams Institute, estimated that 0.6% of U.S. adults identify as transgender.[—–
    They would like you to believe that everyone is homosexual or transgender. Just goes to show that the squeaky wheel gets the most grease and should be an inspiration for people to be more proactive politically

  8. Interesting the etymology of words and how they are used in social context; however, the fact remians they exist to identify and/or explain. Queer is self explanatory and direct to identify and/or explain someone’s behavior. There will always be more nonbelievers who will be selfish and hedonistic, but that doesn’t mean they are right. Natures God does an excellent job of settling any arguement concerning “queer” behavior. So if you’re “queer” its your choice!

    Why is it “LGBTQueers” need to advertise? Must be hell to have to work at being accepted but then that’s what must be done when one choses to be queer, unnatural to nature’s God?

  9. This was easy for Mattel to do. They took a Ken head and put it on a Barbie Doll, and put a Barbie Head on a Ken Doll. It makes about as much since as the 1% LGBT group does. Why does the tail always have to wag the dog?

  10. It is written in the Holy Bible that homosexuality is an abomination onto God, and that they are Reprobates and are condemned to hell. No Reprobate will enter into the Kingdom of God

  11. Mattel should be ashamed of themselves, caving to the voice of two homosexuals to make gay Barbie Dolls. If it has Mattel on, I won’t buy it.

  12. Just to trying keep themselves in business… boycott Mattel…they are only trying to keep the toy business alive since video games are beating them…B-T-W it is not the reprobate minds’ issue –FACT: they are not thinking of the Kingdom of God but the Almighty Dollar $$$$$; probably the founders are churning in their graves!

  13. Mattel. I will NEVER buy another of your products. That is sickening. Leave the children with something normal to play with for crying out loud. Our children are subjected to enough of the gay no9nsense. Don’t ruin playtime too.

  14. First of all, the article is off base when it says the GLBT community is trying to push this on everyone. They are not pushing it on anyone! All that is wanted is that they exist, and if in reality they do exist, just like Americans wearing burkas, then there should be a doll to represent that reality, people! Don’t be so weak in your thinking that you cannot accept others who are different than yourself, practice a different religion, of wear different cloths, or think differently than you. Stop the hate people…it will not get you into Heaven.

  15. Narcissistic people do not have the ability to comprehend that they may be wrong? To narcissists evil may be good and good may seem like evil because darkness is their friend. For men loved darkness because their deeds were evil in Johns gospel. The love of money is the root of all evil. So another money-making sceem by libtards may blow up in their face? Narcissistic people have cognitive dissonance problems distort reality when faced with the truth and will fight you tooth and nail to get their way like spoiled little brats. Because the flesh is insatiably not able to satisfy itself so reasoning with narcissistic homos is a waste of time? Until they get sick and tired of an unfulfilled sinful wicked lifestyle and repent and grow up. Reality says most never will though. But you never know some may end up being saved by fire?

  16. You have to be living under a rock with your head stuffed up your own ass to state that the queer Reprobates are NOT pushing there evil perverted lifestyle upon the rest of society and in our face. As far as I’m concerned all the queers should be put on an island in the Pacific and let the United States Navy use it for target practice. It is written in the Holy Bible that the queers are evil, sodomite’s and Reprobates and will NEVER enter the Kingdom of God. They will BURN in hell for eternity. That means for ever, never ending torment. And that is what they deserve for the vileness homosexuality.

  17. You take two Islands, on one you put 25 heterosexual couples on one island and on the other island you put 25 lesbian, gay couples and in 75 years you would have a population on the first island and on the second island you would have a deserted island, enough said.

  18. If Mattel starts making queer Barbies my house will rid itself of everything Mattel. Boycott Barbies Forever!!!! Enough of this crap from the sick left!!!

  19. While Mattel is completely wrong to glorify perversion in toys for young girls, the real problem here is NOT just the Toy Maker but the society which condones and even glorifies such perversions. (Consider the media and the education system). In this case, it seem to be a concerted effort between the freaks, academis and the media which has caused Mattel to surrender to the wishes of a minority in the absence of vocal opposition. “The squeaky wheel” as the saying goes, “gets the oil”. This will continue unless and until the majority (worm) turns.

  20. Ed, cut the crap and the mr diversity act, everyone has this rubbish pushed on their family through media, school and government. Religion got thrown out of school and so should this lgbt stuff.
    I know for a fact that it makes gays angry if someone even suggest therapy to make them straight but yet here they are trying to force their influence on all families and expect everyone to accept it as part of their culture.
    Leave kids toys alone and stop trying to force those ideals on them through their play.

  21. Sure goo ahead Mattell make the queer couple. My daughters and grandadaughters bewtween them probably have 20 of them, in the burn barrell they go.

  22. They want to change Barbie into a Transgender, as well as they do Ken. Now they can wear each others clothes. It still takes one male and one female to produce a child, the insane LBGTQ society want to change GODS plan for procreation. The LBGT wants to rewrite the Bible to suit them, as well does the Feminist Groups.
    All this started back in the late 60’s when gays moved to San Francisco, until there were enough of them to vote straights out of politics. Now they have taken over California and the Democrat Party, Obama proved that by forcing the Supreme Court to approve GAY Marriage. Obama pushed the Transgender Protection program, making them into heros for coming out when they are (2.7% of the Population, this is Gays, preversion, and Tansexuals together) Obama pushed the Transgender pronouns, where one could lose his job, put in jail for calling a Female a Woman, when they are men in their mind??? Democrats it takes a Husband=Man and a Wife=Female to produce a Child!!!!!! That is what true Marriage is about, indeed people, this is what the Bible tells people, not OBAMA!!!

  23. It’s one thing to be what one wants to be, but to attempt to push it onto everything and everyone else, is another. It’s egregious. The LGBT have not been content to want acceptance, now they want everybody and everything made over in their image. Well one thing is for certain; there’s going to be a reckoning in their future. And it is going to be horrific.

  24. If G-D forbid, someone is left for dead on the roadside…and the deay makes the body unrecognizable – with no personal info to be had as to identity…the coroner after examining the physical body and DNA – will be able to state unequivacably if the person was MALE OR FEMALE. The ONLY two scientifically accurate choices – Physically, anatomically, biologically, male OR female. DNA, genetics prove undeniably what others prefer to determine by choice, feelings and desire. As it must be merely choice feelings or desire…The lower extremities are irreleant…EXAMINE THE HEAD.

  25. It is my friend, Homosexual is one who loves one of the same sex??? You find it vile? California is the Cause of the Homosexual Revolution taking over public parks, having sex in broad daylight! Your just another Ostrich Head keeping your head buried not seeing what is going on around you. PRONOUNS get real when I can not voice the truth, it may offend a gay? I have heard to much of this BS it may offend a Muslim, if he walked by my Church and he heard the SONG ONWARD CHRISTIAN SOLDIERS he was offended, now Churches can not sing that song!!!! People like you have ruined the United States! Muslims will not fight for freedom, they destroy everything around take a look!! Yet, you got the gall to point a finger at me. Your the sell out, ready to give our Country away! California has turned its state into a “Retirement Home for Illegals”
    Just hop the Border my Friend and Receive Instant “Welfare, Food Stamps, Housing, Medicaid w/Dental”, Also, they are First in line to get “Government Grants to start a Business with help” ! Illegals Now own 60% of HUD Houses in the State of California. California Democrats have turned the Taxpayers into salves for the Illegals, Gov. Jerry Brown even sits and dreams of new taxes to impose! Highest Gas Tax, now Texting? Yes sir you one of those Ostrich Head Democrat voters, eager to give your Country away to perverts!

  26. Call it what you will. Nobody can stop your perverted thoughts. And worse, you insist on forcing your minority views down everyone else’s throats. But here’s the deal. The majority don’t want to hear about how you have the right to live your life the way you want to and how everyone else has to live their lives the way you want also.

    Oh, WAIT. Did you think I was criticizing the LGBTQ community? No no no. I support them fully. I am criticizing the idiots who wrote and like this article. You are on the lonely road to Loserville.

  27. I am totally against this so-called gay dolls. There is no such thing in the Bible. God created us male and female. God will knock Mattel down. Have the gays read the Bible? God loves them, but hates their sin of thinking they are gay. God is the same yesterday, today and always. He doesn’t change. It’s people who try to change God’s laws and play God. I feel bad for Mattel if they follow through with this crazy idea. Pray for them. ????

  28. Shame on you , toy companies and others who promote this idea. In agreement with the two gay men, yes it will come up at some point in the home BUT that’s where it should be handled BY the PARENT/PARENTS. Stop pushing lifestyles onto children, let them be innocent kids and have a childhood. We scream at the news when we see guerillas as young as 8 or 9 wielding guns in war torn countries, or little girls taken from their homes to be sold as child brides. We scream at the tv for showing this on their newscast and say they shouldn’t, BUT we are going to allow a TOY company dictate that a child be introduced to alternative lifestyles and take away their innocence is not morally wrong. Children need to be children. That’s why we created child labor laws, so a child could no longer be forced to work at 5. We promoted public school education so that all could be taught. This is insane. If Mattel does this, not only will I never buy another toy by their company, I will make my future grandchildrens toys at home. Rag dolls and handmade toys worked for me so I think they will be fine for my future generations.

  29. LEAVE OUR CHILDREN ALONE!!! Let them grow up to be great citizens for God. They don’t need to be taught about sex in school. They don’t need to know about sex until their parents think they’re old enough to know about it. They don’t need to be having sex until they’re married. LET THEM BE CHILDREN!!! PRAY for the children!!! They don’t need all this garbage and confusion in their lives. ????????????

  30. Just for the sake of looking at things from a different perspective, let’s examine your argument. You complain about a Barbie doll wearing an hijab. Did you ever stop to consider what that means to children who’s faith women wear an hijab? That’s an important part of their faith. One could easily argue that you complaining about a Barbie with an hijab, you’re pushing your views on people of that faith.
    Bottom line, Mattel is there to make money. They don’t look at Ken and Barbie from a Christian perspective. If they did, Barbie would certainly be more modestly dressed. In my work place we have Muslims, and I can’t ever recall, even the men, wearing shorts, let alone the women. They wear jeans all year long, no matter how hot it is. Me, I’m sweating in shorts and a t shirt. So both Muslim men and women, in real life, are more modestly dressed than Ken and Barbie. Bottom line, Mattel doesn’t make decisions about their toys from a religious perspective; they make decisions from a monetary perspective. If they think they can make money marketing to that perspective, that’s what they’re going to do. There are a lot of same sex couples raising children; that’s just reality. Some adopt children and some obtain children through surrogacy. For these children that would be marketable to their families. That, most likely, would be Mattel’s line of reasoning.

  31. This is where tolerance has brought us. Unfortunately it may be too late to turn back the clock but a message can still be sent loud and clear to companies, television networks, actors and actresses who continue to push their views into the rest of us.
    NO MORE MATTEL. Let them know. When their pockets dry up, they may change their position in matters such as these.

  32. This is insanity !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It has been a slow growing cancer affecting the American culture !!! I predict it will eventually implode on it self !!!!!!!

  33. They are doing this to promote deviant and abnormal behavior. A child that has not been exposed to this deviant behavior will rarely ever engage in this type of deviant behavior when going through puberty. Sodomites have to recruit participants into their behavior. And they can create victim earlier by exposing children to the behavior pretending it is normal behavior. And pedophiles needs children exposed to deviant behaviors as well.

  34. Cancer “will likely come up in your family”. So let’s permit cancer coming into your family rather than fighting to keep the “Cancer” out! Why would any company favor a fruitless and fatal 2-4% of the general population unless they were indulged to reduce the “general population”? When will Mattel show two Ken dolls under the caption “SODOMIZE and DIE”!

  35. Your knowledge deprivation endangers the “general welfare”. The site using “science” of Sodom and Gomorrah has been found…ash is still embedded in the earth of the site. Do your homework! The site is not in the Dead Sea. But it is near it!

  36. If they do this they are dumber than those companies that lost millions because they took it upon themselves to impose certain unconstitutional laws they supported even though they failed to become laws because they imposed unconstitutional discriminatory restrictions on certain sales.

  37. This country was founded on CRISTian faith in the Bible, and not Man’s laws. Homosexuals that are seeking to get Man’s laws to sanction their immoral life style are living in sin. And don’t give me the BS that God blessed you marrige or homosexual relationship, the Devil did. Being in love does not make it right, try telling God that when you take your last breath. My Bible says;
    “that at the beginning the Creator ‘made them male and female, and said, ‘For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh’ So they are no longer two, but one. Therefore what God has joined together, let man not separate.”
    Deuteronomy 23:2
    No one born of a forbidden marriage nor any of his descendants may enter the assembly of the LORD, even down to the tenth generation
    1 Corinthians 6:9 (King James Version)

    9 Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind,

    1 Corinthians 6:9 (New King James Version)
    9 Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived. Neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor homosexuals,] nor sodomites

  38. This is not what freedom means. Freedom does not mean pushing queer tendencies on children. I don’t care what adults do behind closed doors, but leave our children and their innocence alone. Don’t push your unnatural lifestyle on the children of the world. If God had intended men to stick their members in an arse, I’m sure He would have made us all the same. We all would have been born with a member. Do not get me wrong, I don’t give a damn what you do, behind closed doors, you are adults and you have the right and freedom to do what makes you happy, but let our children enjoy innocence, as long as possible.

  39. This is TOTALLY CORRECT! And I will not allow the young girls in my family to have one of these demonic, disgraceful, disgusting toys.
    AND I have talked to my family, relatives and friends into boycotting Mattel toys from now on.

  40. I’m just wondering. what would happen if Mattel did not give in to those perverts. I mean is the perverted community going to burn Mattel to the ground. I don’t think so!! So my advice to Mattel would to tell all of the QUEERS to go to HELL and don’t come back.

  41. I remember 30 to 40 years ago most excepted that homosexuality was an evil, vial, and disgusting lifestyle. Today most of society has been programmed/brain washed that its excepted as an alternative lifestyle. It is purely of satin, and the vial evil followers of satin are trying to reach children when they minds are molded so easy. Parent today even more so when my kids were still children need to pull there children our of the brain washing and propaganda centers aka public schools and ether home school, or place them in Christian schools. It is a parents responsibility to teach there children and bring them up in the way of the lord

  42. The attack on Christianity is in full swing in almost all aspects of our culture. The homosexuals are being used in an effort to label Christians as being bigoted and homophobic while simultaneously tearing at the moral fabric of our society.

    The overall goal here is to normalize sex with children. In fact, in 1998 the American Psychological Association issued a report claiming that child sexual abuse was not as harmful to children as previously believed. Also, they went on to suggest that sexual relationships between men and young boys could actually develop into strong caring relationships. Furthermore, they suggested that harmful effects from sexual abuse would only result if the child was forced into having sex with an adult, not if the child chose freely to do so. This is sick beyond comprehension!

  43. The Sodomites and those who support deviant behaviors stole the Civil Rights movements point that Negro-Americans/Black-Americans were characteristics a person was born with and it was something that can not be changed. Even the feminist movement foundation is based upon the fact the women are born women and that should not results in the lose of certain privileges. Of course the differences between the Civil-Rights movements, and the Sodomites and other deviant behavior promoters, is that the one is characteristics a person is born with and the other is behaviors people chose to engage in.

  44. You are totally RIGHT!!
    Homosexuality is contrary to nature, logic, and all moral reasoning.
    When Obama tried to push his homosexual agenda in Africa, he got a chilly response. Obama’s pro-homosexual position “was promptly rejected by Senegal’s President Macky Sall, who was sharing the stage with Obama. Mr. Sall said. ‘I’ve already said it in the past. We’re still not ready to change the law. This does not mean that we are all homophobic.’”

    The Constitution begins with, “We the people. . .” It does not begin with “We who engage in certain sexual acts.”

    EVERYONE knows that diversity in views does not mean that all the diverse views are views that should be respected. It’s obvious that homosexuals do not respect the views of people who oppose same-sex behavior.
    Same-sex behavior is not a behavior that should be respected.
    Any five-year-old knows it.

  45. Having gay family members and friends who i love dearly.I can speak honestly. I think it depends on your age how you look at this. When i was young this would not have bothered me in the least.Now that i am older i am not sure i like the idea.I feel as though i do not want my young grand daughter to find out about homosexuality this way and at such an early age.This will force parents and grand parents to explain this when the kids see these dolls in the stores.I personally do not mind explaining this but it has to be at a time when my grand daughter can fully understand the circumstances.
    I dont think at such a young age she would ask about barbie and ken because her parents are a man and a woman. when my son was very young he asked my aunt ( she was a butch)
    Are you my aunt or my uncle?
    She replied by grabbing her boobs and saying “ what are these”??
    I told him she is your aunt, but When he asked why she looked like a man I just said “ i dont know she just does”. I don’t think there is anything wrong with these dolls however i think that it should be left up to the parents to decide when the time is right to explain.

  46. Time to boycott any store that carries this line of garbage. Queers make up a very small segment of the population and no one cares if they do their thing. But we stand against them recruiting the innocents of the world. If the children come to that persuasion on their own, that’s their business, but there should no be any assistance from the outside.

  47. NO NO NO! no HOMOSEXUAL BARBIE & KEN! no more mattel toys for this family! I won’t shop in a store that has HOMOSEXUAL Barbie & Ken! money is all big company’s understand! have to talk with your money! that’s all these businesses understand

  48. Craig Vandertie: Excuse me, but there is evidence that Sodom did exist! U just need to read the Old Testament re: the Angels (3) coming to visit Abraham, & then told Abraham that they were on their way to Sodom, to see if the story was true of all the abominations that was going on there! Also, Lot (Abram(Abraham’s nephew) pitched his tent near Sodom (Genesis 13:12) Angels went to Lot’s tent to spend the nite. Vile men tried to break into Lot’s tent saying”we want the men who came into your tent, that we might ”know them”, The Angels struck the men blind, & the next morning told Lot to take his wife & two daughters & leave Sodom, because they were going to destroy Sodom. SOooo, yes there was a place called Sodom. Just Read Genesis,the 1st book in the Old Testament & Revelations in the New Testament

  49. People hate to admit that anytime people have tried to disprove events in the Bible the events are found to have occurred and to be reported accurately in the Bible. Some dietician even reviewed the dietary rules in the Bible and discovered they were the healthiest diet a person could follow.

  50. This is worse then rediculous!!!! Can no one stand their grounds against groups like this?? This happens and I will NEVER buy another barbie again or anything from this company!!!! And these people… are they so unhappy with their lives they have to try and make everyone else’s as unhappy as theirs? These groups are so fricking rediculous, everyone is intitled to their opinions. However, NO ONE has the right to FORCE their opinions on anyone!!!! And it’s like that’s all they do. I CAN NOT STAND THE “POOR ME ATTIDUTE”, “EVERYONE’S PICKING ON ME” and MY OPINION IS THAT IS THE BRAIN MENTALITY THEY ALL HAVE!!!! And just because it may or may not come up in family conversations, it’s NOT MATTEL’S PLACE OR ANYONE ELSE’S TO TALK/INFLUENCE ANY OF MY KIDS OR GRANDKIDS. PEOPLE NEED TO STAY OUT OF MY FAMILY’S UPBRINGING!! NO ONE HAS ANY RIGHT TO PUSH THEIR BELIEFS, OPINIONS, OR BEHAVIORS ON ME, MY FAMILY OR ANYONE ELSE IN THIS WORLD!!!!

  51. You are 100% right. We should boycott ANY STORE that sells this garbage. Write to the Mattel & let them know that we will make sure they go out of business.

  52. It makes me want to throw up. I am sick and tired of business and media bowing to perversion. I will not be buying mattel junk any longer. I will be letting people know that this company caters to perverts and muslims.. a hagib wearing Barbie makes me sick as well. I have grandkids..I warn them against this kind of junk. I am sick and tired of feminists and perverts.

  53. You’re so right..maybe another company wants to manufacture those dolls. Barbie is a particular doll that’s very feminine and girly. Not fair to force Mattel to do it if they don’t choose to.

  54. DRLJR, Homo=male/sexual=type of sex. I would imagine gay people would prefer the word homosexual to being labeled sodomites to describe their lifestyle. But the Bible says it differently. “And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompense of their error which was meet.” Romans 1:27 “For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature.” VS 26 Some modern Bible versions use Homosexual.

  55. The words homosexual and heterosexual were coined in the 1890s and describe sexual attraction. They do not describe behaviors. The proper and historical terms for male-on-male or female-on-female sexual behavior is sodomy, sodomite, and sodomize. People need to use the correct terms not the terms people have distorted to make the behavior into a gender.

  56. Eleanor, I agree completely! This is the most evil thing. I am so sick of these abominations trying to push their immorality onto young children. Isn’t it bad enough that abortion is now being peddled to 10,11, & 12 year olds? I hope Mattel goes broke. Shame on this company.

  57. People should write Mattel and tell them that they should not be promoting sodomy and other deviant behaviors. Remember, this is about behavior people chose to engage in. No one is born a sodomite.

  58. The proper terms should be used in these discussions. The word “gay” means happy, it is not a description of behavior. The word “homosexual” and its variants are description of an abnormal sexual attraction not behavior, just like “heterosexual” are descriptions of normal sexual attraction not behavior. These two words were coined in the 1890s. One can be “homosexual” and be celibate or engage in normal sexual behavior. Just as people who are heterosexual can also engage in sodomy (think threesomes).

    The proper words to be used for people who engage in these deviant behaviors are sodomy, sodomize, and sodomite. The sodomites work hard to avoid people understanding the real behavior involved and its unhealthy nature. And the word “transgender” should not be used – it is meaningless. As for “Lesbian” use the word Sodomite since that is the proper terminology as well, since the word is rooted in the history of the Isle of Lesbos in which the women were powerful and independent – they did not promote sodomy from the history I have read.

  59. Liberalism and PC are a mental disorder and Pelosi,Behar,Hillary, Carrey, Waters, Shepard, the lemon, Ocasio are just some of the poster girls in the godless deranged NAZI Commie Demoncrat party!!! Here is just another Liberal LGBT useful idiot on display!

  60. The LGBT group gets away with advancing their actions in schools because there is NO parents around to counter their education of the children and the NATEL group is trying to get the public to advance the LGBT agenda in to the public so the public child MIGHT help them advance their agenda and I SAY it will likely just KILL their agenda and to advance the NATURAL agenda of a man and a woman and their natural marriage together.
    Those LGBT dolls might sell because the people that cater to the lgbt groups might buy those dolls but their profits will drop because I think there will be fewer people buying those lgbt dolls.


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